“Life Isn’t Perfect, So Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m A Republicrat.”




Life is not perfect, well, mine isn’t anyway, but seeing that I can’t speak for everyone else, there is always the possibility that somewhere in the vast universe, there are people who have been gifted with a glorious, perfect, reality, where everything they dream about, wish for and work towards, all seems to come true and fall perfectly into place. Would I enjoy that reality? Hell yes! Honestly, I’m tired, I’m mentally and physically worn out, and all I want is something incredibly positive to happen in my life without putting anyone in harm’s way. You know how that works, right? Supposedly, if something in your life changes, whether it’s good or bad, it has a ripple effect, changing the realities of other situations and people directly and indirectly associated with you.

I created this blog as a place to vent and get my thoughts (both good and bad), out of my head and into the universe. With all the stress, I’m dealing with at home, it doesn’t help to read about how insane the “Democratic Party” and the “Leftist Liberals” have become. I have never in my life witnessed a bigger bunch of sore loser, crybabies, hell-bent on destroying “America.” Yes, destroying “America!”

I am neither a “Democrat” or a “Republican,” I am a “Republicrat.” My values and opinions lie somewhere in the middle of both parties. Yes, I voted on the “Republican” ticket, but that doesn’t make me a “Republican,” it just means that I preferred the candidate on that ticket over the one on the “Democratic” side. I only wish that the people who voted on the Democratic ticket would wake up and realize that they have all been severely brainwashed and lied to, by the MSM into believing a whole bunch of total bull-shit.

If you voted on the “Democratic” ticket, it means that you support “Americans” being maimed, tortured and killed, by Domestic terrorist’s. No, you say? Really? If you really cared, then you would support stricter immigration laws and heavily armed border patrol guards as a way of “protecting” innocent “Americans.” Sorry to inform you that life is not perfect and it’s not all about unicorns, rainbows, happy-faces, and people holding hands, dancing around trees singing Kumbaya. Do you seriously think that holding, dumb-ass, violent, protest’s, are going to stop an act of domestic terrorism? Wake up!

So, do you really care about your children, your family, your friends, or what happens to them or do you care more about the feelings and lives of migrants more than them? When will you realize that the whole “Democratic Party” is being controlled by some of the most evil, sadistic, greedy, people, in the world filled with Satanist’s, pedophiles and war mongers? Don’t you care? Think I’m wrong? Look up the name “George Soros” or check out “John Podesta’s” emails on “Wikileaks” and go from there.

Did you really think that “Hillary” cared one iota about you or your family? The only thing she supported was a one world government and her chance to join the billionaires club. Do you seriously want to be controlled by a “One World Government” or “New World Order?” Ladies, do you really want to be forced to wear a head-scarf out in public and made to practice “Sharia-Law?”

Well, that’s what would have happened had “Hillary” been elected and it’s already happening in Canada. I was thoroughly disgusted and nauseated when I watched a “Muslim protester” who was arguing with another group say that’ “It was appropriate to have sex with a nine-year-old girl because that’s the age when they become women.” No, that’s not appropriate, it’s actually “illegal” and it’s called “pedophilia or rape of a child” you sick, perverted, disturbed, man.

Now, does that mean I think all people of the “Muslim” faith are evil and terrible? Of course not! Have you seen the oath a “Jesuit” priest in the “Catholic” religion must take upon being ordained? It’s horrible and calls for actions of murder, prejudice, torture, and other incredibly septic, behavior. This is the exact oath that “Pope Francis” had to take when he became a “Jesuit.” Does that mean that all people of the “Catholic” faith are monsterous and evil? No, it doesn’t mean any such thing. It does, however, become a problem when practioners of any faith, take the words of their particular holy book literally and committ horrible acts of violence against humanity. Everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want to, just as long as they don’t force it upon anyone else or attempt to change the laws of the “Constitution of the United States of America!” The laws of our “Constitution” supercede any and all laws of any religion. Again, you don’t like them . . . MOVE to another country!

Look, I have nothing against immigrants coming into our country, my great grandparents were immigrants, but they didn’t have anything handed to them for free nor did they try to get the U.S. to change its laws because our laws went against their belief systems, religious or otherwise. It’s actually an easy principle to follow . . . “you don’t agree with our laws . . . then stay in your own country.”

Another issue is the number of immigrants allowed into our country must be kept in check. There must be a yearly cap so that our “security forces” can do background checks on every single person entering this country “legally.” Being sympathetic to “illegals” is an insult to all of us who have family who did it the right way, the “legal” way. Did you know it cost’s the “American tax-payers” 113 million dollars a year to take care of “illegals?”  That’s money that could be spent on way better things like; “education, people with disabilities, homeless Veterans, high-quality health care, and much more.”

My top priorities are the safety and freedoms of my family, a strong economy, top-notch, affordable, medical services and an education system for my grandchildren that is second to none. I understand that these may not be your top priorities, but that doesn’t mean mine are any less important than yours. Yes, I am a “Republicrat,” and I have strong family values. I am “Pro-Life,” but I also understand that a woman has the right to “choose,” and that absolutely no person, man or woman, has the right to tell her differently. I do, however, believe that insurance carriers also have the right to “choose” whether they will pay for abortions or not, except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. It is my feeling that “balance” is the key to solving most issues.

I am both a “liberal” and a “conservative” and there is nothing wrong with that. Sadly, people whom I thought were my friends have distanced themselves from me or have stopped speaking to me completely because I voted on the “Republican” ticket. From what I have gathered, they are the only ones who can make snarky, hateful, comments about certain candidates and if you don’t have their same beliefs, then you are wrong and not allowed to make any type of negative comments, only they can. I guess it goes back to the sore loser, cry baby, attitude. But seriously, if someone is going to look and see me as a “party affiliation” first and friend second, then I suppose that’s not much of a friendship, is it?


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