Another School Shooting Massacre . . . Is A Call For Stricter Gun Control Really The Answer?

Firstly, I am a father, grandfather, uncle, and friend. At this time, I can’t imagine the pain, anguish, and grief, the families of those innocent, young, victims, of the most recent school shooting, massacre, in Florida, must be going through right now. After I found out how really critical the situation was down there, and how many victims and fatalities there were, my heart sank and my anger increased exponentially. But, who was I angry at?

Every child, in every city, in every state, deserves to be safe and feel safe at school. So why weren’t these young victims safe? What must run through the minds of these young killers to make them do something so horrific? Why, why, why, do they feel the need to cause so much pain and death? Are they themselves, hurting, or are they just so mentally, unstable, that they’re out of touch with reality?  And then I thought . . . “Hey, if some adult there was licensed to carry, then maybe he/she, would have been able to immediately take out the shooter, possibly saving so many victims.”

Even if stricter gun control measures are put into place, it still won’t solve the problem, not at all. The “Liberal Left” is hell bent on creating a society where only law enforcement and criminals have guns. That’s not the answer, not by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no reason why decent, sane, law-abiding, citizens, should not be allowed to carry at all times. There have been many instances where the situation could have been far less worse or prevented, if someone, licensed to carry, could have taken the shooter(s) out.

As more and more news stories are broadcast about the shooting, it seems that the narratives change as well. “We the People,” are NEVER told the truth about these events up front, which always leads to many, many, gaping, holes, inconsistencies, and false information in the liberal, jibber-jabber, created by the MSM. Let’s face it, do you really think the corrupt “Left” isn’t going use this horrific event to push their evil agenda? I’m actually quite surprised they haven’t already blamed Russia for this event. What should be at the top of both parties agendas is “how to deal with the severe mental health issues,” that cause emotionally and mentally, unbalanced, people, to carry out such acts of violence.

Screw being to scared to say something to authorities or others, about someone or some group, you believe may have ill intent because you fear it will be considered politically incorrect, racist, or stereotyping. A program needs to be created and implemented, that allows anyone to anonymously, voice their concerns or knowledge, to the proper authorities, without fear of retribution. I have seen a picture of the alleged shooter wearing the disgusting garb of the thug group “Antifa,” as well as read that he was also a confirmed, member, of some Nationalist group. Not only are those two groups as different as grapes and celery, but those two things alone should have sent “red flags” up about this young mans mental state. A video has also surfaced of an interview with a young girl, a senior, at the Florida high school, in which she states that there had to be more than one shooter because the alleged shooter was standing next to her, talking to her, when shots were being fired.  Could this be a case of “mind control” being acted out?

I’m beginning to smell the rotten stench of the “Deep State” here, don’t you?

Earlier in the week, I also read a couple of articles in which the authors clearly stated that a “False Flag” incident was imminent to draw our attention away from the fiasco involving the corruption, treason, and perjury, of certain individuals within our government. They were right, imagine that! Coincidence? I’m thinking “no” on that.

Look, all this violence has got to stop! We can no longer be complacent and accept these events as the “norm” in our society. Our young children and young adults, should not be subject to, or victims of, these horrific assaults. However, taking away the right to own a gun is not the answer. If someone is determined and crazy, enough to carry out such a bloodbath, then they are going to find a way of obtaining that gun no matter how strict our gun laws are. It’s time for some serious brainstorming from both sides, not opportunities to further their agendas.

Personally, at this time, I feel that every school in the U.S. needs to have at least one, maybe two, armed, full-time, law enforcement officials, on duty from the start of school until the last bell rings and all students are safely dismissed.

Below you will find a video by Lisa Haven, that represents one persons opinion, but I definitely agree with what she’s saying.




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