“Detention Centers Are Not A New Reality . . . Just Ask Obama . . . Or Any President Before Him”

LIES, LIES, LIES, and more LIES . . . Again, the Lamestream Media and Dumbocrats, are up to their usual, disgraceful, disgusting, antics.   What a horrible bunch of morons the Democrat Party has turned into. It’s pretty easy to see that the only reason they’re doing this bleeding heart-Sally Struthers, crap is because they are terrified of the hearings taking place right now with the AG and FBI Director Wray.

Just watch some of the hearing, the Dem’s are interrupting the questioning like rude little children. The look of fear in their eyes is obvious and now they are desperate. I noticed this and I’m not even a Republican! I’m not a Democrat either, but I CAN think independently and not be a little sheep who is brainwashed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and other bias-driven media outlets.

Detention centers are not a new thing in our country, do some research. And for Gods sake don’t pay attention to the lies your getting from the Democrats.

Maybe an education in detention centers may enlighten you . . .

Who was President then? Who was it again?

Hmmm . . . this was 4 years ago . . . who was President at that time?

Yet, it’s always different, when a Democrat is involved . . .The Hypocrisy of the Left


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