“The Domestic God Healthy Transitioning Update”

Whoever said that eating healthy is easy and that you can still eat great food is a (bleeping) liar!  So as you can tell, my first week of healthy transitioning has been way more difficult than I thought it would be. It’s not so much the snacks or snacking part of it, but more about planning meals. You see, this “Domestic God” is French and when I cook . . . I cook with real butter, cream, you know . . . “The good stuff!”  I wouldn’t have it any other way. For instance, if I make scones, I fry them in lard . . . and they are so damn good! 

As I said; “snacking is not the issue.” However, it seems that nasty roadblocks are always placed in my way as I continue on my road of transitioning. I like a wide variety of fruit, but I’m really not crazy about veggies unless it has the word“tempura” before it. Anyway, in trying to get healthy, I want to buy fruit or veggies that are not “GMO,” but unless I want to sell what little I have left to pay for them, then I am proverbially screwed!  They are so damn expensive, it borders on “grand larceny!”  So unless I win millions on the lottery, it appears as though I will have to eat fruit and veggies that in the future will make me grow a third arm or a big old horn coming out of the top of my head.

And another thing . . . what’s the deal with that gelatinous, disgusting, white crap called “tofu?”  It looks like something the seagulls dropped from their butts on my car! I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying that stuff, the texture alone would make me hurl all over the place. I think I’m going through unhealthy food withdrawal. “Bread” . . . bread, bread, bread . . . “I Love Bread!” I am both a “bread whore and an ice cream whore.”  Oh, and speaking of ice cream, two thumbs up and a double snap for “Ben & Jerry’s” for creating mini cups filled with their confectionery masterpieces like “Cherry Garcia” . . . which just happens to be my favorite. They are a perfect size for someone who’s on a diet, I mean “transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.” 

Today is, well, for lack of a better word . . . “cheat day!” My daughter Sarah’s birthday is tomorrow, but we are celebrating it today because Sunday’s are usually “Family Dinner” days when everyone comes over for an awesome home cooked meal by . . . me! Birthdays are special because I let the birthday person pick out whatever they want me to make for them from a long list of favorites or something new. Today I am making two different lasagna’s; A “Lazy man’s lasagna” (with meat) and a “Roasted mushroom/garlic lasagna” which is meatless. Of course there will be a delicious salad and home made garlic bread to go with both of them. And for dessert . . . A “mocha chip, chocolate, ice cream birthday cake!” It is orgasmic! 

And let’s not forget that today is “Super bowl Sunday!”  Even though my home team the Patriots aren’t in it, we’ll probably watch it just for the halftime show. Quite frankly, I really don’t care who wins it. Well folks, tomorrow I continue on my healthy journey for another week and I’m praying it gets easier. Keep your eyes out for more postings as I document this “Domestic God’s” uphill battle of transitioning.

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Namaste my friends, may Peace, Light and Love follow you where ever you may go!

Much love-“The original Domestic God”