The Emotional Factor of Writing B2B Copy


Chameleon  Copywriting
Chameleon Copywriting



                                                                                                                                             The Emotional Factor of Writing B2B Copy

You just received an offer to write B2B copy, Now What? Do you have a special angle you’re taking or viewpoint that you’d like to write it from? Will it match the emotions and personality of the person you’re writing it for?

When writing B2B copy, your primary focus is using specific words to sell a product or service between two or more businesses. One business needs a particular product or service and the other provides your clients product. But . . .  are you going to write a straight forward sales pitch describing all its benefits or will you write it listing all its wonderful features? Is it possible to write something that appeals to both the client and the customer? Will you keep the personality of the client in mind while writing it? What about your client’s emotional response to reading your first draft? Will you sincerely be able to sense the emotions they’re feeling and then rewrite the copy, changing it to match the client’s emotional response?

Just like everything else in the Universe . . . “There Must Be Balance!”

Let’s say that your client is; rigid, has OCD and lacks a sense of humor . . . Would you write a whimsical piece of B2B copy about the product or service your client is selling? Well, you might, but there’s a very good chance you’ll get it back for a rewrite.

Before writing your B2B copy, try and gather some information about your client from the way they talk, dress, Facebook profile (If they have one), Linkedin profile (If they have one) or any other social media outlet that might give you a better understanding of your clients “personality and emotional state.”

This will help you to write spot on B2B copy that not only sells the product or service, but is also in complete alignment with your client’s emotional personality. Let’s look at another example; your client is offering a meditation service to reduce stress for people in high powered, fast paced, intense jobs. She enjoys; peace, quietness and has a very gentle nature. How will you write the B2B copy for her?

If you write it in a strict, emotionless, cold and predictable voice, she’ll probably send it back to you horrified. Well, maybe not horrified, but she will definitely ask you to rewrite it using a softer, more gentle voice. And that’s O K! It’s her money and it’s what she’s paying you to do.

“Balance!” It’s all about being able to write copy that not only sells the product, but also aligns with the emotional response and human nature of your client. Is it easy?  I wouldn’t call it easy, but if you do your homework and research, the process of writing your copy will become less stressful and proceed smoothly.

Always remember; Even though you’re trying to sell your clients product or service, you’re also trying to sell their emotional, personal and human attachment to that product or service.


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