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Hello friends, glad you could stop by. My name is James, but everyone calls me Jim . . .or Tony . . . or Jimmy, no wonder I haven’t found myself yet, I don’t even know my real name! But seriously, welcome to Blogging Around With The Original Domestic God, I can’t wait to meet you. Now a little bit about myself . . .

I have always loved to write, but only as a hobby. I believe it was because I had the mindset that I wasn’t a good enough writer to ever make it. I studied music and the performing arts for many, many, years right up through college. That’s when I became . . . “A mailman” Yes, you read that right and for the next 23 years that was my full time profession. I did however;  teach dance, choreograph and perform as my part-time job (I liked that one the best!) up until 2011 when a serious, life threatening, injury ended my career as both a mailman and a dancer.

Over the next two and a half years I would have 8 major surgeries, 2 blood clots, years of physical therapy and a staph infection that almost killed me on Halloween night 2012. All before the age of fifty. That’s when I became disabled, or as I like to say “Perfectly Changed” and took my rightful place as “The Original Domestic God!” Considering that I had a great deal of down time to look forward to I decided to pursue my writing career. Hey, better late than never, right?

In 2013, I self-published my first ebook “How To Apply The Law Of Attraction” on Kindle and also had my very first song go live on iTunes as part of a Christmas compilation album. You see, “Disabled” doesn’t have to mean dead.  The next part of my writing journey was to become a Copywriter, a Copywrite Specialist to be exact. I love to create and writing sales pages or fundraising letters for both print and online mailings was a natural fit for me. I am always looking for new clients so please be sure to contact me with any questions or opportunities.

So much of my writing comes from Life Experiences and the challenges and triumphs that make us who we are. I have been married for 30 years and have been blessed with  3 beautiful daughters, a granddaughter  and grandson.



14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi GOD! lol I am Annette and my blog https://nananettie1969.wordpress.com/ is really new! I met your blog through the meet and greet. I usually don’t follow GOD’s only GODESSES lol! Your About me made me click follow. We have many things in common and I want to read your take on the Laws of attraction so I will be looking into getting it soon. I am 47 was married for 25 years it was a bad marriage full of abuse. I left him almost 4 years ago and finally now I am redefing who I am. I am loving this journey now that I have morned the loss of my marriage. (i have 3 awesome supportive sons and one grandaughter and one grandson along with a supportive family members like my sister and mom I made it) So I also have always loved to write. My career ended with a surgery and now I am both physically and mentally disabled. I now live in the moment and for the moment! Your story inspired me. I can accomplish my writing goals too! If you visit my blog I started on a cell phone with a app. Yesterday I purchased my first laptop. (I know little about computers this I am learning too) My blog and I are a work in progress. Right now I am doing mainly writing challenges just to practice my writing skills. I had no way to even edit my posts until I learned of a sit that I can edit for free. I will be using that soon. So please excuse my spelling and grammar issues they will be changing soon 🙂 YOU ARE TRULY A INSPIRATION TO ME…….THANKS……Annette

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  2. In the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator, I greet you my Brother.

    Each and every disability (not necessarily physical) should be perceived as an gift, for life changes undoubtedly will follow. These gifts shape our very foundations, allowing us to witness and experience creation itself.

    Profound experiences facilitate, cosmic clarity. One must lose everything to truly appreciate the simplicity and beauty of Love.

    May you go forth, rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the One Creator.


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    • Hello my friend, your words resonate almost exactly as my Reiki teachers did. It’s about “allowing” the experience to teach you and guide you. It’s about the essence of “love”
      Peace, Light and Love to you!


  3. Hello God I am Goddess LOL! We are all God and Goddess I totally resonate with your about me page. My writing skills needs more tuning and I know, I will conquer what needs to be. I just have to conquer my fear so I am clearing my throat one day at a time so I can speak what needs to be written. Your journey inspired me to move forward no matter what the challenge is. Blessings love and light Diane 😉


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