As students stage “walk-outs,” and march for the elimination of our 2nd amendment rights, I mean “gun control,” there are evil people out there, right this minute, on our streets, armed with guns they no doubt stole or purchased illegally, who could “snap” at any second, or who might already, even have a plan for a “killing spree” and these young adults think they can somehow stop it?  Sorry, but all the marches and protests, in the world, don’t have a prayer of stopping psychos intent on causing chaos and murder.

I have no doubt that these young adults are sincere, angry, and concerned, for their safety, as they rightfully should be. But I also have to wonder; “how many of these students are being coached by their parents?” How many of these parents are from the “Lunatic Left,” who are only using this tragic event as a way to seek revenge on the “Republicans and President Trump?” What, you don’t think there are parents  out there who would act or think, that way? Welcome to basic reality 101. The “Democrats” are still so bent out of shape about losing the election and exposing their corruption, that they have firmly, aligned themselves, with idiots like; ” Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, CNN (The Communist News Network), and other disturbed, vile, Hollywood, actors, who have so many people brainwashed into believing all the crap they spew.

As a parent and grandparent, I am also concerned about the safety and well-being of our children while they are at school or anyplace else for that matter. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about what the parents and family members, of the students and faculty, who were murdered, must be going through. I am just a small-time blogger with a handful of followers, but I am also a caring, compassionate, human-being, whose conscious awakening, began after I stopped watching the “MSM” news, many years ago. What a “mind-trap” that was to break, but so worth it, you should try it.

I was also a “Democrat” for 37 years, who voted for traitor #44, aka, Obama, and sadly, realized years later, that he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who caused more of a divide in this country, was corrupt as hell, and was also part of the Muslim brotherhood. And don’t get me started on his alleged, “wife” Ya, the jury’s still out on that one. She did, however, single-handed, and without remorse, destroy school lunches for millions of American school children. Then, I finally woke up and for the first time ever . . .  voted Republican. But I digress . . .

“What is the solution to stopping and preventing, these senseless shooting massacres?” Let me tell you, it isn’t getting rid of our second amendment, and banning all guns,.That’s just NOT going to work or happen! With that being said, I also believe that no civilian needs to own a military-grade, automatic, assault rifle, either. That is, unless they are “gun collectors,” in which case I recommend making the process of being a “collector” more difficult and a rather expensive one. I will address this in my next blog post, where I will explain a gun control solution I have come up with. It may not be “the solution,” but it’s worth putting it out there, on the table.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, even me! That’s why I don’t think my-like six followers will mind if I express mine. Let teachers carry, hire security guards, install metal detectors, address the mental health crisis, increase the age to buy certain fire-arms . . . STOOOOOOP! From what has been reported so far, it is alleged that law enforcement had been to the alleged suspects home numerous times, and that the “FBI” had received several tips from concerned individuals in regards to the “alleged shooter.” Here’s the skinny . . . No matter how many times they went to his house, or how many tips the FBI got, unless he was doing something illegal at the time, their only other option would have been to follow him around 24/7 and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait.

Unless a psychopath actually states a day, a time, and a place, it’s a total crap-shoot as to when or even if, the perp will carry out their plan. That is why part of the solution has to be a secure, safe, environment, at ALL schools. The remaining parts of the solution have to be multi-faceted plans, to encompass all aspects of a “solution.”

In the tradition of “False Flag” events, as some suspect this event in Florida might be, the possible, “crisis actors,” or “Liberal mouth-pieces,” are pushing their mugs in front of the “fake news,” camera’s, acting out their well-rehearsed and staged monologues, hoping everyone who listens to them will believe their lies. Its even better when they forget their lines and stutter like idiots, until a crew member prompts them on what they’re supposed to say. And the “brainwashed sheeple” just nod their heads like drooling patients at a mental institution.

However, there is also a great deal of dis-information being tossed around waiting for someone to catch it, believe it, and run with it. Apparently, only the “awakened” souls realize that this whole event could possibly be a “Deep State” initiative. With that being said;   The time has come for all the treasonous, corrupt, guilty, criminals, like Obama, Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Abedin, Wasserman, Pelosi, Lynch, Rice, Mueller, and many others, to be indicted, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison for their treasonous, acts, against the “United States of America.” 

Below are a couple of videos from “Destroying the Illusion,” and “Alex Jones.” that explain the roles of “Crisis Actors” in so many, alleged, “False Flag” events.

David Hogg’s a piece of work, huh? You can’t tell me that he wasn’t possibly coached as a “disaster actor.” Wake up America, stop being controlled like puppets by the “Lunatic, Liberal, Left!”  If the “Left” spent as much time brainstorming, and presenting viable, fair, solid, solutions, to gun control as they did with the “Russia, Russia, Russia,” bull-shit, they’d probably already be a bill on the table, that both sides could agree upon.

“Oh Nooo, It’s The Russian Bots, we’re doomed!”

O K, back to reality, I think Mueller should be probed to . . . like an alien anal probe! Anyway . . .

Sometimes, the answers we are looking for are so obvious that we overlook them because they seem to easy. The next time you’re at the bank, a jewelry store, a sporting event, a concert, a museum, look to see if there is at least, one, armed, security guard, on duty. Chances are there will be. So, if we really, sincerely, love our children as much as we say we do, and we value them as our most precious assets for a bright, future,  and want to keep them safe at all costs, then why is it, we don’t force our schools to afford to our children, the same armed, security guards that patrol our malls, our museums, and our banks? What, you don’t think our kids are worth it? I do!

Or is it that the sight of “metal detectors” lined up at the school doors freaks parents out so badly, because it forces them to face, straight, up, that there really is an issue with school safety?  Our kids are worth more than money, are more valuable than jewels, and are more priceless than art. Let’s face it, do you in all honesty, think a green sign that says “gun free zone” is going to deter a psychopath from shooting up a place? That is why I feel every school should have at least one, if not two, or more, well trained, armed, guards, on duty, in case events like the one in Florida arise.

We should also arm teachers and staff who have either military or law enforcement training and teachers who are willing to be trained. It is not right for us to think it is acceptable for a teacher or coach to throw themselves in front of a hail of bullets to protect our kids when they end up getting killed themselves, leaving their own kids without a parent. All it would have taken was one, armed and trained teacher to take out that shooter, before he could cause anymore damage.

And for the love of God already, stop watching news stations like CNN who don’t give a rats-ass about how anyone feels or how tragic the event is. All they are looking for is “ratings, ratings, ratings,” and they will say and do anything to get them, no matter how unethical, or false they are.  The latest garbage being spewed by “CNN,” the “Communist News Network,” is for the removal or banning of the “Alex Jones” show from “Youtube.”

I don’t care whether you hate him, like him, his show, or anything else about him, this is STILL THE UNITED STATES and we all have freedom of speech! CNN is the biggest crap news station on the air and nothing they say can be trusted as “real news.”  If by chance Youtube does ban the “Alex Jones” show, I am personally going to boycott every sponsor that is associated with CNN, and I am certain there will be millions of other viewers who follow suit.

“We The People,” can think what we want to, watch what we want to, listen to what we want to, and have opinions about anything we want to! It doesn’t mean we’re right, it doesn’t mean we’re wrong, it means we’re “FREE!” Censorship is getting out of control and everyone, yes, I mean “everyone,” needs to stand up against it.  This is the latest video from “Destroying the Illusion,” which shows how “censorship” is out of control.

Our biggest concern should not be “Russian Bots,” or “non-existent DNC hackers,” It should be keeping our children safe, finding ways of preventing gun, or any other type of violence, eliminating censorship, living in peace, and draining the swamp of creatures like Clinton, Podesta, Comey, and a whole bunch of others!

Well my friends, peace out and remember; “Open your eyes to the truth, it’s O K to wake up!”

I would be humbled if you followed me, I promise all my post’s aren’t political and/or venting.




Another School Shooting Massacre . . . Is A Call For Stricter Gun Control Really The Answer?

Firstly, I am a father, grandfather, uncle, and friend. At this time, I can’t imagine the pain, anguish, and grief, the families of those innocent, young, victims, of the most recent school shooting, massacre, in Florida, must be going through right now. After I found out how really critical the situation was down there, and how many victims and fatalities there were, my heart sank and my anger increased exponentially. But, who was I angry at?

Every child, in every city, in every state, deserves to be safe and feel safe at school. So why weren’t these young victims safe? What must run through the minds of these young killers to make them do something so horrific? Why, why, why, do they feel the need to cause so much pain and death? Are they themselves, hurting, or are they just so mentally, unstable, that they’re out of touch with reality?  And then I thought . . . “Hey, if some adult there was licensed to carry, then maybe he/she, would have been able to immediately take out the shooter, possibly saving so many victims.”

Even if stricter gun control measures are put into place, it still won’t solve the problem, not at all. The “Liberal Left” is hell bent on creating a society where only law enforcement and criminals have guns. That’s not the answer, not by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no reason why decent, sane, law-abiding, citizens, should not be allowed to carry at all times. There have been many instances where the situation could have been far less worse or prevented, if someone, licensed to carry, could have taken the shooter(s) out.

As more and more news stories are broadcast about the shooting, it seems that the narratives change as well. “We the People,” are NEVER told the truth about these events up front, which always leads to many, many, gaping, holes, inconsistencies, and false information in the liberal, jibber-jabber, created by the MSM. Let’s face it, do you really think the corrupt “Left” isn’t going use this horrific event to push their evil agenda? I’m actually quite surprised they haven’t already blamed Russia for this event. What should be at the top of both parties agendas is “how to deal with the severe mental health issues,” that cause emotionally and mentally, unbalanced, people, to carry out such acts of violence.

Screw being to scared to say something to authorities or others, about someone or some group, you believe may have ill intent because you fear it will be considered politically incorrect, racist, or stereotyping. A program needs to be created and implemented, that allows anyone to anonymously, voice their concerns or knowledge, to the proper authorities, without fear of retribution. I have seen a picture of the alleged shooter wearing the disgusting garb of the thug group “Antifa,” as well as read that he was also a confirmed, member, of some Nationalist group. Not only are those two groups as different as grapes and celery, but those two things alone should have sent “red flags” up about this young mans mental state. A video has also surfaced of an interview with a young girl, a senior, at the Florida high school, in which she states that there had to be more than one shooter because the alleged shooter was standing next to her, talking to her, when shots were being fired.  Could this be a case of “mind control” being acted out?

I’m beginning to smell the rotten stench of the “Deep State” here, don’t you?

Earlier in the week, I also read a couple of articles in which the authors clearly stated that a “False Flag” incident was imminent to draw our attention away from the fiasco involving the corruption, treason, and perjury, of certain individuals within our government. They were right, imagine that! Coincidence? I’m thinking “no” on that.

Look, all this violence has got to stop! We can no longer be complacent and accept these events as the “norm” in our society. Our young children and young adults, should not be subject to, or victims of, these horrific assaults. However, taking away the right to own a gun is not the answer. If someone is determined and crazy, enough to carry out such a bloodbath, then they are going to find a way of obtaining that gun no matter how strict our gun laws are. It’s time for some serious brainstorming from both sides, not opportunities to further their agendas.

Personally, at this time, I feel that every school in the U.S. needs to have at least one, maybe two, armed, full-time, law enforcement officials, on duty from the start of school until the last bell rings and all students are safely dismissed.

Below you will find a video by Lisa Haven, that represents one persons opinion, but I definitely agree with what she’s saying.





It was a beautiful, hot, summer, day, the kind of day people from New England look forward to after a long, cold, harsh, winter. The desire for a delicious, iced, coffee, was screaming at me to fulfill its wishes, and so, I happily, obliged and quickly found the closest Dunkin’s. Now, seeing how hot it was outside, I was wearing a sleeveless, tee-shirt, that also exposed my neck. As I stood there, in line, patiently, waiting my turn to order, I hear the woman standing behind me, loudly, proclaim; “Jesus, that is one hell of a nasty, scar, you got there!”

Instantly, I knew she was referring to me and the horrid, scar, I have that extends from the top of my head, right down to the middle of my shoulder blades. You see . . . well, to make a long story short, I had three fractures in my neck, and other broken pieces in my upper spine, as well as in the middle and lower parts. Five years and ten major surgeries later, I now have a “bionic spinal column.” Anyway, to say that I am extremely self-conscious about it, would be quite the understatement.

Firstly, I was completely, blown away, that a total stranger could be so insensitive, as to draw attention to it. Secondly, in my head, I was thinking; “yes, dumbass, I am well-aware of that god-awful, gift I was given to treasure, which is a constant reminder of the absolute hell I suffered and the excruciating, pain, that came with it. While you’re at it lady, why don’t you just pour alcohol, over my open wound?”

Instead of causing a scene, I politely agreed that; “yes, it is a remarkable scar, isn’t it?” To make matters worse, I had also gained 65 pounds and the dumbass party continued when people I hadn’t seen in while made comments like; “wow, you’ve really put on a lot of weight, or boy did you get fat.” Noooooo, really? I hadn’t noticed you ignorant baffoon! These comments directed at me are not mine alone, because I know the same scenario plays out with other unfortunate souls too. Most recently, to someone I love and care for very much. Hey dumbasses, maybe you don’t think your words are hurtful or ignorant, but they are! There are “no excuses” for that type of behavior.

Didn’t your mama ever teach you that; “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?” This is a good rule-of-thumb here, so memorize it! The next time you get the urge to make a harsh, dumbass, comment to someone, about any aspect of their appearance, try stuffing both your feet in your mouth and chewing them vigorously. Learn to “think before you speak!” Ask yourself one question; “would what I’m about to say, be hurtful or insensitive in any way, shape, or form to this person?” If your answer comes back; “yes,” then keep your big trap shut! “Don’t be a dumbass!”


Learn to worry about yourself and yourself, only. Unless you have something positive to say, then don’t say anything at all. You never know what might be going on in a person’s life, so keep your judgements to yourself. And that is my rant for today . . .

May you all have a peace-filled, blessed, day.

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“Proof Of Multiple Shooters In LV-Symbology-Not a Conspiracy Theory”

Before I write about my thoughts or opinions, in regard to the “shooting in LV,” everyone must watch the video below . . .

Firstly, I am not now, nor have I ever been, “a conspiracy theorist.” However, that does not mean that I believe all “conspiracy theories,” are bogus stories, created by tinfoil hat, wearing, bat-shit, crazy, people, either. After all, there have been many stories and events, which the “MSM,” and other “controlled agencies,” labeled as “conspiracy theories,” that have later, been “proven” to be factual and true. It’s truly frightening, and mind-boggling, how many souls, have been brainwashed and kidnapped, by the “Main Stream Media,” who would drink the Kool-aid, if the MSM told them to, because the MSM would “never” lie to them.

Let’s face it, the “MSM,” and everything they report on, is completely, funded, controlled, and influenced, by the “Deep State,” and their minions. Anyone with common sense knows that to be true. If you believe otherwise, then you are delusional and naive. All you have to do is follow the “money trail,” which will lead you directly to the individuals, or groups, that are funding, and controlling, every aspect of the “MSM.” To be clear, this is not a “new” trend, or form of reporting, by the MSM, it has been taking place for decades to subdue and control the masses. Please don’t tell me you still believe that 9/11 was carried out by terrorist’s? Anyway, watch this video by WeAreChange, it’s a whole lot of truth . . .

Here’s the skinny . . . “nothing about the Las Vegas shooter or shooting adds up.” I don’t care what news station you watched, whether it was the MSM or alternative news, or even just YouTube video’s, common sense should tell you that something just doesn’t seem right about this entire event. There’s a better than good chance that this incident was a “false flag attack,” set up by the same people we are suppose to trust. There are so many contradicting stories floating around, that it almost appears that this was someone’s or some organization’s, plan right along. Doesn’t it bother anyone else that our country is purposely being divided through violence and manipulation? It bothers me very much!

How long did it take after the Las Vegas shooting, before “the blame game” went into overdrive, seven minutes? There are still so many legit, questions, that need to be answered, yet it’s almost impossible to get a straight answer from anyone. Out of curiosity, and that’s all it is, just curiosity, why are there no pictures of the injured or dead people being rushed into the hospital? Given that almost everyone today has a cell phone capable of taking pictures and video’s, wouldn’t you think that with five hundred people injured and sixty dead, there would be hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures making their rounds on the internet, of casualties being hurried into the medical facility? Let’s be honest, what millenial wastes a photo-op, when something of this nature happens?

If this does turn out to be a “fals flag attack,” what is it that these evil people are trying to hide from us by diverting our attention, someplace else?  Some people are even stating that this was more like a planned sacrifice by such evil groups like the “Illuminati or Skull and Bones.” Apparently, there is a great deal of symbolism at play here, especially with the numbers 32 and 33, as well as the positions of several casino’s, and the direction the Sphinx is facing. No one else finds it strange that out of the blue, this 62 year old man decides to massacre as many innocent people as he can and then “commits suicide,” without leaving a suicide note or manifesto? Something tells me he was a patsy, don’t you think?

Another aspect of this shooting that really bothers me, and I have questions about, has to do with the shooters guns and ammo. Firstly, if you own a gun or two or know someone who does, then you surely know how heavy both weapon’s and ammo are, right? If you don’t, I suggest you ask someone who does. I personally know several people who are licensed, gun owners, who not only go hunting, but also go to the shooting range often. According to them, there is no way in hell that this 62 year-old man could have carried in all those weapons and ammo by himself, not even close! He had to have had help lugging all that weaponry up to the 32nd floor. Secondly, how the hell did he transport all of this stuff (apparently they found 42 guns plus ammo in his room) up to his room on the 32nd floor “without anyone seeing him?” There’s absolutely no way this dude could have done all this in one trip, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! Could it be that maybe he had a great deal of help from the inside (such as a hotel employee or other actor) who let him in through a side door, employee entrance, or emergency exit and assisted him in hauling all that “heavy metal,” up to the 32nd floor?

Also, according to the shooters brother, “Paddock wasn’t a gun guy.” Really? Again, ask any gun owner, gun shop owner, etc what kind of skill would be needed to not only put together and load the weapons the shooter used, but to also fire them with accuracy? Let’s put it this way; “someone who isn’t a gun guy, wouldn’t be able to handle it. It takes special training to operate those weapons.” Given Paddocks age and occupation, I’m thinking that Paddock was not in peak physical condition, which would be required to not only carry all of those guns, but to also discharge them. So, “was his brother lying about him not being a gun guy, or were there other people involved, helping him?”  I sincerely believe this is a clear give-away, that this was more than just a 62 year-old, accountant, going off the deep end.

What is taking place within our country? These events are so much more than we are being told, and you have to wonder what the reasons are? When innocent people are being “sacrificed” to fulfill some sort of warped agenda, then the battle between good and evil, is in full-swing. Could this be what is known as “the end days?” Is this the “Deep State” in its purest, evil, form attempting to regain control of the “sheeple,” and then leading them directly into hell, better known as the “New World Order?” Please don’t fall for that trap.  Could this be an event, that’s meant to distract us because of something more ominous and harrowing, that is going to put Earth in harms way . . . let’s say . . . maybe . . . Planet X, better known as “Nibiru?” 

These nightmares have morphed into more than just an issue between two political parties, and sadly it’s the innocents who get hurt. I was under the impression that people wanted to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren, but all I see is hate and despair. And don’t go blaming it on President Trump, don’t make him the scape-goat, there are bat-shit crazy, liberals out there too. But most of all . . . help to figure out who is behind all of these type of incidents and work towards discovering the truth. Below are a few video’s by YouTuber’s who will enlighten you with their opinions. I believe that everyone should watch and listen to these with an open mind and a whole lot of common sense. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!

“Yes this is a conspiracy, but it’s not a theory.”


“If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

As cliché as you might think this statement may be, it’s the absolute truth. Think about it for a moment. Do you really believe that if “Americans” were stripped of their “Right” to own “firearms,” that it would eliminate the gun violence within our country? Are you that gullible and naive? Do you sincerely believe that by ripping the “second amendment” rights from “American citizens,” it will prevent criminals, thugs, gang members, and other deviates, from obtaining guns? If you do, my first piece of advice to you is, immediately remove those rose-colored glasses you’re wearing and see that darkness really does exist in this world, no matter how badly you want to deny it.

News flash . . . “evil, malevolent, people, will always be a part of our reality, and tragic events like the shooting in Las Vegas, are going to take place, whether we like it or not.” After the “Las Vegas Massacre,” It didn’t take long for the “liberals” to jump on their high horses and begin their preaching about outlawing guns and how bad the NRA is, did it? Even the original, queen of evil and corruptness, herself, “Hillary Clinton,” shot out a tweet condemning the NRA.  I have news for you, if they take away our second amendment rights, it won’t stop there. Can’t you see that? Once they begin and succeed in doing so, you have voluntarily, given up, all your self-empowerment, and placed your fate in the hands of an organization that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you or your family. All they want is to “control” the masses. Wake-up and remove your blinders.

The shooting event in Las Vegas, was a tragedy that both sickened and disturbed, those of us who respect life and who do our best to be; caring, kind, and compassionate, human beings. Please do not “politicize” this vile act of domestic terrorism, nothing good can come of it. This is “not” a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any other party affiliation, travesty, “it’s a cowardly act of terror, on humanity,” carried out by a sick. Twisted, demented, individual. (Well, that we know of. It could also be a deranged, assortment, of psychopaths, who executed this plan of carnage.) Personally, I believe there is so much more to this heartbreaking, event, and who carried it out, than we are being told. This event, should “not” be used as a stepping-stone, to eliminate our “Second Amendment Rights,” that is what the “elitist’s” want, don’t fall for it. Use some damn common sense!

If our “right” to own firearms is take away, people will start killing with knives.  When they then take away your right to own a knife, you can say goodbye to your favorite cutlery set. Either that, or you’ll have to register it like you did when you could own a gun. It doesn’t stop there either. “Rolling pins, toasters, waffle irons, and even coffee makers,” can be used as weapons to hurt, maim, and kill, people, so you’ll be forced to give those up too. And what about your “cars, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, golf carts, and other like things?” And how can we forget; “plastic bags, balls of yarn, dogs, golf-clubs, baseball bats, tennis rackets,” all, of which can be used as an implement of terror?

My point is this; “If Someone, or some group, is determined and psycho, enough, they will always find a way to cause pain, destruction, and horror.” Do you still believe that by taking away our “Second Amendment Rights,” it will deter a would be sociopathic lunatic, from committing acts of terrorism, both domestic and abroad? Of course, it won’t! That is why; “every American citizen should have the right to bear arms in accordance with the laws set forth by the Constitution and by each state.” Despite what you might think, based on the bull-shit, the compromised, corrupt, main-stream media, spoon feeds you, most firearm owners are responsible, safety driven, individuals, with common sense and good judgement. I happen to know several people that fall into that category, and when the proverbial “shit hits the fan,” I want them on my side!

Look, I get it, I really do. The massacre and carnage, that resulted from the shooting, event, in Las Vegas, was sickening, frightening, and profoundly disturbing. It was extremely, difficult, to listen and watch, as people literally ran for their lives, not knowing who was opening fire on them or where it was coming from. It didn’t take long before the “Lame Stream Media,” as they always do, went into production and showmanship, mode, and the “conspiracy theorists,” began theorizing, about the event, before anyone knew what the hell was happening. One “conspiracy theorist,” even went as far as saying that no one was really shot and it was a “false flag attack,” To shift our attention away from the disasters of “Harvey, Irma, and Puerto Rico,” and the less than favorable humanitarian efforts by the “Red Cross and FEMA.”

Was it a “false flag” event, staged by the “Deep State,” in order to divide our country even more? Well, sure, anything is possible, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I found out this whole, disgusting, war zone, was deliberately, set up by nefarious, evil, people, from the “dark-side.” I do, however, know that people really “did” get shot. A very, close, friend of mine, has family members, who live out there, and their best friends seventeen-year-old daughter was shot at the concert. She survived, but is in very, critical, condition. When the shooting occurred, a good Samaritan, picked her up off the ground and yelled to the girl’s best friend to; “come with me!” With that, he carried the wounded teen to his car, drove her to the hospital, and physically carried her into the emergency room. A total, “stranger,” saved this girls life. You see, there are still incredible, caring, and compassionate, people, out there, we can’t lose sight of that!

I can’t even imagine the horror of being a parent and knowing your child was at that concert when a gunman opened fire on the crowd. It’s got to be one of a parent’s worst nightmares. But, how do you heal from such a tragedy? It’s scary when you realize that the “normal” looking, person, standing next to you at the train station, or at the grocery store, could be a psychopathic, sociopath, with a knife or gun, hidden away, ready to snap at any second. Don’t pay attention to the infuriating, reasons, for the event, given by the MSM. It doesn’t matter if it was politically, religiously, or vengeance, motivated, it was an assault on humanity . . . all of humanity. Do we continuously, live our lives in fear, and never leave our homes?

And of course, all the crazy liberals, and Hollywood dumb-asses, will be jumping up and down, screaming; “let’s do away with the 2nd amendment,” and confiscate every law-abiding citizen’s firearms. Let’s see how many petitions are started to be sent to Congress to “end gun violence,” or how many fundraising concerts are scheduled, so they can send all the cash to dirty, politicians, and not to the survivors or families of victims, affected by “gun violence?” Every person who signs a petition against “gun violence,” doesn’t realize that they are literally giving permission to the powers that be to abolish the 2nd amendment. Sure, their hearts are in the right place, and I totally agree that “gun violence” is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with promptly, but giving up your constitutional freedom, is “not” an option.

Truth Bomb . . . “The FBI found that nearly three times more Americans were killed by knives or other cutting instruments than shot and killed, as well has twice as many people were bludgeoned to death with baseball bats, than shot and killed. Also, 62% of firearm deaths in the U.S. are suicides.”  This still doesn’t mean that deaths from firearms are acceptable, but it puts the percentages into perspective. Why aren’t there petitions to end “baseball bat or knife violence?” Why aren’t there petitions for the NFL or any other sports teams, owners to drop players who have been charged with “domestic violence?” For the record . . . 70% of female murder victims were killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Is it because society approves of these crimes, but are against guns? No? Then what is it? Think about it, the answer is simple . . . “The Deep State” wants to eliminate our 2nd amendment rights.

And while the stories of the gunman, his motives, his affiliations, and his family, are conflicting, and changing by the hour, there are still some questions that I have regarding this shooting.

  • Supposedly, the Mandalay Bay, recently had state of the art, metal detectors installed throughout the lobby area. How did this man get suitcases filled with guns and ammo past them without setting off alarms? Was he possibly working with someone on the inside who secretly let him in through a side/ emergency door, so that he wouldn’t have to pass through the metal detectors?
  • Given the types of guns he used, was it possible for any of them to be able to shoot that great of a distance? I’m pretty sure it is about 1,100-1,200 feet from the 32nd floor to the staging area of the concert. If you’ve been to Las Vegas, and know where the block of hotels is, the angle from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, to the staging area is not conducive for what the gunman was trying to accomplish. Also, if gravity is pushing down on the bullet, doesn’t it affect the velocity, especially from being fired from that high up? I have sent this math problem to someone I know who is also very knowledgeable about firearms.
  • Witnesses claim that a lady had pushed her way up front about 45 minutes before the concert started and started telling everyone that they were going to die. Who was she and what did she know?
  • Even though I know evil comes in all shapes and sizes, I have this gut feeling that the shooter was a patsy, and this whole event, was possibly a “false flag” Something just isn’t right about this mass shooting, and from what I understand, a great many “awake” people are intuitively feeling the same way.
  • Whether you want to believe it or not, a war is being played out on our home turf, and it is “not” for the benefit of the “American people.” The “Dark Side, Deep state,” in all its evil, corrupt, vile, murderous, style, is going for broke, because so many “Americans” are “waking up” and catching on to their gruesome, acts, of violence, and their bid to keep us all “sheeple,” following the crowd and acting like good puppets.

In no way, shape, or form, do I condone, “gun violence,” and sincerely wish that more could be done to prevent these types of incidents, without jeopardizing our 2nd amendment rights. It’s impossible to make sense of this tragedy and no city, or state, is immune from becoming the next statistic. But, are we, as a society, really doing everything we can, within our power, to prevent “gun violence?” For starters, Hollywood could stop glorifying guns and gun violence in their movies. What about the graphic, video games, that children play, involving guns and gun violence? Have you seen how many “toy guns” there are for children to play with. Sadly, they do not understand the reality or consequences, of a real shooting, where people are murdered.

Below you will find several video’s that express differing opinions about the “shooting massacre in Las Vegas.” Please understand these are not my video’s, and do not, necessarily express my point of view. I do feel that listening to and understanding, the viewpoints of others (even if you disagree), is beneficial in that there may be one or more elements of truth exposed, that somehow went overlooked.

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Jeff Sessions Needs To Go Back To Law School And Learn What A Subpoena Is?

Definition of subpoena; a writ ordering a person to attend court. a document that requires its recipient to appear in court as a witness.

Recently, Jason Chaffetz was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro, and according to him, AG, Jeff Sessions, is not performing the duties or upholding the law that he is required to do so as “Attorney General.”

I have to wonder what dirt Hillary Clinton has on him or how much he’s being paid to “NOT” do his job and indict certain people who are clearly and obviously, guilty, of obstructing justice, and other punishable, crimes?

So, that must mean he (Sessions), has set a presidence, that anyone who receives a subpoena, is “NOT” required by law to show up and cannot be punished for refusing to attend, right? After all, aren’t we all supposedly governed by the same laws?

If AG Sessions is “NOT” doing the job which he is required to do, then he must be fired immediately and replaced by someone who will uphold the law as their job dictates them to.

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According to Merriam-Webster, the definitions of the words; Evil, Rancorous, Malevolent and Nefarious, are as follows;

  • Evil: morally reprehensible – causing discomfort or repulsion – arising from actual or reputed bad character or conduct – causing harm
  • Rancorous: deeply malevolent
  • Malevolent: having, showing, or arising from, intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred. – Productive of harm or evil
  • Nefarious: flagrantly wicked or impious: evil

Not very pleasant words now, are they? There are dozens of words in the English language that share or represent the same feeling, attitude, or action, but sadly, the previously mentioned words just mean . . . “BAD!”

The dictionary, for the most part, will inform us of; how, what, who, when, or where, is bad, but free-will, leaves it up to the reader to make those judgements for themselves. However, for most of us, we have enough common sense to understand and know what “bad” is, without needing a translation guide to tell us. Bad is bad, evil is evil, rotten is rotten, and there aren’t different levels, or excuses for it “it is what it is.”

When people defend “bad” simply because they feel it isn’t “as bad” as something or someone else, then they are only deluding themselves. You don’t have to like apples to know that the fruit is sweet and you don’t have to be a part of a reprehensible, group, or organization to know that they are “bad.” For example; let’s say one group commits armed robberies, one group murders people, and the other group kills animals, even though they are different crimes, they are all . . . “BAD,” and nothing, absolutely nothing, changes the “meaning.”

Here’s another example; there are two rival gangs, both have members who are; vicious, sadistic, demented, and murderous. A gang war between the two gangs erupts and many from both sides are killed, maimed, or badly injured. Are you going to say that one gang was “less bad,” than the other? Remember, both gangs are filled with the same degenerates, who commit the same nasty actions. “Bad, is bad, is bad.” When you defend “bad,” in whatever form you find acceptable, then you cross the line of hypocrisy, and become a hypocrite.

Whether it’s a child behaving badly, a dog behaving badly, or a gang member behaving badly, “the meaning of the word bad does not change.”


Here are more examples of “BAD”- Extremely “BAD”:

“White Nationalist’s” ———– BAD

“ISIS or any other terrorist group” ——— BAD


“The Globalist Elites” ———- BAD

“Politicians who wish harm on our President” ——— BAD

“North Korea’s Kim Jong Un” ————BAD

“Media Outlets that produce and report false/fake news stories” ——- BAD

“Disco” ———– BAD

“Fukushima” ——–BAD

“SJW’s” ———-BAD

“Finding a hair on your pasta that isn’t your own” ———- BAD

“Racism” ———- BAD

“Killing in the name of the God you worship” ——— BAD

“Protesting against free speech” —– BAD (No one’s going to tell me what I can or can’t say!)

“Alzheimer’s disease” —– BAD

“A Divided Country” —– BAD

“Dog farts” ——–BAD

“Shooting of Law Enforcement” ——— BAD

Was “evil or bad” given life by the actions of “Adam and Eve,” or was it an “oops” moment by our creator? Is “evilness or bad,” a strand in our DNA that’s activated the day we are born? After all, none of us are “perfect,” we’ve all behaved badly, been spiteful, shown ill-will, or had “bad” thoughts, sometime in our lives.

When you outright know someone, some action, or something, is “bad,” and for self-serving purposes, or to feed your own narcissism, or because you’re a follower who can’t think for themselves, denies the “truth,” then you’re just setting yourself up to be humiliated when the truth is finally exposed. (Well, maybe not the narcissist, they’ll find a way to blame someone else.)

“Bad,” however, can also teach us valuable lessons in morality, humility, and compassion. You don’t have to be a genius to know that most everything the “South” once stood for such as slavery, oppression, and hate, were “bad,” very, “bad,” but the fact remains that it is a “part of our history” as a nation. No, it isn’t a part of our history that most of us are proud of, but to completely remove and eliminate any reminders of it, such as; statues, monuments, or historical places, will not change the fact that it still took place and was a major turning point in the direction of our country, no matter how “bad” it was.

Instead of removing and destroying the things that are a reminder of a tumultuous time in the history of our nation, place them on display at a museum, or turn them into museums.  These displays would not be there to celebrate this hateful time in our history, but to serve as a reminder of how we shouldn’t act, and how “bad” of a time it really was for our country. Many people died trying to bring about an end to this era of tyranny and oppression, so let those statues and monuments, help people to remember and honor, those souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for equality. To deny the history of the “United States,” is to deny our existence.

These “museums,” would represent a disastrous, time in our “history books,” just as the Holocaust Museum in Germany, as well as the buildings used as concentration camps, are a reminder to the people of the world of a time that was; so dark, so disgusting, so horrific, that it showed us what “pure evil” looked like, and how we can’t allow something so wicked and so “bad” to ever happen again. Obviously, you can’t compare the horrors of the holocaust to the events that took place on U.S. soil, but there are shared lessons you can learn from both.

It’s not difficult to see the division in our country and the outright hate between the “Left and the Right.” I don’t know, maybe we do need to have another huge civil war between both groups and the side with the highest amount of dead people loses. It’s pretty damn obvious that absolutely nothing is going to get resolved by talking. “Hate is hate – bad is bad,” right? Neither side is going to admit that they are wrong, I know I’ll never admit I’m wrong, because I’m not. Is that “bad?”

It would also take care of the depopulation agenda, the NWO wants to take place. If you side with the “Left,” do you support your side enough that you could kill someone on the “Right,” even if it was a relative or friend? Same question for those who side with the “Right?” Are any of you that “bad” to kill someone whose views are different than yours, even if it was a family member such as a parent or sibling? What? You think this sounds crazy, absurd? Why? That’s exactly what would happen if a “civil war” between the “Right and the Left” broke out. It happened once before, remember? And . . .  It was “BAD!”

I can only hope that somehow, someway, a peaceful solution and agreement between both sides can be reached without a drop of blood being shed, but it’s going to take a miracle for that to happen. Maybe “Ronald Regan” was right. Maybe we need the threat of an alien invasion to bring us all together as a united people?