Why do people believe in God? Why do they feel this overpowering, need, to show such blind addoration towards a “thing” they’ve never seen, heard or spoken with. I reckon that It’s most likely out of “fear,” from years and years of having it shoved down their throat’s and into their subconscious that if they don’t believe in God, they’re evil, wicked, people, who will burn in the pits of Hell.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it . . . God is NOT good, God is NOT caring, God is NOT kind or generous and God (if it exists), doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me, you, or a one-armed pirate named Slappy who lives on skid-row.

Are we really supposed to believe that one single “entity” (God), created all this . . .

The Universe

Seriously folks, why waste your time and energy believing in something that represents lies and empty promises? When you wake up and realize you will “never” get what you ask for from “God,” then that will be the day you have finally, freed, yourself from the evil chains of forced worshipping. And if you do get what you asked for, “God” had nothing to do with it, it happened because it happened, nothing more, nothing less.

I was a believer once, but looking back, I now understand it was because I was forced to go to Mass every week and participate in all those pathetic, lame, rituals, which clearly have absolutely no effect in the outcome of your life. God is stupid, all religion is stupid and people are brainwashed for actually believing in it.

Tell me, when was the last time “God” sent you an email or called you on your cell phone? Has he sent you any text messages lately? Gee, no show of hands, I wonder why? It’s because “God” is “FAKE,” as in, “made up,” created by some dudes with nothing better to do who were probably tripping on mushrooms!

Of course, this also means there is no such thing as “Satan” either. Another made up, fictional charcter, created to frighten and controll the masses. Now, that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist and there aren’t bad people in the world, because there are, plenty of them and their actions are becoming more disturbing all the time. So where is this perfect “God” who is supposed to be able to destroy this evil? Is he at O’Malley’s pub around the corner tossing a few cold one’s back? Whether you’re good or bad, is a personal choice you make for yourself.

I think two of the most hysterical statements about the teaching of “God” or “Jesus” is; “God listens to you and hears your prayers,” or “Jesus says, ask and you shall receive.” Receive what, a whole lot of “nothing?” The asking “Jesus” for help and making sincere requests ship sailed and sank quite while ago.


Yes, I feel that believing in “God” or “Jesus” is stupid, there’s no proof either exists or existed. Also, if “God” did exist, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him/her what a giant, ignorant, lying, jerk, I think he or she, is by leading people on and crushing their spirit by not helping them out when they need it the most. It’s kind of like throwing a coin in a water fountain and making a wish that also never comes true. Well, I want all my “holy coins” back for all those wishes and requests I made that NEVER came true or were never answered.

And don’t even get me started on the “Bible.” I can say this for it though . . . “It is the best science fiction novel ever written.”

So, just because I believe ‘God,” “Jesus” and all that “holy” bull crap is fake, doesn’t mean that I condone violence or wrongful behavior. It’s actually quite the contrary. I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, love and peace towards all humankind, nature and animals. You don’t have to believe in “God” to hold those sterling virtues close to your heart.

What I find even more horrifyingly pathetic is when I hear people say to me; “God doesn’t give you anymore than he thinks you can handle.” Really, because if that’s true, it’s just plain cruel, disgusting and reprehensable. Who wants to worship something that deliberately makes your life a living hell on purpose?

Just know, when I say that I’ve tried to “believe” hundreds if not thousands of times, I am not lying. However, I have yet to have one of my prayers or requests answered, even when I say that “I surrender my will to God.” Maybe I was just asking the wrong “entity,” if you know what I mean?Maybe I should have sent my requests down instead of up.

I imagine that this post will be read by people who call themselves “Christians,” however, if you pass judgement upon me for how I feel, are you still being a “Christian?” Look, I have gone through and am still going through, horrible, awful, discouraging, things and events that would make the average person just want to “end it all,” and even though I definitely feel that way every so often (well, more than every so often, kind of alot), I haven’t . . . yet.

therefore, the lunacy of asking for help and actually receiving it fades by the wayside like an avalanche of bull poo-poo. I just can’t do that to myself anymore, I can’t believe, only to be pittifully, let down, every single, solitary, time, so I’m not going to waste my time anymore, why should I? That is why “Believing In God Is Such A Total Waste Of Time.”


“Life Isn’t Perfect, So Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m A Republicrat.”




Life is not perfect, well, mine isn’t anyway, but seeing that I can’t speak for everyone else, there is always the possibility that somewhere in the vast universe, there are people who have been gifted with a glorious, perfect, reality, where everything they dream about, wish for and work towards, all seems to come true and fall perfectly into place. Would I enjoy that reality? Hell yes! Honestly, I’m tired, I’m mentally and physically worn out, and all I want is something incredibly positive to happen in my life without putting anyone in harm’s way. You know how that works, right? Supposedly, if something in your life changes, whether it’s good or bad, it has a ripple effect, changing the realities of other situations and people directly and indirectly associated with you.

I created this blog as a place to vent and get my thoughts (both good and bad), out of my head and into the universe. With all the stress, I’m dealing with at home, it doesn’t help to read about how insane the “Democratic Party” and the “Leftist Liberals” have become. I have never in my life witnessed a bigger bunch of sore loser, crybabies, hell-bent on destroying “America.” Yes, destroying “America!”

I am neither a “Democrat” or a “Republican,” I am a “Republicrat.” My values and opinions lie somewhere in the middle of both parties. Yes, I voted on the “Republican” ticket, but that doesn’t make me a “Republican,” it just means that I preferred the candidate on that ticket over the one on the “Democratic” side. I only wish that the people who voted on the Democratic ticket would wake up and realize that they have all been severely brainwashed and lied to, by the MSM into believing a whole bunch of total bull-shit.

If you voted on the “Democratic” ticket, it means that you support “Americans” being maimed, tortured and killed, by Domestic terrorist’s. No, you say? Really? If you really cared, then you would support stricter immigration laws and heavily armed border patrol guards as a way of “protecting” innocent “Americans.” Sorry to inform you that life is not perfect and it’s not all about unicorns, rainbows, happy-faces, and people holding hands, dancing around trees singing Kumbaya. Do you seriously think that holding, dumb-ass, violent, protest’s, are going to stop an act of domestic terrorism? Wake up!

So, do you really care about your children, your family, your friends, or what happens to them or do you care more about the feelings and lives of migrants more than them? When will you realize that the whole “Democratic Party” is being controlled by some of the most evil, sadistic, greedy, people, in the world filled with Satanist’s, pedophiles and war mongers? Don’t you care? Think I’m wrong? Look up the name “George Soros” or check out “John Podesta’s” emails on “Wikileaks” and go from there.

Did you really think that “Hillary” cared one iota about you or your family? The only thing she supported was a one world government and her chance to join the billionaires club. Do you seriously want to be controlled by a “One World Government” or “New World Order?” Ladies, do you really want to be forced to wear a head-scarf out in public and made to practice “Sharia-Law?”

Well, that’s what would have happened had “Hillary” been elected and it’s already happening in Canada. I was thoroughly disgusted and nauseated when I watched a “Muslim protester” who was arguing with another group say that’ “It was appropriate to have sex with a nine-year-old girl because that’s the age when they become women.” No, that’s not appropriate, it’s actually “illegal” and it’s called “pedophilia or rape of a child” you sick, perverted, disturbed, man.

Now, does that mean I think all people of the “Muslim” faith are evil and terrible? Of course not! Have you seen the oath a “Jesuit” priest in the “Catholic” religion must take upon being ordained? It’s horrible and calls for actions of murder, prejudice, torture, and other incredibly septic, behavior. This is the exact oath that “Pope Francis” had to take when he became a “Jesuit.” Does that mean that all people of the “Catholic” faith are monsterous and evil? No, it doesn’t mean any such thing. It does, however, become a problem when practioners of any faith, take the words of their particular holy book literally and committ horrible acts of violence against humanity. Everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want to, just as long as they don’t force it upon anyone else or attempt to change the laws of the “Constitution of the United States of America!” The laws of our “Constitution” supercede any and all laws of any religion. Again, you don’t like them . . . MOVE to another country!

Look, I have nothing against immigrants coming into our country, my great grandparents were immigrants, but they didn’t have anything handed to them for free nor did they try to get the U.S. to change its laws because our laws went against their belief systems, religious or otherwise. It’s actually an easy principle to follow . . . “you don’t agree with our laws . . . then stay in your own country.”

Another issue is the number of immigrants allowed into our country must be kept in check. There must be a yearly cap so that our “security forces” can do background checks on every single person entering this country “legally.” Being sympathetic to “illegals” is an insult to all of us who have family who did it the right way, the “legal” way. Did you know it cost’s the “American tax-payers” 113 million dollars a year to take care of “illegals?”  That’s money that could be spent on way better things like; “education, people with disabilities, homeless Veterans, high-quality health care, and much more.”

My top priorities are the safety and freedoms of my family, a strong economy, top-notch, affordable, medical services and an education system for my grandchildren that is second to none. I understand that these may not be your top priorities, but that doesn’t mean mine are any less important than yours. Yes, I am a “Republicrat,” and I have strong family values. I am “Pro-Life,” but I also understand that a woman has the right to “choose,” and that absolutely no person, man or woman, has the right to tell her differently. I do, however, believe that insurance carriers also have the right to “choose” whether they will pay for abortions or not, except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. It is my feeling that “balance” is the key to solving most issues.

I am both a “liberal” and a “conservative” and there is nothing wrong with that. Sadly, people whom I thought were my friends have distanced themselves from me or have stopped speaking to me completely because I voted on the “Republican” ticket. From what I have gathered, they are the only ones who can make snarky, hateful, comments about certain candidates and if you don’t have their same beliefs, then you are wrong and not allowed to make any type of negative comments, only they can. I guess it goes back to the sore loser, cry baby, attitude. But seriously, if someone is going to look and see me as a “party affiliation” first and friend second, then I suppose that’s not much of a friendship, is it?

“Securing Our #Borders And Protecting #American Citizens Is Not Wrong”


Safety, what is wrong with making sure the citizen’s of our country are safe? The answer is actually very, very, simple . . . NOTHING! There is absolutely nothing wrong, delusional, evil, or terrible, about keeping “all” the people within our magnificent country safe, secure, and peaceful. Yet, there are people protesting against affording the good people of the U.S. that same right. Any person protesting or pissing and moaning against making sure “all” people entering our country are not a threat to the safety and well being of its citizens are, without exception . . . #AntiAmerican! In other words, “They couldn’t care less about the American people or about protecting it at all cost’s.”

My grandparents and great grandparents were immigrants. They came here, immediately learned to speak english, found employment (my grandfather worked 2 jobs to support his family), and became proud “citizens of the United States of America.” Nothing was handed to them, nothing at all. They worked hard, raised families, and respected this country and the “laws of our Constitution.” My father was bilingual, but would only speak english outside of the house, He felt it was “disrespectful” to our country not to do so. He also taught me a very, valuable lesson, which he said I needed to remember. “Country and Family Should Always Be Your Top Priorities.” That’s a lesson that most immigrants today should follow because it seems to me that so many of them only come here for the “free stuff” and to try and change our laws to suit their needs.

First off, “#PresidentTrump did not issue a 90 day ban on #Muslims,” that is a false statement created by the “Lame Stream Media” like CNN, NBC and others. But, yet again, the #Sheeple will follow and believe everything that is shoved down their throats as real news. How sad for them, brainwashed, complacent, and ready to drink the Koolaid. Do you want the #TRUTH? Then read the article below. Or . . . are you afraid of the truth?


Lets look at it in a different light, shall we? In front of you is a bucket containing 300 frogs. Now, amongst those 300 frogs are 10 frogs, so poisonous and deadly, that they will “kill” you instantly just by barely touching one. Would you take that chance of being killed instantly by placing your hand in that bucket and picking one up,  not knowing which of the 10 frogs are poisonous? Ya, I didn’t think so. I mean, that is if you don’t have a death wish.

So let’s say there are 300 #refugees trying to get into the U.S. and they are waiting behind a fence to come in. Now, amongst those 300 #refugees are 10 #terrorist’s who can’t wait to get into our country to kill and maim as many innocent #AmericanCitizens as they most possibly can, but our #immigration officers or #NSA have no idea which 10 they are. Should they let all the refugees in before vetting them in an attempt to capture, detain and arrest them, before they have a chance to kill and maim hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent “American Citizens?” Choose your answer wisely, because if you even dare say that they should let all 300 #refugees in without #vetting them, knowing there are 10 #terrorist’s among them, then you are, most certainly, without a doubt . . . #ANTIAMERICAN and should be charged with treason to your country.

Do you think that if you tried to enter the countries these people are coming from, that they wouldn’t vet you before allowing you entry? And another thing, who is going to foot the bill or financially take care of these “people being allowed to come into the U.S. from foreign countries” You? I have an idea, why don’t you go meet them at the airport and take them to your house to live? No? Why not? Even better, why don’t you pay for their housing, clothes, food, health insurance, cable, phone, education and such? Hmmm? What’s that? Oh, oh, you can’t afford to do that. Well, guess what . . . neither can the #UnitedStates! If you recall, when former President Obama left office, our #Nationaldebt was in the “trillions of dollars!” Wake up people!

Didn’t your parents ever teach you that “you can’t go trying to clean someone elses house until yours is spotless?” When we have “American born, single mother’s and father’s, living in their cars with their children, starving, because they can’t afford a place to live or have no money for food,” then we should not be allowing other people to enter our country, putting more of a financial strain on our already broken system. When we have #Veterans, who fought for our freedom and risked their lives for us, living in the streets, starving, unable to receive proper medical services, then the very last thing you should be thinking about is letting more people into our country!

When #immigrants who are already living in our country are trying to change the “Laws of our Constitution” because it offends them and is against their religious beliefs when a woman, dressed in jeans, walking her dog and farting out the alphabet in the key of e-flat, walks down their side of the street. When these same #immigrants file a law suit in Federal Court because our education system doesn’t bend down and kiss their lilly-white asses or because they teach #Americanhistory, then we really need to stop allowing more people in, take a step back and remember . . . “Americans first . . . Everyone else after!”

“Charity Begins At Home!” Let’s secure our borders, start taking care of Natural Born #AmericanCitizens, take care of our #Veterans, restructure our education system, not caring about hurting someone’s feelings or offending them because they find it offensive to their belief system, and get our economy back on track. Then and only then, should we begin to allow vetted, good, desirable, appreciative, people from other countries back in.

So, do you stick your hand in the bucket of frog’s? Would you really deny the good citizens of the #UnitedStates protection from terrorist groups or radicalized individuals because you see things behind rose-tinted glasses where everything is unicorns, rainbows and a bunch of people sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya? Oh, and if you think #HillaryClinton  feels differently, then maybe you should listen to a few minutes of 2 speeches she gave in regards to #illegalimmigrants. You might want to also check into “who” opened the door for Trumps “refugee/travel ban,” before you start calling President Trump undeserving names.

The problem is. most of you won’t take the time to watch the “truth” because your all hypocrite’s and the only reason you’re behaving so irrationally is because it’s #DonaldTrump the person, not the policy. It’s a case of sore losers who didn’t get their own way, behaving like little children having temper tantrums. I bet if “Hillary Clinton” did the same thing, you’d be bowing down to her at the altar, praising her like she’s some goddess, right? So, are you an American who supports keeping our country and its citizens safe or are you an Anti-American who cares more about people from other countries than your own?

And ask yourselves this question; “What do these refugees/immigrants have to offer the U.S. in return?” The answer is verey simple . . . nothing, just more mouths to feed, house and take care of. Let us get our own country back on track economically and financially as well as secure and safe, before we allow anymore immigrants in. I am not being heartless or mean, just sensible. I am a #ProudAmerican who believes “America and Americans come first before anyone else from any other country.

Hey Starbucks, why don’t you offer 10,000 jobs to #AmericanCitizens like college kids who really, really, need the money, or maybe to the elderly who are on fixed incomes? Damn, the list of shit I’m boycotting keeps getting longer and longer. I will never go see another movie ever again or buy a #Starbucks coffee and you know what? it doesn’t bother me at all!

And let’s not forget the words of this great man . . .


The Most Recent Protest Affirms That There Really Is No Cure For Stupid



Starting next week and continuing indefinitely, the following “protest marches” will take place across the U.S. in consecutive order;

  1. Mothers against mothers who are against mothers who don’t believe in purple unicorns.
  2. Penguins against the unfair treatment of anchovies.
  3. Brothers against sisters, against cousins, who don’t clip their toenails.
  4. Clowns with hairy butt cheeks deserve love too.
  5. Rodents against cats against dogs who poop in the park.
  6. Fathers against sons, against sister-in-laws, who don’t go to church.
  7. Cockroaches unite (oh wait, they just had that protest)
  8. Protestors against protestors, who protest against dumb-ass shit
  9. Anti-American, Communist, Libtards, who walk backwards with their heads up their asses.
  10. Narcisstic, has-been, Satanic, Hollywood, B actors, who think what they say actually matters.
  11. Brainwashed Sheeple who follow the “Lame Stream Media”who want to drink the koolaid.

Maybe somewhere amongst the dumb-ass protests, we can fit some of these worthwhile, “protest marches” in too;

  1. Parents and students against student debt and the high cost of “student loans” when Illegals and immigrants get their education for “free.” Ya, becauase that’s fair!  Parents who have one or more children in college, whose child will have so much student debt when they graduate that they’ll have to live home until they’re 40 becaus their loan payments are as high as a mortgage payment, when an illegal or immigrant, will be student debt free, should be really pissed off and organizing this one. Any parent of a child who is a “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN” should care more about their own childs financial future, than the life and future of a foreigner.
  2. People against “BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES” who not only hide cures for terminal diseases from the public, but who also charge disgustingly exhuberant, high, prices for medicines for both common and life saving illnesses. The “AMERICAN” people suffer both physically and financially so “Big Pharma” can make “trillions” of dollars a year.
  3. “AMERICAN CITIZENS” for the respectful treatment of the men and women who are “Veterans of our Armed Services.”  You know, the brave men and women who serve and protect our country in order for you to live in a free country. The “Veterans” who fight for us so that you may have the “right” to have your dumb-ass, ignorant, protests. When “Veterans” are homeless and living on the streets, or denied medical services, and you’re protesting because you didn’t get your own way or because your candidate lost, then you are just selfish, spoiled little brats.
  4. The “Let’s End Hunger In America” march. When the citizens of the U.S care more about people from other countries than the issue of “hunger” in America, then priorities have been definitely screwed up. When “American” born children go to bed hungry, but the feelings of immigrants matters more than that, then maybe these idiots need to re-prioritize their values.
  5. “Americans Against Domestic Terrorism”  That one’s pretty self explanatory, but because President Trump wants to make sure that citizens from other countries are completely vetted before entering into our great country to “protect” us from terrorism, Americans who “don’t” care about us or our children’s safety protest against this memorandum. (I have to wonder if these protestors understand that it is only a 90 day temporary ban and not a permanent or Muslim ban) Why any “American Citizen” would want to deny us a little protection is beyond my realm of thinking. I’d be willing to bet that if they had a child, close friend or family member killed or maimed by an illegal, they’s be singing a different tune. You do realize that the “Muslim Ban” is a complete and total lie fabricated by the “Lame Stream Media,” right? Maybe you should read this . . .


I’m pretty sure that none of the above mentioned protest’s or marches would ever occur or draw such crowds because ANTI-American protestors care more about people from other countries than they do about the safety and well-being of the “real and legal” citizens of the “United States of America.” Haven’t they ever heard that “Charity Begins At Home,” not in a foreign land? My recommendation is maybe the protestors should move to the countries from where these foriegners are coming from. I wonder if they’ll get a warm reception and have everything taken care of for them? Better still, I want to see them protest in these other countries to see how far they get. That is if they enjoy getting their heads, hands or arms, lobbed off.

Why is it wrong for “Trump” to put a “temporary” ban on 7 countries in 2017, but it was alright for Obama to bomb these 7 countries in 2016; Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan?  Answer anyone . . answer? Of course the answer from the Dem’s and Libby’s will be the same one it always is; “Because it’s different, that’s why.” Clearly, that is a sufficient answer . . . not! And may I remind the Anti-American citizens that former President Obama began this ban in December of 2015. Trump is only continuing what Obama started.

Let me give you an analogy of this present situation. “Little Biily (the USA) wants to have a birthday party. Billy’s mother (President Obama), says yes and sends out 2o invitations to the specific kids (legal immigrants) Billy wanted to invite. It’s the day of the party  and each invited guest (legal immigrants) arrives. While Billy’s mother is in the living room, one of the “invited guests” opens the kitchen door and lets in 3 kids (illegals) who were not invited to the party. The next thing you know, one of the “not invited” kids stabs one of Billies cousins ( A leagl U S Citizen) in the neck. Screaming erupts and Billy’s mother (President Obama) runs into the kitchen. Seeing what has happened and realizing that she is liable for the safety of Billy’s cousin (A leagl U S Citizen), she does nothing and Billy’s cousin dies on the floor.”

“Now, while Billy’s mother is in the kitchen, one of the other “invited guests” in the living room opens the door and lets in 5 more uninvited guests. Again, trouble erupts when one of the uninvited guests lights 3 more of Billy’s cousins ( legal U S Citizens) and an “invited guest” on fire. More screaming erupts and Billies mother (President Obama) who has blood on her hands leaves the dead body and goes running into the living room where she fails miserably trying to put the 4 kids, now engulfed in flames, out. The kids burn to death and again Billy’s mom realizes that she was liable for their safety and not wanting to get in trouble, does nothing. Billy’s mom is held responsible and it costs her dearly. Billy’s father freaks out and him and Billy’s mother agree to part ways. Billy’s father (The American People) remarries and Billy now has a new step mom (President trump).”

“A year goes by and little Billy wants to have another birthday party. Knowing what happened last year, Billy’s step mom says yes, but things are going to be different. 90 days before the party, Billy’s step mom puts a ban on Billy having any friends over the house for any reason. During this time, she hires Chuck Norris, Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee and Wonder Woman for security and background checks of all guests Billy wants to invite. The 90 days is up, Billy’s guests start to arrive and because of extra precautions, the party is a great success with no deaths.”

Am I against people immigrating to the U.S.? No, but we need to put a major cap on how many we allow to enter. Why should my tax dollars go towards paying for someone else from another country? They shouldn’t, but it seems that America has become the land of “Give me stuff for free.” Why should American citizens have to pay for people whose own countries can’t and won’t take care of them? Not our duty, we don’t care. They have absolutely nothing to offer us in return. My Great grandparents well, 3 of them were immigrants who came here legally, 2 had to learn to speak English, got jobs, became U.S. Citizens and even fought in our armed services. My other great grandparent was Native American so a true American.

So, if President Trump wants to secure our borders and know exactly who he’s letting into this country as a way of protecting “American Citizens,” then I say Amen, go for it! As a recent meme stated; “I don’t lock my doors at night because I hate the people outside my home, I lock them because I love the people inside my home.”

Americans first . . . and everyone else after that.





I think that just about covers it all, right? Did I miss something? I mean, there had to be a main philosophy or specific meaning behind this march, right? If so, I know, I missed it. I’m sure it had to be there somewhere amongst the garbage and filth that over-shadowed it, but sadly, I can’t support a cause that is only about chaos, lies, condemnation and gross lewdness. Why would anyone, especially a man, support such a negative, hate-filled, cause? Did the name of the march get switched to the “Men Haters March,” without telling anyone? Why didn’t they just call it; “The I’m Jealous I Don’t Have A Penis March?”

Although it may seem that I don’t care or give a damn about women’s issues, the truth is . . . I really do care, but I’m not sure exactly what this march was for and what I’m supposed to care about? I am a husband, father of three daughters and a grandfather to one granddaughter. I also have a sister and many, nieces and great nieces, so yes, I do care that they “all” are treated fairly and with “respect.” That word, that word “respect,” it’s such a rare commodity within all genders these days, isn’t it?

Anyway, my friends daughter explained to me that this march was planned months ago and had nothing to do with “who” was elected President because the march would have taken place no matter who it was. She further explained that it was a march of solidarity and bringing attention to the issues facing women. Sorry ladies, I don’t care how many of you were on hand for this march, but the message you were trying to convey was an epic fail. What am I going to remember about this march? It was a carnival with a bunch of walking vaginas, Trump haters and men haters! Oh, and Madonna, did you really want an old, has been, hooker, as your poster child for this movement? Did she say she wanted to blow up the “White House,” or blow everyone in the “White House?”

Whatever message you were trying to get across got lost in between the anti-Trump signs, the planned parenthood signs, the pink vajayjay’s, and the idiot speakers like Elisabeth Warren, Madonna, and others. I thought it was supposed to be a march about women’s issues, but there are a great many people who, when asked, will say; “It was a women’s march against Trump.” That’s not what I was told, and it sure did look like a march for “Planned Parenthood,” I can tell you that.

Look, I agree, no man should be able to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body, such as abortions, but I also don’t believe that they should be paid for by health insurance carriers either, unless it’s a case of rape, incest, or if it threaten’s the life of the mother. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that “if your mature enough to have sexual relations, then you should be mature enough to use some form of protection.” That’s a “no brainer,” but some people are just to stupid and ignorant to care and think that “abortion” is the go to answer for all those oops moments. One more thought, even though the woman has to carry the child to term, shouldn’t the “father” of that child have a say in the matter? If you think about it, couldn’t the father take the mother to court, charging her with voluntary murder of “their” child?

I do have one question and it’s the same question I asked my wife and daughters; “What rights do men have that women don’t?” None of them had an answer to that question other than; “there aren’t any.” Exactly, we are all protected equally under the “Constitution” regardless of gender, race, or religion. My wife, daughters and other “female” friends have all said that they make or made the same pay or sometimes even more than their “male” counterparts. None of them have ever been denied or made to pay more for health insurance or other employee benefits because they were women, so that argument is null and void.

So, I’m still trying to figure out what message these women were trying to relay to the world. And speaking of the world, I have to wonder how many of these women are sincerely, grateful, that they could actually participate in this march or protest or whatever you want to call it? I’d love to see them organize this march in “North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Quatar,” where women don’t have the right to vote, drive, or even get an education. It’s called “Sharia Law” and the women of the U.S. should be thankful this law doesn’t exist under our Constitution. So the very country they’re protesting against and “hating” on, is the country that allows them to do this without being thrown in jail or executed. These same women voted for HRC who accepted millions of dollars in campaign donations from some of these countries. But I guess that’s O K because “It’s different,” right? It’s different when it serves your purpose and nothing else.

Now, if there was a woman speaker who was a survivor of that type of oppression and fought back, despite adversity and harsh punishments and really made a difference in the world, then that would have been something inspiring to listen to and remember more than a bunch of walking vagina’s, a bobble head idiot named Elizabeth Warren and a skanky ho named Madonna. What has Madonna done to change the world? ya, I thought so . . . NOTHING! However, I do know that I am not the only person who didn’t get the message of this march which includes other women as well. Sometimes all you have to do is listen and you’ll hear other conversations going on around you. For example . . .

While waiting for a pizza the other night, this is the conversation I overheard from four women sitting at a table behind me as they watched the television on the wall with the “Women’s March” as the top news story. Remember, these are not my words, but the words of four women probably in their late 30’s. “Disgusting, absolutely disgusting, it’s a bunch of overweight, manly, lesbians, who are angry they weren’t born with penises!” The ladies then chuckle and another responds; “Look at that one, look at that one,” pointing to the television as the cameraman pans over the crowd and focuses on one particularly large woman holding up a sign that says I want free birth control. “Honey, the sight of you alone is a great form of birth control.” (laughter erupts again) Wow, women can get really nasty, huh? But why weren’t they supporting this march? Seems to me that they missed the point of it too. I wonder why? Maybe it was partly the “Main Stream Media’s” fault for only focusing on the vagina’s, anti-Trump signs and angry, hostile women and not those who were there for a good reason and a great cause?

I know factually that there were both women and men Trump supporters who marched, so obviously they weren’t there for some anti -Trump rally, right? The sad, very sad, truth of the matter is the “only” thing people are going to remember about this event a year from now will be exactly what the event really wasn’t about. Message received? Look, men don’t need women to survive and women don’t need men to survive, we are all totally capable of taking care of ourselves, but wouldn’t that be so lonely and isolated? Imagine not being able to love or be loved, based on your gender? If your a woman and a “man hater,” then maybe you should gather your kind and move to some isolated island, far away from that which you hate, because men aren’t going away anytime soon. The same applies to men who hate women. Just leave and take your “hate” with you. Oh, and please take Madonna with you too, thank you.




Does anyone really care what the self-absorbed, satanic, narcisstic, overpaid, Hollywood actors have to say about, well . . . anything? I know that I don’t. If you fall into that category of brainwashed, puppets, who feel the need to listen, believe and obey, the unrealistic, out of touch, demands of these ignorant assholes, then you really need to get a life and do something a bit more constructive with your time.

Let me ask this of the Hollywood “cult” followers; “Do you really think these moderately talented actors care about you or anything that happens in your life?” Do they pay your bills every month or pay for your groceries? When was the last time they called you and asked you if you wanted to go out for dinner? Never, right? Just as I thought.

Are you that much of a “simpleton” to believe that these big-mouthed, wealthy, pathetically whiny, Hollywood, Democrats who play “make believe” are more intelligent than you?You do realize that while 90% of Americans are eating “generic” cereal and other food products because that’s all they can afford, these Hollywood ignoramuse’s are dining on the best foods money can buy? When are yo going to realize that they are so, so, out of touch with the “real world,” that it’s almost amusing.

A quick message to “Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon, that psychotically, deranged, pork-butt, Rosie O’Donnell,” and all the other dumb-ass, Tinsle Town, looney toon’s; “You get paid to act . . . not think!” Apparently Jimmy Fallon has never studied civics, because he wants to change the “Electoral College,” but he doesn’t realize why we need it or how brilliant the men who created it a couple hundred years ago were. I’d bet you the moon that he wouldn’t be flapping his “pie hole” if “Hillary” won the election. She lost, get over it, shut up, and stop your childish, whining! Do you seriously think that you’re going to change the “Constitution” of the “United States of America” because the candidate you voted for lost? Grow the hell up you stupid turds!

Breaking News!
Breaking News!

Oh, and wasn’t “Rosie O’Donnell” supposed to move to Canada if “Trump” won the election, right? Well, aparently she did, but they sent her back real quick when they realized what a complete and total psycho she was . . .

Rosie O'Donnell Being Deported
Rosie O’Donnell Being Deported

Look, I don’t give a flying fig newton who you voted for, but for the love of God, stop all your blubbering, pissing and moaning about it. When “George Bush” was elected President, did you see Democrats crying like 10 year old school girls and protesting out in the streets? NO, you didn’t. When “Slick Willy” was elected President, did you see the Republicans holding cry-ins and rioting? NO, you didn’t! Somehow, over the last 8 years, Americans have been completely “pussified!” I am so sick of the whiny, everyone gets a medal,  libtards, who need a slap upside their heads and a dose of reality. Sometimes you win . . . Sometimes you lose! If you cannot accept this, then every one of you is an “Anti-American, communist, pinko!”

Whiny boys
Whiny boys

What a complete and total embarrassment the “Democratic Party” has become. They act like the bully, selfish, brat, kid, in the school yard, holding a ball, who has a hissy fit and threatens to take his ball home if the other kids don’t play the game he wants to play. Let’s face it . . . “Trump” won the election fair and square so stop acting like spoiled little brats who didn’t get their way. The Democratic Party should change their name to “The Temper Tantrum Party.” 

Oh, and all you Hollywood cry babies, go right ahead and go on strike, you’re not that important, you’re just a bunch of overpaid snobs, with huge egos, that need to be constantly fed with praise. You depend on “We the People” to pay money to see your stupid movies or you don’t get paid. Wouldn’t that be horrible if everyone decided to boycott your movies? Say B’bye to your cash flow.

I’m sure that there are many states in the U.S. who would grab at the chance to become the new home for the “New Hollywood” and become the “Movie Capital” of the world. And I’m damn sure that there are thousands of graduating, young, directors, film maker’s, writer’s, producer’s and set/costume designer’s, with brilliant, fresh, ideas, ready to take over for the striking “Hollywood” machine. And now let’s talk actors, shall we? There are probably two million actors in the United States, alone, with just as much, if not more, talent, than the loud mouthed, opinionated, butt-heads, presently occupying, Hollywood right now. I’m sure they would also work for half the money and still be happy performing their craft.

So, I have a great idea. I think all “Trump” supporters and anyone else who thinks the “Hollywood” snobs have overstepped their boundaries, start boycotting “all” their movies. Let’s hit’em where it hurts . . . in their wallets! It’s about time these self-centered, egotistical, Anti-American, Communist, Pinko’s, got what’scoming to them. I still want to know why the crazy lunatics haven’t moved to Canada like they said they were going to? Oh, that’s right, they were just temper tantrum, overconfident, empty threats. Well, there’s still time for them to head to the “Great White North” and make everyone happy.

“Donald Trump” is our new President whether you like it or not, get used to it and stop trying to change the Constitution of the United States.  I have a better idea . . . if you don’t like it . . . move to another country and try saying all the bull shit you’re saying now, I dare you. I heard “North Korea” is nice this time of year. Why don’t you move there and spew some garbage, let’s see what happens to you there, shall we? When you leave, please take all the women from the show “The View” with you. They do nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch, about “Trump” to the point where it’s totally obnoxious and old. Oh and take that lame, not funny comedien, Samantha B with you too please, she’s just as pathetic and obnoxious, as the women on“The View.”

Maybe we should all start working together, instead of causing more division within our great nation. Have you ever wondered about the role Satanism plays in Hollywood? Maybe that’s why they’re freaking out because they’re frightened of being exposed by “Trump?”

Still think you’re in the same league as the “Hollywood” elite? Hmmm?