“The Bridges We’ve Crossed, Happy 34th Anniversary”

“The Bridges We’ve Crossed” 



Thirty-four years ago, today, on a beautiful, October, day, I married my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life. Since that wonderful day, we have crossed many, life, lesson, bridges.  

Some bridges we’ve crossed have led us to joyful, happy, wonderful, places, while others, have brought us to painful, sad, and regretful, terrain. But the biggest, strongest, most, glorious, bridge, we’ve crossed, is the one that has guided us through a life, filled with; unconditional, powerful, everlasting, “LOVE.”  

This bridge helped us to rise above the bad, times, the hard, times, the most challenging times, and is proof that “LOVE,” can conquer, withstand, and positively, change, your reality, for the better. But you have to make it happen, want it to happen, know that it can happen. We are all blessed with the necessary, tools, to do so, it’s how we use them that matters. 

You see, the bridge, that has gathered us in fields of; unconditional, non-judgmentalsacred, “Love,” gives us the strength, the willingness, the grace, to face, and withstand, whatever, negativity, may cross over, on a lower, energy, bridge.  

Presently, one bridge we are crossing as a family is; heartbreaking, difficult, and painful. You see, because she has“Alzheimer’s,” she crosses and stumbles, over, multiple, bridges a day, never knowing, or understanding, where these bridges lead to. But as long as I continue to cross the one bridge that matters most, the bridge of “LOVE,” I will now, and forever more, in “sickness and in health,” always be there, wherever it may be, to wrap my arms around her, and gently, guide, her back and forth, over that “Bridge of Love,” until the end of time. 

And although, there are times, that it may seem she has forgotten or can’t remember, what “LOVE” is, I know, for certain, that it hasn’t left her, it’s just enfolded over a bridge, where no one can see it, but where she can still feel it . . . where I can still feel it, where I know it still exists. 



“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply, gives you courage” – Lao Tzu




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