I didn’t know Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr or Shawn Lucas, but the ties that bind these three together are not only tantamount, but so incredibly obvious that only an idiot, paid shill or troll, would deny this without feeling remorse or respect for the victims, their families, or themselves.

Just for a minute or two, I want everyone to put their political beliefs, party association, and ignorance, aside, and put on the “I have common sense and an actual brain, hat on.”  That remark was not in any way meant to insult you, but to “wake you up!” The first and most important “fact” to remember is; “these young men who were murdered, were someone’s son’s, grandson’s, uncle’s, father’s and friends,” who didn’t deserve to die like that and who deserve justice.

Put down your petty differences, if you can, and try to act like intelligent, civilized, human beings. Are you a parent or grandparent? Are you an uncle, aunt, or good friend? As a parent, how would you feel if one of your children was murdered and absolutely nothing was being done about it and any information you tried to get about their murder was deliberately being kept from you for reasons you can only speculate about?

This is in no way, shape or form, any type of “conspiracy theory,” and neither am I a tinfoil hat wearing “conspiracy theorist!” Three young men are dead, murdered in cold blood and their assailants are still at large, even though law enforcement has evidence which they’re hiding and refusing to release. Evidence, that could lead directly to the killer(s) or person(s) who ordered their hit. This is factual, not a “conspiracy theory.” Put on your “parent” hat for a minute and tell me that you’d be alright with that?

I find it very curious that articles written in certain media publications such as “The Washington Compost,” begin their stories about the murder of Seth Rich by stating up front that it is a “conspiracy,” and those who write anything different about it, well, they are labeled as “conspiracy theorists.” Again, how is a murder a “conspiracy?” When someone is shot dead and murdered, it is a violent crime, not a “conspiracy.’ And wouldn’t you think that after almost a year and a hefty reward for any information that leads to the murderers, some law enforcement agency would have a few leads by now? Your common sense doesn’t scream at you that something about this just doesn’t seem, right? Have you really been so severely, brainwashed and controlled, by the MSM, that your common sense has been erased. And why the hell is the “Washington Compost” desperately trying to cover-up the murder of Seth Rich?

Remove the blinders from your eyes, and put your “smart-caps” on for a few minutes so you can “see the truth” and “understand the hypocrisy” taking place in the investigation of Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr, and Shawn Lucas. The murders of these gentlemen are not “conspiracies,” and should not be confused with the explanations, associations, accusations, reasons why and who done it, vocalized and written about by many; intelligent, sane, respectable, educated, journalists and people with “common sense,” which most MSM, trolls, and paid-off, blackmailed, journalists are calling “conspiracy theories.” It was brought to the public’s attention that murder victim, Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, was or might have been, one of the sources of leaked intelligence, that was given to “Wikileaks.”

This claim was further realized when “Kim.com” came forward stating that he was good friends with Mr. Rich and knew for sure that he “was” the “Wikileaks” source. He even offered to testify, under oath, in front of Congress, to the truth and accuracy of his statement. He also said that he could prove, beyond a reasonable, doubt, that Seth Rich was the “leaker” and that his murder was directly related somehow to the DNC.  But, his offer fell upon deaf ears, why? Could it be that “Kim.com” can really prove that Seth was the leaker and that he was murdered by thugs or professionals, hired by someone in the DNC? Is this what has so many, people, within the DNC panicking, breaking out in sweats, and hurling threats at high ranking law enforcement officials and specific prosecutors? (Is that it Debbie Wasserman Schultz?)

After this statement by “Kim.com,” it didn’t take long for the MSM wolves, zombies, and vultures, to come out crying and trying to discredit “Kim.com” blubbering that this was nothing but a “conspiracy,” with no merit whatsoever. Really? If it has no merit, then why would they get so defensive and paranoid about it, what reason do they have to even care about it, unless it would somehow implicate them, right? The narrative from the D.C. police states that Seth Rich was shot in the back several times after a botched robbery attempt by low-level criminals at four in the morning. However, the only thing taken from Mr. Rich was his laptop. Sure, you know, because the only thing low-level criminals are out for are laptops that they probably could never figure out the username or passwords to. The hell with taking his money, watch, and wallet with other things like credit cards, so they could easily score some drugs of choice for themselves. Oh, and I guess these low-levels waited for Seth to turn around and walk away from them so they could shoot him in the back. C’mon, doesn’t that make sense?

A generous reward was offered for info about the murder and you know as well as I do that low-level criminals are not the most brilliant or loyal, of people, and would have turned their own mother in, if it meant getting that reward money. It’s been almost a year and the police won’t even release the video footage, from the body-cams of the first responding officers. As a matter of fact, they say that they still don’t have any leads. I call bull-shit and lots of it. Do I believe that Seth Rich’s murder was somehow connected to the DNC? Absolutely YES! Am I saying that Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, or Donna Brazil, pulled the trigger or ordered his hit? Absolutely not! Time to turn up the volume on your “common sense” inner radio folks. It’s actually very, very, simple. If the murder of Seth Rich was not related to anything that must do with the DNC, then it wouldn’t matter in the least if “Kim.com” testified in front of Congress, would it? What need would the “Washington Compost” have to go on the offensive, if they truly believe that it was nothing more than a botched robbery committed by some low-level criminals?

If it was nothing but a botched robbery, then why would Debbie Wasserman Schultz threaten the Capitol Police Chief? Why would she disguise her voice and call the prosecutor’s office, looking for information about a present lawsuit filed against her and the DNC for fraud and other nasty things within her own party? What’s even more pathetic is that she forgot to block her phone number before calling the prosecutor’s office and they traced the call back to Little Debbie’s office. Can you say DUH real loud? What are they so fucking frightened of, what are they trying to hide, by trying to convince everyone that this whole event is a “conspiracy theory?”  Then again, the leaked email from “John Podesta” did say that he wanted to make an example out of someone who leaked info even if it wasn’t that person who did it. There’s no malice in that, is there? Thank you, Mr. Julian Assange for that.

I humbly asked a couple of my friends who are in law enforcement their thoughts on the Seth Rich murder and the circumstances surrounding his and the murders of the other two men and their sentiments was pretty much identical. “It’s shit like this that gives police officers, law enforcement, in general, a bad reputation. Of course, we don’t believe it was a botched robbery, you’d have to be a moron to believe something that stupid.”

For a minute, forget that you’re a Democrat or a Republican, and let’s play; “I’m a human being” Three men were murdered, men who were sons, nephew’s, friends and boyfriends. Young men who didn’t deserve to be murdered, but, who now, deserve to have “justice” done in their names. Will that “justice” come? Well, not if law enforcement is paid off or threatened to keep their mouths shut by a corrupt, desperate, person or organization. Anyone who believes that the murder of Seth Rich is “not” somehow, whether, directly or indirectly, related or connected to the DNC, especially after all the new evidence that has come to light, must be in severe denial, or just plain stupid. Of course, he was killed because of something to do with the DNC. What that something is, I don’t know, we may never know, but the fact remains that this young man was murdered and his killer(s) are still at large.

My personal opinion is this; remember, this is just my own personal theory. I believe that either some goons hired by someone in “public service,” or even a couple of selected members of a law enforcement agency, ambushed Mr. Rich as he walked home from the bar at 4am because they knew he was leaking info to “Wikileaks” about the corruption, fraud, and rigging of votes, within the DNC and they wanted his laptop in the worst way possible. I believe that a scuffle broke out as they attempted to subdue Mr. Rich, but he, somehow, freed himself from their grip, long enough to start running away from them. That’s when one, or two of them opened fire on Mr. Rich, striking him in the back several times, and leaving him for dead. Once the shots were fired, the assailants took off in a hurry for fear of being spotted and identified by a curious neighbor or surveillance cameras on surrounding buildings. Which of course, begs the question; “Where are any or all of the video footage from surveillance cameras that I’m sure were mounted on several buildings?”

Are they conveniently “missing” or “lost?” What are they hiding? Again, if it was just a botched robbery, then why would viewing any of the video footage from the surveillance cameras matter to anyone other than as an attempt to identify Mr. Rich’s killers? Seriously folks, you don’t go through all this trouble of withholding important data, making lame-ass excuses, refusing to cooperate with investigators, unless you’re sincerely trying to hide and/or cover-up evidence, that proves this was no botched robbery attempt, but a deliberate “hit.” And what about the story of the female FBI agent who just happened to leave her laptop and other sensitive material on the front seat of her unlocked car which was parked in her driveway? It was then broken into and the thief’s made- off with the laptop and other goods. Doesn’t every intelligent, well-trained, cautious, FBI agent leave sensitive stuff in their cars which are conveniently unlocked? And yet, again, another unattended FBI vehicle was broken into where the robbers (wink, wink) stole some high-powered, expensive, guns, which again, just happened to be in the back seat.

The MSM would like you to believe that these events were random and a non-issue, but when was the last time you heard them report on the status of these thefts? Nothing to see here, move along, move along, but when someone mentions the murder of Seth Rich and possible evidence that would help apprehend the murderer’s, they scream; “conspiracy, conspiracy!”  And the “sheeple” will follow.

When and if, you hear someone referring to the murder or stories of “why” Seth Rich and the other gentlemen were “murdered,” as a “conspiracy theory,” or “conspiracy theorists,” I want you to immediately put your “common sense” cap, on and remember this; “The MSM (the real fake news) is owned and controlled by a group of sick people (Bilderberg) whose mission it is to keep the people of the world subdued, controlled, asleep, miserable, and believing that we need them to show us the way. Hence the name Sheeple.”  They want you to believe that if the MSM (CNN, etc.) tells you it’s not real, or it doesn’t exist, or it’s fake, (even though it’s all real and true), then you will be blindly convinced and brainwashed that what they are telling you must be true because they said so and they would never lie to you. Below you will find a couple of videos created by other researchers and journalist’s that I find really get the messages across loud and clear. If you choose not to watch them, just scroll down to my closing comments.

So, getting back to the murders of Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant jr and Shawn Lucas . . . Firstly, I am in no way, shape, or form, a “conspiracy theorist,” but I am “awake” and have a great deal of “common sense” just as I know so many of you do too. Chances are, if intuitively, something doesn’t seem or feel right to you, then it most likely isn’t. Use your “common sense” indicator, and question, question, question, everything. Look, let’s say that Seth Rich didn’t work for the DNC, wasn’t the source of the leaks to “Wikileaks,” and wasn’t involved in politics at all. He is then gunned down and murdered. I’m willing to bet that in almost a year’s time, the police, detectives, etc. would have either many leads or have already arrested the killers. Instead, there is deceit, fear, threats, cover-up, denial, suppression, and no leads. Why? Isn’t it weird though, that so many individuals in the upper echelon of “public service” are making such a big deal out of a botched robbery/murder by some low-level criminals, huh? I wonder what they’re so frightened of?

I didn’t write this post to put one group against another or accuse any person of a violent crime, that is not my “intent.” What disturbs me the most is how so, so, many people are being duped by the MSM because they want you controllable and mindless. While the “Bilderberg” group meets and discusses how to torture the people and then sits back and laughs at our misery, we try to just, survive, live in peace, and raise our families while they live lives of luxury, greed and wickedness. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be and the sooner people “wake up,” and realize that “life” should be enjoyed by everyone, not a select few, the sooner we take our freedom back.




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