“Politics and the Old Game Show; To Tell The Truth”

Someone is Lying . . . maybe they are all lying . . . will this mean prison time for certain individuals?

One thing I enjoy the most about being an “Independent,” is that I’m able to step back, and see things for what they really are. I do not have to pledge my loyalty to any particular group, organization, or party, which enables me to keep a level head when listening to or watching, the sometimes, very disturbing, garbage that spews out of the mouths of arrogant, Washington, liars.

As of late, the show going on in D.C.  reminds me of a very old television game show called; “To Tell The Truth,” where contestants had to choose the person they thought was telling the truth based upon questions that were asked of them. At the end of the show, the host would say; “will the real_____ please stand up!” The parallels between that show and the disturbing, behavior, of high-profile, D.C. contestants, is uncanny. So, I say to that . . .

“Will the real piece of lying garbage, please stand up!”

What’s even more entertaining is to watch these D.C. contestants throw each other under the bus. So, why don’t we look at this situation from a reality check, common sense, kind of perspective. Might I suggest from the viewpoint of a non-brainwashed, “non-Lame-Stream Media,” puppet, level-headed, “Independent,” like myself? Are we all good? Awesome, let’s go . . .

Most of us are taught as children, that lying is bad and wrong. When a person lies, they must make up another lie, to cover for the previous lie, to cover for the other lies, and so on, and so on . . . I think you get where I’m going with this. In the end, the truth comes out, and the outcome is never very good. What makes a situation like this even more of a fiasco, is when blame starts getting tossed around like the proverbial, hot potato, everyone passing it quickly, as to not get caught with it in their hands.

Let’s make this easy . . . we now know, with complete certainty, that McCabe, Comey, Ohr, and others are implicated in a series of lies. But. . . who is lying . . . and who is telling the truth? Who, if anyone, will be going to jail for perjuring themselves? There is no gray area here, “Someone Is Lying!”  Next, the alleged, guilty party, goes on the defensive, blaming this one and that one, in an attempt to push the attention off of themselves, and  onto others. It doesn’t matter who you blame or what your excuse is for lying . . . “Lying under oath, is Lying!” Nothing changes the fact that someone committed perjury!

Here’s the skinny . . . General Flynn was forced to plead guilty for “lying,” and the only thing he did wrong was not telling them that he discussed sanctions against Russia. His meeting was not illegal in the least bit. Yet, it’s fine for McCabe and/or Comey, to lie under oath for something far, far, worse, than anything General Flynn did? C’mon people, “wake up!” I say give General Flynn a full pardon! 

One of the issues with McCabes statements, where he blames President Trump is that “President Trump” had absolutely nothing to do with his firing. He has no influence over anything pertaining to the I G. His firing was based on evidence reviewed by the I G.

And seriously, when American citizens care more about what a “porn-star, whore” has to say to get her 15 minutes of fame, than the disgraceful acts of government officials, then we can state with confidence that “Americans have been dumbed-down, by the present Democrat party.”

The time has come for “justice” to be served. “Lying under oath, is lying under oath.” My question is . . . Who’s going to jail?

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The Original Domestic God


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