“Proof Of Multiple Shooters In LV-Symbology-Not a Conspiracy Theory”

Before I write about my thoughts or opinions, in regard to the “shooting in LV,” everyone must watch the video below . . .

Firstly, I am not now, nor have I ever been, “a conspiracy theorist.” However, that does not mean that I believe all “conspiracy theories,” are bogus stories, created by tinfoil hat, wearing, bat-shit, crazy, people, either. After all, there have been many stories and events, which the “MSM,” and other “controlled agencies,” labeled as “conspiracy theories,” that have later, been “proven” to be factual and true. It’s truly frightening, and mind-boggling, how many souls, have been brainwashed and kidnapped, by the “Main Stream Media,” who would drink the Kool-aid, if the MSM told them to, because the MSM would “never” lie to them.

Let’s face it, the “MSM,” and everything they report on, is completely, funded, controlled, and influenced, by the “Deep State,” and their minions. Anyone with common sense knows that to be true. If you believe otherwise, then you are delusional and naive. All you have to do is follow the “money trail,” which will lead you directly to the individuals, or groups, that are funding, and controlling, every aspect of the “MSM.” To be clear, this is not a “new” trend, or form of reporting, by the MSM, it has been taking place for decades to subdue and control the masses. Please don’t tell me you still believe that 9/11 was carried out by terrorist’s? Anyway, watch this video by WeAreChange, it’s a whole lot of truth . . .

Here’s the skinny . . . “nothing about the Las Vegas shooter or shooting adds up.” I don’t care what news station you watched, whether it was the MSM or alternative news, or even just YouTube video’s, common sense should tell you that something just doesn’t seem right about this entire event. There’s a better than good chance that this incident was a “false flag attack,” set up by the same people we are suppose to trust. There are so many contradicting stories floating around, that it almost appears that this was someone’s or some organization’s, plan right along. Doesn’t it bother anyone else that our country is purposely being divided through violence and manipulation? It bothers me very much!

How long did it take after the Las Vegas shooting, before “the blame game” went into overdrive, seven minutes? There are still so many legit, questions, that need to be answered, yet it’s almost impossible to get a straight answer from anyone. Out of curiosity, and that’s all it is, just curiosity, why are there no pictures of the injured or dead people being rushed into the hospital? Given that almost everyone today has a cell phone capable of taking pictures and video’s, wouldn’t you think that with five hundred people injured and sixty dead, there would be hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures making their rounds on the internet, of casualties being hurried into the medical facility? Let’s be honest, what millenial wastes a photo-op, when something of this nature happens?

If this does turn out to be a “fals flag attack,” what is it that these evil people are trying to hide from us by diverting our attention, someplace else?  Some people are even stating that this was more like a planned sacrifice by such evil groups like the “Illuminati or Skull and Bones.” Apparently, there is a great deal of symbolism at play here, especially with the numbers 32 and 33, as well as the positions of several casino’s, and the direction the Sphinx is facing. No one else finds it strange that out of the blue, this 62 year old man decides to massacre as many innocent people as he can and then “commits suicide,” without leaving a suicide note or manifesto? Something tells me he was a patsy, don’t you think?

Another aspect of this shooting that really bothers me, and I have questions about, has to do with the shooters guns and ammo. Firstly, if you own a gun or two or know someone who does, then you surely know how heavy both weapon’s and ammo are, right? If you don’t, I suggest you ask someone who does. I personally know several people who are licensed, gun owners, who not only go hunting, but also go to the shooting range often. According to them, there is no way in hell that this 62 year-old man could have carried in all those weapons and ammo by himself, not even close! He had to have had help lugging all that weaponry up to the 32nd floor. Secondly, how the hell did he transport all of this stuff (apparently they found 42 guns plus ammo in his room) up to his room on the 32nd floor “without anyone seeing him?” There’s absolutely no way this dude could have done all this in one trip, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! Could it be that maybe he had a great deal of help from the inside (such as a hotel employee or other actor) who let him in through a side door, employee entrance, or emergency exit and assisted him in hauling all that “heavy metal,” up to the 32nd floor?

Also, according to the shooters brother, “Paddock wasn’t a gun guy.” Really? Again, ask any gun owner, gun shop owner, etc what kind of skill would be needed to not only put together and load the weapons the shooter used, but to also fire them with accuracy? Let’s put it this way; “someone who isn’t a gun guy, wouldn’t be able to handle it. It takes special training to operate those weapons.” Given Paddocks age and occupation, I’m thinking that Paddock was not in peak physical condition, which would be required to not only carry all of those guns, but to also discharge them. So, “was his brother lying about him not being a gun guy, or were there other people involved, helping him?”  I sincerely believe this is a clear give-away, that this was more than just a 62 year-old, accountant, going off the deep end.

What is taking place within our country? These events are so much more than we are being told, and you have to wonder what the reasons are? When innocent people are being “sacrificed” to fulfill some sort of warped agenda, then the battle between good and evil, is in full-swing. Could this be what is known as “the end days?” Is this the “Deep State” in its purest, evil, form attempting to regain control of the “sheeple,” and then leading them directly into hell, better known as the “New World Order?” Please don’t fall for that trap.  Could this be an event, that’s meant to distract us because of something more ominous and harrowing, that is going to put Earth in harms way . . . let’s say . . . maybe . . . Planet X, better known as “Nibiru?” 

These nightmares have morphed into more than just an issue between two political parties, and sadly it’s the innocents who get hurt. I was under the impression that people wanted to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren, but all I see is hate and despair. And don’t go blaming it on President Trump, don’t make him the scape-goat, there are bat-shit crazy, liberals out there too. But most of all . . . help to figure out who is behind all of these type of incidents and work towards discovering the truth. Below are a few video’s by YouTuber’s who will enlighten you with their opinions. I believe that everyone should watch and listen to these with an open mind and a whole lot of common sense. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!

“Yes this is a conspiracy, but it’s not a theory.”


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