“The Bridges We’ve Crossed, Happy 34th Anniversary”

“The Bridges We’ve Crossed” 



Thirty-four years ago, today, on a beautiful, October, day, I married my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life. Since that wonderful day, we have crossed many, life, lesson, bridges.  

Some bridges we’ve crossed have led us to joyful, happy, wonderful, places, while others, have brought us to painful, sad, and regretful, terrain. But the biggest, strongest, most, glorious, bridge, we’ve crossed, is the one that has guided us through a life, filled with; unconditional, powerful, everlasting, “LOVE.”  

This bridge helped us to rise above the bad, times, the hard, times, the most challenging times, and is proof that “LOVE,” can conquer, withstand, and positively, change, your reality, for the better. But you have to make it happen, want it to happen, know that it can happen. We are all blessed with the necessary, tools, to do so, it’s how we use them that matters. 

You see, the bridge, that has gathered us in fields of; unconditional, non-judgmentalsacred, “Love,” gives us the strength, the willingness, the grace, to face, and withstand, whatever, negativity, may cross over, on a lower, energy, bridge.  

Presently, one bridge we are crossing as a family is; heartbreaking, difficult, and painful. You see, because she has“Alzheimer’s,” she crosses and stumbles, over, multiple, bridges a day, never knowing, or understanding, where these bridges lead to. But as long as I continue to cross the one bridge that matters most, the bridge of “LOVE,” I will now, and forever more, in “sickness and in health,” always be there, wherever it may be, to wrap my arms around her, and gently, guide, her back and forth, over that “Bridge of Love,” until the end of time. 

And although, there are times, that it may seem she has forgotten or can’t remember, what “LOVE” is, I know, for certain, that it hasn’t left her, it’s just enfolded over a bridge, where no one can see it, but where she can still feel it . . . where I can still feel it, where I know it still exists. 



“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply, gives you courage” – Lao Tzu




“Alzheimer’s, The Move, and One Stressed Out Caregiver”

I am stressed, no, that’s wrong, I am beyond stressed, I am ready to throw myself off a cliff . . . but, of course, I would never do that, not yet, anyway. I am a “caregiver,” for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.” That someone just happens to be my wife of thirty-four years, and I would be lying through my teeth if I said caring for her is a walk in the park. Let me tell you . . . it isn’t!

There are no books that prepare you for this, and there are no manuals, complete with instruction guides, with step-by-step directions on how to deal with and fix, every issue that arises. Every situation, every individual, every minute, every second, is different from the struggles of other “victims,” and “caregivers.” Yes, I said victim, because that’s exactly what anyone with “Alzheimer’s” is. They are victims of a horrible disease that sneaks in during the night and steals their memories, their courage, their life-force, leaving them hopelessly, confused, frightened, angry, and sad.

As a “caregiver,” through “love, patience, and understanding,” I choose to try and make her happy and comfortable. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes feel like I’m going to snap like a biscuit, and crumble to the ground, because it does happen on occasions. After all, I’m only human. I hurt, I cry, I feel pain, sorrow, and desperation, like everyone else. My situation just exacerbates these feelings ten-fold, and it isn’t fun at all. It’s Hell on Earth!

Unless you are, have been, or personally, witnessed, the struggles and pain of an “Alzheimer’s Caregiver,” then you have no idea what a “caregiver,” goes through on a daily basis. It is so much more than just watching them and taking care of their basic needs, that is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It’s attempting to decipher what they are saying, talking about, or asking for, because they forget words, make-up words, or tell a whopper of a story that never happened. It’s opening the bread box and finding a melted pint of ice cream, leaking everywhere. It’s having to hide all the condiments on the kitchen table, because ketchup by the cup full doesn’t go well on a salad.

It’s going to grab a fork and realizing that they have all been thrown away. It’s gently and lovingly explaining to them that when they put a bathing suit on, they’re not supposed to put it on over the clothes they are already wearing. It’s trying to gauge how difficult and angry they’re going to become once the sun goes down. (It’s called sundowning and it is exhausting and frustrating) It’s looking at old pictures together, then getting your spirit crushed when the person you’ve been married to for 34 years, points to a photo of you, and says; “who’s that?”

Society, in general, has no problem accepting a diagnosis of “Alzheimer’s disease,” when it involves an individual over the age of sixty-five, because it’s considered a “normal” disease to get when you’re an elder. But, what about the individual, like my wife, who, was diagnosed with “Early-Onset, Alzheimer’s disease,” at the young age of fifty-one? It is my belief that no one likes to talk about “Early-Onset,” because it frightens people approaching their mid-forties. Well, here’s the skinny, you all better start talking about it and pushing for public awareness as well as, funding for research, because it’s going to get bad . . . very bad.

Right now, there are more than 270,000 people in the United States, alone, under the age of fifty-five, who have been diagnosed with “Early-Onset Alzheimer’s,” and that number is projected to triple by the year 2025. Will you be one of those “victims?” For your sake and the sake of your family and friends . . . I hope the hell not! Unless something is done about it soon, our healthcare system is going to be crippled by the surge of “Alzheimer’s,” victims.

There are “Alzheimer’s support groups,” within each state, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one for people and families, dealing with “Early-Onset, Alzheimer’s, disease.” Because of this, I joined an online group and have met a few “caregiver’s,” of people  living with “Early-Onset.”  There is this one guy, (I’ll call him Bill to protect his privacy), whose story is almost a mirror image of mine, with a few exceptions. Bill is 55 and his wife is 56 years old. His wife was diagnosed with “Early-Onset,” at the age of fifty. They have two sons, one graduated college a couple years ago and the other is a senior in college now.

We share our concerns and fears about being super stressed, fearful, and sometimes even, resentful, but we both agree that loneliness, is one of the most difficult things we have to deal with. Bill has stated that before his wife was diagnosed with “Early-Onset, Alzheimer’s,” they had a close circle of friends they would go out with or go over their houses for dinner, but as his wife’s condition progressed, those same “friends,” became distant and pretty soon, very rarely even called to see how they were doing. He said that there is just one couple who still drops by every so often to visit, but it’s tough watching his wife try to interact and comprehend the conversation taking place.

Both of us understand that going out to a restaurant can be, and is, a living nightmare, unless you go someplace where the use of fork’s and knives, are not required, and neither is reading, You see, they can’t read a menu if their lives depended upon it. And reading a menu to them not only overwhelms their senses, but also humiliates them. Most time the item is just picked out by looking at the pictures of the food on the menu. They cannot order it on their own because they will; not remember what they’re getting, won’t be able to get words out that make any sense, or say something completely unrelated to ordering food. Also, unless they can easily pick up their food using their hands, such as; burgers, chicken fingers, etc, the chances of them figuring out how to use the knife along with the fork are slim to none.

I completely understand where he’s coming from, the loneliness at times can be unbearable. These are supposed to be the best times of our lives. The kids are grown and mostly on their own now, and that new found freedom of doing what you want to do and going where you want to go, is supposed to be the beginning of your new life. Sadly, that life never came for either me or Bill, and instead we have to sit back and watch our family and friends go on all sorts of great vacations and road trips, as we sit home sinking deeper and deeper into despair. It’s not that we begrudge anyone,  not at all, but unless you are a “caregiver,” you’ll never understand why we feel so secluded and lonely.

We are moving and it’s heartbreaking and sad on so, so, many levels. We’ve lived here for more than twenty years, but this is the house my wife was born in and it’s been in the family for almost seventy years. Like us, the house isn’t aging well, and we hope the new owners will give it a new life . A life that we sadly, just can’t provide right now, a life, like our own, that I wish there was some sort of magic spell, to make this nightmare go away,  healing both my wife and I, and giving us back our lives. Yet, I know of no magic that can undo what the universe has given us and quite frankly . . . it sucks!

The move is confusing my wife more than anything else right now, and I’m not sure how she’s going to handle the actual, move, or how she’ll be after we settle into our new place and that frightens the hell out of me. I have had to hide the boxes that I pack from her, because all I have to do is turn my back for one minute and she’s unpacking them, putting all the stuff back in all sorts of fun and inappropriate, places. I have even found a smaller, bag, of clothes in the vegetable drawer, of our fridge. Now, isn’t that exciting?

The dedication, patience, and love of an “Alzheimer’s caregiver,” is never to be questioned . . . never! We go through so many emotional, events, on a daily basis, that by the end of the day you feel as though you have nothing left to give. But, somehow, someway, we figure it out, and find the strength to keep going. So, if you associate the term “caregiver,” with someone who just makes a few meals and sits and watches television all day, then you are sadly mistaken. Keep this in mind because statistically, many of you are looking at your future, and the storm is about to make landfall in your own backyard. When this takes place, you will see that when you’re a “caregiver,” it’s . . .

It’s asking them to set the table (just for two), then looking down to a table with; six plates, one fork, twelve spoons, a spatula, and a coffee mug. It’s being outside on a very, hot, day, and asking them to get you a glass of water (because you’re busy doing something else), and they return and hand you a pair of your boxer shorts, instead of a glass of water. It’s being the resident “asshole,” and it doesn’t matter how much you do for them, or care for them, because the “caregiver,” is always the “bad guy,” the asshole. I was gently, warned, about this by her neurologist, but in a comical/truthful, way, and he was so right about this. (my heart goes out to all you future assholes.)

It’s carrying on what you think is an intelligent conversation with them and then asking a relevant, simple, question, and their response is something, completely off the wall, and off topic. They have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, or any memory of the conversation you were having seven seconds ago. These are the moments when the strongest bouts of loneliness seem to drag you deeper into despair. It’s hearing the toilet flush multiple times, walking into the bathroom and catching them attempting to flush a stack of paper plates down the toilet. And then for the next half hour, you’re the enemy (the asshole), for telling them that paper plates cannot be flushed down the toilet.

It’s being verbally and sometimes, physically attacked, for no reason, other than it’s just how the disease, manifests, itself. It’s constantly reminding yourself that it’s just the disease making them act the way they do and that the “true” them, is lost somewhere, in the shadows. It’s taking every bit of strength, courage, patience, and love you have to restrain yourself from saying or doing something you’ll feel horrible about later.

It’s being followed (like 4 inches behind you) around all day, everywhere you go, even to the bathroom, because you can’t be out of their sight for more than a minute. It’s being so frustrated and angry, that you have to lock yourself in the bathroom, even for five minutes, just to take a breather, and refocus your energy. It’s being a full-time chef, short-order cook, server, housekeeper, nurse, translator, and punching-bag, all at the same time, except you’re not getting paid for it.

It’s getting out of the shower and opening the bathroom door to find many different piles of cat-food, on the floor, in a row leading out into the other rooms. I’m not sure who’ gets confused more, me or the cats? It’s being out at a grocery store or other place, and having a person call out her name and come over and give her a big hug. I can see the tension in her body, and the fear in her eyes, as she quickly realizes that she has absolutely no idea what this persons name is or where she knows them from. It is then up to me to somehow carefully, navigate, the conversation away from anything that would require her to pull a memory from her “locked, memory, bank.” Let me tell you, it isn’t as easy as it might sound.

The very, last, thing any “Alzheimer’s caregiver,” ever wants to do, is to make them feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, so how do you inform an old, friend, or colleague, who doesn’t know that she suffers from “Alzheimer’s disease,” that she has this horrible disease, and can’t remember a thing? To look at her, she physically appears the same, but once a conversation is started, well, then it becomes a different ballgame. Needless to say, we don’t go out as often as we used to. Plus, I can’t take my eye’s off of her for a minute, because I fear she’ll wander off and get lost. I can’t send her to the restroom by herself as she would panic and freak out once she’s in there and can’t remember why she’s there.

It’s watching her pet the cat’s saying; “oh, you are such a sweet little doggy,” Then having to remind her that our little doggy passed away a few months ago and that she is petting one of our cats. The look of sadness that comes over her is gut-wrenching to watch.

It’s tears welling up in your eye’s and getting a lump in your throat, when she’s having an extremely, trying, frustrating, episode, and watching your seven-year-old granddaughter (who knows exactly what’s going on, but still manages to have the empathy and compassion of a mature adult), tenderly, and with so much “love,” take her by the hand as she guides her into the living-room, while saying; “C’mon Nana, why don’t you sit down on the couch and let me read you a story?” Then she proceeds to successfully, read, a book to her, that is well, beyond the level of a second grader, and genuinely, calms, Nana down with “Love and patience.”

It’s seeing the sadness, fear, and concern, in your daughter’s eye’s, as they react to; their hero, their best friend, their rock, their mother, slip away to a place, where even they cannot rescue her. Sadly, two of my daughter’s know that by the time they have children ( if they decide to), their mother won’t ever get the chance to know them or remember them. “Alzheimer’s,” doesn’t affect just one person. In addition to the “victim” and the “caregiver,” it’s evil tentacles reach out and pierce the hearts of many others. “Alzheimer’s,” does not discriminate, it is an equal opportunity, pure, evil, entity, that destroys lives. It has mine and hers.

It’s telling her “I love you,” and giving her a kiss goodnight . . . every night, because tomorrow isn’t promised, and I never know what it will bring. It’s wishing for a miracle, but knowing that it’s not going to happen. It’s constantly thinking; “No, this is not the way our lives are supposed to be, this is not what either of us planned or asked for!” It’s being there for her every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day. It’s making breakfast, lunch, dinner, giving medication, doing laundry, literally being (for lack of a better phrase), a domestic slave, and never getting a break. It’s wishing you had the resources to just have a couple of days off for yourself, to relax, to regroup, refocus, recharge, and come back with your sanity. It doesn’t make the “caregiver,” a bad person, it makes them “human!”

My hope, is that the next time you hear the word, “Alzheimer’s caregiver,” your thoughts will bring you back to this post, and help you to both remind, and remember, the struggles they go through every second of every day. It is so much more than just preparing them three meals a day, giving them their medication, sitting with them, and making them take a nap.

And no one should ever forget the pain, fear, and frustration, the “victims of Alzheimer’s,”  must deal with as the disease progresses and their memory fades away into darkness. The “caregiver,” becomes their eyes, their ears, their voice, their advocate, their everything. It isn’t about them seeking or wanting, pity, but more about how you, as a friend, as a loved one, can show them; compassion, empathy, kindness, and love.

Please don’t confuse “stupidity,” with “Alzheimer’s.” People with “Alzheimer’s disease,” are not stupid, they most, certainly, know, that because of their condition, there are family and friends, who will try to avoid them like the plague, and this hurts them deeply. Don’t use the excuse; “Oh they don’t care, they won’t remember anyway,” because guess what . . . they do. Instead of writing them out of your lives, maybe try offering a hand to both the “caregiver and victim.” You have no idea the joy you would bring to both of them. Here are some suggestions;

  • Offer to come and sit with the person with “Alzheimer’s,” for a few hours, so the “caregiver,” can go out and run errands, without having to worry about watching them.
  • If you are a family member, for example; brother, sister, son, daughter, volunteer to either stay with the loved one with “Alzheimer’s,”  for a couple of days, or bring them to your house, for a couple of days, to give the “caregiver,” a much, needed, well-deserved, appreciated, respite, from the stress, and chaos, that occupies, every day of their lives. I’m sure that “forever,” could spare a few days.
  • Bring over a hot meal so that the “caregiver,” can actually sit and enjoy a meal. You’d be surprised at how much a thoughtful, gesture, like that, will make a “caregivers,” day. They have enough to worry about, on top of having to cook and clean.
  • Volunteer to got to the grocery store for them. Have you ever had to grocery shop with a person who has “Alzheimer’s?” Let me tell you, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.
  • Just let them know that you are there for them. Let them vent, give them a shoulder to cry on.


Live your life with love, compassion, and kindness . . . It’s the “human,” thing to do. Never forget to tell someone that you love and appreciate them, you may never get that chance again. Most importantly, reach out to a “caregiver,” whether it be for someone dealing with “Alzheimer’s,” someone with a disability or sickness, or an elderly, person, and tell them they’re doing a great job.

Peace to you my brothers and sisters,













Watching the Food Network with Chewie

Having to say goodbye to a family pet is heartbreaking and depressing. Sadly, our beloved “Chewie,” crossed over to the other side and we all miss him terribly. Chewie was, and always will be . . . “FAMILY!” 

In 2011, my daughter adopted Chewie, from his previous owner who, well, let’s just say, should have never been allowed to have a pet. He was already 5 years old and set in his ways, which were definitely not conducive, to living with a large family that included little children. However, my daughter had hope and remained positive that she would be able to correct that issue.

Well, for the most part, she was right. The effort was tough and sometimes, very frustrating, but after awhile, he slowly, showed signs that what we were doing was working. She had saved his life and together, we showed Chewie what a real family was and how much love we had to give and share.

“Chewie” was a Yorkie, and by God, had every trait that is unique to Yorkie’s. Chewie was born on October 26, 2006 and his given name, the one his previous owner registered him as was; “Chewseph A. Banks Esq.” He was affectionately (well from us anyway), called “Chewie.” The name fit him perfectly.

Over the years, we all developed a personal relationship with him, and eventually, he became extremely attached to my grandchildren. He was super protective of them, as if he was their bodyguard. My other two daughters had a “love-hate” relationship with him. You see, “Chewie” had unintentionally, bit, well, nipped, them both, because he had such bad “separation anxiety,” every time someone left. He never aggressively attacked anyone, but his separation anxiety was an issue we had to deal with front and center, Eventually, he began to realize that we were not going to abandon him or lock him in a crate all day.

Soon, he was greeting us at the door, tail wagging, jumping up and down, like a rubber ball, all while spinning in circles. He followed us everywhere we went and would jump in our laps or lay down with us every chance he could. He swam in the pool with the kids, and went for walks with us in the woods. He also became my wife’s bff and was like her shadow.

The time came for us to say goodbye to Chewie after a blood-clot traveled to his heart, which compromised his nervous system, which caused him to lose the use of his legs. There was not a dry eye in the house as we said our goodbyes and as I write this, my eyes are presently, tearing, up.  One of the toughest things to watch was my 7 year old granddaughter, as she said goodbye and gave him a kiss and told him how much she loved him. Then she started sobbing, which, of course, made all of us start balling. It was not a pretty sight, but sadly, a part of life.

I miss that  adorable, albeit crazy, little pain in the butt, and I think about him every day. There are certain times I expect him to be there, and he’s not. Like everyone else in the family, there are times I call his name out, only to remember that he is no longer with us. We cut off a lock of his hair before he left us, to remember him by and my daughter has his ashes, in a beautiful, box.

“Chewie,” you will forever be in our hearts and minds, and we miss you so much. Be at peace my friend and run free and be happy!





Why do people believe in God? Why do they feel this overpowering, need, to show such blind addoration towards a “thing” they’ve never seen, heard or spoken with. I reckon that It’s most likely out of “fear,” from years and years of having it shoved down their throat’s and into their subconscious that if they don’t believe in God, they’re evil, wicked, people, who will burn in the pits of Hell.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it . . . God is NOT good, God is NOT caring, God is NOT kind or generous and God (if it exists), doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me, you, or a one-armed pirate named Slappy who lives on skid-row.

Are we really supposed to believe that one single “entity” (God), created all this . . .

The Universe

Seriously folks, why waste your time and energy believing in something that represents lies and empty promises? When you wake up and realize you will “never” get what you ask for from “God,” then that will be the day you have finally, freed, yourself from the evil chains of forced worshipping. And if you do get what you asked for, “God” had nothing to do with it, it happened because it happened, nothing more, nothing less.

I was a believer once, but looking back, I now understand it was because I was forced to go to Mass every week and participate in all those pathetic, lame, rituals, which clearly have absolutely no effect in the outcome of your life. God is stupid, all religion is stupid and people are brainwashed for actually believing in it.

Tell me, when was the last time “God” sent you an email or called you on your cell phone? Has he sent you any text messages lately? Gee, no show of hands, I wonder why? It’s because “God” is “FAKE,” as in, “made up,” created by some dudes with nothing better to do who were probably tripping on mushrooms!

Of course, this also means there is no such thing as “Satan” either. Another made up, fictional charcter, created to frighten and controll the masses. Now, that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist and there aren’t bad people in the world, because there are, plenty of them and their actions are becoming more disturbing all the time. So where is this perfect “God” who is supposed to be able to destroy this evil? Is he at O’Malley’s pub around the corner tossing a few cold one’s back? Whether you’re good or bad, is a personal choice you make for yourself.

I think two of the most hysterical statements about the teaching of “God” or “Jesus” is; “God listens to you and hears your prayers,” or “Jesus says, ask and you shall receive.” Receive what, a whole lot of “nothing?” The asking “Jesus” for help and making sincere requests ship sailed and sank quite while ago.


Yes, I feel that believing in “God” or “Jesus” is stupid, there’s no proof either exists or existed. Also, if “God” did exist, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him/her what a giant, ignorant, lying, jerk, I think he or she, is by leading people on and crushing their spirit by not helping them out when they need it the most. It’s kind of like throwing a coin in a water fountain and making a wish that also never comes true. Well, I want all my “holy coins” back for all those wishes and requests I made that NEVER came true or were never answered.

And don’t even get me started on the “Bible.” I can say this for it though . . . “It is the best science fiction novel ever written.”

So, just because I believe ‘God,” “Jesus” and all that “holy” bull crap is fake, doesn’t mean that I condone violence or wrongful behavior. It’s actually quite the contrary. I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, love and peace towards all humankind, nature and animals. You don’t have to believe in “God” to hold those sterling virtues close to your heart.

What I find even more horrifyingly pathetic is when I hear people say to me; “God doesn’t give you anymore than he thinks you can handle.” Really, because if that’s true, it’s just plain cruel, disgusting and reprehensable. Who wants to worship something that deliberately makes your life a living hell on purpose?

Just know, when I say that I’ve tried to “believe” hundreds if not thousands of times, I am not lying. However, I have yet to have one of my prayers or requests answered, even when I say that “I surrender my will to God.” Maybe I was just asking the wrong “entity,” if you know what I mean?Maybe I should have sent my requests down instead of up.

I imagine that this post will be read by people who call themselves “Christians,” however, if you pass judgement upon me for how I feel, are you still being a “Christian?” Look, I have gone through and am still going through, horrible, awful, discouraging, things and events that would make the average person just want to “end it all,” and even though I definitely feel that way every so often (well, more than every so often, kind of alot), I haven’t . . . yet.

therefore, the lunacy of asking for help and actually receiving it fades by the wayside like an avalanche of bull poo-poo. I just can’t do that to myself anymore, I can’t believe, only to be pittifully, let down, every single, solitary, time, so I’m not going to waste my time anymore, why should I? That is why “Believing In God Is Such A Total Waste Of Time.”




Does anyone really care what the self-absorbed, satanic, narcisstic, overpaid, Hollywood actors have to say about, well . . . anything? I know that I don’t. If you fall into that category of brainwashed, puppets, who feel the need to listen, believe and obey, the unrealistic, out of touch, demands of these ignorant assholes, then you really need to get a life and do something a bit more constructive with your time.

Let me ask this of the Hollywood “cult” followers; “Do you really think these moderately talented actors care about you or anything that happens in your life?” Do they pay your bills every month or pay for your groceries? When was the last time they called you and asked you if you wanted to go out for dinner? Never, right? Just as I thought.

Are you that much of a “simpleton” to believe that these big-mouthed, wealthy, pathetically whiny, Hollywood, Democrats who play “make believe” are more intelligent than you?You do realize that while 90% of Americans are eating “generic” cereal and other food products because that’s all they can afford, these Hollywood ignoramuse’s are dining on the best foods money can buy? When are yo going to realize that they are so, so, out of touch with the “real world,” that it’s almost amusing.

A quick message to “Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon, that psychotically, deranged, pork-butt, Rosie O’Donnell,” and all the other dumb-ass, Tinsle Town, looney toon’s; “You get paid to act . . . not think!” Apparently Jimmy Fallon has never studied civics, because he wants to change the “Electoral College,” but he doesn’t realize why we need it or how brilliant the men who created it a couple hundred years ago were. I’d bet you the moon that he wouldn’t be flapping his “pie hole” if “Hillary” won the election. She lost, get over it, shut up, and stop your childish, whining! Do you seriously think that you’re going to change the “Constitution” of the “United States of America” because the candidate you voted for lost? Grow the hell up you stupid turds!

Breaking News!
Breaking News!

Oh, and wasn’t “Rosie O’Donnell” supposed to move to Canada if “Trump” won the election, right? Well, aparently she did, but they sent her back real quick when they realized what a complete and total psycho she was . . .

Rosie O'Donnell Being Deported
Rosie O’Donnell Being Deported

Look, I don’t give a flying fig newton who you voted for, but for the love of God, stop all your blubbering, pissing and moaning about it. When “George Bush” was elected President, did you see Democrats crying like 10 year old school girls and protesting out in the streets? NO, you didn’t. When “Slick Willy” was elected President, did you see the Republicans holding cry-ins and rioting? NO, you didn’t! Somehow, over the last 8 years, Americans have been completely “pussified!” I am so sick of the whiny, everyone gets a medal,  libtards, who need a slap upside their heads and a dose of reality. Sometimes you win . . . Sometimes you lose! If you cannot accept this, then every one of you is an “Anti-American, communist, pinko!”

Whiny boys
Whiny boys

What a complete and total embarrassment the “Democratic Party” has become. They act like the bully, selfish, brat, kid, in the school yard, holding a ball, who has a hissy fit and threatens to take his ball home if the other kids don’t play the game he wants to play. Let’s face it . . . “Trump” won the election fair and square so stop acting like spoiled little brats who didn’t get their way. The Democratic Party should change their name to “The Temper Tantrum Party.” 

Oh, and all you Hollywood cry babies, go right ahead and go on strike, you’re not that important, you’re just a bunch of overpaid snobs, with huge egos, that need to be constantly fed with praise. You depend on “We the People” to pay money to see your stupid movies or you don’t get paid. Wouldn’t that be horrible if everyone decided to boycott your movies? Say B’bye to your cash flow.

I’m sure that there are many states in the U.S. who would grab at the chance to become the new home for the “New Hollywood” and become the “Movie Capital” of the world. And I’m damn sure that there are thousands of graduating, young, directors, film maker’s, writer’s, producer’s and set/costume designer’s, with brilliant, fresh, ideas, ready to take over for the striking “Hollywood” machine. And now let’s talk actors, shall we? There are probably two million actors in the United States, alone, with just as much, if not more, talent, than the loud mouthed, opinionated, butt-heads, presently occupying, Hollywood right now. I’m sure they would also work for half the money and still be happy performing their craft.

So, I have a great idea. I think all “Trump” supporters and anyone else who thinks the “Hollywood” snobs have overstepped their boundaries, start boycotting “all” their movies. Let’s hit’em where it hurts . . . in their wallets! It’s about time these self-centered, egotistical, Anti-American, Communist, Pinko’s, got what’scoming to them. I still want to know why the crazy lunatics haven’t moved to Canada like they said they were going to? Oh, that’s right, they were just temper tantrum, overconfident, empty threats. Well, there’s still time for them to head to the “Great White North” and make everyone happy.

“Donald Trump” is our new President whether you like it or not, get used to it and stop trying to change the Constitution of the United States.  I have a better idea . . . if you don’t like it . . . move to another country and try saying all the bull shit you’re saying now, I dare you. I heard “North Korea” is nice this time of year. Why don’t you move there and spew some garbage, let’s see what happens to you there, shall we? When you leave, please take all the women from the show “The View” with you. They do nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch, about “Trump” to the point where it’s totally obnoxious and old. Oh and take that lame, not funny comedien, Samantha B with you too please, she’s just as pathetic and obnoxious, as the women on“The View.”

Maybe we should all start working together, instead of causing more division within our great nation. Have you ever wondered about the role Satanism plays in Hollywood? Maybe that’s why they’re freaking out because they’re frightened of being exposed by “Trump?”

Still think you’re in the same league as the “Hollywood” elite? Hmmm?







“Come Listen To My Christmas Song On The Radio!”

Sometimes life throws you a bone and surprises you with something positive and good. It’s something that makes you smile and go wow! Well, life sent me a message this week telling me that my original, country “Christmas” song; “Home By Christmas Night” will be played on the radio. My music will make it’s 2016 debut today between 4-6 pm. It’s also scheduled to be played on other radio stations around the country next week.

I am so humbled that my song will be played along side of other famous, great, performers, like; Bing Crosby, John Denver, The Beach Boys, The Supreme’s, and others.

I humbly invite all of you to come and listen to my 2016 debut of “Home By Christmas Night”

Here is the link;  http://www.prx.org/series/33932-american-jukebox. So far I know It will air this Saturday, 12/17 from 4-6 p.m. on WMNR –

You can view the playlist here. My song will be the 28th one played. http://www.fineartsradio.net/images/American%20Jukebox%20235%2012-17-16.pdf

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I sincerely do hope you can find the time to tune in and listen to my 2016 debut of “Home By Christmas Night.” If you are a fan of “Country music,” then you’re going to love it!

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“Humanity Has Reached Its Tipping Point”



Forgive me for being blunt, but the world has gone fucking insane! I dare anyone to try and convince me it hasn’t. This is especially true right here in the “United States” as the word “united” has been replaced by the word “fucked up.” I bet you thought I was going to say “divided” didn’t you? We moved way past being divided years ago, and have deliberately and intentionally thrown ourselves into the unforgiving pits of Hell. Why?

I blame most of our death spiral on the “Main Stream Media,” which, in all honesty, deserves the title of “Lame Stream Media.” (LSM.)  When a nation of people has been repeatedly lied to, the result is generations of brainwashed, compliant, zombies, who will believe anything they are told. But, what happens when a mass awakening occurs on a scale that has never been seen before? You get a “revolution” between those who know and understand the truth and those who are too frightened or too stupid to admit they have been scammed.

I was born in the early 1960’s and growing up we never had to worry about things like; “lock-downs” at school, “Islamic terrorists, Zika virus, pedophile rings (unless you were Catholic), climate change, transgender bathrooms, EMP attacks or having our computers hacked.” (we didn’t have computers or Xbox, we played outside and used our imaginations.) Everyone (the adults) accepted the results of the “Presidential” election and didn’t hold cry-in’s, or protest the laws of the “U.S. Constitution” and neither did they need service animals as a way of coping with defeat.

Sure, there was the “Cold War” with Russia and “disco,” but for the most part, everyone tried to lead decent, respectable lives, with hopes of a bright future for their children. And guess what? We were not brought up as a generation of babies whose mindset is “everyone gets a medal” because if you don’t, life isn’t fair and perfect. Newsflash, you win humbly and you lose gracefully. We have created a generation of youth who can’t handle losing or not getting what they want without whining, crying or needing “safe spaces,” with crayons and coloring books to handle their emotions.

Life lesson #1 . . . Life does not always give you what you want, expect or deserve. Sometimes, well, most times, it gives you the exact opposite. What do you do about it? You pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep on trying.

Of course, that doesn’t mean nefarious events or other political scandals weren’t happening behind the scenes, because history has shown us that they were. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone now who doesn’t question “everything” about the assassination of “John F Kennedy” as an “inside job” carried out by a bureau of our own government to keep Kennedy from going public with some extremely, possibly life changing, information. But, unless someone can produce some undeniable, evidence of this, we will be forever wondering what the “truth” really is.

The same could also be said about the events of 9/11, but there is such a plethora of damning, factual, evidence, supporting that this was an inside job, it’s almost laughable to hear people claim it wasn’t. And how was this information suppressed and falsified? You guessed it . . . “The Lame Stream Media!” Oh, those snarky, controlled, “fake news” stations and newspapers!

Never has this been more apparent than before, during and after, the 2016 “Presidential election.” The “lame Stream Media,” who by the way, are owned, controlled and operated by a group of certain individuals (the evil cabal), were biased, corrupted and forced to fake and alter their news reports in regards to the election. And while they had so many of their audience members, the DNC, and themselves, convinced that “Hillary Clinton” was absolutely going to win the election, they never once thought that people had finally caught on to their spewing of bullshit and would vote for “Donald Trump.” This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Now, if you remember, during the campaign season, “Hillary Clinton, the entire Democratic Party, and the LSM,” lectured the “Republican Party,” and all the “Deplorables” who were voting for “Trump” that they had to accept the outcome of the election, no matter what, and not challenge those results in any way, shape, or form, because to do so would just be totally un-American.

Then we find out about the collusion taking place within the major television networks and newspapers like CNN (Clinton News Network), MSLSD, the Washington Post and New York Times through the blessings of “Julian Assange” and “Wikileaks.” And of course, we can’t forget about the blatant “cheating” that was exposed when “Donna Brazile” gave “Hillary Clinton” the questions that were going to be asked at the debate or “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz” having to step down for rigging the election against “Bernie Sanders,” but apparently, that type of behavior is acceptable to anyone in or associated with the “DNC.”

What happened next? “Donald Trump” wins the election fair and square and “Hillary, the LSM, and the crybaby Democrat’s” start doing exactly what they lectured the Republicans and Trump Supporters not to do. I guess those rules only apply if you’re a Democrat and you think you have the election all wrapped up. It was such a joy seeing those smug looks on people’s faces quickly turn to outright horror when they realized that their beloved queen had lost the hive.

But they are still trying to do anything they can to get “Hillary” in office by protesting, demanding recounts, threatening the lives of members of the “Electoral College,” forming break-off groups within the CIA to initiate a coup and many other embarrassing and anti-American ways as possible. They are shitting directly on the “Constitution of the United States” and the Democratic Party thinks that’s alright. They are all fucked up and need to be tried for treason, espionage and just being dumb asses. They are the anti-Americans, remember that!

And now we have “Pizzagate,” (having to do with pedophile rings and D.C. elite), alleged climate change caused by humans, an increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions the likes of which have never been recorded before, the earth wobbling, and a solar system ready to release the wrath of hell upon us. Places around the world are being destroyed and innocent people like you and I are being murdered by bat-shit crazy terrorist’s while the “Elite” (the evil cabal) plan their next operation of attacks to force us into submission. But still, the “Hillary bots” don’t notice this and forge forward trying to kill the very foundation this country was, well, founded upon.

Suck it up buttercups, “Trump” won fair and square! There is, however, a very, and I mean, very, good reason why no one should have voted for Hillary Clinton and why it would have been an absolute nightmare had she been elected President. But instead of the LSM reporting on this, they lie, cheat, collude, try to protect their pedophile buddies and blame the “alternative” news outlets for her loss and label them as “fake news.” Really? And now they’re trying to censor these so called “fake news” stations and newspaper’s by stripping them of their “First Amendment Rights!”  Why would they do that unless they had something insanely, damn, big, to hide, right?

I can and will admit that I voted for Mrs. Clinton when she ran against “Obama” as I felt she was the stronger, more experienced, candidate at the time, but my viewpoint rapidly changed after “Benghazi” and when I noticed something extremely peculiar and compromised about her. Something that I had seen before within my own family. I would have never said it during the election because people would have been all over that like a fly to horse-crap, so I kept it to myself.

I could never trust her as the “President of the United States” holding the lives of millions of people in her hands, especially since she was very ill.  Yes, she was sick alright, but everyone, especially the LSM, were hush, hush, about it. As a matter of fact, they still are!

As strange as it sounds, I have seen Youtube video’s where the authors claim that Hillary is dying from a disease called “Kuru,” but I’m almost sure that’s not what it is. You see, Kuru is a disease of the brain you get from eating, well, another person’s brain. That’s right, “cannibalism.” Do I believe that? I would if I found out she was some sort of high priestess in some satanic cult, but I have no proof of that, so I’m going with what I know and what my gut tells me.

Hillary is dying from advanced “Parkinson’s disease,” and we cannot, by any means, have someone with this disease making decisions for an entire nation of people that could realistically effect our relationships with other countries from around the world.

Do you know, or have you lost, someone, a family member, a friend, who suffered(s) from this horrible disease? I have and Hillary, no matter how hard she tries, clearly displays every symptom and characteristic, associated with advanced stage “Parkinson’s disease.”  It cannot be denied and I somewhat feel very bad for her. I would think that she would want to spend what time she has left on Earth with her grandchildren and family, but apparently, money and power matter much more to her than those things.

I really have no idea what makes her think that she is healthy, strong, or of sound mind, enough to run a country because she’s not. Just ask someone who has experienced “Parkinson’s” disease in some aspect to watch and listen to Hillary move and speak and I guarantee they will arrive at the same conclusion I did.

However, if you don’t believe me, then listen to this doctor with more than thirty-five years of experience meticulously explore each of Hillary’s symptoms and how they each relate to advanced stage “Parkinson’s” disease. I sadly watched my aunt painfully deteriorate, and eventually die, from this disease, and I can assure you that Hillary Clinton exhibits the exact same symptoms and mannerisms that my aunt did.

Watch as the “Secret Service” rushes to her side at a rally when she has a brain freeze brought on by an outside stimulus. Listen to what he says to her. She is clearly not well enough to hold the office of “President of the United States.”

After watching this video and you still don’t believe that Hillary has “Parkinson’s” disease, then you need to come down from your cloud of denial and give yourself a reality check. You must realize that someone with this affliction is not capable of performing the duties of a world leader.

If you are sincerely a fan of Mrs. Clinton, then instead of rioting and protesting, maybe you should say some prayers for her. And instead of wishing that “Donald Trump” will fail miserably, give the man a chance and pray that he will do good by our country. Also, don’t be a slave to the “Lame Stream Media,” do as I did and search outside the box for the truth, you just might be surprised at what you learn.

On a side note; believe it or not, Hillary is my 12th cousin once removed on my mother’s side of the family. My aunt who had Parkinson’s disease was my mother’s sister. And while only about 15% of people with this disease report another family member having it, I must wonder if maybe, just maybe, there is a hereditary link somewhere in our family tree.

Anyway, don’t you think it’s about time that we all started acting like compassionate, respectful, people with one unanimous goal of “peace” both within our own country and in the outside world? Don’t you think we deserve that and better? I do! “Humanity is at a tipping point,” but the decision of which way it tip’s is up to us. Do we tip on the side of goodness and light or darkness and destruction?

Maybe one day when the dark forces of evil are removed from power and the “light” is victorious, a new dawn will bring about sanity and peace, so that future generations can re-create our story here on Earth and tell a story of “love,” and “respect” for all living things, including our glorious planet Earth.

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