Jeff Sessions Needs To Go Back To Law School And Learn What A Subpoena Is?

Definition of subpoena; a writ ordering a person to attend court. a document that requires its recipient to appear in court as a witness.

Recently, Jason Chaffetz was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro, and according to him, AG, Jeff Sessions, is not performing the duties or upholding the law that he is required to do so as “Attorney General.”

I have to wonder what dirt Hillary Clinton has on him or how much he’s being paid to “NOT” do his job and indict certain people who are clearly and obviously, guilty, of obstructing justice, and other punishable, crimes?

So, that must mean he (Sessions), has set a presidence, that anyone who receives a subpoena, is “NOT” required by law to show up and cannot be punished for refusing to attend, right? After all, aren’t we all supposedly governed by the same laws?

If AG Sessions is “NOT” doing the job which he is required to do, then he must be fired immediately and replaced by someone who will uphold the law as their job dictates them to.

Check out videos below



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