The Double Standards On Gun Control And Other Stuff, Our Children Are Being Taught

Do You Really Care About Your Children?


We live in a society where double standards are the norm and are freely accepted by certain groups, as a great thing to teach our children. “Not in my house!”  You can deny it all you want, but the fact remains, “it’s happening right under your noses, and you’re either to blind to see it, or to ignorant, to accept this truth.” Let’s look at some examples, shall we . . …..

  • GUN CONTROL– I’m sure that we all can agree, the events involving guns and gun violence, have escalated at an alarming rate. There have been way to many “young lives,”  badly wounded, or snuffed out, because of gun, violence, and it’s a scary trend, especially for folks who have school-age children. However, one of the biggest issues on the agenda is “gun control,” and how to fairly, and constitutionally, fix that problem, as to not infringe on our “second amendment rights.” 

Unfortunately, before any measure can be taken to correct this problem, other steps must be taken at the same time, to assure this message is getting across to people. This is where the “Double Standard,” or “hypocrisy,” comes into play. The “Lunatic Left, Liberals, and Hollywood big mouths,” are losing their minds over this and are calling for; a ban on all guns, organizing school walk-outs, and marches, where students are being “forced” to participate, or they will face serious consequences, if they “choose” not to. This is still “America,” where people, (including students,), have the “freedom,” to not participate in something they don’t believe in! Let’s take a look at a couple “double standards;”

  • Hey “Hollywood big mouths,” if you’re so “Anti-gun,” and hell-bent, on promoting an agenda to eliminate our “second amendment,” rights, then you will not be allowed to show any “movie-trailers,” whether on television or other media platforms, that involve the action of “shooting guns or gun violence!” Put your money where your mouths are! You can’t spew Anti-American garbage and be all, anti-gun, fanatics, pissing and moaning, about the issue, and then turn around and show a “movie-trailer,” that “promotes extremely, violent gun, battles,” in any way, shape, or form, to our children! That “America,” is called a “double standard!”  So, what’s it going to be “Hollywood,” either you really and sincerely, care, enough, about our children, to STOP showing “violent , movie-trailers,” or it’s just another lame-duck, excuse, to puff your chests up and make yourselves, feel extra special, all just for show, void of any true, empathy, about the real issue? And don’t be cliche and use the line; “but it’s only a movie.” You’re still promoting “gun violence and murder!”
  • This also includes the marketing and advertising, of video games that show “graphic gun violence,” If you want to ban “American Citizens,” from owning guns, then I don’t want to see any ad’s or video-trailers, of your violent games, on television, or other media outlets.
  • Toy Industries– You, too, are not immune from this “gun ban,” either! Again, if you’re going to protest “legal gun ownership,” then “ALL” toy guns should be against the law to make.

As disillusioned young people march on cities across the U.S. they do not realize that their wasted walking will have absolutely no affect on changing, well, anything. I get it, I really do, enough is enough, when it comes to our children’s safety being jeopardized at schools and other venues, but “banning guns,” and putting little green signs up that say, “gun free zone,” are NOT going to deter a psychotic individual, from shooting up anyone . . . anywhere. I wish these young people could see that they are just being used as “political pawns” to advance the agenda’s of the corrupt “Liberal Left,”

Of course, we all want our children, and grandchildren, to be safe, and of course our hearts break, every time a traumatic event happens, but WE ARE AMERICANS, and AMERICANS have the “right to bear arms!” All of us, must just do a better job, coming up with workable, solutions, that are acceptable for “We The People!” 

Trust me when I say that I am very sympathetic to the cause, and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that seven year old, first graders, have to participate in “lock-down, drills!” To that I say; “WTF?!” Children should not have to worry about being blown away at school, they should be more concerned with what games to play at recess and having fun. But what is the “real” problem with guns? I mean, guns don’t kill people . . . people kill people with guns. So, the question is; “how do you prevent the wrong person from obtaining a gun?” The answer to that is . . . “You Can’t!” You can make it more difficult for them to buy or obtain them, but if someone with a criminal mind is fixated on committing a heinous act of violence, using a gun, they’re going to find a way to do it, no matter what.


So, my question to all these young marchers out there today is; “If you’re so hell-bent on destroying our second amendment rights, and are so against guns and gun, violence, are you going to petition or boycott Hollywood to stop making movies, and movie-trailers, that promote graphic gun violence, or are you going to be hypocrites, like the fake people in Hollyweird  and live by double standards?”

You want us to take you seriously? Then you need to do more than march in the streets. Prove you really care through actions, like boycotting movies that contain “extreme, graphic, gun, violence.” I bet you won’t do it . . . you don’t have the guts to do it.


Just as the disgusting, Corrupt, Liberal, Left, is trying to destroy “AMERICA,” by poisoning the minds of our young people on “gun control,” they are doing the same thing with “Planned Parenthood.” But . . . that’s a story for another day. However, watch the video below to educate yourself about it.

Yes, I lean more to the “Pro-Life” side, but I do understand that in the case of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is in grave, danger, procedures need to be done. I look at it this way; “If you’re to immature and selfish, to take precautions . . . then you’re to immature to be having sexual relations.”


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