According to Merriam-Webster, the definitions of the words; Evil, Rancorous, Malevolent and Nefarious, are as follows;

  • Evil: morally reprehensible – causing discomfort or repulsion – arising from actual or reputed bad character or conduct – causing harm
  • Rancorous: deeply malevolent
  • Malevolent: having, showing, or arising from, intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred. – Productive of harm or evil
  • Nefarious: flagrantly wicked or impious: evil

Not very pleasant words now, are they? There are dozens of words in the English language that share or represent the same feeling, attitude, or action, but sadly, the previously mentioned words just mean . . . “BAD!”

The dictionary, for the most part, will inform us of; how, what, who, when, or where, is bad, but free-will, leaves it up to the reader to make those judgements for themselves. However, for most of us, we have enough common sense to understand and know what “bad” is, without needing a translation guide to tell us. Bad is bad, evil is evil, rotten is rotten, and there aren’t different levels, or excuses for it “it is what it is.”

When people defend “bad” simply because they feel it isn’t “as bad” as something or someone else, then they are only deluding themselves. You don’t have to like apples to know that the fruit is sweet and you don’t have to be a part of a reprehensible, group, or organization to know that they are “bad.” For example; let’s say one group commits armed robberies, one group murders people, and the other group kills animals, even though they are different crimes, they are all . . . “BAD,” and nothing, absolutely nothing, changes the “meaning.”

Here’s another example; there are two rival gangs, both have members who are; vicious, sadistic, demented, and murderous. A gang war between the two gangs erupts and many from both sides are killed, maimed, or badly injured. Are you going to say that one gang was “less bad,” than the other? Remember, both gangs are filled with the same degenerates, who commit the same nasty actions. “Bad, is bad, is bad.” When you defend “bad,” in whatever form you find acceptable, then you cross the line of hypocrisy, and become a hypocrite.

Whether it’s a child behaving badly, a dog behaving badly, or a gang member behaving badly, “the meaning of the word bad does not change.”


Here are more examples of “BAD”- Extremely “BAD”:

“White Nationalist’s” ———– BAD

“ISIS or any other terrorist group” ——— BAD


“The Globalist Elites” ———- BAD

“Politicians who wish harm on our President” ——— BAD

“North Korea’s Kim Jong Un” ————BAD

“Media Outlets that produce and report false/fake news stories” ——- BAD

“Disco” ———– BAD

“Fukushima” ——–BAD

“SJW’s” ———-BAD

“Finding a hair on your pasta that isn’t your own” ———- BAD

“Racism” ———- BAD

“Killing in the name of the God you worship” ——— BAD

“Protesting against free speech” —– BAD (No one’s going to tell me what I can or can’t say!)

“Alzheimer’s disease” —– BAD

“A Divided Country” —– BAD

“Dog farts” ——–BAD

“Shooting of Law Enforcement” ——— BAD


Was “evil or bad” given life by the actions of “Adam and Eve,” or was it an “oops” moment by our creator? Is “evilness or bad,” a strand in our DNA that’s activated the day we are born? After all, none of us are “perfect,” we’ve all behaved badly, been spiteful, shown ill-will, or had “bad” thoughts, sometime in our lives.

When you outright know someone, some action, or something, is “bad,” and for self-serving purposes, or to feed your own narcissism, or because you’re a follower who can’t think for themselves, denies the “truth,” then you’re just setting yourself up to be humiliated when the truth is finally exposed. (Well, maybe not the narcissist, they’ll find a way to blame someone else.)

“Bad,” however, can also teach us valuable lessons in morality, humility, and compassion. You don’t have to be a genius to know that most everything the “South” once stood for such as slavery, oppression, and hate, were “bad,” very, “bad,” but the fact remains that it is a “part of our history” as a nation. No, it isn’t a part of our history that most of us are proud of, but to completely remove and eliminate any reminders of it, such as; statues, monuments, or historical places, will not change the fact that it still took place and was a major turning point in the direction of our country, no matter how “bad” it was.

Instead of removing and destroying the things that are a reminder of a tumultuous time in the history of our nation, place them on display at a museum, or turn them into museums.  These displays would not be there to celebrate this hateful time in our history, but to serve as a reminder of how we shouldn’t act, and how “bad” of a time it really was for our country. Many people died trying to bring about an end to this era of tyranny and oppression, so let those statues and monuments, help people to remember and honor, those souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for equality. To deny the history of the “United States,” is to deny our existence.

These “museums,” would represent a disastrous, time in our “history books,” just as the Holocaust Museum in Germany, as well as the buildings used as concentration camps, are a reminder to the people of the world of a time that was; so dark, so disgusting, so horrific, that it showed us what “pure evil” looked like, and how we can’t allow something so wicked and so “bad” to ever happen again. Obviously, you can’t compare the horrors of the holocaust to the events that took place on U.S. soil, but there are shared lessons you can learn from both.

It’s not difficult to see the division in our country and the outright hate between the “Left and the Right.” I don’t know, maybe we do need to have another huge civil war between both groups and the side with the highest amount of dead people loses. It’s pretty damn obvious that absolutely nothing is going to get resolved by talking. “Hate is hate – bad is bad,” right? Neither side is going to admit that they are wrong, I know I’ll never admit I’m wrong, because I’m not. Is that “bad?”

It would also take care of the depopulation agenda, the NWO wants to take place. If you side with the “Left,” do you support your side enough that you could kill someone on the “Right,” even if it was a relative or friend? Same question for those who side with the “Right?” Are any of you that “bad” to kill someone whose views are different than yours, even if it was a family member such as a parent or sibling? What? You think this sounds crazy, absurd? Why? That’s exactly what would happen if a “civil war” between the “Right and the Left” broke out. It happened once before, remember? And . . .  It was “BAD!”

I can only hope that somehow, someway, a peaceful solution and agreement between both sides can be reached without a drop of blood being shed, but it’s going to take a miracle for that to happen. Maybe “Ronald Regan” was right. Maybe we need the threat of an alien invasion to bring us all together as a united people?



“Antifa and the White Nationalist’s,” (They’re Both Guilty and Ignorant)






There are always “two sides to every story,” yet, depending on the event or circumstances, we’re lucky if we get to hear even a partial dose of “TRUTH,” especially from the controlled, diabolical, manipulative, biased, “Lame Stream Media.” Sadly, these “media outlets,” have dumbed down “Americans” to the point that; any remaining logic or “common sense,” they might have, has been slowly extricated from their weak, easily manipulated, minds. It’s all about controlling the people and turning them into willing participants in a hate-filled game of, “Twister- the Let’s Destroy America version.”

Those of you who don’t believe that the violence in “Charlottesville VA” was “politically motivated,” seriously need to slap yourselves back into reality and wake the hell up! Just look at the “key players” in this evil game and you’ll see this was a sadistically, planned, staged, event, by a group of failing elitist’s, trying to regain control of the masses, who are finally waking up and understanding, the elites, evil, agenda for the people. “Conspiracy theory?” Absolutely not! And the sooner you accept the “truth” that you are being used as pawns by a dark, ruthless, group of people, the sooner you can release yourselves from their tyrannical grip.

In one corner of the game board are the “George Soros” backed, radicalized, far, far, left, dangerous, thugs of “Antifa.” Don’t be fooled by them, they are not participants, for the greater good of humanity, they are just; paid, trouble making, mindless brats, who feel a sense of entitlement, and use extreme violence as their means of moving about the game board. In the opposite corner, carrying torches and pitchforks, are the hate-filled, far, far, right, vile, bigoted, racist, intolerable, members of the “White Nationalist’s.” They too, when provoked will use violence as a way for them to move about the game board. And directly in the middle is the; pathetically bought and controlled, race-baiting, biased, lying, instigating, “Lame Stream Media,” better known as “fake news,” who bend, twist, and deliberately, create and present, false, stories, for “rating purposes” and to incite rabid violence, even if it means innocent people get hurt or killed. Remember, the “Elitist’s” are attempting to control and roll the dice in their favor. And the battle begins . . .

“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Simply stated; “Antifa and the White Nationalists are both evil.” That should be a no-brainer for all of society. However, when self-serving, twisted, people, start politicizing a wicked, event, like “Charlottesville VA,” and placing the blame on people such as “President Trump,” or anyone else who is associated with the “Right,” then it totally pisses off decent, compassionate, good, members of that group. Censorship by “Google, Facebook and Twitter,” to benefit the “Left” is completely out of control and blatantly obvious. The problem with the “Left” is that they believe no one else can have an opinion or a stance on an issue, other than them. Unless, of course, you share their beliefs and opinions, then it’s fine. “Google, Facebook, and Twitter” have become “Extreme Leftist, Anti-American Domestic Terrorist’s” who don’t believe in our “Constitutional Rights.” anymore.

You don’t have to be a freaking genius to know that members of the “White Nationalist’s” are nothing more than; demented, sick, twisted, racist, individuals, who don’t believe in diversity and don’t have respect or tolerance for others who are different from themselves. However, like all of us, they have the right to “free speech” and the “right to assemble.” I heard someone say that there is a difference between “free speech,” and “hateful speech.” No there isn’t. We, as citizens of the “United States,” have the right to think what we want, feel how we feel, and say what we want to. And yes, as much as we don’t like it, hateful speech, is included in that. You can’t change the way a person thinks or feels, through violence or manipulation. There are other ways to achieve that.

What I don’t understand is the “double standard” used by the “Left” to place blame on the “Right.” Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? I find it perplexing that the “Left” supported “Hillary Clinton” when she made a statement saying that; “black youth are sexual predators.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is something a “White Nationalist” would say, right? But it’s not a big deal when Hillary says it? Again, the “Left” wants to have their cake and eat it too. This is one of the reasons we have such a great division within our country now. The “Left” and the “Democrat Party,” morphed into a politically corrupt, cheating, anti-American, scheming, lying, murderous, lot of people, which is a far cry from the proud, stable, upstanding, compassionate, party, I once knew, many years ago. And now they associate themselves with “Antifa” which is nothing more than a pathetic “domestic terrorist” group.


For the most part, children become a “product of their environment” and by the time they’ve reached the teenage years, they have acquired a fair amount of values and morals from their parents or caregivers. A child brought up in a home where they are shown and taught; support, tolerance, respect, compassion and unconditional, love, will most likely grow up with those same values. Whereas, a child brought up in a home where racism, intolerance, bigotry and hate are the norm, then that child, for the most part, will grow up with those same values deeply embedded in their personal ideologies. Let’s face it, having children is a crapshoot, you try to do your best, but sometimes that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Great parents can end up having a delinquent child and horrible parents can end up giving birth to the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Sadly, the children born to hateful, unaccepting, parents, will raise their kids the same way. It’s a vicious, deplorable, cycle. If there is hate within a home, then racism and intolerance will never be abolished, it will be passed down from generation to generation. I was not raised in a house filled with bigotry and hate and I raised my family the same way. Now I see my daughter raising her children the same way and it makes me very proud. My grandchildren unconditionally accept others for how big their hearts are, not by the color of their skin or their race. I have come to realize that you will never be able to fight bigotry, racism, ignorance and hate with the same weapon. It will never work. That is why I blame both the “counter-protestors” as much as I blame the “White Nationalist’s” for the terror that took place in “Charlottesville.” Remember . . . there are always two sides to every story, the “truth” and what people want you to believe is “truth.”

When dealing with organizations like the “White Nationalist’s,” the best way to fight against them is . . . “to do nothing at all!” Look at it this way; when a child is having a temper tantrum or whining about something, the worst thing you can do is give in to the child or shower them with attention. That’s exactly what they want, you’re playing right into their little hands. When repeated tries are consistently, ignored, and unrewarded, the child will eventually stop that behavior because they know absolutely nothing will be gained from it. The same logic applies to fighting against a group such as the “White Nationalists.” They are seeking attention, glorification, and media coverage. Hell, they’re expecting it, don’t give it to them!

Imagine for a minute, that the “White Nationalist’s” rally took place and not one counter-protestor or media group, showed up to either; watch, it, listen to it, or protest it. Pretty much they’d be preaching to their own choir and not getting the reaction, they were hoping for or expecting. Eventually, after having a few marches that were; not covered by the media, no counter protest, stagnant, rallies, and them not being the recipients of any attention, what so ever, their main objective would be annihilated and it would all be for not. But no, instead, just as ignorant, counter-protestors, cowardly thugs from Antifa, and riot inciting “Lame Stream Media” show up to deliberately cause trouble. In all seriousness, did anyone really think a group of religious leaders locked arm and arm, leading the march, would scare or intimidate, the White Nationalist’s? C’mon, you can’t be that naive and stupid. Those Nationalist’s sure were shaking in their boots and so frightened, huh? All it did was piss them off even more and what’s worse . . . it was deliberately staged to create chaos and mayhem.

Do you sincerely think that when the “Neo-Nazi’s” saw the marchers coming towards them, they all stopped and said; “OMG, we hurt someone’s feelings, how awful of us. Thank you, counter-protestors, you have changed my belief system, we’re terribly sorry. We’ll go home now and sing Kumbaya” What’s even worse is that the police were given an order to “stand down” if violence erupted. Why? Isn’t that what our law enforcement is there for, to protect the people? Maybe if the police could have done their job, a young girl’s life would have been saved. There are absolutely no winners in this situation, none, at all. Both sides are equally guilty and the “lame Stream, Fake News, Media,” is politicizing these events to cause more division in “America,” all to benefit the “Left,” who, we are now finding out, are being led and controlled by some; sick, demented, people, with an evil agenda. Don’t be fooled by their “bleeding heart, we’re the victims,” rhetoric. Seek the “truth” and use common sense.

I get it, I really do, the garbage that comes out of the mouths of the “White Nationalist’s” is twisted, vile, hateful and horribly, unthinkable, but they are protected, as we all are, by our right to “freedom of speech.” We don’t have to like or agree with the hate they spew, and it is our right, to choose not to listen to them or pay attention to the evil, doctrine, they believe in. Look; if you don’t like the way something tastes . . . you don’t eat or drink it. If you don’t like the way a shirt looks or feels . . . you don’t wear it. If you don’t like the way a certain activity makes you feel . . . you don’t participate in it. So, if you don’t like what the “White Nationalist’s” stand for . . . don’t give them the attention they are seeking, don’t attempt to argue with them (you will never be able to change their minds), don’t scream and yell at them (they couldn’t care less what you think), and don’t resort to violence because you’re angry (you will just get violence back in return). You have the right to “ignore everything they say and do,” use it!

Most importantly, don’t be fooled, outwitted, manipulated, or controlled, by the “Fake News Media,” whose goals are to; blatantly lie to you, stage scripted and directed events, cause chaos and mayhem for the sake of ratings, be completely biased and “Left” brainwashed (Remember, Hollywood, their political connections, and their minions are controlled and run by pedophiles, are you supporting them?), and divide and destroy our country. Is that what you want? We will never be able to change the way these “White Nationalist’s” think or feel, it will never happen. Don’t waste “positive energy” trying to change them, instead, use that energy to educate and teach, as many children as you can, how to be accepting and tolerant of others. Wouldn’t it be great if we could force all those “Neo Nazi’s” to take an ancestry DNA test? Could you imagine what their reactions would be if the results came back showing anything but “pure white” lineage? I took the Ancestry DNA test and I was quite surprised by my results. And always remember . . . there are two sides to every story. Seek the “truth” my friends, seek the “truth.”

“Help protect and save our right to free speech!” Don’t let them use this staged event to take our rights away.

Please feel free to share this post with . . . everyone!






The “Left” has been steadily morphing into deranged, delusional, corrupt, psychotic, desperate, lunatic, killers. The “Left” have now become “home-grown, radicalized, terrorist’s.”  It really doesn’t surprise me though, after all, isn’t that what Obama wanted right along? His goal was to somehow split this country with a civil war between the “Left” and the “Right.” We may have just heard the second shot heard round the world today. I am an independent who has voted “Democrat” in every election except this last one, when I gave “President Trump” my vote of confidence.

What has happened to the entire “DNC” and the “lunatic, liberal, Left”  is disturbing, disgusting, and heartbreaking. It is not the respectable, “Political Party” that I once knew. They are now; “Islam loving, greedy, corrupt, murderous, Sharia-Law supporting, Anti-American, communist,  New World Order minions,” hell-bent on destroying “America.”  Did I mention whining, little cry babies too?

The “lunatic Left” and the DNC, as a whole, have lost any shred of a “value system” they once were proud of. They have total disregard for our “Constitution” and believe that “immigrants” have more rights than “natural-born American citizens.” The “Left” are now “natural born killers.” The “Left”  believe they are above any law and can get away with any crime they perpetrate or commit.

How many more victims are the “Left” going to murder?  How long are they going to keep their demented, three-ring circus, soap opera, theater, up?  get over it, Hillary lost, Trump won fair and square. Here’s a thought; maybe if Debbie (There will be consequences) Wasserman Schultz hadn’t cheated Bernie Sanders out of both his donation money and winning the primary, you might have had President Sanders, not Trump. So, even though you might hate “Trump,” he did absolutely nothing wrong.

If the Democrats are going to place blame, maybe they should direct it at “Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazille,” they are one of thetrue” reasons the Dem’s lost. And how can anyone forget about cheater, Donna Brazille, giving Hillary the debate questions, prior to the debate? The Democratic Party is imploding in on itself, but must place the blame on everyone else, because they can no longer deal with truth, even when the “truth” is legitimate and provable.

For example; The looney “Left” had a nuclear meltdown when President trump imposed a travel ban on Muslim countries and building a wall on the border of Mexico for protection, but thought it was a genius idea when Obama and Clinton said it. But it’s the new Dem’s, the ones who can’t admit to truth, who freaked out the most by getting angry over an issue that the “Left” started first.

The “Left” has become so sick, depraved, and twisted, they cheer and glorify events and people who portray vicious and horrific, deaths, against “President Trump” and anyone who supports the “Right.” The Lib’s think it’s wonderfully, hysterical, to watch a show where President Trump is assassinated or a has-been, old, washed up comic, named Kathy has grotesque and evil, pictures taken of herself, holding the bloodsoaked, decapitated, head, of President Trump in her hand. If you were one of those people who found any of this comical or in good taste, then you sincerely need to head to the nearest mental health facility and check yoursef in. I don’t care what “party” you’re associated with, it’s wrong, vile, and not funny in the least to promote the killing of anyone.

If you are among the disturbed, “Left,” who found these acts of violence funny, then maybe you should watch a “REAL” recording of the beheadings of innocent people at the hands of groups like “ISIS?” Listen as the innocent victims, scream in horrific agony, as the sword or knife slits through their throats. Then come back and tell me you thought it was funny or comical. Imagine how those victims family felt watching some mentally ill comic, making a joke and mockery of their pain. Would you want that for yourself?

Let’s go one step further. Hypothetically speaking, How would the “Left” react if “Hillary” had won the election and someone wrote a detestable, play, where Obama and Loretta Lynch were murdered by hanging, as “Hillary” was tortured, gang raped, and killed, by a group of Islamic terrorist’s, while Chuck Schumer sexually molested a little boy? Would the “Left” find that comical? My guess is no, and they would have had a nuclear meltdown, crying, pissing and moaning, about how offensive and demented it was. Well, of course it would have been offensive, so the same damn thing applies to the “Right,” being angry at the present-day morons who are actually producing this crap against the POTUS. And now the desperate and deranged “Left” have turned into “Domestic, Radicalized, Terrorist’s,”  with the attempted murders of Congressman, “Steve Calise,” and other members of the “Republican” Party.

I have to wonder how many of the psycho’s who find any of this “Democratic Terrorism”  funny or justified, believe in God or have some sort of strong, religious faith? They are hypocrites and cowards, who believe they can hide their “true” feelings from God as if God has no idea what is simmering and rotting in their hearts. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, independent, white, black, green, short, fat, skinny, or extraterrestrial, no one has the right to intentionally or deliberately, take the life of another human being, especially in the name of a political party or diety you worship!” And yet, members of the “Democratic Party” celebrate “murder” with joy and happiness, in the name of their “party.”

And then you have senile, old hag, “Nancy Pelosi,” saying that it was the “Republican’s” fault the attempted murders happened. Seriously Nancy? Hey Nancy, retire and take some Aricept for that Alzheimer’s you’re dealing with. Of course, the “MSM” is just as bad sensationalizing the killer as some sort of “Left Wing hero.” Wolf Blitzer from CNN (Communist News Network) commenting that the killer wasn’t evil, just disilusioned by politics. O K Wolf, so when someone comes in and shoots up the crew, reporter’s and journalist’s (if you can call them that) from CNN, we should say; “The killer wasn’t evil, he was just disilusioned by fake news.”  Because that makes it seem more justified, right?

So far, the “Right” has not retaliated against the “Left,” and they may never will. I’d like to believe that at least one party has class and are “true Patriots.” However, there also may come a time when the “Right” unleashes a reign of terror upon the “Left” throwing us into a second Civil War. And just like the first “Civil War,” the death toll, pain and agony, will be high on both sides.

Is this how you want the “United States” to end as a country? No? Then send a message to the “Democrats,” and tell them this is not how we solve problems in this country and instead of working against the “Republican’s,” work with them.

Please share this post as a reminder to all, as in everyone from the left and the Right, that we will not tolerate such disgusting, evil, demented, sick and twisted, behavior, as the “Left” has recently displayed. These are not the values this country was founded on.






Mothers and fathers will be weeping over the dead bodies of their college-age, trouble-making, children, as they are systematically gunned down, beaten, bludgeoned, and tortured by supporters of President Trump. The “Army of the Right,” will mightily prevail as the cowardly, Left, crawls back into their “safe spots” to cry and color in their coloring books.

I am an independent, I do not have an allegiance to either the Democrat or Republican party.  As graphic, extreme, and a bit novel-like, the above paragraph may seem, I can almost guarantee you that the real scenario that would play out if President Trump were impeached, would be almost identical. You need to understand that; as hard as the sore loser, crybaby, Dems, are trying to bring this country down by disregarding the “Laws of the Constitution,” supporting “Sharia Law” (so all you women can be treated like second class citizens), inciting violence, committing treason, committing espionage, and many more disturbing items, the Republicans and everyone who supports and stands behind them, will fight back one thousand times harder to destroy the Dems and the Left.

What I don’t understand is how or why the Dem’s don’t think this will happen? Are they so wrapped up in their one-sided, double standard, reality, that they don’t think the ramifications of an act of “impeachment” will go unchallenged, or without retaliation, from the “Right?” It will be a chaotic, bloodbath, civil war, of epic proportions, with the “Right” triumphing over the “Left.”  Do you really think our “Armed Forces” will support the Dem’s and their agenda’s? Sorry to disappoint you, but almost one hundred percent of our military will support the President and do whatever is necessary to take down the whining “left.”

Ask yourself this question; “do I really want a scene like this to play out where it’s a real possibility that millions of “American” citizens are killed, maimed, or tortured? Is that what you want for your families, or our beautiful country?” You should always be careful of what you wish for because wishes that come true, come with consequences. Have you ever stopped to consider “why” the Dem’s are so hell-bent on impeaching “President Trump?”

If you take a step backwards and look back over the last eight years, the reasons become crystal, clear. As far as “Russian collusion,” the Dem’s (The original Russian collusion gang, like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, etc.), have had their hands so deep in the Russians pockets, they could squeeze their balls. And even though it is “public record” of these ties, these idiots deny it. Over the last eight years, how many “pay-to-play” deals have been made within the Democratic Party, making them shit-loads of money? How many acts of cheating, fraud, money laundering and backstabbing took place within their own party, so they could get their greedy hands, on more money? The American people became so complacent, that they became brainwashed by “fake news” (yes, it is called fake news, like CNN, MSNBC, etc.), that they became deaf and blind to what was really going on in D.C.

The “Left” turned a blind eye, when it came to pedophile rings involving members of their own party, probably because they blackmailed these sadistic, perps, and again, made massive amounts of “dirty money” off them. The “American people” were brainwashed by our former, Anti-Christian, Islamic supporting, president, into believing that the people of the U.S.A. needed to assimilate our way of life to that of immigrants, so we don’t hurt their feelings. What he was really saying was; “I’m going to turn this whole damn country Muslim and let the “Islamic Terrorist’s” infiltrate and kill as many innocent Americans as possible.” And still, the unconscious, people, did nothing to stop it, but agreed with it because the MSM told them if they didn’t, they were racist.

This destruction didn’t stop here though, the “Left” joined forces with some global friends like Germany and others to control, subdue, and manipulate, the people. The results of which were anything, but positive. Look at the chaos, riots, terror attacks, civil unrest and rapes taking place in these countries now. How’s this “globalist” plan working out for you now Germany, Switzerland, and England? People need to understand that this “Globalist Elite,” agenda is NOT about protecting you or anyone else. It’s a scam, a ruse, it’s about handing over all your freedoms to them, while they make trillions of dollars off your stupidity and ignorance. Kudo’s to “President Trump” for looking out for the well-being and financial stability of the “United States!”

Back in the states, the corruption was, and still is, going strong, within the “Left” as they attempted to infiltrate our schools and colleges by brainwashing the students into believing what they were doing was for the benefit of everyone in this country. They succeeded in creating a generation of emasculated men who need safe spaces and coloring books, because they can’t deal with not getting their own way. Now you tell me, in a fight between the “Left” and the “Right,” who would win, a strong-willed, ready to kill, soldier from the “Right,” or an emasculated boy from the “Left” who must hide in his “safe space?” It’s just an observation, but I’d rather be standing behind that soldier from the Right, any day.

And how can we forget about the “Hollywood” regime and how they think that everyone should listen to them because they’re so special. Seriously, they’re nothing but overpaid dumb-asses who get paid to play make pretend. No one cares what these fake, egotistical, materialistic, bozo’s say. They need to just shut up and go back to playing make-believe. When civil war breaks out between the “Right” and the “Left,” you can bet your asses these Hollywood characters will be holed up in their mansions too frightened to come out and take a stance for what they piss and moan about all the time.

Go right ahead and set up all these websites for people to go and leak information that is detrimental to ‘PRESIDENT TRUMP,” because obviously, you enjoy the idea of the United States going to war with each other, brother killing brother, father killing father, families killing each other. Apparently, there is a lot of money peddled between the pedophiles in D.C. and the Pedophiles in “Hollywood.” No wonder they want Trump out because him and Jeff Sessions have declared war on “child trafficking and abuse,” which could mean the exposure of prominent, Hollywood, sicko’s.

These “Leftist” loonies think it’s funny, a joke, but they won’t be laughing when their lives are on the line and they’re staring down the barrel of a shotgun or in front of an execution squad. What, you don’t think that could happen if this impeachment nonsense continues?  You’re not getting this, to continue this “witch hunt” is like a country committing suicide. Hey, if you’re going to try and impeach “Trump,” then we also need to remove Obama from the record books as a “President of the United States.” After all, he was not legally born in the U.S. which makes his presidency null and void. He is also guilty of “treason” and many other crimes against the people. Also, the word on the street is, Michelle Obama is really a dude! And while I cannot say for sure if that is true or not, it wouldn’t really surprise me if she was.  Wait, what? You don’t like it when people say stuff like that because it’s all lies? Sure, kind of like the collusion with Russia, propaganda, the Dem’s keep perpetrating, even after it has been “proven,” that there was no collusion at all.

Let’s face it, the Dem’s and the “Leftist lunatics” are still acting out in denial, jealousy, and temper tantrums, because their crooked, corrupt, candidate, lost the election to “Trump” and the “Republicans” who won fair and square with NO outside interference. They need to get over it, stop acting like little spoiled, temper tantrum, brats, and move forward. Things would go so much smoother if they would only try and work together with the President, not against him. Like it or not . . . “Donald Trump is our President!” Oh, and for the record, “you can’t impeach a President just because you don’t like him,” that’s not how it works. President Trump has done nothing wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with his policies, he has done absolutely nothing wrong! As a matter of fact, he has done many great things for our country already, but the MSM refuses to report on it. Let’s take a stroll down “Democrat Hypocricy Road,” shall we? Maybe it’s time they ate some good old fashion crow, huh? But, somehow, the Dem’s, Libs, and deniers, will say . . . “Oh this is different.”  No it’s not, not even a little bit . . .

However, you want to talk about people doing “wrong?” Well then, look no further than; Former president and turd, Obama, Hillary (the killer) Clinton, James (The Weasel) Comey, Lying Loretta, Debbie (The dog-faced, there will be consequences) Wasserman Schultz, John (The Molesta) Podesta, and Donna (I like to cheat) Brazile. Oh, and what about those other two, you know, Nancy (I have Alzheimer’s) Pelosi and Chuck (The Satanist) Schumer. There’s really something about Schumer that scares me, I can see it in his eyes, his Aura. He’s one creepy looking dude who I would never trust to leave little children with. Apparently, the Dem’s think they don’t commit crimes and/or atrocities, but we all know the truth . . . they’re guilty as hell!

Here’s just a quick thought; The Dem’s say that the Russians hacked the DNC computers, right? (We all know this is a farce) Well then, Why, didn’t or haven’t they turned over these so called, hacked computers to the FBI, who have been asking to look at them for months and months now to see if that Russian hacking theory was true? Why are they refusing to turn them over, yet, they want everyone to believe their story is true? Use some “common sense” here folks.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that I called the police and told them that someone broke into my car in the garage and stole everything in it. When the police arrive, I tell them what has happened and they write it all down. Next, they ask to go into my garage to examine my alleged car that was allegedly, broken into. My response to them is; “No, you can’t go in there, you’re just going to have to take my word for it, but I’m going in to call my insurance company and file a claim so I can collect the money.” How do you think that would turn out? So, what damning evidence, acts of corruption, or even orders to physically terminate someone, are on those computers that they won’t let the FBI examine?

Think about these things the next time you hear some idiot mention “impeaching President Trump.”  Not only would this act be the beginning of a homeland civil war, but it would open a can of worms that I really don’t think the “Left” wants opened right now. Do you really want to be a part of that brainless plan? Are you willing to kill one of your family members or friends, who’s views are different than yours, when civil war breaks out between the “Left” and the “Right?” How does the feeling of losing someone you love, like a child, or spouse, sound to you? “IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?”

These are not scare tactics, this IS what will happen. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee, you dumb-ass, lunatic, Leftists! Trust me, you’re going to have to choose a side and fight for that side, no matter what. You can’t escape it. This is what is going to happen if they try and succeed in “impeaching President Trump.” And to make matters worse, you have truly disturbed comedians, making horrible jokes as if what’s happening is fucking comedy hour. What’s up with that total douchebag Samantha B? Man, she’s not even a little bit funny and I would love to hear that someone put a bullet between her eyes. And don’t even get me started on that total loser Kathy Griffin. Her and psycho Rosie O’Donnell should pack up and move to some baron, frozen, tundra, in the great white north.

So, stop for a moment . . . in all sincerity, is this what you really want to happen within our country? If not, call, text, fax, email or write to your congressman, congresswoman, senator etc. and TELL them that you want this nonsense to cease immediately and that you want them to work together, not against, the other side to create a viable, fair, well thought out, secure, safe, monetary benefitting, plan for everyone in our country. Do it now before it’s too late.

The time has come for everyone to finally wake up and see what is really happening and who is responsible for it. There are darker, pure evil, forces, out there, trying to control the masses, and manipulate them in every aspect of their lives. Snap out of it because you are included in this, whether you believe it or not. When you finally realize that you’re just a pawn in a sick, sadistic, game, for the super-rich, maybe then you’ll turn your anger and hatred towards where it really belongs. It’s people like the sick and twisted, “George Soros” who are choreographing this diabolical, scheme, to split and divide our country. This is what “President Trump” is trying to stop and you should be doing your part to assist him in this endeavor, not following Satan’s minions, like lost sheeple.

The time has come for you to make a decision that could affect you and your family, for the rest of your possibly, short, lives. Are you with the “Left” who want to split and divide this country, who believe in “Sharia Law, Terrorism and a New World Order,” or are you with the “Right,” who believe that the “United States” and the citizens who live here should come first, before any other country? Who also believe that we have the “Right” to live “freely” and “safely,” with protected borders and stricter immigration laws to keep radical, terrorist’s, off “American” soil. Are you a “True American” or are you an “Anti-American, pro-Islam, Sharia law, loving, ISIS supporting, treasonous, pathetic fool, offering up and sacrificing your family, to the most wicked and evil people on earth?

I’ve heard it said that there is “strength in numbers.” Just for a moment, imagine, if you can, all the great American people standing up “together” and taking a stand against the “Global Elite” who are trying their hardest to split, divide, and conquer, our great nation by influencing and controlling the “Liberal Left” through nefarious means.

Don’t fall for that false narrative and evil propaganda, be a “free” thinker. Look, I get it, I really do. Many people don’t like President Trump, but I think it’s because his “win” came as a shock to so many people who were brainwashed by the “Liberal Left” and the “MSM.” Like him or not, he has finally snapped everyone out of their complacent coma’s and forced them to wake up.

I believe “President Trump” when he states that he really does care about our country and that we should always have the best interest of the U.S. at hand. Why shouldn’t we take care of America first? Yes, he may be harsh at times, but at least he’s passionate about what goals he’s striving towards. With Obama, everyone just followed along, never questioning him, just nodding yes like enslaved zombies. “President Trump” wants the American people to flourish economically and at the same time not have to worry about our safety because of radical terrorism. Obama’s biggest concerns were what bathrooms trans-gender people were going to use to take a piss or defecate in or how he could manage to get more Islamic terrorist’s in this country.







I didn’t know Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr or Shawn Lucas, but the ties that bind these three together are not only tantamount, but so incredibly obvious that only an idiot, paid shill or troll, would deny this without feeling remorse or respect for the victims, their families, or themselves.

Just for a minute or two, I want everyone to put their political beliefs, party association, and ignorance, aside, and put on the “I have common sense and an actual brain, hat on.”  That remark was not in any way meant to insult you, but to “wake you up!” The first and most important “fact” to remember is; “these young men who were murdered, were someone’s son’s, grandson’s, uncle’s, father’s and friends,” who didn’t deserve to die like that and who deserve justice.

Put down your petty differences, if you can, and try to act like intelligent, civilized, human beings. Are you a parent or grandparent? Are you an uncle, aunt, or good friend? As a parent, how would you feel if one of your children was murdered and absolutely nothing was being done about it and any information you tried to get about their murder was deliberately being kept from you for reasons you can only speculate about?

This is in no way, shape or form, any type of “conspiracy theory,” and neither am I a tinfoil hat wearing “conspiracy theorist!” Three young men are dead, murdered in cold blood and their assailants are still at large, even though law enforcement has evidence which they’re hiding and refusing to release. Evidence, that could lead directly to the killer(s) or person(s) who ordered their hit. This is factual, not a “conspiracy theory.” Put on your “parent” hat for a minute and tell me that you’d be alright with that?

I find it very curious that articles written in certain media publications such as “The Washington Compost,” begin their stories about the murder of Seth Rich by stating up front that it is a “conspiracy,” and those who write anything different about it, well, they are labeled as “conspiracy theorists.” Again, how is a murder a “conspiracy?” When someone is shot dead and murdered, it is a violent crime, not a “conspiracy.’ And wouldn’t you think that after almost a year and a hefty reward for any information that leads to the murderers, some law enforcement agency would have a few leads by now? Your common sense doesn’t scream at you that something about this just doesn’t seem, right? Have you really been so severely, brainwashed and controlled, by the MSM, that your common sense has been erased. And why the hell is the “Washington Compost” desperately trying to cover-up the murder of Seth Rich?

Remove the blinders from your eyes, and put your “smart-caps” on for a few minutes so you can “see the truth” and “understand the hypocrisy” taking place in the investigation of Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr, and Shawn Lucas. The murders of these gentlemen are not “conspiracies,” and should not be confused with the explanations, associations, accusations, reasons why and who done it, vocalized and written about by many; intelligent, sane, respectable, educated, journalists and people with “common sense,” which most MSM, trolls, and paid-off, blackmailed, journalists are calling “conspiracy theories.” It was brought to the public’s attention that murder victim, Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, was or might have been, one of the sources of leaked intelligence, that was given to “Wikileaks.”

This claim was further realized when “Kim.com” came forward stating that he was good friends with Mr. Rich and knew for sure that he “was” the “Wikileaks” source. He even offered to testify, under oath, in front of Congress, to the truth and accuracy of his statement. He also said that he could prove, beyond a reasonable, doubt, that Seth Rich was the “leaker” and that his murder was directly related somehow to the DNC.  But, his offer fell upon deaf ears, why? Could it be that “Kim.com” can really prove that Seth was the leaker and that he was murdered by thugs or professionals, hired by someone in the DNC? Is this what has so many, people, within the DNC panicking, breaking out in sweats, and hurling threats at high ranking law enforcement officials and specific prosecutors? (Is that it Debbie Wasserman Schultz?)

After this statement by “Kim.com,” it didn’t take long for the MSM wolves, zombies, and vultures, to come out crying and trying to discredit “Kim.com” blubbering that this was nothing but a “conspiracy,” with no merit whatsoever. Really? If it has no merit, then why would they get so defensive and paranoid about it, what reason do they have to even care about it, unless it would somehow implicate them, right? The narrative from the D.C. police states that Seth Rich was shot in the back several times after a botched robbery attempt by low-level criminals at four in the morning. However, the only thing taken from Mr. Rich was his laptop. Sure, you know, because the only thing low-level criminals are out for are laptops that they probably could never figure out the username or passwords to. The hell with taking his money, watch, and wallet with other things like credit cards, so they could easily score some drugs of choice for themselves. Oh, and I guess these low-levels waited for Seth to turn around and walk away from them so they could shoot him in the back. C’mon, doesn’t that make sense?

A generous reward was offered for info about the murder and you know as well as I do that low-level criminals are not the most brilliant or loyal, of people, and would have turned their own mother in, if it meant getting that reward money. It’s been almost a year and the police won’t even release the video footage, from the body-cams of the first responding officers. As a matter of fact, they say that they still don’t have any leads. I call bull-shit and lots of it. Do I believe that Seth Rich’s murder was somehow connected to the DNC? Absolutely YES! Am I saying that Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, or Donna Brazil, pulled the trigger or ordered his hit? Absolutely not! Time to turn up the volume on your “common sense” inner radio folks. It’s actually very, very, simple. If the murder of Seth Rich was not related to anything that must do with the DNC, then it wouldn’t matter in the least if “Kim.com” testified in front of Congress, would it? What need would the “Washington Compost” have to go on the offensive, if they truly believe that it was nothing more than a botched robbery committed by some low-level criminals?

If it was nothing but a botched robbery, then why would Debbie Wasserman Schultz threaten the Capitol Police Chief? Why would she disguise her voice and call the prosecutor’s office, looking for information about a present lawsuit filed against her and the DNC for fraud and other nasty things within her own party? What’s even more pathetic is that she forgot to block her phone number before calling the prosecutor’s office and they traced the call back to Little Debbie’s office. Can you say DUH real loud? What are they so fucking frightened of, what are they trying to hide, by trying to convince everyone that this whole event is a “conspiracy theory?”  Then again, the leaked email from “John Podesta” did say that he wanted to make an example out of someone who leaked info even if it wasn’t that person who did it. There’s no malice in that, is there? Thank you, Mr. Julian Assange for that.

I humbly asked a couple of my friends who are in law enforcement their thoughts on the Seth Rich murder and the circumstances surrounding his and the murders of the other two men and their sentiments was pretty much identical. “It’s shit like this that gives police officers, law enforcement, in general, a bad reputation. Of course, we don’t believe it was a botched robbery, you’d have to be a moron to believe something that stupid.”

For a minute, forget that you’re a Democrat or a Republican, and let’s play; “I’m a human being” Three men were murdered, men who were sons, nephew’s, friends and boyfriends. Young men who didn’t deserve to be murdered, but, who now, deserve to have “justice” done in their names. Will that “justice” come? Well, not if law enforcement is paid off or threatened to keep their mouths shut by a corrupt, desperate, person or organization. Anyone who believes that the murder of Seth Rich is “not” somehow, whether, directly or indirectly, related or connected to the DNC, especially after all the new evidence that has come to light, must be in severe denial, or just plain stupid. Of course, he was killed because of something to do with the DNC. What that something is, I don’t know, we may never know, but the fact remains that this young man was murdered and his killer(s) are still at large.

My personal opinion is this; remember, this is just my own personal theory. I believe that either some goons hired by someone in “public service,” or even a couple of selected members of a law enforcement agency, ambushed Mr. Rich as he walked home from the bar at 4am because they knew he was leaking info to “Wikileaks” about the corruption, fraud, and rigging of votes, within the DNC and they wanted his laptop in the worst way possible. I believe that a scuffle broke out as they attempted to subdue Mr. Rich, but he, somehow, freed himself from their grip, long enough to start running away from them. That’s when one, or two of them opened fire on Mr. Rich, striking him in the back several times, and leaving him for dead. Once the shots were fired, the assailants took off in a hurry for fear of being spotted and identified by a curious neighbor or surveillance cameras on surrounding buildings. Which of course, begs the question; “Where are any or all of the video footage from surveillance cameras that I’m sure were mounted on several buildings?”

Are they conveniently “missing” or “lost?” What are they hiding? Again, if it was just a botched robbery, then why would viewing any of the video footage from the surveillance cameras matter to anyone other than as an attempt to identify Mr. Rich’s killers? Seriously folks, you don’t go through all this trouble of withholding important data, making lame-ass excuses, refusing to cooperate with investigators, unless you’re sincerely trying to hide and/or cover-up evidence, that proves this was no botched robbery attempt, but a deliberate “hit.” And what about the story of the female FBI agent who just happened to leave her laptop and other sensitive material on the front seat of her unlocked car which was parked in her driveway? It was then broken into and the thief’s made- off with the laptop and other goods. Doesn’t every intelligent, well-trained, cautious, FBI agent leave sensitive stuff in their cars which are conveniently unlocked? And yet, again, another unattended FBI vehicle was broken into where the robbers (wink, wink) stole some high-powered, expensive, guns, which again, just happened to be in the back seat.

The MSM would like you to believe that these events were random and a non-issue, but when was the last time you heard them report on the status of these thefts? Nothing to see here, move along, move along, but when someone mentions the murder of Seth Rich and possible evidence that would help apprehend the murderer’s, they scream; “conspiracy, conspiracy!”  And the “sheeple” will follow.

When and if, you hear someone referring to the murder or stories of “why” Seth Rich and the other gentlemen were “murdered,” as a “conspiracy theory,” or “conspiracy theorists,” I want you to immediately put your “common sense” cap, on and remember this; “The MSM (the real fake news) is owned and controlled by a group of sick people (Bilderberg) whose mission it is to keep the people of the world subdued, controlled, asleep, miserable, and believing that we need them to show us the way. Hence the name Sheeple.”  They want you to believe that if the MSM (CNN, etc.) tells you it’s not real, or it doesn’t exist, or it’s fake, (even though it’s all real and true), then you will be blindly convinced and brainwashed that what they are telling you must be true because they said so and they would never lie to you. Below you will find a couple of videos created by other researchers and journalist’s that I find really get the messages across loud and clear. If you choose not to watch them, just scroll down to my closing comments.

So, getting back to the murders of Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr and Shawn Lucas . . . Firstly, I am in no way, shape, or form, a “conspiracy theorist,” but I am “awake” and have a great deal of “common sense” just as I know so many of you do too. Chances are, if intuitively, something doesn’t seem or feel right to you, then it most likely isn’t. Use your “common sense” indicator, and question, question, question, everything. Look, let’s say that Seth Rich didn’t work for the DNC, wasn’t the source of the leaks to “Wikileaks,” and wasn’t involved in politics at all. He is then gunned down and murdered. I’m willing to bet that in almost a year’s time, the police, detectives, etc. would have either many leads or have already arrested the killers. Instead, there is deceit, fear, threats, cover-up, denial, suppression, and no leads. Why? Isn’t it weird though, that so many individuals in the upper echelon of “public service” are making such a big deal out of a botched robbery/murder by some low-level criminals, huh? I wonder what they’re so frightened of?

I didn’t write this post to put one group against another or accuse any person of a violent crime, that is not my “intent.” What disturbs me the most is how so, so, many people are being duped by the MSM because they want you controllable and mindless. While the “Bilderberg” group meets and discusses how to torture the people and then sits back and laughs at our misery, we try to just, survive, live in peace, and raise our families while they live lives of luxury, greed and wickedness. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be and the sooner people “wake up,” and realize that “life” should be enjoyed by everyone, not a select few, the sooner we take our freedom back.





Why do people believe in God? Why do they feel this overpowering, need, to show such blind addoration towards a “thing” they’ve never seen, heard or spoken with. I reckon that It’s most likely out of “fear,” from years and years of having it shoved down their throat’s and into their subconscious that if they don’t believe in God, they’re evil, wicked, people, who will burn in the pits of Hell.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it . . . God is NOT good, God is NOT caring, God is NOT kind or generous and God (if it exists), doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me, you, or a one-armed pirate named Slappy who lives on skid-row.

Are we really supposed to believe that one single “entity” (God), created all this . . .

The Universe

Seriously folks, why waste your time and energy believing in something that represents lies and empty promises? When you wake up and realize you will “never” get what you ask for from “God,” then that will be the day you have finally, freed, yourself from the evil chains of forced worshipping. And if you do get what you asked for, “God” had nothing to do with it, it happened because it happened, nothing more, nothing less.

I was a believer once, but looking back, I now understand it was because I was forced to go to Mass every week and participate in all those pathetic, lame, rituals, which clearly have absolutely no effect in the outcome of your life. God is stupid, all religion is stupid and people are brainwashed for actually believing in it.

Tell me, when was the last time “God” sent you an email or called you on your cell phone? Has he sent you any text messages lately? Gee, no show of hands, I wonder why? It’s because “God” is “FAKE,” as in, “made up,” created by some dudes with nothing better to do who were probably tripping on mushrooms!

Of course, this also means there is no such thing as “Satan” either. Another made up, fictional charcter, created to frighten and controll the masses. Now, that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist and there aren’t bad people in the world, because there are, plenty of them and their actions are becoming more disturbing all the time. So where is this perfect “God” who is supposed to be able to destroy this evil? Is he at O’Malley’s pub around the corner tossing a few cold one’s back? Whether you’re good or bad, is a personal choice you make for yourself.

I think two of the most hysterical statements about the teaching of “God” or “Jesus” is; “God listens to you and hears your prayers,” or “Jesus says, ask and you shall receive.” Receive what, a whole lot of “nothing?” The asking “Jesus” for help and making sincere requests ship sailed and sank quite while ago.


Yes, I feel that believing in “God” or “Jesus” is stupid, there’s no proof either exists or existed. Also, if “God” did exist, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him/her what a giant, ignorant, lying, jerk, I think he or she, is by leading people on and crushing their spirit by not helping them out when they need it the most. It’s kind of like throwing a coin in a water fountain and making a wish that also never comes true. Well, I want all my “holy coins” back for all those wishes and requests I made that NEVER came true or were never answered.

And don’t even get me started on the “Bible.” I can say this for it though . . . “It is the best science fiction novel ever written.”

So, just because I believe ‘God,” “Jesus” and all that “holy” bull crap is fake, doesn’t mean that I condone violence or wrongful behavior. It’s actually quite the contrary. I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, love and peace towards all humankind, nature and animals. You don’t have to believe in “God” to hold those sterling virtues close to your heart.

What I find even more horrifyingly pathetic is when I hear people say to me; “God doesn’t give you anymore than he thinks you can handle.” Really, because if that’s true, it’s just plain cruel, disgusting and reprehensable. Who wants to worship something that deliberately makes your life a living hell on purpose?

Just know, when I say that I’ve tried to “believe” hundreds if not thousands of times, I am not lying. However, I have yet to have one of my prayers or requests answered, even when I say that “I surrender my will to God.” Maybe I was just asking the wrong “entity,” if you know what I mean?Maybe I should have sent my requests down instead of up.

I imagine that this post will be read by people who call themselves “Christians,” however, if you pass judgement upon me for how I feel, are you still being a “Christian?” Look, I have gone through and am still going through, horrible, awful, discouraging, things and events that would make the average person just want to “end it all,” and even though I definitely feel that way every so often (well, more than every so often, kind of alot), I haven’t . . . yet.

therefore, the lunacy of asking for help and actually receiving it fades by the wayside like an avalanche of bull poo-poo. I just can’t do that to myself anymore, I can’t believe, only to be pittifully, let down, every single, solitary, time, so I’m not going to waste my time anymore, why should I? That is why “Believing In God Is Such A Total Waste Of Time.”

“Life Isn’t Perfect, So Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m A Republicrat.”




Life is not perfect, well, mine isn’t anyway, but seeing that I can’t speak for everyone else, there is always the possibility that somewhere in the vast universe, there are people who have been gifted with a glorious, perfect, reality, where everything they dream about, wish for and work towards, all seems to come true and fall perfectly into place. Would I enjoy that reality? Hell yes! Honestly, I’m tired, I’m mentally and physically worn out, and all I want is something incredibly positive to happen in my life without putting anyone in harm’s way. You know how that works, right? Supposedly, if something in your life changes, whether it’s good or bad, it has a ripple effect, changing the realities of other situations and people directly and indirectly associated with you.

I created this blog as a place to vent and get my thoughts (both good and bad), out of my head and into the universe. With all the stress, I’m dealing with at home, it doesn’t help to read about how insane the “Democratic Party” and the “Leftist Liberals” have become. I have never in my life witnessed a bigger bunch of sore loser, crybabies, hell-bent on destroying “America.” Yes, destroying “America!”

I am neither a “Democrat” or a “Republican,” I am a “Republicrat.” My values and opinions lie somewhere in the middle of both parties. Yes, I voted on the “Republican” ticket, but that doesn’t make me a “Republican,” it just means that I preferred the candidate on that ticket over the one on the “Democratic” side. I only wish that the people who voted on the Democratic ticket would wake up and realize that they have all been severely brainwashed and lied to, by the MSM into believing a whole bunch of total bull-shit.

If you voted on the “Democratic” ticket, it means that you support “Americans” being maimed, tortured and killed, by Domestic terrorist’s. No, you say? Really? If you really cared, then you would support stricter immigration laws and heavily armed border patrol guards as a way of “protecting” innocent “Americans.” Sorry to inform you that life is not perfect and it’s not all about unicorns, rainbows, happy-faces, and people holding hands, dancing around trees singing Kumbaya. Do you seriously think that holding, dumb-ass, violent, protest’s, are going to stop an act of domestic terrorism? Wake up!

So, do you really care about your children, your family, your friends, or what happens to them or do you care more about the feelings and lives of migrants more than them? When will you realize that the whole “Democratic Party” is being controlled by some of the most evil, sadistic, greedy, people, in the world filled with Satanist’s, pedophiles and war mongers? Don’t you care? Think I’m wrong? Look up the name “George Soros” or check out “John Podesta’s” emails on “Wikileaks” and go from there.

Did you really think that “Hillary” cared one iota about you or your family? The only thing she supported was a one world government and her chance to join the billionaires club. Do you seriously want to be controlled by a “One World Government” or “New World Order?” Ladies, do you really want to be forced to wear a head-scarf out in public and made to practice “Sharia-Law?”

Well, that’s what would have happened had “Hillary” been elected and it’s already happening in Canada. I was thoroughly disgusted and nauseated when I watched a “Muslim protester” who was arguing with another group say that’ “It was appropriate to have sex with a nine-year-old girl because that’s the age when they become women.” No, that’s not appropriate, it’s actually “illegal” and it’s called “pedophilia or rape of a child” you sick, perverted, disturbed, man.

Now, does that mean I think all people of the “Muslim” faith are evil and terrible? Of course not! Have you seen the oath a “Jesuit” priest in the “Catholic” religion must take upon being ordained? It’s horrible and calls for actions of murder, prejudice, torture, and other incredibly septic, behavior. This is the exact oath that “Pope Francis” had to take when he became a “Jesuit.” Does that mean that all people of the “Catholic” faith are monsterous and evil? No, it doesn’t mean any such thing. It does, however, become a problem when practioners of any faith, take the words of their particular holy book literally and committ horrible acts of violence against humanity. Everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want to, just as long as they don’t force it upon anyone else or attempt to change the laws of the “Constitution of the United States of America!” The laws of our “Constitution” supercede any and all laws of any religion. Again, you don’t like them . . . MOVE to another country!

Look, I have nothing against immigrants coming into our country, my great grandparents were immigrants, but they didn’t have anything handed to them for free nor did they try to get the U.S. to change its laws because our laws went against their belief systems, religious or otherwise. It’s actually an easy principle to follow . . . “you don’t agree with our laws . . . then stay in your own country.”

Another issue is the number of immigrants allowed into our country must be kept in check. There must be a yearly cap so that our “security forces” can do background checks on every single person entering this country “legally.” Being sympathetic to “illegals” is an insult to all of us who have family who did it the right way, the “legal” way. Did you know it cost’s the “American tax-payers” 113 million dollars a year to take care of “illegals?”  That’s money that could be spent on way better things like; “education, people with disabilities, homeless Veterans, high-quality health care, and much more.”

My top priorities are the safety and freedoms of my family, a strong economy, top-notch, affordable, medical services and an education system for my grandchildren that is second to none. I understand that these may not be your top priorities, but that doesn’t mean mine are any less important than yours. Yes, I am a “Republicrat,” and I have strong family values. I am “Pro-Life,” but I also understand that a woman has the right to “choose,” and that absolutely no person, man or woman, has the right to tell her differently. I do, however, believe that insurance carriers also have the right to “choose” whether they will pay for abortions or not, except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. It is my feeling that “balance” is the key to solving most issues.

I am both a “liberal” and a “conservative” and there is nothing wrong with that. Sadly, people whom I thought were my friends have distanced themselves from me or have stopped speaking to me completely because I voted on the “Republican” ticket. From what I have gathered, they are the only ones who can make snarky, hateful, comments about certain candidates and if you don’t have their same beliefs, then you are wrong and not allowed to make any type of negative comments, only they can. I guess it goes back to the sore loser, cry baby, attitude. But seriously, if someone is going to look and see me as a “party affiliation” first and friend second, then I suppose that’s not much of a friendship, is it?