Mothers and fathers will be weeping over the dead bodies of their college-age, trouble-making, children, as they are systematically gunned down, beaten, bludgeoned, and tortured by supporters of President Trump. The “Army of the Right,” will mightily prevail as the cowardly, Left, crawls back into their “safe spots” to cry and color in their coloring books.

I am an independent, I do not have an allegiance to either the Democrat or Republican party.  As graphic, extreme, and a bit novel-like, the above paragraph may seem, I can almost guarantee you that the real scenario that would play out if President Trump were impeached, would be almost identical. You need to understand that; as hard as the sore loser, crybaby, Dems, are trying to bring this country down by disregarding the “Laws of the Constitution,” supporting “Sharia Law” (so all you women can be treated like second class citizens), inciting violence, committing treason, committing espionage, and many more disturbing items, the Republicans and everyone who supports and stands behind them, will fight back one thousand times harder to destroy the Dems and the Left.

What I don’t understand is how or why the Dem’s don’t think this will happen? Are they so wrapped up in their one-sided, double standard, reality, that they don’t think the ramifications of an act of “impeachment” will go unchallenged, or without retaliation, from the “Right?” It will be a chaotic, bloodbath, civil war, of epic proportions, with the “Right” triumphing over the “Left.”  Do you really think our “Armed Forces” will support the Dem’s and their agenda’s? Sorry to disappoint you, but almost one hundred percent of our military will support the President and do whatever is necessary to take down the whining “left.”

Ask yourself this question; “do I really want a scene like this to play out where it’s a real possibility that millions of “American” citizens are killed, maimed, or tortured? Is that what you want for your families, or our beautiful country?” You should always be careful of what you wish for because wishes that come true, come with consequences. Have you ever stopped to consider “why” the Dem’s are so hell-bent on impeaching “President Trump?”

If you take a step backwards and look back over the last eight years, the reasons become crystal, clear. As far as “Russian collusion,” the Dem’s (The original Russian collusion gang, like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, etc.), have had their hands so deep in the Russians pockets, they could squeeze their balls. And even though it is “public record” of these ties, these idiots deny it. Over the last eight years, how many “pay-to-play” deals have been made within the Democratic Party, making them shit-loads of money? How many acts of cheating, fraud, money laundering and backstabbing took place within their own party, so they could get their greedy hands, on more money? The American people became so complacent, that they became brainwashed by “fake news” (yes, it is called fake news, like CNN, MSNBC, etc.), that they became deaf and blind to what was really going on in D.C.

The “Left” turned a blind eye, when it came to pedophile rings involving members of their own party, probably because they blackmailed these sadistic, perps, and again, made massive amounts of “dirty money” off them. The “American people” were brainwashed by our former, Anti-Christian, Islamic supporting, president, into believing that the people of the U.S.A. needed to assimilate our way of life to that of immigrants, so we don’t hurt their feelings. What he was really saying was; “I’m going to turn this whole damn country Muslim and let the “Islamic Terrorist’s” infiltrate and kill as many innocent Americans as possible.” And still, the unconscious, people, did nothing to stop it, but agreed with it because the MSM told them if they didn’t, they were racist.

This destruction didn’t stop here though, the “Left” joined forces with some global friends like Germany and others to control, subdue, and manipulate, the people. The results of which were anything, but positive. Look at the chaos, riots, terror attacks, civil unrest and rapes taking place in these countries now. How’s this “globalist” plan working out for you now Germany, Switzerland, and England? People need to understand that this “Globalist Elite,” agenda is NOT about protecting you or anyone else. It’s a scam, a ruse, it’s about handing over all your freedoms to them, while they make trillions of dollars off your stupidity and ignorance. Kudo’s to “President Trump” for looking out for the well-being and financial stability of the “United States!”

Back in the states, the corruption was, and still is, going strong, within the “Left” as they attempted to infiltrate our schools and colleges by brainwashing the students into believing what they were doing was for the benefit of everyone in this country. They succeeded in creating a generation of emasculated men who need safe spaces and coloring books, because they can’t deal with not getting their own way. Now you tell me, in a fight between the “Left” and the “Right,” who would win, a strong-willed, ready to kill, soldier from the “Right,” or an emasculated boy from the “Left” who must hide in his “safe space?” It’s just an observation, but I’d rather be standing behind that soldier from the Right, any day.

And how can we forget about the “Hollywood” regime and how they think that everyone should listen to them because they’re so special. Seriously, they’re nothing but overpaid dumb-asses who get paid to play make pretend. No one cares what these fake, egotistical, materialistic, bozo’s say. They need to just shut up and go back to playing make-believe. When civil war breaks out between the “Right” and the “Left,” you can bet your asses these Hollywood characters will be holed up in their mansions too frightened to come out and take a stance for what they piss and moan about all the time.

Go right ahead and set up all these websites for people to go and leak information that is detrimental to ‘PRESIDENT TRUMP,” because obviously, you enjoy the idea of the United States going to war with each other, brother killing brother, father killing father, families killing each other. Apparently, there is a lot of money peddled between the pedophiles in D.C. and the Pedophiles in “Hollywood.” No wonder they want Trump out because him and Jeff Sessions have declared war on “child trafficking and abuse,” which could mean the exposure of prominent, Hollywood, sicko’s.

These “Leftist” loonies think it’s funny, a joke, but they won’t be laughing when their lives are on the line and they’re staring down the barrel of a shotgun or in front of an execution squad. What, you don’t think that could happen if this impeachment nonsense continues?  You’re not getting this, to continue this “witch hunt” is like a country committing suicide. Hey, if you’re going to try and impeach “Trump,” then we also need to remove Obama from the record books as a “President of the United States.” After all, he was not legally born in the U.S. which makes his presidency null and void. He is also guilty of “treason” and many other crimes against the people. Also, the word on the street is, Michelle Obama is really a dude! And while I cannot say for sure if that is true or not, it wouldn’t really surprise me if she was.  Wait, what? You don’t like it when people say stuff like that because it’s all lies? Sure, kind of like the collusion with Russia, propaganda, the Dem’s keep perpetrating, even after it has been “proven,” that there was no collusion at all.

Let’s face it, the Dem’s and the “Leftist lunatics” are still acting out in denial, jealousy, and temper tantrums, because their crooked, corrupt, candidate, lost the election to “Trump” and the “Republicans” who won fair and square with NO outside interference. They need to get over it, stop acting like little spoiled, temper tantrum, brats, and move forward. Things would go so much smoother if they would only try and work together with the President, not against him. Like it or not . . . “Donald Trump is our President!” Oh, and for the record, “you can’t impeach a President just because you don’t like him,” that’s not how it works. President Trump has done nothing wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with his policies, he has done absolutely nothing wrong! As a matter of fact, he has done many great things for our country already, but the MSM refuses to report on it. Let’s take a stroll down “Democrat Hypocricy Road,” shall we? Maybe it’s time they ate some good old fashion crow, huh? But, somehow, the Dem’s, Libs, and deniers, will say . . . “Oh this is different.”  No it’s not, not even a little bit . . .

However, you want to talk about people doing “wrong?” Well then, look no further than; Former president and turd, Obama, Hillary (the killer) Clinton, James (The Weasel) Comey, Lying Loretta, Debbie (The dog-faced, there will be consequences) Wasserman Schultz, John (The Molesta) Podesta, and Donna (I like to cheat) Brazile. Oh, and what about those other two, you know, Nancy (I have Alzheimer’s) Pelosi and Chuck (The Satanist) Schumer. There’s really something about Schumer that scares me, I can see it in his eyes, his Aura. He’s one creepy looking dude who I would never trust to leave little children with. Apparently, the Dem’s think they don’t commit crimes and/or atrocities, but we all know the truth . . . they’re guilty as hell!

Here’s just a quick thought; The Dem’s say that the Russians hacked the DNC computers, right? (We all know this is a farce) Well then, Why, didn’t or haven’t they turned over these so called, hacked computers to the FBI, who have been asking to look at them for months and months now to see if that Russian hacking theory was true? Why are they refusing to turn them over, yet, they want everyone to believe their story is true? Use some “common sense” here folks.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that I called the police and told them that someone broke into my car in the garage and stole everything in it. When the police arrive, I tell them what has happened and they write it all down. Next, they ask to go into my garage to examine my alleged car that was allegedly, broken into. My response to them is; “No, you can’t go in there, you’re just going to have to take my word for it, but I’m going in to call my insurance company and file a claim so I can collect the money.” How do you think that would turn out? So, what damning evidence, acts of corruption, or even orders to physically terminate someone, are on those computers that they won’t let the FBI examine?

Think about these things the next time you hear some idiot mention “impeaching President Trump.”  Not only would this act be the beginning of a homeland civil war, but it would open a can of worms that I really don’t think the “Left” wants opened right now. Do you really want to be a part of that brainless plan? Are you willing to kill one of your family members or friends, who’s views are different than yours, when civil war breaks out between the “Left” and the “Right?” How does the feeling of losing someone you love, like a child, or spouse, sound to you? “IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?”

These are not scare tactics, this IS what will happen. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee, you dumb-ass, lunatic, Leftists! Trust me, you’re going to have to choose a side and fight for that side, no matter what. You can’t escape it. This is what is going to happen if they try and succeed in “impeaching President Trump.” And to make matters worse, you have truly disturbed comedians, making horrible jokes as if what’s happening is fucking comedy hour. What’s up with that total douchebag Samantha B? Man, she’s not even a little bit funny and I would love to hear that someone put a bullet between her eyes. And don’t even get me started on that total loser Kathy Griffin. Her and psycho Rosie O’Donnell should pack up and move to some baron, frozen, tundra, in the great white north.

So, stop for a moment . . . in all sincerity, is this what you really want to happen within our country? If not, call, text, fax, email or write to your congressman, congresswoman, senator etc. and TELL them that you want this nonsense to cease immediately and that you want them to work together, not against, the other side to create a viable, fair, well thought out, secure, safe, monetary benefitting, plan for everyone in our country. Do it now before it’s too late.

The time has come for everyone to finally wake up and see what is really happening and who is responsible for it. There are darker, pure evil, forces, out there, trying to control the masses, and manipulate them in every aspect of their lives. Snap out of it because you are included in this, whether you believe it or not. When you finally realize that you’re just a pawn in a sick, sadistic, game, for the super-rich, maybe then you’ll turn your anger and hatred towards where it really belongs. It’s people like the sick and twisted, “George Soros” who are choreographing this diabolical, scheme, to split and divide our country. This is what “President Trump” is trying to stop and you should be doing your part to assist him in this endeavor, not following Satan’s minions, like lost sheeple.

The time has come for you to make a decision that could affect you and your family, for the rest of your possibly, short, lives. Are you with the “Left” who want to split and divide this country, who believe in “Sharia Law, Terrorism and a New World Order,” or are you with the “Right,” who believe that the “United States” and the citizens who live here should come first, before any other country? Who also believe that we have the “Right” to live “freely” and “safely,” with protected borders and stricter immigration laws to keep radical, terrorist’s, off “American” soil. Are you a “True American” or are you an “Anti-American, pro-Islam, Sharia law, loving, ISIS supporting, treasonous, pathetic fool, offering up and sacrificing your family, to the most wicked and evil people on earth?

I’ve heard it said that there is “strength in numbers.” Just for a moment, imagine, if you can, all the great American people standing up “together” and taking a stand against the “Global Elite” who are trying their hardest to split, divide, and conquer, our great nation by influencing and controlling the “Liberal Left” through nefarious means.

Don’t fall for that false narrative and evil propaganda, be a “free” thinker. Look, I get it, I really do. Many people don’t like President Trump, but I think it’s because his “win” came as a shock to so many people who were brainwashed by the “Liberal Left” and the “MSM.” Like him or not, he has finally snapped everyone out of their complacent coma’s and forced them to wake up.

I believe “President Trump” when he states that he really does care about our country and that we should always have the best interest of the U.S. at hand. Why shouldn’t we take care of America first? Yes, he may be harsh at times, but at least he’s passionate about what goals he’s striving towards. With Obama, everyone just followed along, never questioning him, just nodding yes like enslaved zombies. “President Trump” wants the American people to flourish economically and at the same time not have to worry about our safety because of radical terrorism. Obama’s biggest concerns were what bathrooms trans-gender people were going to use to take a piss or defecate in or how he could manage to get more Islamic terrorist’s in this country.





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