“Antifa and the White Nationalist’s,” (They’re Both Guilty and Ignorant)






There are always “two sides to every story,” yet, depending on the event or circumstances, we’re lucky if we get to hear even a partial dose of “TRUTH,” especially from the controlled, diabolical, manipulative, biased, “Lame Stream Media.” Sadly, these “media outlets,” have dumbed down “Americans” to the point that; any remaining logic or “common sense,” they might have, has been slowly extricated from their weak, easily manipulated, minds. It’s all about controlling the people and turning them into willing participants in a hate-filled game of, “Twister- the Let’s Destroy America version.”

Those of you who don’t believe that the violence in “Charlottesville VA” was “politically motivated,” seriously need to slap yourselves back into reality and wake the hell up! Just look at the “key players” in this evil game and you’ll see this was a sadistically, planned, staged, event, by a group of failing elitist’s, trying to regain control of the masses, who are finally waking up and understanding, the elites, evil, agenda for the people. “Conspiracy theory?” Absolutely not! And the sooner you accept the “truth” that you are being used as pawns by a dark, ruthless, group of people, the sooner you can release yourselves from their tyrannical grip.

In one corner of the game board are the “George Soros” backed, radicalized, far, far, left, dangerous, thugs of “Antifa.” Don’t be fooled by them, they are not participants, for the greater good of humanity, they are just; paid, trouble making, mindless brats, who feel a sense of entitlement, and use extreme violence as their means of moving about the game board. In the opposite corner, carrying torches and pitchforks, are the hate-filled, far, far, right, vile, bigoted, racist, intolerable, members of the “White Nationalist’s.” They too, when provoked will use violence as a way for them to move about the game board. And directly in the middle is the; pathetically bought and controlled, race-baiting, biased, lying, instigating, “Lame Stream Media,” better known as “fake news,” who bend, twist, and deliberately, create and present, false, stories, for “rating purposes” and to incite rabid violence, even if it means innocent people get hurt or killed. Remember, the “Elitist’s” are attempting to control and roll the dice in their favor. And the battle begins . . .

“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Simply stated; “Antifa and the White Nationalists are both evil.” That should be a no-brainer for all of society. However, when self-serving, twisted, people, start politicizing a wicked, event, like “Charlottesville VA,” and placing the blame on people such as “President Trump,” or anyone else who is associated with the “Right,” then it totally pisses off decent, compassionate, good, members of that group. Censorship by “Google, Facebook and Twitter,” to benefit the “Left” is completely out of control and blatantly obvious. The problem with the “Left” is that they believe no one else can have an opinion or a stance on an issue, other than them. Unless, of course, you share their beliefs and opinions, then it’s fine. “Google, Facebook, and Twitter” have become “Extreme Leftist, Anti-American Domestic Terrorist’s” who don’t believe in our “Constitutional Rights.” anymore.

You don’t have to be a freaking genius to know that members of the “White Nationalist’s” are nothing more than; demented, sick, twisted, racist, individuals, who don’t believe in diversity and don’t have respect or tolerance for others who are different from themselves. However, like all of us, they have the right to “free speech” and the “right to assemble.” I heard someone say that there is a difference between “free speech,” and “hateful speech.” No there isn’t. We, as citizens of the “United States,” have the right to think what we want, feel how we feel, and say what we want to. And yes, as much as we don’t like it, hateful speech, is included in that. You can’t change the way a person thinks or feels, through violence or manipulation. There are other ways to achieve that.

What I don’t understand is the “double standard” used by the “Left” to place blame on the “Right.” Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? I find it perplexing that the “Left” supported “Hillary Clinton” when she made a statement saying that; “black youth are sexual predators.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is something a “White Nationalist” would say, right? But it’s not a big deal when Hillary says it? Again, the “Left” wants to have their cake and eat it too. This is one of the reasons we have such a great division within our country now. The “Left” and the “Democrat Party,” morphed into a politically corrupt, cheating, anti-American, scheming, lying, murderous, lot of people, which is a far cry from the proud, stable, upstanding, compassionate, party, I once knew, many years ago. And now they associate themselves with “Antifa” which is nothing more than a pathetic “domestic terrorist” group.


For the most part, children become a “product of their environment” and by the time they’ve reached the teenage years, they have acquired a fair amount of values and morals from their parents or caregivers. A child brought up in a home where they are shown and taught; support, tolerance, respect, compassion and unconditional, love, will most likely grow up with those same values. Whereas, a child brought up in a home where racism, intolerance, bigotry and hate are the norm, then that child, for the most part, will grow up with those same values deeply embedded in their personal ideologies. Let’s face it, having children is a crapshoot, you try to do your best, but sometimes that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Great parents can end up having a delinquent child and horrible parents can end up giving birth to the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Sadly, the children born to hateful, unaccepting, parents, will raise their kids the same way. It’s a vicious, deplorable, cycle. If there is hate within a home, then racism and intolerance will never be abolished, it will be passed down from generation to generation. I was not raised in a house filled with bigotry and hate and I raised my family the same way. Now I see my daughter raising her children the same way and it makes me very proud. My grandchildren unconditionally accept others for how big their hearts are, not by the color of their skin or their race. I have come to realize that you will never be able to fight bigotry, racism, ignorance and hate with the same weapon. It will never work. That is why I blame both the “counter-protestors” as much as I blame the “White Nationalist’s” for the terror that took place in “Charlottesville.” Remember . . . there are always two sides to every story, the “truth” and what people want you to believe is “truth.”

When dealing with organizations like the “White Nationalist’s,” the best way to fight against them is . . . “to do nothing at all!” Look at it this way; when a child is having a temper tantrum or whining about something, the worst thing you can do is give in to the child or shower them with attention. That’s exactly what they want, you’re playing right into their little hands. When repeated tries are consistently, ignored, and unrewarded, the child will eventually stop that behavior because they know absolutely nothing will be gained from it. The same logic applies to fighting against a group such as the “White Nationalists.” They are seeking attention, glorification, and media coverage. Hell, they’re expecting it, don’t give it to them!

Imagine for a minute, that the “White Nationalist’s” rally took place and not one counter-protestor or media group, showed up to either; watch, it, listen to it, or protest it. Pretty much they’d be preaching to their own choir and not getting the reaction, they were hoping for or expecting. Eventually, after having a few marches that were; not covered by the media, no counter protest, stagnant, rallies, and them not being the recipients of any attention, what so ever, their main objective would be annihilated and it would all be for not. But no, instead, just as ignorant, counter-protestors, cowardly thugs from Antifa, and riot inciting “Lame Stream Media” show up to deliberately cause trouble. In all seriousness, did anyone really think a group of religious leaders locked arm and arm, leading the march, would scare or intimidate, the White Nationalist’s? C’mon, you can’t be that naive and stupid. Those Nationalist’s sure were shaking in their boots and so frightened, huh? All it did was piss them off even more and what’s worse . . . it was deliberately staged to create chaos and mayhem.

Do you sincerely think that when the “Neo-Nazi’s” saw the marchers coming towards them, they all stopped and said; “OMG, we hurt someone’s feelings, how awful of us. Thank you, counter-protestors, you have changed my belief system, we’re terribly sorry. We’ll go home now and sing Kumbaya” What’s even worse is that the police were given an order to “stand down” if violence erupted. Why? Isn’t that what our law enforcement is there for, to protect the people? Maybe if the police could have done their job, a young girl’s life would have been saved. There are absolutely no winners in this situation, none, at all. Both sides are equally guilty and the “lame Stream, Fake News, Media,” is politicizing these events to cause more division in “America,” all to benefit the “Left,” who, we are now finding out, are being led and controlled by some; sick, demented, people, with an evil agenda. Don’t be fooled by their “bleeding heart, we’re the victims,” rhetoric. Seek the “truth” and use common sense.

I get it, I really do, the garbage that comes out of the mouths of the “White Nationalist’s” is twisted, vile, hateful and horribly, unthinkable, but they are protected, as we all are, by our right to “freedom of speech.” We don’t have to like or agree with the hate they spew, and it is our right, to choose not to listen to them or pay attention to the evil, doctrine, they believe in. Look; if you don’t like the way something tastes . . . you don’t eat or drink it. If you don’t like the way a shirt looks or feels . . . you don’t wear it. If you don’t like the way a certain activity makes you feel . . . you don’t participate in it. So, if you don’t like what the “White Nationalist’s” stand for . . . don’t give them the attention they are seeking, don’t attempt to argue with them (you will never be able to change their minds), don’t scream and yell at them (they couldn’t care less what you think), and don’t resort to violence because you’re angry (you will just get violence back in return). You have the right to “ignore everything they say and do,” use it!

Most importantly, don’t be fooled, outwitted, manipulated, or controlled, by the “Fake News Media,” whose goals are to; blatantly lie to you, stage scripted and directed events, cause chaos and mayhem for the sake of ratings, be completely biased and “Left” brainwashed (Remember, Hollywood, their political connections, and their minions are controlled and run by pedophiles, are you supporting them?), and divide and destroy our country. Is that what you want? We will never be able to change the way these “White Nationalist’s” think or feel, it will never happen. Don’t waste “positive energy” trying to change them, instead, use that energy to educate and teach, as many children as you can, how to be accepting and tolerant of others. Wouldn’t it be great if we could force all those “Neo Nazi’s” to take an ancestry DNA test? Could you imagine what their reactions would be if the results came back showing anything but “pure white” lineage? I took the Ancestry DNA test and I was quite surprised by my results. And always remember . . . there are two sides to every story. Seek the “truth” my friends, seek the “truth.”

“Help protect and save our right to free speech!” Don’t let them use this staged event to take our rights away.

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