The Double Standards On Gun Control And Other Stuff, Our Children Are Being Taught

Do You Really Care About Your Children?


We live in a society where double standards are the norm and are freely accepted by certain groups, as a great thing to teach our children. “Not in my house!”  You can deny it all you want, but the fact remains, “it’s happening right under your noses, and you’re either to blind to see it, or to ignorant, to accept this truth.” Let’s look at some examples, shall we . . …..

  • GUN CONTROL– I’m sure that we all can agree, the events involving guns and gun violence, have escalated at an alarming rate. There have been way to many “young lives,”  badly wounded, or snuffed out, because of gun, violence, and it’s a scary trend, especially for folks who have school-age children. However, one of the biggest issues on the agenda is “gun control,” and how to fairly, and constitutionally, fix that problem, as to not infringe on our “second amendment rights.” 

Unfortunately, before any measure can be taken to correct this problem, other steps must be taken at the same time, to assure this message is getting across to people. This is where the “Double Standard,” or “hypocrisy,” comes into play. The “Lunatic Left, Liberals, and Hollywood big mouths,” are losing their minds over this and are calling for; a ban on all guns, organizing school walk-outs, and marches, where students are being “forced” to participate, or they will face serious consequences, if they “choose” not to. This is still “America,” where people, (including students,), have the “freedom,” to not participate in something they don’t believe in! Let’s take a look at a couple “double standards;”

  • Hey “Hollywood big mouths,” if you’re so “Anti-gun,” and hell-bent, on promoting an agenda to eliminate our “second amendment,” rights, then you will not be allowed to show any “movie-trailers,” whether on television or other media platforms, that involve the action of “shooting guns or gun violence!” Put your money where your mouths are! You can’t spew Anti-American garbage and be all, anti-gun, fanatics, pissing and moaning, about the issue, and then turn around and show a “movie-trailer,” that “promotes extremely, violent gun, battles,” in any way, shape, or form, to our children! That “America,” is called a “double standard!”  So, what’s it going to be “Hollywood,” either you really and sincerely, care, enough, about our children, to STOP showing “violent , movie-trailers,” or it’s just another lame-duck, excuse, to puff your chests up and make yourselves, feel extra special, all just for show, void of any true, empathy, about the real issue? And don’t be cliche and use the line; “but it’s only a movie.” You’re still promoting “gun violence and murder!”
  • This also includes the marketing and advertising, of video games that show “graphic gun violence,” If you want to ban “American Citizens,” from owning guns, then I don’t want to see any ad’s or video-trailers, of your violent games, on television, or other media outlets.
  • Toy Industries– You, too, are not immune from this “gun ban,” either! Again, if you’re going to protest “legal gun ownership,” then “ALL” toy guns should be against the law to make.

As disillusioned young people march on cities across the U.S. they do not realize that their wasted walking will have absolutely no affect on changing, well, anything. I get it, I really do, enough is enough, when it comes to our children’s safety being jeopardized at schools and other venues, but “banning guns,” and putting little green signs up that say, “gun free zone,” are NOT going to deter a psychotic individual, from shooting up anyone . . . anywhere. I wish these young people could see that they are just being used as “political pawns” to advance the agenda’s of the corrupt “Liberal Left,”

Of course, we all want our children, and grandchildren, to be safe, and of course our hearts break, every time a traumatic event happens, but WE ARE AMERICANS, and AMERICANS have the “right to bear arms!” All of us, must just do a better job, coming up with workable, solutions, that are acceptable for “We The People!” 

Trust me when I say that I am very sympathetic to the cause, and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that seven year old, first graders, have to participate in “lock-down, drills!” To that I say; “WTF?!” Children should not have to worry about being blown away at school, they should be more concerned with what games to play at recess and having fun. But what is the “real” problem with guns? I mean, guns don’t kill people . . . people kill people with guns. So, the question is; “how do you prevent the wrong person from obtaining a gun?” The answer to that is . . . “You Can’t!” You can make it more difficult for them to buy or obtain them, but if someone with a criminal mind is fixated on committing a heinous act of violence, using a gun, they’re going to find a way to do it, no matter what.


So, my question to all these young marchers out there today is; “If you’re so hell-bent on destroying our second amendment rights, and are so against guns and gun, violence, are you going to petition or boycott Hollywood to stop making movies, and movie-trailers, that promote graphic gun violence, or are you going to be hypocrites, like the fake people in Hollyweird  and live by double standards?”

You want us to take you seriously? Then you need to do more than march in the streets. Prove you really care through actions, like boycotting movies that contain “extreme, graphic, gun, violence.” I bet you won’t do it . . . you don’t have the guts to do it.


Just as the disgusting, Corrupt, Liberal, Left, is trying to destroy “AMERICA,” by poisoning the minds of our young people on “gun control,” they are doing the same thing with “Planned Parenthood.” But . . . that’s a story for another day. However, watch the video below to educate yourself about it.

Yes, I lean more to the “Pro-Life” side, but I do understand that in the case of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is in grave, danger, procedures need to be done. I look at it this way; “If you’re to immature and selfish, to take precautions . . . then you’re to immature to be having sexual relations.”


“Politics and the Old Game Show; To Tell The Truth”

Someone is Lying . . . maybe they are all lying . . . will this mean prison time for certain individuals?

One thing I enjoy the most about being an “Independent,” is that I’m able to step back, and see things for what they really are. I do not have to pledge my loyalty to any particular group, organization, or party, which enables me to keep a level head when listening to or watching, the sometimes, very disturbing, garbage that spews out of the mouths of arrogant, Washington, liars.

As of late, the show going on in D.C.  reminds me of a very old television game show called; “To Tell The Truth,” where contestants had to choose the person they thought was telling the truth based upon questions that were asked of them. At the end of the show, the host would say; “will the real_____ please stand up!” The parallels between that show and the disturbing, behavior, of high-profile, D.C. contestants, is uncanny. So, I say to that . . .

“Will the real piece of lying garbage, please stand up!”

What’s even more entertaining is to watch these D.C. contestants throw each other under the bus. So, why don’t we look at this situation from a reality check, common sense, kind of perspective. Might I suggest from the viewpoint of a non-brainwashed, “non-Lame-Stream Media,” puppet, level-headed, “Independent,” like myself? Are we all good? Awesome, let’s go . . .

Most of us are taught as children, that lying is bad and wrong. When a person lies, they must make up another lie, to cover for the previous lie, to cover for the other lies, and so on, and so on . . . I think you get where I’m going with this. In the end, the truth comes out, and the outcome is never very good. What makes a situation like this even more of a fiasco, is when blame starts getting tossed around like the proverbial, hot potato, everyone passing it quickly, as to not get caught with it in their hands.

Let’s make this easy . . . we now know, with complete certainty, that McCabe, Comey, Ohr, and others are implicated in a series of lies. But. . . who is lying . . . and who is telling the truth? Who, if anyone, will be going to jail for perjuring themselves? There is no gray area here, “Someone Is Lying!”  Next, the alleged, guilty party, goes on the defensive, blaming this one and that one, in an attempt to push the attention off of themselves, and  onto others. It doesn’t matter who you blame or what your excuse is for lying . . . “Lying under oath, is Lying!” Nothing changes the fact that someone committed perjury!

Here’s the skinny . . . General Flynn was forced to plead guilty for “lying,” and the only thing he did wrong was not telling them that he discussed sanctions against Russia. His meeting was not illegal in the least bit. Yet, it’s fine for McCabe and/or Comey, to lie under oath for something far, far, worse, than anything General Flynn did? C’mon people, “wake up!” I say give General Flynn a full pardon! 

One of the issues with McCabes statements, where he blames President Trump is that “President Trump” had absolutely nothing to do with his firing. He has no influence over anything pertaining to the I G. His firing was based on evidence reviewed by the I G.

And seriously, when American citizens care more about what a “porn-star, whore” has to say to get her 15 minutes of fame, than the disgraceful acts of government officials, then we can state with confidence that “Americans have been dumbed-down, by the present Democrat party.”

The time has come for “justice” to be served. “Lying under oath, is lying under oath.” My question is . . . Who’s going to jail?

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The Original Domestic God



Watching the Food Network with Chewie

Having to say goodbye to a family pet is heartbreaking and depressing. Sadly, our beloved “Chewie,” crossed over to the other side and we all miss him terribly. Chewie was, and always will be . . . “FAMILY!” 

In 2011, my daughter adopted Chewie, from his previous owner who, well, let’s just say, should have never been allowed to have a pet. He was already 5 years old and set in his ways, which were definitely not conducive, to living with a large family that included little children. However, my daughter had hope and remained positive that she would be able to correct that issue.

Well, for the most part, she was right. The effort was tough and sometimes, very frustrating, but after awhile, he slowly, showed signs that what we were doing was working. She had saved his life and together, we showed Chewie what a real family was and how much love we had to give and share.

“Chewie” was a Yorkie, and by God, had every trait that is unique to Yorkie’s. Chewie was born on October 26, 2006 and his given name, the one his previous owner registered him as was; “Chewseph A. Banks Esq.” He was affectionately (well from us anyway), called “Chewie.” The name fit him perfectly.

Over the years, we all developed a personal relationship with him, and eventually, he became extremely attached to my grandchildren. He was super protective of them, as if he was their bodyguard. My other two daughters had a “love-hate” relationship with him. You see, “Chewie” had unintentionally, bit, well, nipped, them both, because he had such bad “separation anxiety,” every time someone left. He never aggressively attacked anyone, but his separation anxiety was an issue we had to deal with front and center, Eventually, he began to realize that we were not going to abandon him or lock him in a crate all day.

Soon, he was greeting us at the door, tail wagging, jumping up and down, like a rubber ball, all while spinning in circles. He followed us everywhere we went and would jump in our laps or lay down with us every chance he could. He swam in the pool with the kids, and went for walks with us in the woods. He also became my wife’s bff and was like her shadow.

The time came for us to say goodbye to Chewie after a blood-clot traveled to his heart, which compromised his nervous system, which caused him to lose the use of his legs. There was not a dry eye in the house as we said our goodbyes and as I write this, my eyes are presently, tearing, up.  One of the toughest things to watch was my 7 year old granddaughter, as she said goodbye and gave him a kiss and told him how much she loved him. Then she started sobbing, which, of course, made all of us start balling. It was not a pretty sight, but sadly, a part of life.

I miss that  adorable, albeit crazy, little pain in the butt, and I think about him every day. There are certain times I expect him to be there, and he’s not. Like everyone else in the family, there are times I call his name out, only to remember that he is no longer with us. We cut off a lock of his hair before he left us, to remember him by and my daughter has his ashes, in a beautiful, box.

“Chewie,” you will forever be in our hearts and minds, and we miss you so much. Be at peace my friend and run free and be happy!



America . . . Our Freedom Is Under Attack . . . Wake Up . . . Are You Brainwashed?

Any person who hasn’t opened up their eyes yet to what is really going on within our country should do so pretty damn quickly. Despite the bleeding-heart, blubbering, lies, the loonie left, has got you believing, all of us are under attack. Yes, all of us, every damn one of us! How can’t people see that they are being completely manipulated by the Globalist Elite through the “Liberal Left,” who are using the Florida school shooting as a ploy to take away our 2nd amendment rights and our freedom of speech?

Censorship is now out of control on Youtube and Facebook, and people are having their channels and accounts deleted because they are exercising their rights to free speech. Why is it that anytime someone poses a question or shares a viewpoint that isn’t inline with the “mainstream” propaganda, it’s deemed inappropriate or some other made-up bullshit? Perhaps it’s because they are quite concerned that these banned and deleted accounts might be right and that would totally go against the lies they’re attempting to convince and brainwash people with? Think about it . . . why would that scare them so badly, unless they were truly onto something, right?

Now the “Lunatic Left” are infiltrating our schools and colleges, poisoning young minds, with all this dumb-ass crap like; “you can’t use a pronoun to address me,” or “making them believe that they are girls (boys), trapped in boys (girls), bodies, trapped inside a transgenders, genitals,” or making a huge issue about what bathrooms to use because junior is uncomfortable having to stand to take a piss, when all he really wants is a vagina so he can sit and pee. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am exaggerating a bit, but it’s only to make a valid point. Look, I get it, Mother Nature isn’t perfect and yes, I truly believe that there are instances where the anatomy of an individual, does not match the true person inside, but the “Left,” is singling out these kids, trying to define who they are for them, and using them as pawns to further their “Globalist agendas.”

And now they are targeting them to use them, once again, as pawns, to obliterate our constitution and convince them that no one should have “Freedom of Speech,” or be “protected under the 2nd amendment.” Wake up people! So they’re going to organize a walk-out in schools across “America,” to bring awareness to the world about “gun violence and gun control.” Yeah, that’s going to fix the problem just like those little green signs posted at schools that say; “gun free zone.” Because clearly that has worked well, right? Instead of the “crazy-ass Left” using our children to divide our country, maybe, just maybe, these kids should come together and brainstorm about a solution that is fair and logical, that both sides can agree upon. Walking out of school is NOT going to solve the problem!

And neither is censoring or deleting Youtube channels or Facebook accounts. The attack has begun on our freedom of speech and we all need to fight back. As long as no one is threatening any form of violence or exhibiting, talking about, or writing about a disgusting perversion, then people need to be free to say how they feel and what they think. Either you’ll be able to have an intelligent, mature, debate about it or you just don’t watch or read about it. No one is forcing you to watch or read something that you don’t agree with. Get over it, you’re not that special, and no one cares. Also, there is nothing wrong with people “questioning” everything.

If a person does not believe the narrative being given by, well, anyone, then they absolutely have the “right” to question it, without fear of retribution. The problem arises when they can provide or produce, evidence, that goes against the story being told. Then, all of a sudden, they’re labeled “conspiracy theorist’s” or just plain nut jobs. But the truth is, we really need to see, hear, and watch, the counter-story being suggested. Again, “We The People,” have the right to watch and listen to an alternate point of view and make up our own minds about the information we are given. We’ll either believe it, not believe it, believe part of it and think the rest is garbage, or not watch or listen at all! That is our God given right. It doesn’t mean we are right . . . it doesn’t mean we are wrong . . . it means we are “FREE!”

Like many “True Americans,” we DO want the truth. So why is it so wrong to question the “Lame Stream Media’s” well, rehearsed and scripted narrative of the School shooting in Parkland Florida? For starters, you really have to watch this video titled; “This Is The Face Of Evil,” from, it’s a real eye-opener. Or are you scared that you might actually wake-up?

The SGTREPORT.COM delivers a video that is filled with “truth,” so listen up again as they present another video with even more questionable material. I can’t stress this enough . . . “QUESTION EVERYTHING!” I am very disappointed because a couple of channels I subscribed to on “YouTube,” were deleted because they offered a different opinion from the “Main Stream, Globalist Elite,” narrative.

Now, just because I enjoy watching someone with a grip on reality, doesn’t mean I always agree or even believe everything they report on, but it’s “MY RIGHT,” to decide how I am going to feel or what I’m going to think about the material presented, no one else’s. So, therein lies the problem . . . “It is an attack on all of our rights to free speech.”

Let’s get one thing straight . . . I am not a “Conservative,” I am not a “Republican,” I am not a “Right Wing Extremest,” I also don’t have any affiliation with the “Lunatic Left,” or the “Democrat Party.” Yes, my current position may be a little “right” of the middle, but that is because of the horror show called the “Democrat’s” and their obvious battle to destroy “America,” using our children as both; “brainwashed, messengers” and “violent, thug, protesters,” like “Antifa!”

There are millions of people in the “United States,” who reside in the “middle,” like myself, with their eyes wide open and their minds so “awake,” they can see the “truth,” that everyone else is either; intentionally ignoring, to ignorant to figure it out, or to frightened to admit there is a problem. “Wake up” and listen to us! We may not have all the answers, but we CAN and DO see clearly enough to know what is happening and the atrocities being committed against humanity, by the “Liberal, Globalist Elite.”

Think about this; “If you need an organized group to define; who you are,  what you should be, or how you should think and act, then you are NOT awake. You are fast asleep, in a deliberately, induced, trance-like sleep, created by the Liberal Left/Globalist Elite and administered to you, by your previous administration, with a nefarious agenda to be carried out, with you as their slaves.”

And now . . . back to the issue of gun control and our 2nd amendment rights;

“Who shot and killed Seth Rich?” Why wasn’t there outrage by the “Left” and “gun control” protests after he was shot and killed in an alleged attempted, robbery, that anyone with a single brain cell knows isn’t the truth. Hmmm, maybe it was because he exposed the corruption taking place within the “DNC?” Why haven’t witnesses with damning evidence been allowed to testify as to what they know? Well, sit back and watch this video by H.A. Goodman and learn something . . .

Apparently, the only “gun” related murders that are worthy of protest’s are what the “Left” deems acceptable, and that is only because they want to use it as a weapon to eliminate the 2nd amendment. “We The People,” the ones in the middle realize that more steps need to be taken to keep our children and everyone else safe from “gun violence,” without stamping on the 2nd amendment.

I fully support our 2nd amendment and our right to protect ourselves and our families, but at the same time, I believe changes need to be made to our “gun laws” in order to prevent more shootings. I support raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21. I don’t feel that that should be an issue. I do understand that people like to hunt and when they feel their kids are ready, take them hunting with them. So, just like we make teenagers get a learners permit to drive, why not apply the same law to young adults 17 to 20, who want to eventually get a gun license? They would be able to hunt with a licensed adult, with a licensed gun. They would also be required to take “gun safety” classes just like we have drivers ed. Next, hire more game wardens or conservation police, to enforce this law and make the fines pretty hefty for violating it.

One thing I really don’t understand is; why any civilian has the need for a semi-automatic weapon of any kind? Unless you are a “gun collector,” and can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that that is your gig, then no civilian should be allowed to purchase a semi-automatic! Again, if someone says they’re a collector, there should be a special license and permit for it and it should be very expensive so only serious, responsible, people, obtain them. Also, any “collector” would be “required” to have specially designed, locked, cases, for their weapons, which can only be opened by either “face recognition or hand-print recognition.”

I know everyone is sick of hearing this, but the “background checks,” and “mental health,” issues MUST  be dealt with at a deeper level. Every person who applies for a “gun permit,” must submit to a mental health screening, where they meet, in person, with a licensed, mental health, professional, before a permit will be issued. Also, permits will ONLY be issued to those who can prove “American Citizenship,” or who are here legally, are established here, and plan on staying here . . . “legally.”

I honestly believe more can be done to prevent tragic incidents like the one in Florida, but “taking away our 2nd amendment rights, isn’t the answer.” I know several people who are licensed, responsible, sane, intelligent, gun owners, and just as it was in 1791 when the 2nd amendment was ratified, should hold true today in 2018. You must also realize that; if a person is hell-bent on carrying out some nefarious plan using a gun, they won’t stop until they either get a gun illegally or find a different implement of destruction.

I realize there are flaws with what I have presented, but at least I’m trying by using my “freedom of speech,” to get a mature, intelligent, conversation, going, about ways to make our children, our world, a safer place to live. That is why we must fight diligently to secure our “2nd amendment rights, and our right to free speech!”  And for God’s sake, stop being controlled by the “Hollywood dumb-asses,” who think they know best what’s good for you and how you should be, or who you should be. These people get paid a ton of money to play make believe . . . think about it.

While we’re on the subject of controlling influences, I also believe that the “NRA,” should not have as much pull and as much weight as they throw around. That doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t exist, or work in conjunction with our leaders, for a safer future, but if they are a key player, then the “Teachers Union,” should be also! After all, the NRA isn’t teaching our children, nor are they with them the amount of hours our teachers are.

Well, that is my rant for now, but my point is; “we can do better, all of us can. we must come together, as a united union, to not only keep our 2nd amendment rights, and freedom of speech, in tact, but also to find ways of keeping our children safe, without stepping on the right’s of others.”

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As students stage “walk-outs,” and march for the elimination of our 2nd amendment rights, I mean “gun control,” there are evil people out there, right this minute, on our streets, armed with guns they no doubt stole or purchased illegally, who could “snap” at any second, or who might already, even have a plan for a “killing spree” and these young adults think they can somehow stop it?  Sorry, but all the marches and protests, in the world, don’t have a prayer of stopping psychos intent on causing chaos and murder.

I have no doubt that these young adults are sincere, angry, and concerned, for their safety, as they rightfully should be. But I also have to wonder; “how many of these students are being coached by their parents?” How many of these parents are from the “Lunatic Left,” who are only using this tragic event as a way to seek revenge on the “Republicans and President Trump?” What, you don’t think there are parents  out there who would act or think, that way? Welcome to basic reality 101. The “Democrats” are still so bent out of shape about losing the election and exposing their corruption, that they have firmly, aligned themselves, with idiots like; ” Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, CNN (The Communist News Network), and other disturbed, vile, Hollywood, actors, who have so many people brainwashed into believing all the crap they spew.

As a parent and grandparent, I am also concerned about the safety and well-being of our children while they are at school or anyplace else for that matter. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about what the parents and family members, of the students and faculty, who were murdered, must be going through. I am just a small-time blogger with a handful of followers, but I am also a caring, compassionate, human-being, whose conscious awakening, began after I stopped watching the “MSM” news, many years ago. What a “mind-trap” that was to break, but so worth it, you should try it.

I was also a “Democrat” for 37 years, who voted for traitor #44, aka, Obama, and sadly, realized years later, that he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who caused more of a divide in this country, was corrupt as hell, and was also part of the Muslim brotherhood. And don’t get me started on his alleged, “wife” Ya, the jury’s still out on that one. She did, however, single-handed, and without remorse, destroy school lunches for millions of American school children. Then, I finally woke up and for the first time ever . . .  voted Republican. But I digress . . .

“What is the solution to stopping and preventing, these senseless shooting massacres?” Let me tell you, it isn’t getting rid of our second amendment, and banning all guns,.That’s just NOT going to work or happen! With that being said, I also believe that no civilian needs to own a military-grade, automatic, assault rifle, either. That is, unless they are “gun collectors,” in which case I recommend making the process of being a “collector” more difficult and a rather expensive one. I will address this in my next blog post, where I will explain a gun control solution I have come up with. It may not be “the solution,” but it’s worth putting it out there, on the table.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, even me! That’s why I don’t think my-like six followers will mind if I express mine. Let teachers carry, hire security guards, install metal detectors, address the mental health crisis, increase the age to buy certain fire-arms . . . STOOOOOOP! From what has been reported so far, it is alleged that law enforcement had been to the alleged suspects home numerous times, and that the “FBI” had received several tips from concerned individuals in regards to the “alleged shooter.” Here’s the skinny . . . No matter how many times they went to his house, or how many tips the FBI got, unless he was doing something illegal at the time, their only other option would have been to follow him around 24/7 and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait.

Unless a psychopath actually states a day, a time, and a place, it’s a total crap-shoot as to when or even if, the perp will carry out their plan. That is why part of the solution has to be a secure, safe, environment, at ALL schools. The remaining parts of the solution have to be multi-faceted plans, to encompass all aspects of a “solution.”

In the tradition of “False Flag” events, as some suspect this event in Florida might be, the possible, “crisis actors,” or “Liberal mouth-pieces,” are pushing their mugs in front of the “fake news,” camera’s, acting out their well-rehearsed and staged monologues, hoping everyone who listens to them will believe their lies. Its even better when they forget their lines and stutter like idiots, until a crew member prompts them on what they’re supposed to say. And the “brainwashed sheeple” just nod their heads like drooling patients at a mental institution.

However, there is also a great deal of dis-information being tossed around waiting for someone to catch it, believe it, and run with it. Apparently, only the “awakened” souls realize that this whole event could possibly be a “Deep State” initiative. With that being said;   The time has come for all the treasonous, corrupt, guilty, criminals, like Obama, Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Abedin, Wasserman, Pelosi, Lynch, Rice, Mueller, and many others, to be indicted, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison for their treasonous, acts, against the “United States of America.” 

Below are a couple of videos from “Destroying the Illusion,” and “Alex Jones.” that explain the roles of “Crisis Actors” in so many, alleged, “False Flag” events.

David Hogg’s a piece of work, huh? You can’t tell me that he wasn’t possibly coached as a “disaster actor.” Wake up America, stop being controlled like puppets by the “Lunatic, Liberal, Left!”  If the “Left” spent as much time brainstorming, and presenting viable, fair, solid, solutions, to gun control as they did with the “Russia, Russia, Russia,” bull-shit, they’d probably already be a bill on the table, that both sides could agree upon.

“Oh Nooo, It’s The Russian Bots, we’re doomed!”

O K, back to reality, I think Mueller should be probed to . . . like an alien anal probe! Anyway . . .

Sometimes, the answers we are looking for are so obvious that we overlook them because they seem to easy. The next time you’re at the bank, a jewelry store, a sporting event, a concert, a museum, look to see if there is at least, one, armed, security guard, on duty. Chances are there will be. So, if we really, sincerely, love our children as much as we say we do, and we value them as our most precious assets for a bright, future,  and want to keep them safe at all costs, then why is it, we don’t force our schools to afford to our children, the same armed, security guards that patrol our malls, our museums, and our banks? What, you don’t think our kids are worth it? I do!

Or is it that the sight of “metal detectors” lined up at the school doors freaks parents out so badly, because it forces them to face, straight, up, that there really is an issue with school safety?  Our kids are worth more than money, are more valuable than jewels, and are more priceless than art. Let’s face it, do you in all honesty, think a green sign that says “gun free zone” is going to deter a psychopath from shooting up a place? That is why I feel every school should have at least one, if not two, or more, well trained, armed, guards, on duty, in case events like the one in Florida arise.

We should also arm teachers and staff who have either military or law enforcement training and teachers who are willing to be trained. It is not right for us to think it is acceptable for a teacher or coach to throw themselves in front of a hail of bullets to protect our kids when they end up getting killed themselves, leaving their own kids without a parent. All it would have taken was one, armed and trained teacher to take out that shooter, before he could cause anymore damage.

And for the love of God already, stop watching news stations like CNN who don’t give a rats-ass about how anyone feels or how tragic the event is. All they are looking for is “ratings, ratings, ratings,” and they will say and do anything to get them, no matter how unethical, or false they are.  The latest garbage being spewed by “CNN,” the “Communist News Network,” is for the removal or banning of the “Alex Jones” show from “Youtube.”

I don’t care whether you hate him, like him, his show, or anything else about him, this is STILL THE UNITED STATES and we all have freedom of speech! CNN is the biggest crap news station on the air and nothing they say can be trusted as “real news.”  If by chance Youtube does ban the “Alex Jones” show, I am personally going to boycott every sponsor that is associated with CNN, and I am certain there will be millions of other viewers who follow suit.

“We The People,” can think what we want to, watch what we want to, listen to what we want to, and have opinions about anything we want to! It doesn’t mean we’re right, it doesn’t mean we’re wrong, it means we’re “FREE!” Censorship is getting out of control and everyone, yes, I mean “everyone,” needs to stand up against it.  This is the latest video from “Destroying the Illusion,” which shows how “censorship” is out of control.

Our biggest concern should not be “Russian Bots,” or “non-existent DNC hackers,” It should be keeping our children safe, finding ways of preventing gun, or any other type of violence, eliminating censorship, living in peace, and draining the swamp of creatures like Clinton, Podesta, Comey, and a whole bunch of others!

Well my friends, peace out and remember; “Open your eyes to the truth, it’s O K to wake up!”

I would be humbled if you followed me, I promise all my post’s aren’t political and/or venting.



Another School Shooting Massacre . . . Is A Call For Stricter Gun Control Really The Answer?

Firstly, I am a father, grandfather, uncle, and friend. At this time, I can’t imagine the pain, anguish, and grief, the families of those innocent, young, victims, of the most recent school shooting, massacre, in Florida, must be going through right now. After I found out how really critical the situation was down there, and how many victims and fatalities there were, my heart sank and my anger increased exponentially. But, who was I angry at?

Every child, in every city, in every state, deserves to be safe and feel safe at school. So why weren’t these young victims safe? What must run through the minds of these young killers to make them do something so horrific? Why, why, why, do they feel the need to cause so much pain and death? Are they themselves, hurting, or are they just so mentally, unstable, that they’re out of touch with reality?  And then I thought . . . “Hey, if some adult there was licensed to carry, then maybe he/she, would have been able to immediately take out the shooter, possibly saving so many victims.”

Even if stricter gun control measures are put into place, it still won’t solve the problem, not at all. The “Liberal Left” is hell bent on creating a society where only law enforcement and criminals have guns. That’s not the answer, not by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no reason why decent, sane, law-abiding, citizens, should not be allowed to carry at all times. There have been many instances where the situation could have been far less worse or prevented, if someone, licensed to carry, could have taken the shooter(s) out.

As more and more news stories are broadcast about the shooting, it seems that the narratives change as well. “We the People,” are NEVER told the truth about these events up front, which always leads to many, many, gaping, holes, inconsistencies, and false information in the liberal, jibber-jabber, created by the MSM. Let’s face it, do you really think the corrupt “Left” isn’t going use this horrific event to push their evil agenda? I’m actually quite surprised they haven’t already blamed Russia for this event. What should be at the top of both parties agendas is “how to deal with the severe mental health issues,” that cause emotionally and mentally, unbalanced, people, to carry out such acts of violence.

Screw being to scared to say something to authorities or others, about someone or some group, you believe may have ill intent because you fear it will be considered politically incorrect, racist, or stereotyping. A program needs to be created and implemented, that allows anyone to anonymously, voice their concerns or knowledge, to the proper authorities, without fear of retribution. I have seen a picture of the alleged shooter wearing the disgusting garb of the thug group “Antifa,” as well as read that he was also a confirmed, member, of some Nationalist group. Not only are those two groups as different as grapes and celery, but those two things alone should have sent “red flags” up about this young mans mental state. A video has also surfaced of an interview with a young girl, a senior, at the Florida high school, in which she states that there had to be more than one shooter because the alleged shooter was standing next to her, talking to her, when shots were being fired.  Could this be a case of “mind control” being acted out?

I’m beginning to smell the rotten stench of the “Deep State” here, don’t you?

Earlier in the week, I also read a couple of articles in which the authors clearly stated that a “False Flag” incident was imminent to draw our attention away from the fiasco involving the corruption, treason, and perjury, of certain individuals within our government. They were right, imagine that! Coincidence? I’m thinking “no” on that.

Look, all this violence has got to stop! We can no longer be complacent and accept these events as the “norm” in our society. Our young children and young adults, should not be subject to, or victims of, these horrific assaults. However, taking away the right to own a gun is not the answer. If someone is determined and crazy, enough to carry out such a bloodbath, then they are going to find a way of obtaining that gun no matter how strict our gun laws are. It’s time for some serious brainstorming from both sides, not opportunities to further their agendas.

Personally, at this time, I feel that every school in the U.S. needs to have at least one, maybe two, armed, full-time, law enforcement officials, on duty from the start of school until the last bell rings and all students are safely dismissed.

Below you will find a video by Lisa Haven, that represents one persons opinion, but I definitely agree with what she’s saying.