The unexpected, tragic, and alleged, suicide, of famous fashion designer, “Kate Spade,” just proves that “money can’t buy everything,” especially happiness. I wondered what reason, or reasons, “Kate Spade” would have for taking her own life? Did she have a “mental illness,” that no one knew about that went undiagnosed or untreated? Was she in some sort of financial trouble, or even worse, was she hiding some disturbing, secret, that would soon be revealed, to the world? Maybe she was diagnosed with some terminal illness, and this was her way of escaping the pain she would have to endure, before passing away, so she decided to end her life before having to go through it?

Whatever the reason, I’m sure her family is devastated, but in certain cases, “is suicide really a bad thing?” Obviously, if a person has a “mental illness,” and “commits suicide,” the reason(s) for their action(s) has merit and can be attributed to their specific disorder, no matter how painful it is to the family.

I’m sure the strain and pain, family and friends, go through, after a loved one commits suicide, must be overwhelming and crushing, as they repeatedly, question themselves whether they should have recognized what was about to happen. How many; “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s,” must go through their heads, but sometimes, nothing can be done to prevent a person from taking their own life.

Then there are those people who have everything, that suddenly bump themselves off, and you scratch your head wondering; “What could have been so bad in their lives, that would make them want to do this? They wanted for nothing, they had money, they traveled, they had new cars, beautiful homes, and all the great things in life.” Ya, that’s definitely a WTF moment? But . . . money can’t buy happiness and love. Well, it can, but it’s most likely illegal if you do. Of course, there are those people who do have everything and are happy as pigs in crap. To them I say; “screw you, I hate you!”

But, what if a person really has a legitimate reason not to live anymore? What if a person has nothing, literally, nothing? What if a person is just tired and done with life, and nothing you say is going to change that? Sure, you could preach and preach, to them that; “life is wonderful, life is precious, life is worth living,” but are you seeing life the way that person is seeing it? Are you seeing and feeling, life through their eyes?

Unless you can physically or magically, fix what’s wrong in their lives, then you should probably just shut up. Sorry, but it’s true. “Why live if nothing good ever happens to you and you have nothing, or no prospects of ever having anything?” Why wake up every morning, just to repeat the same boring, lifeless, motions over and over again, and forced to feel the same pain and loathing, day after day, after day . . . after day? Think about it, there are no such things as miracles, and no one should be forced to stay alive because it might make someone else feel bad.

So . . . “in certain cases, is suicide really a bad thing?”  No it’s not, it’s a way of freeing yourself from the pain and torment you experience every day. Hopefully you will be reincarnated into a much better life than you previously had.


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