As students stage “walk-outs,” and march for the elimination of our 2nd amendment rights, I mean “gun control,” there are evil people out there, right this minute, on our streets, armed with guns they no doubt stole or purchased illegally, who could “snap” at any second, or who might already, even have a plan for a “killing spree” and these young adults think they can somehow stop it?  Sorry, but all the marches and protests, in the world, don’t have a prayer of stopping psychos intent on causing chaos and murder.

I have no doubt that these young adults are sincere, angry, and concerned, for their safety, as they rightfully should be. But I also have to wonder; “how many of these students are being coached by their parents?” How many of these parents are from the “Lunatic Left,” who are only using this tragic event as a way to seek revenge on the “Republicans and President Trump?” What, you don’t think there are parents  out there who would act or think, that way? Welcome to basic reality 101. The “Democrats” are still so bent out of shape about losing the election and exposing their corruption, that they have firmly, aligned themselves, with idiots like; ” Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, CNN (The Communist News Network), and other disturbed, vile, Hollywood, actors, who have so many people brainwashed into believing all the crap they spew.

As a parent and grandparent, I am also concerned about the safety and well-being of our children while they are at school or anyplace else for that matter. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about what the parents and family members, of the students and faculty, who were murdered, must be going through. I am just a small-time blogger with a handful of followers, but I am also a caring, compassionate, human-being, whose conscious awakening, began after I stopped watching the “MSM” news, many years ago. What a “mind-trap” that was to break, but so worth it, you should try it.

I was also a “Democrat” for 37 years, who voted for traitor #44, aka, Obama, and sadly, realized years later, that he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who caused more of a divide in this country, was corrupt as hell, and was also part of the Muslim brotherhood. And don’t get me started on his alleged, “wife” Ya, the jury’s still out on that one. She did, however, single-handed, and without remorse, destroy school lunches for millions of American school children. Then, I finally woke up and for the first time ever . . .  voted Republican. But I digress . . .

“What is the solution to stopping and preventing, these senseless shooting massacres?” Let me tell you, it isn’t getting rid of our second amendment, and banning all guns,.That’s just NOT going to work or happen! With that being said, I also believe that no civilian needs to own a military-grade, automatic, assault rifle, either. That is, unless they are “gun collectors,” in which case I recommend making the process of being a “collector” more difficult and a rather expensive one. I will address this in my next blog post, where I will explain a gun control solution I have come up with. It may not be “the solution,” but it’s worth putting it out there, on the table.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, even me! That’s why I don’t think my-like six followers will mind if I express mine. Let teachers carry, hire security guards, install metal detectors, address the mental health crisis, increase the age to buy certain fire-arms . . . STOOOOOOP! From what has been reported so far, it is alleged that law enforcement had been to the alleged suspects home numerous times, and that the “FBI” had received several tips from concerned individuals in regards to the “alleged shooter.” Here’s the skinny . . . No matter how many times they went to his house, or how many tips the FBI got, unless he was doing something illegal at the time, their only other option would have been to follow him around 24/7 and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait.

Unless a psychopath actually states a day, a time, and a place, it’s a total crap-shoot as to when or even if, the perp will carry out their plan. That is why part of the solution has to be a secure, safe, environment, at ALL schools. The remaining parts of the solution have to be multi-faceted plans, to encompass all aspects of a “solution.”

In the tradition of “False Flag” events, as some suspect this event in Florida might be, the possible, “crisis actors,” or “Liberal mouth-pieces,” are pushing their mugs in front of the “fake news,” camera’s, acting out their well-rehearsed and staged monologues, hoping everyone who listens to them will believe their lies. Its even better when they forget their lines and stutter like idiots, until a crew member prompts them on what they’re supposed to say. And the “brainwashed sheeple” just nod their heads like drooling patients at a mental institution.

However, there is also a great deal of dis-information being tossed around waiting for someone to catch it, believe it, and run with it. Apparently, only the “awakened” souls realize that this whole event could possibly be a “Deep State” initiative. With that being said;   The time has come for all the treasonous, corrupt, guilty, criminals, like Obama, Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Abedin, Wasserman, Pelosi, Lynch, Rice, Mueller, and many others, to be indicted, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison for their treasonous, acts, against the “United States of America.” 

Below are a couple of videos from “Destroying the Illusion,” and “Alex Jones.” that explain the roles of “Crisis Actors” in so many, alleged, “False Flag” events.

David Hogg’s a piece of work, huh? You can’t tell me that he wasn’t possibly coached as a “disaster actor.” Wake up America, stop being controlled like puppets by the “Lunatic, Liberal, Left!”  If the “Left” spent as much time brainstorming, and presenting viable, fair, solid, solutions, to gun control as they did with the “Russia, Russia, Russia,” bull-shit, they’d probably already be a bill on the table, that both sides could agree upon.

“Oh Nooo, It’s The Russian Bots, we’re doomed!”

O K, back to reality, I think Mueller should be probed to . . . like an alien anal probe! Anyway . . .

Sometimes, the answers we are looking for are so obvious that we overlook them because they seem to easy. The next time you’re at the bank, a jewelry store, a sporting event, a concert, a museum, look to see if there is at least, one, armed, security guard, on duty. Chances are there will be. So, if we really, sincerely, love our children as much as we say we do, and we value them as our most precious assets for a bright, future,  and want to keep them safe at all costs, then why is it, we don’t force our schools to afford to our children, the same armed, security guards that patrol our malls, our museums, and our banks? What, you don’t think our kids are worth it? I do!

Or is it that the sight of “metal detectors” lined up at the school doors freaks parents out so badly, because it forces them to face, straight, up, that there really is an issue with school safety?  Our kids are worth more than money, are more valuable than jewels, and are more priceless than art. Let’s face it, do you in all honesty, think a green sign that says “gun free zone” is going to deter a psychopath from shooting up a place? That is why I feel every school should have at least one, if not two, or more, well trained, armed, guards, on duty, in case events like the one in Florida arise.

We should also arm teachers and staff who have either military or law enforcement training and teachers who are willing to be trained. It is not right for us to think it is acceptable for a teacher or coach to throw themselves in front of a hail of bullets to protect our kids when they end up getting killed themselves, leaving their own kids without a parent. All it would have taken was one, armed and trained teacher to take out that shooter, before he could cause anymore damage.

And for the love of God already, stop watching news stations like CNN who don’t give a rats-ass about how anyone feels or how tragic the event is. All they are looking for is “ratings, ratings, ratings,” and they will say and do anything to get them, no matter how unethical, or false they are.  The latest garbage being spewed by “CNN,” the “Communist News Network,” is for the removal or banning of the “Alex Jones” show from “Youtube.”

I don’t care whether you hate him, like him, his show, or anything else about him, this is STILL THE UNITED STATES and we all have freedom of speech! CNN is the biggest crap news station on the air and nothing they say can be trusted as “real news.”  If by chance Youtube does ban the “Alex Jones” show, I am personally going to boycott every sponsor that is associated with CNN, and I am certain there will be millions of other viewers who follow suit.

“We The People,” can think what we want to, watch what we want to, listen to what we want to, and have opinions about anything we want to! It doesn’t mean we’re right, it doesn’t mean we’re wrong, it means we’re “FREE!” Censorship is getting out of control and everyone, yes, I mean “everyone,” needs to stand up against it.  This is the latest video from “Destroying the Illusion,” which shows how “censorship” is out of control.

Our biggest concern should not be “Russian Bots,” or “non-existent DNC hackers,” It should be keeping our children safe, finding ways of preventing gun, or any other type of violence, eliminating censorship, living in peace, and draining the swamp of creatures like Clinton, Podesta, Comey, and a whole bunch of others!

Well my friends, peace out and remember; “Open your eyes to the truth, it’s O K to wake up!”

I would be humbled if you followed me, I promise all my post’s aren’t political and/or venting.




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