“Detention Centers Are Not A New Reality . . . Just Ask Obama . . . Or Any President Before Him”

LIES, LIES, LIES, and more LIES . . . Again, the Lamestream Media and Dumbocrats, are up to their usual, disgraceful, disgusting, antics.   What a horrible bunch of morons the Democrat Party has turned into. It’s pretty easy to see that the only reason they’re doing this bleeding heart-Sally Struthers, crap is because they are terrified of the hearings taking place right now with the AG and FBI Director Wray.

Just watch some of the hearing, the Dem’s are interrupting the questioning like rude little children. The look of fear in their eyes is obvious and now they are desperate. I noticed this and I’m not even a Republican! I’m not a Democrat either, but I CAN think independently and not be a little sheep who is brainwashed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and other bias-driven media outlets.

Detention centers are not a new thing in our country, do some research. And for Gods sake don’t pay attention to the lies your getting from the Democrats.

Maybe an education in detention centers may enlighten you . . .

Who was President then? Who was it again?

Hmmm . . . this was 4 years ago . . . who was President at that time?

Yet, it’s always different, when a Democrat is involved . . .The Hypocrisy of the Left


“Why Is It So Difficult For People To Believe In Extraterrestrial Beings?”

Have you ever quietly sat for a moment and really thought about Earth, and how it seems to just magically and properly, hang there in space, without falling into some celestial abyss? Seriously, think about it for a moment . . . close your eyes for a minute or two, and guide yourself high above the Earth so you are looking down upon it. What’s holding it up and in place? For that matter, what’s holding any of the planets and stars in their rightful, possibly, intentional, spot, in the universe?

Now, given that there are millions of galaxies in the universe, which hold millions of stars and planets, isn’t it presumptuous and narcissistic, to believe that we (humans), are the only, for the most part, intelligent, beings, in the universe? Hundreds of thousands, possibly, millions, of people around the world, believe that “extraterrestrial” beings, exist, and have been visiting earth for millennia. Many of these same people, also believe that “star beings,” walk among us every day and most of us are completely unaware of their presence.

Yes, I am one of those “believers,” even though to my knowledge, I have never seen or met one. Although, now that I think of it, there have been a few people I’ve met, who could have definitely been “space visitors.” Take some time and research the subject. I think it might surprise you how many legitimate, sightings, have been documented, both written and recorded. It should come as no surprise, either, that governments around the globe, have known for centuries, that “extraterrestrials and UFO’s” are quite real, but absolutely, refuse, to admit to the public, that they exist. What are they afraid of?

Do they think we can”t handle the truth? Do they think society will break down, and mass chaos, will erupt? Or, is it they are so manipulated, and controlled by “religions,” who adamantly, refuse, to let the “governments” of the world, broadcast the truth to the people? Enough already . . . “extraterrestrials and UFO’s exist,” get over yourselves, get over it, it’s no big deal! With the explosion of cell phones and the “internet,” there have been hundreds and hundreds of actual, recorded sightings, that can’t be disregarded as “fake or CGI” That doesn’t mean that fakes and forgeries, don’t exist, of course they do, but I’m talking reality here.

Check out a couple of these Youtube channels, and the videos they share, in regards to the whole UFO/Alien subject . . .



The unexpected, tragic, and alleged, suicide, of famous fashion designer, “Kate Spade,” just proves that “money can’t buy everything,” especially happiness. I wondered what reason, or reasons, “Kate Spade” would have for taking her own life? Did she have a “mental illness,” that no one knew about that went undiagnosed or untreated? Was she in some sort of financial trouble, or even worse, was she hiding some disturbing, secret, that would soon be revealed, to the world? Maybe she was diagnosed with some terminal illness, and this was her way of escaping the pain she would have to endure, before passing away, so she decided to end her life before having to go through it?

Whatever the reason, I’m sure her family is devastated, but in certain cases, “is suicide really a bad thing?” Obviously, if a person has a “mental illness,” and “commits suicide,” the reason(s) for their action(s) has merit and can be attributed to their specific disorder, no matter how painful it is to the family.

I’m sure the strain and pain, family and friends, go through, after a loved one commits suicide, must be overwhelming and crushing, as they repeatedly, question themselves whether they should have recognized what was about to happen. How many; “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s,” must go through their heads, but sometimes, nothing can be done to prevent a person from taking their own life.

Then there are those people who have everything, that suddenly bump themselves off, and you scratch your head wondering; “What could have been so bad in their lives, that would make them want to do this? They wanted for nothing, they had money, they traveled, they had new cars, beautiful homes, and all the great things in life.” Ya, that’s definitely a WTF moment? But . . . money can’t buy happiness and love. Well, it can, but it’s most likely illegal if you do. Of course, there are those people who do have everything and are happy as pigs in crap. To them I say; “screw you, I hate you!”

But, what if a person really has a legitimate reason not to live anymore? What if a person has nothing, literally, nothing? What if a person is just tired and done with life, and nothing you say is going to change that? Sure, you could preach and preach, to them that; “life is wonderful, life is precious, life is worth living,” but are you seeing life the way that person is seeing it? Are you seeing and feeling, life through their eyes?

Unless you can physically or magically, fix what’s wrong in their lives, then you should probably just shut up. Sorry, but it’s true. “Why live if nothing good ever happens to you and you have nothing, or no prospects of ever having anything?” Why wake up every morning, just to repeat the same boring, lifeless, motions over and over again, and forced to feel the same pain and loathing, day after day, after day . . . after day? Think about it, there are no such things as miracles, and no one should be forced to stay alive because it might make someone else feel bad.

So . . . “in certain cases, is suicide really a bad thing?”  No it’s not, it’s a way of freeing yourself from the pain and torment you experience every day. Hopefully you will be reincarnated into a much better life than you previously had.

The Double Standards On Gun Control And Other Stuff, Our Children Are Being Taught

Do You Really Care About Your Children?


We live in a society where double standards are the norm and are freely accepted by certain groups, as a great thing to teach our children. “Not in my house!”  You can deny it all you want, but the fact remains, “it’s happening right under your noses, and you’re either to blind to see it, or to ignorant, to accept this truth.” Let’s look at some examples, shall we . . …..

  • GUN CONTROL– I’m sure that we all can agree, the events involving guns and gun violence, have escalated at an alarming rate. There have been way to many “young lives,”  badly wounded, or snuffed out, because of gun, violence, and it’s a scary trend, especially for folks who have school-age children. However, one of the biggest issues on the agenda is “gun control,” and how to fairly, and constitutionally, fix that problem, as to not infringe on our “second amendment rights.” 

Unfortunately, before any measure can be taken to correct this problem, other steps must be taken at the same time, to assure this message is getting across to people. This is where the “Double Standard,” or “hypocrisy,” comes into play. The “Lunatic Left, Liberals, and Hollywood big mouths,” are losing their minds over this and are calling for; a ban on all guns, organizing school walk-outs, and marches, where students are being “forced” to participate, or they will face serious consequences, if they “choose” not to. This is still “America,” where people, (including students,), have the “freedom,” to not participate in something they don’t believe in! Let’s take a look at a couple “double standards;”

  • Hey “Hollywood big mouths,” if you’re so “Anti-gun,” and hell-bent, on promoting an agenda to eliminate our “second amendment,” rights, then you will not be allowed to show any “movie-trailers,” whether on television or other media platforms, that involve the action of “shooting guns or gun violence!” Put your money where your mouths are! You can’t spew Anti-American garbage and be all, anti-gun, fanatics, pissing and moaning, about the issue, and then turn around and show a “movie-trailer,” that “promotes extremely, violent gun, battles,” in any way, shape, or form, to our children! That “America,” is called a “double standard!”  So, what’s it going to be “Hollywood,” either you really and sincerely, care, enough, about our children, to STOP showing “violent , movie-trailers,” or it’s just another lame-duck, excuse, to puff your chests up and make yourselves, feel extra special, all just for show, void of any true, empathy, about the real issue? And don’t be cliche and use the line; “but it’s only a movie.” You’re still promoting “gun violence and murder!”
  • This also includes the marketing and advertising, of video games that show “graphic gun violence,” If you want to ban “American Citizens,” from owning guns, then I don’t want to see any ad’s or video-trailers, of your violent games, on television, or other media outlets.
  • Toy Industries– You, too, are not immune from this “gun ban,” either! Again, if you’re going to protest “legal gun ownership,” then “ALL” toy guns should be against the law to make.

As disillusioned young people march on cities across the U.S. they do not realize that their wasted walking will have absolutely no affect on changing, well, anything. I get it, I really do, enough is enough, when it comes to our children’s safety being jeopardized at schools and other venues, but “banning guns,” and putting little green signs up that say, “gun free zone,” are NOT going to deter a psychotic individual, from shooting up anyone . . . anywhere. I wish these young people could see that they are just being used as “political pawns” to advance the agenda’s of the corrupt “Liberal Left,”

Of course, we all want our children, and grandchildren, to be safe, and of course our hearts break, every time a traumatic event happens, but WE ARE AMERICANS, and AMERICANS have the “right to bear arms!” All of us, must just do a better job, coming up with workable, solutions, that are acceptable for “We The People!” 

Trust me when I say that I am very sympathetic to the cause, and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that seven year old, first graders, have to participate in “lock-down, drills!” To that I say; “WTF?!” Children should not have to worry about being blown away at school, they should be more concerned with what games to play at recess and having fun. But what is the “real” problem with guns? I mean, guns don’t kill people . . . people kill people with guns. So, the question is; “how do you prevent the wrong person from obtaining a gun?” The answer to that is . . . “You Can’t!” You can make it more difficult for them to buy or obtain them, but if someone with a criminal mind is fixated on committing a heinous act of violence, using a gun, they’re going to find a way to do it, no matter what.


So, my question to all these young marchers out there today is; “If you’re so hell-bent on destroying our second amendment rights, and are so against guns and gun, violence, are you going to petition or boycott Hollywood to stop making movies, and movie-trailers, that promote graphic gun violence, or are you going to be hypocrites, like the fake people in Hollyweird  and live by double standards?”

You want us to take you seriously? Then you need to do more than march in the streets. Prove you really care through actions, like boycotting movies that contain “extreme, graphic, gun, violence.” I bet you won’t do it . . . you don’t have the guts to do it.


Just as the disgusting, Corrupt, Liberal, Left, is trying to destroy “AMERICA,” by poisoning the minds of our young people on “gun control,” they are doing the same thing with “Planned Parenthood.” But . . . that’s a story for another day. However, watch the video below to educate yourself about it.

Yes, I lean more to the “Pro-Life” side, but I do understand that in the case of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is in grave, danger, procedures need to be done. I look at it this way; “If you’re to immature and selfish, to take precautions . . . then you’re to immature to be having sexual relations.”

“Politics and the Old Game Show; To Tell The Truth”

Someone is Lying . . . maybe they are all lying . . . will this mean prison time for certain individuals?

One thing I enjoy the most about being an “Independent,” is that I’m able to step back, and see things for what they really are. I do not have to pledge my loyalty to any particular group, organization, or party, which enables me to keep a level head when listening to or watching, the sometimes, very disturbing, garbage that spews out of the mouths of arrogant, Washington, liars.

As of late, the show going on in D.C.  reminds me of a very old television game show called; “To Tell The Truth,” where contestants had to choose the person they thought was telling the truth based upon questions that were asked of them. At the end of the show, the host would say; “will the real_____ please stand up!” The parallels between that show and the disturbing, behavior, of high-profile, D.C. contestants, is uncanny. So, I say to that . . .

“Will the real piece of lying garbage, please stand up!”

What’s even more entertaining is to watch these D.C. contestants throw each other under the bus. So, why don’t we look at this situation from a reality check, common sense, kind of perspective. Might I suggest from the viewpoint of a non-brainwashed, “non-Lame-Stream Media,” puppet, level-headed, “Independent,” like myself? Are we all good? Awesome, let’s go . . .

Most of us are taught as children, that lying is bad and wrong. When a person lies, they must make up another lie, to cover for the previous lie, to cover for the other lies, and so on, and so on . . . I think you get where I’m going with this. In the end, the truth comes out, and the outcome is never very good. What makes a situation like this even more of a fiasco, is when blame starts getting tossed around like the proverbial, hot potato, everyone passing it quickly, as to not get caught with it in their hands.

Let’s make this easy . . . we now know, with complete certainty, that McCabe, Comey, Ohr, and others are implicated in a series of lies. But. . . who is lying . . . and who is telling the truth? Who, if anyone, will be going to jail for perjuring themselves? There is no gray area here, “Someone Is Lying!”  Next, the alleged, guilty party, goes on the defensive, blaming this one and that one, in an attempt to push the attention off of themselves, and  onto others. It doesn’t matter who you blame or what your excuse is for lying . . . “Lying under oath, is Lying!” Nothing changes the fact that someone committed perjury!

Here’s the skinny . . . General Flynn was forced to plead guilty for “lying,” and the only thing he did wrong was not telling them that he discussed sanctions against Russia. His meeting was not illegal in the least bit. Yet, it’s fine for McCabe and/or Comey, to lie under oath for something far, far, worse, than anything General Flynn did? C’mon people, “wake up!” I say give General Flynn a full pardon! 

One of the issues with McCabes statements, where he blames President Trump is that “President Trump” had absolutely nothing to do with his firing. He has no influence over anything pertaining to the I G. His firing was based on evidence reviewed by the I G.

And seriously, when American citizens care more about what a “porn-star, whore” has to say to get her 15 minutes of fame, than the disgraceful acts of government officials, then we can state with confidence that “Americans have been dumbed-down, by the present Democrat party.”

The time has come for “justice” to be served. “Lying under oath, is lying under oath.” My question is . . . Who’s going to jail?

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The Original Domestic God



Watching the Food Network with Chewie

Having to say goodbye to a family pet is heartbreaking and depressing. Sadly, our beloved “Chewie,” crossed over to the other side and we all miss him terribly. Chewie was, and always will be . . . “FAMILY!” 

In 2011, my daughter adopted Chewie, from his previous owner who, well, let’s just say, should have never been allowed to have a pet. He was already 5 years old and set in his ways, which were definitely not conducive, to living with a large family that included little children. However, my daughter had hope and remained positive that she would be able to correct that issue.

Well, for the most part, she was right. The effort was tough and sometimes, very frustrating, but after awhile, he slowly, showed signs that what we were doing was working. She had saved his life and together, we showed Chewie what a real family was and how much love we had to give and share.

“Chewie” was a Yorkie, and by God, had every trait that is unique to Yorkie’s. Chewie was born on October 26, 2006 and his given name, the one his previous owner registered him as was; “Chewseph A. Banks Esq.” He was affectionately (well from us anyway), called “Chewie.” The name fit him perfectly.

Over the years, we all developed a personal relationship with him, and eventually, he became extremely attached to my grandchildren. He was super protective of them, as if he was their bodyguard. My other two daughters had a “love-hate” relationship with him. You see, “Chewie” had unintentionally, bit, well, nipped, them both, because he had such bad “separation anxiety,” every time someone left. He never aggressively attacked anyone, but his separation anxiety was an issue we had to deal with front and center, Eventually, he began to realize that we were not going to abandon him or lock him in a crate all day.

Soon, he was greeting us at the door, tail wagging, jumping up and down, like a rubber ball, all while spinning in circles. He followed us everywhere we went and would jump in our laps or lay down with us every chance he could. He swam in the pool with the kids, and went for walks with us in the woods. He also became my wife’s bff and was like her shadow.

The time came for us to say goodbye to Chewie after a blood-clot traveled to his heart, which compromised his nervous system, which caused him to lose the use of his legs. There was not a dry eye in the house as we said our goodbyes and as I write this, my eyes are presently, tearing, up.  One of the toughest things to watch was my 7 year old granddaughter, as she said goodbye and gave him a kiss and told him how much she loved him. Then she started sobbing, which, of course, made all of us start balling. It was not a pretty sight, but sadly, a part of life.

I miss that  adorable, albeit crazy, little pain in the butt, and I think about him every day. There are certain times I expect him to be there, and he’s not. Like everyone else in the family, there are times I call his name out, only to remember that he is no longer with us. We cut off a lock of his hair before he left us, to remember him by and my daughter has his ashes, in a beautiful, box.

“Chewie,” you will forever be in our hearts and minds, and we miss you so much. Be at peace my friend and run free and be happy!