Why do people believe in God? Why do they feel this overpowering, need, to show such blind addoration towards a “thing” they’ve never seen, heard or spoken with. I reckon that It’s most likely out of “fear,” from years and years of having it shoved down their throat’s and into their subconscious that if they don’t believe in God, they’re evil, wicked, people, who will burn in the pits of Hell.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it . . . God is NOT good, God is NOT caring, God is NOT kind or generous and God (if it exists), doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me, you, or a one-armed pirate named Slappy who lives on skid-row.

Are we really supposed to believe that one single “entity” (God), created all this . . .

The Universe

Seriously folks, why waste your time and energy believing in something that represents lies and empty promises? When you wake up and realize you will “never” get what you ask for from “God,” then that will be the day you have finally, freed, yourself from the evil chains of forced worshipping. And if you do get what you asked for, “God” had nothing to do with it, it happened because it happened, nothing more, nothing less.

I was a believer once, but looking back, I now understand it was because I was forced to go to Mass every week and participate in all those pathetic, lame, rituals, which clearly have absolutely no effect in the outcome of your life. God is stupid, all religion is stupid and people are brainwashed for actually believing in it.

Tell me, when was the last time “God” sent you an email or called you on your cell phone? Has he sent you any text messages lately? Gee, no show of hands, I wonder why? It’s because “God” is “FAKE,” as in, “made up,” created by some dudes with nothing better to do who were probably tripping on mushrooms!

Of course, this also means there is no such thing as “Satan” either. Another made up, fictional charcter, created to frighten and controll the masses. Now, that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist and there aren’t bad people in the world, because there are, plenty of them and their actions are becoming more disturbing all the time. So where is this perfect “God” who is supposed to be able to destroy this evil? Is he at O’Malley’s pub around the corner tossing a few cold one’s back? Whether you’re good or bad, is a personal choice you make for yourself.

I think two of the most hysterical statements about the teaching of “God” or “Jesus” is; “God listens to you and hears your prayers,” or “Jesus says, ask and you shall receive.” Receive what, a whole lot of “nothing?” The asking “Jesus” for help and making sincere requests ship sailed and sank quite while ago.


Yes, I feel that believing in “God” or “Jesus” is stupid, there’s no proof either exists or existed. Also, if “God” did exist, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him/her what a giant, ignorant, lying, jerk, I think he or she, is by leading people on and crushing their spirit by not helping them out when they need it the most. It’s kind of like throwing a coin in a water fountain and making a wish that also never comes true. Well, I want all my “holy coins” back for all those wishes and requests I made that NEVER came true or were never answered.

And don’t even get me started on the “Bible.” I can say this for it though . . . “It is the best science fiction novel ever written.”

So, just because I believe ‘God,” “Jesus” and all that “holy” bull crap is fake, doesn’t mean that I condone violence or wrongful behavior. It’s actually quite the contrary. I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, love and peace towards all humankind, nature and animals. You don’t have to believe in “God” to hold those sterling virtues close to your heart.

What I find even more horrifyingly pathetic is when I hear people say to me; “God doesn’t give you anymore than he thinks you can handle.” Really, because if that’s true, it’s just plain cruel, disgusting and reprehensable. Who wants to worship something that deliberately makes your life a living hell on purpose?

Just know, when I say that I’ve tried to “believe” hundreds if not thousands of times, I am not lying. However, I have yet to have one of my prayers or requests answered, even when I say that “I surrender my will to God.” Maybe I was just asking the wrong “entity,” if you know what I mean?Maybe I should have sent my requests down instead of up.

I imagine that this post will be read by people who call themselves “Christians,” however, if you pass judgement upon me for how I feel, are you still being a “Christian?” Look, I have gone through and am still going through, horrible, awful, discouraging, things and events that would make the average person just want to “end it all,” and even though I definitely feel that way every so often (well, more than every so often, kind of alot), I haven’t . . . yet.

therefore, the lunacy of asking for help and actually receiving it fades by the wayside like an avalanche of bull poo-poo. I just can’t do that to myself anymore, I can’t believe, only to be pittifully, let down, every single, solitary, time, so I’m not going to waste my time anymore, why should I? That is why “Believing In God Is Such A Total Waste Of Time.”


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