According to Merriam-Webster, the definitions of the words; Evil, Rancorous, Malevolent and Nefarious, are as follows;

  • Evil: morally reprehensible – causing discomfort or repulsion – arising from actual or reputed bad character or conduct – causing harm
  • Rancorous: deeply malevolent
  • Malevolent: having, showing, or arising from, intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred. – Productive of harm or evil
  • Nefarious: flagrantly wicked or impious: evil

Not very pleasant words now, are they? There are dozens of words in the English language that share or represent the same feeling, attitude, or action, but sadly, the previously mentioned words just mean . . . “BAD!”

The dictionary, for the most part, will inform us of; how, what, who, when, or where, is bad, but free-will, leaves it up to the reader to make those judgements for themselves. However, for most of us, we have enough common sense to understand and know what “bad” is, without needing a translation guide to tell us. Bad is bad, evil is evil, rotten is rotten, and there aren’t different levels, or excuses for it “it is what it is.”

When people defend “bad” simply because they feel it isn’t “as bad” as something or someone else, then they are only deluding themselves. You don’t have to like apples to know that the fruit is sweet and you don’t have to be a part of a reprehensible, group, or organization to know that they are “bad.” For example; let’s say one group commits armed robberies, one group murders people, and the other group kills animals, even though they are different crimes, they are all . . . “BAD,” and nothing, absolutely nothing, changes the “meaning.”

Here’s another example; there are two rival gangs, both have members who are; vicious, sadistic, demented, and murderous. A gang war between the two gangs erupts and many from both sides are killed, maimed, or badly injured. Are you going to say that one gang was “less bad,” than the other? Remember, both gangs are filled with the same degenerates, who commit the same nasty actions. “Bad, is bad, is bad.” When you defend “bad,” in whatever form you find acceptable, then you cross the line of hypocrisy, and become a hypocrite.

Whether it’s a child behaving badly, a dog behaving badly, or a gang member behaving badly, “the meaning of the word bad does not change.”


Here are more examples of “BAD”- Extremely “BAD”:

“White Nationalist’s” ———– BAD

“ISIS or any other terrorist group” ——— BAD


“The Globalist Elites” ———- BAD

“Politicians who wish harm on our President” ——— BAD

“North Korea’s Kim Jong Un” ————BAD

“Media Outlets that produce and report false/fake news stories” ——- BAD

“Disco” ———– BAD

“Fukushima” ——–BAD

“SJW’s” ———-BAD

“Finding a hair on your pasta that isn’t your own” ———- BAD

“Racism” ———- BAD

“Killing in the name of the God you worship” ——— BAD

“Protesting against free speech” —– BAD (No one’s going to tell me what I can or can’t say!)

“Alzheimer’s disease” —– BAD

“A Divided Country” —– BAD

“Dog farts” ——–BAD

“Shooting of Law Enforcement” ——— BAD


Was “evil or bad” given life by the actions of “Adam and Eve,” or was it an “oops” moment by our creator? Is “evilness or bad,” a strand in our DNA that’s activated the day we are born? After all, none of us are “perfect,” we’ve all behaved badly, been spiteful, shown ill-will, or had “bad” thoughts, sometime in our lives.

When you outright know someone, some action, or something, is “bad,” and for self-serving purposes, or to feed your own narcissism, or because you’re a follower who can’t think for themselves, denies the “truth,” then you’re just setting yourself up to be humiliated when the truth is finally exposed. (Well, maybe not the narcissist, they’ll find a way to blame someone else.)

“Bad,” however, can also teach us valuable lessons in morality, humility, and compassion. You don’t have to be a genius to know that most everything the “South” once stood for such as slavery, oppression, and hate, were “bad,” very, “bad,” but the fact remains that it is a “part of our history” as a nation. No, it isn’t a part of our history that most of us are proud of, but to completely remove and eliminate any reminders of it, such as; statues, monuments, or historical places, will not change the fact that it still took place and was a major turning point in the direction of our country, no matter how “bad” it was.

Instead of removing and destroying the things that are a reminder of a tumultuous time in the history of our nation, place them on display at a museum, or turn them into museums.  These displays would not be there to celebrate this hateful time in our history, but to serve as a reminder of how we shouldn’t act, and how “bad” of a time it really was for our country. Many people died trying to bring about an end to this era of tyranny and oppression, so let those statues and monuments, help people to remember and honor, those souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for equality. To deny the history of the “United States,” is to deny our existence.

These “museums,” would represent a disastrous, time in our “history books,” just as the Holocaust Museum in Germany, as well as the buildings used as concentration camps, are a reminder to the people of the world of a time that was; so dark, so disgusting, so horrific, that it showed us what “pure evil” looked like, and how we can’t allow something so wicked and so “bad” to ever happen again. Obviously, you can’t compare the horrors of the holocaust to the events that took place on U.S. soil, but there are shared lessons you can learn from both.

It’s not difficult to see the division in our country and the outright hate between the “Left and the Right.” I don’t know, maybe we do need to have another huge civil war between both groups and the side with the highest amount of dead people loses. It’s pretty damn obvious that absolutely nothing is going to get resolved by talking. “Hate is hate – bad is bad,” right? Neither side is going to admit that they are wrong, I know I’ll never admit I’m wrong, because I’m not. Is that “bad?”

It would also take care of the depopulation agenda, the NWO wants to take place. If you side with the “Left,” do you support your side enough that you could kill someone on the “Right,” even if it was a relative or friend? Same question for those who side with the “Right?” Are any of you that “bad” to kill someone whose views are different than yours, even if it was a family member such as a parent or sibling? What? You think this sounds crazy, absurd? Why? That’s exactly what would happen if a “civil war” between the “Right and the Left” broke out. It happened once before, remember? And . . .  It was “BAD!”

I can only hope that somehow, someway, a peaceful solution and agreement between both sides can be reached without a drop of blood being shed, but it’s going to take a miracle for that to happen. Maybe “Ronald Regan” was right. Maybe we need the threat of an alien invasion to bring us all together as a united people?



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