America . . . Our Freedom Is Under Attack . . . Wake Up . . . Are You Brainwashed?

Any person who hasn’t opened up their eyes yet to what is really going on within our country should do so pretty damn quickly. Despite the bleeding-heart, blubbering, lies, the loonie left, has got you believing, all of us are under attack. Yes, all of us, every damn one of us! How can’t people see that they are being completely manipulated by the Globalist Elite through the “Liberal Left,” who are using the Florida school shooting as a ploy to take away our 2nd amendment rights and our freedom of speech?

Censorship is now out of control on Youtube and Facebook, and people are having their channels and accounts deleted because they are exercising their rights to free speech. Why is it that anytime someone poses a question or shares a viewpoint that isn’t inline with the “mainstream” propaganda, it’s deemed inappropriate or some other made-up bullshit? Perhaps it’s because they are quite concerned that these banned and deleted accounts might be right and that would totally go against the lies they’re attempting to convince and brainwash people with? Think about it . . . why would that scare them so badly, unless they were truly onto something, right?

Now the “Lunatic Left” are infiltrating our schools and colleges, poisoning young minds, with all this dumb-ass crap like; “you can’t use a pronoun to address me,” or “making them believe that they are girls (boys), trapped in boys (girls), bodies, trapped inside a transgenders, genitals,” or making a huge issue about what bathrooms to use because junior is uncomfortable having to stand to take a piss, when all he really wants is a vagina so he can sit and pee. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am exaggerating a bit, but it’s only to make a valid point. Look, I get it, Mother Nature isn’t perfect and yes, I truly believe that there are instances where the anatomy of an individual, does not match the true person inside, but the “Left,” is singling out these kids, trying to define who they are for them, and using them as pawns to further their “Globalist agendas.”

And now they are targeting them to use them, once again, as pawns, to obliterate our constitution and convince them that no one should have “Freedom of Speech,” or be “protected under the 2nd amendment.” Wake up people! So they’re going to organize a walk-out in schools across “America,” to bring awareness to the world about “gun violence and gun control.” Yeah, that’s going to fix the problem just like those little green signs posted at schools that say; “gun free zone.” Because clearly that has worked well, right? Instead of the “crazy-ass Left” using our children to divide our country, maybe, just maybe, these kids should come together and brainstorm about a solution that is fair and logical, that both sides can agree upon. Walking out of school is NOT going to solve the problem!

And neither is censoring or deleting Youtube channels or Facebook accounts. The attack has begun on our freedom of speech and we all need to fight back. As long as no one is threatening any form of violence or exhibiting, talking about, or writing about a disgusting perversion, then people need to be free to say how they feel and what they think. Either you’ll be able to have an intelligent, mature, debate about it or you just don’t watch or read about it. No one is forcing you to watch or read something that you don’t agree with. Get over it, you’re not that special, and no one cares. Also, there is nothing wrong with people “questioning” everything.

If a person does not believe the narrative being given by, well, anyone, then they absolutely have the “right” to question it, without fear of retribution. The problem arises when they can provide or produce, evidence, that goes against the story being told. Then, all of a sudden, they’re labeled “conspiracy theorist’s” or just plain nut jobs. But the truth is, we really need to see, hear, and watch, the counter-story being suggested. Again, “We The People,” have the right to watch and listen to an alternate point of view and make up our own minds about the information we are given. We’ll either believe it, not believe it, believe part of it and think the rest is garbage, or not watch or listen at all! That is our God given right. It doesn’t mean we are right . . . it doesn’t mean we are wrong . . . it means we are “FREE!”

Like many “True Americans,” we DO want the truth. So why is it so wrong to question the “Lame Stream Media’s” well, rehearsed and scripted narrative of the School shooting in Parkland Florida? For starters, you really have to watch this video titled; “This Is The Face Of Evil,” from, it’s a real eye-opener. Or are you scared that you might actually wake-up?

The SGTREPORT.COM delivers a video that is filled with “truth,” so listen up again as they present another video with even more questionable material. I can’t stress this enough . . . “QUESTION EVERYTHING!” I am very disappointed because a couple of channels I subscribed to on “YouTube,” were deleted because they offered a different opinion from the “Main Stream, Globalist Elite,” narrative.

Now, just because I enjoy watching someone with a grip on reality, doesn’t mean I always agree or even believe everything they report on, but it’s “MY RIGHT,” to decide how I am going to feel or what I’m going to think about the material presented, no one else’s. So, therein lies the problem . . . “It is an attack on all of our rights to free speech.”

Let’s get one thing straight . . . I am not a “Conservative,” I am not a “Republican,” I am not a “Right Wing Extremest,” I also don’t have any affiliation with the “Lunatic Left,” or the “Democrat Party.” Yes, my current position may be a little “right” of the middle, but that is because of the horror show called the “Democrat’s” and their obvious battle to destroy “America,” using our children as both; “brainwashed, messengers” and “violent, thug, protesters,” like “Antifa!”

There are millions of people in the “United States,” who reside in the “middle,” like myself, with their eyes wide open and their minds so “awake,” they can see the “truth,” that everyone else is either; intentionally ignoring, to ignorant to figure it out, or to frightened to admit there is a problem. “Wake up” and listen to us! We may not have all the answers, but we CAN and DO see clearly enough to know what is happening and the atrocities being committed against humanity, by the “Liberal, Globalist Elite.”

Think about this; “If you need an organized group to define; who you are,  what you should be, or how you should think and act, then you are NOT awake. You are fast asleep, in a deliberately, induced, trance-like sleep, created by the Liberal Left/Globalist Elite and administered to you, by your previous administration, with a nefarious agenda to be carried out, with you as their slaves.”

And now . . . back to the issue of gun control and our 2nd amendment rights;

“Who shot and killed Seth Rich?” Why wasn’t there outrage by the “Left” and “gun control” protests after he was shot and killed in an alleged attempted, robbery, that anyone with a single brain cell knows isn’t the truth. Hmmm, maybe it was because he exposed the corruption taking place within the “DNC?” Why haven’t witnesses with damning evidence been allowed to testify as to what they know? Well, sit back and watch this video by H.A. Goodman and learn something . . .

Apparently, the only “gun” related murders that are worthy of protest’s are what the “Left” deems acceptable, and that is only because they want to use it as a weapon to eliminate the 2nd amendment. “We The People,” the ones in the middle realize that more steps need to be taken to keep our children and everyone else safe from “gun violence,” without stamping on the 2nd amendment.

I fully support our 2nd amendment and our right to protect ourselves and our families, but at the same time, I believe changes need to be made to our “gun laws” in order to prevent more shootings. I support raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21. I don’t feel that that should be an issue. I do understand that people like to hunt and when they feel their kids are ready, take them hunting with them. So, just like we make teenagers get a learners permit to drive, why not apply the same law to young adults 17 to 20, who want to eventually get a gun license? They would be able to hunt with a licensed adult, with a licensed gun. They would also be required to take “gun safety” classes just like we have drivers ed. Next, hire more game wardens or conservation police, to enforce this law and make the fines pretty hefty for violating it.

One thing I really don’t understand is; why any civilian has the need for a semi-automatic weapon of any kind? Unless you are a “gun collector,” and can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that that is your gig, then no civilian should be allowed to purchase a semi-automatic! Again, if someone says they’re a collector, there should be a special license and permit for it and it should be very expensive so only serious, responsible, people, obtain them. Also, any “collector” would be “required” to have specially designed, locked, cases, for their weapons, which can only be opened by either “face recognition or hand-print recognition.”

I know everyone is sick of hearing this, but the “background checks,” and “mental health,” issues MUST  be dealt with at a deeper level. Every person who applies for a “gun permit,” must submit to a mental health screening, where they meet, in person, with a licensed, mental health, professional, before a permit will be issued. Also, permits will ONLY be issued to those who can prove “American Citizenship,” or who are here legally, are established here, and plan on staying here . . . “legally.”

I honestly believe more can be done to prevent tragic incidents like the one in Florida, but “taking away our 2nd amendment rights, isn’t the answer.” I know several people who are licensed, responsible, sane, intelligent, gun owners, and just as it was in 1791 when the 2nd amendment was ratified, should hold true today in 2018. You must also realize that; if a person is hell-bent on carrying out some nefarious plan using a gun, they won’t stop until they either get a gun illegally or find a different implement of destruction.

I realize there are flaws with what I have presented, but at least I’m trying by using my “freedom of speech,” to get a mature, intelligent, conversation, going, about ways to make our children, our world, a safer place to live. That is why we must fight diligently to secure our “2nd amendment rights, and our right to free speech!”  And for God’s sake, stop being controlled by the “Hollywood dumb-asses,” who think they know best what’s good for you and how you should be, or who you should be. These people get paid a ton of money to play make believe . . . think about it.

While we’re on the subject of controlling influences, I also believe that the “NRA,” should not have as much pull and as much weight as they throw around. That doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t exist, or work in conjunction with our leaders, for a safer future, but if they are a key player, then the “Teachers Union,” should be also! After all, the NRA isn’t teaching our children, nor are they with them the amount of hours our teachers are.

Well, that is my rant for now, but my point is; “we can do better, all of us can. we must come together, as a united union, to not only keep our 2nd amendment rights, and freedom of speech, in tact, but also to find ways of keeping our children safe, without stepping on the right’s of others.”

Thanks for reading, please feel free to subscribe. I’d be humbled!



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