The “Left” has been steadily morphing into deranged, delusional, corrupt, psychotic, desperate, lunatic, killers. The “Left” have now become “home-grown, radicalized, terrorist’s.”  It really doesn’t surprise me though, after all, isn’t that what Obama wanted right along? His goal was to somehow split this country with a civil war between the “Left” and the “Right.” We may have just heard the second shot heard round the world today. I am an independent who has voted “Democrat” in every election except this last one, when I gave “President Trump” my vote of confidence.

What has happened to the entire “DNC” and the “lunatic, liberal, Left”  is disturbing, disgusting, and heartbreaking. It is not the respectable, “Political Party” that I once knew. They are now; “Islam loving, greedy, corrupt, murderous, Sharia-Law supporting, Anti-American, communist,  New World Order minions,” hell-bent on destroying “America.”  Did I mention whining, little cry babies too?

The “lunatic Left” and the DNC, as a whole, have lost any shred of a “value system” they once were proud of. They have total disregard for our “Constitution” and believe that “immigrants” have more rights than “natural-born American citizens.” The “Left” are now “natural born killers.” The “Left”  believe they are above any law and can get away with any crime they perpetrate or commit.

How many more victims are the “Left” going to murder?  How long are they going to keep their demented, three-ring circus, soap opera, theater, up?  get over it, Hillary lost, Trump won fair and square. Here’s a thought; maybe if Debbie (There will be consequences) Wasserman Schultz hadn’t cheated Bernie Sanders out of both his donation money and winning the primary, you might have had President Sanders, not Trump. So, even though you might hate “Trump,” he did absolutely nothing wrong.

If the Democrats are going to place blame, maybe they should direct it at “Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazille,” they are one of thetrue” reasons the Dem’s lost. And how can anyone forget about cheater, Donna Brazille, giving Hillary the debate questions, prior to the debate? The Democratic Party is imploding in on itself, but must place the blame on everyone else, because they can no longer deal with truth, even when the “truth” is legitimate and provable.

For example; The looney “Left” had a nuclear meltdown when President trump imposed a travel ban on Muslim countries and building a wall on the border of Mexico for protection, but thought it was a genius idea when Obama and Clinton said it. But it’s the new Dem’s, the ones who can’t admit to truth, who freaked out the most by getting angry over an issue that the “Left” started first.

The “Left” has become so sick, depraved, and twisted, they cheer and glorify events and people who portray vicious and horrific, deaths, against “President Trump” and anyone who supports the “Right.” The Lib’s think it’s wonderfully, hysterical, to watch a show where President Trump is assassinated or a has-been, old, washed up comic, named Kathy has grotesque and evil, pictures taken of herself, holding the bloodsoaked, decapitated, head, of President Trump in her hand. If you were one of those people who found any of this comical or in good taste, then you sincerely need to head to the nearest mental health facility and check yoursef in. I don’t care what “party” you’re associated with, it’s wrong, vile, and not funny in the least to promote the killing of anyone.

If you are among the disturbed, “Left,” who found these acts of violence funny, then maybe you should watch a “REAL” recording of the beheadings of innocent people at the hands of groups like “ISIS?” Listen as the innocent victims, scream in horrific agony, as the sword or knife slits through their throats. Then come back and tell me you thought it was funny or comical. Imagine how those victims family felt watching some mentally ill comic, making a joke and mockery of their pain. Would you want that for yourself?

Let’s go one step further. Hypothetically speaking, How would the “Left” react if “Hillary” had won the election and someone wrote a detestable, play, where Obama and Loretta Lynch were murdered by hanging, as “Hillary” was tortured, gang raped, and killed, by a group of Islamic terrorist’s, while Chuck Schumer sexually molested a little boy? Would the “Left” find that comical? My guess is no, and they would have had a nuclear meltdown, crying, pissing and moaning, about how offensive and demented it was. Well, of course it would have been offensive, so the same damn thing applies to the “Right,” being angry at the present-day morons who are actually producing this crap against the POTUS. And now the desperate and deranged “Left” have turned into “Domestic, Radicalized, Terrorist’s,”  with the attempted murders of Congressman, “Steve Calise,” and other members of the “Republican” Party.

I have to wonder how many of the psycho’s who find any of this “Democratic Terrorism”  funny or justified, believe in God or have some sort of strong, religious faith? They are hypocrites and cowards, who believe they can hide their “true” feelings from God as if God has no idea what is simmering and rotting in their hearts. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, independent, white, black, green, short, fat, skinny, or extraterrestrial, no one has the right to intentionally or deliberately, take the life of another human being, especially in the name of a political party or diety you worship!” And yet, members of the “Democratic Party” celebrate “murder” with joy and happiness, in the name of their “party.”

And then you have senile, old hag, “Nancy Pelosi,” saying that it was the “Republican’s” fault the attempted murders happened. Seriously Nancy? Hey Nancy, retire and take some Aricept for that Alzheimer’s you’re dealing with. Of course, the “MSM” is just as bad sensationalizing the killer as some sort of “Left Wing hero.” Wolf Blitzer from CNN (Communist News Network) commenting that the killer wasn’t evil, just disilusioned by politics. O K Wolf, so when someone comes in and shoots up the crew, reporter’s and journalist’s (if you can call them that) from CNN, we should say; “The killer wasn’t evil, he was just disilusioned by fake news.”  Because that makes it seem more justified, right?

So far, the “Right” has not retaliated against the “Left,” and they may never will. I’d like to believe that at least one party has class and are “true Patriots.” However, there also may come a time when the “Right” unleashes a reign of terror upon the “Left” throwing us into a second Civil War. And just like the first “Civil War,” the death toll, pain and agony, will be high on both sides.

Is this how you want the “United States” to end as a country? No? Then send a message to the “Democrats,” and tell them this is not how we solve problems in this country and instead of working against the “Republican’s,” work with them.

Please share this post as a reminder to all, as in everyone from the left and the Right, that we will not tolerate such disgusting, evil, demented, sick and twisted, behavior, as the “Left” has recently displayed. These are not the values this country was founded on.


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