“Securing Our #Borders And Protecting #American Citizens Is Not Wrong”


Safety, what is wrong with making sure the citizen’s of our country are safe? The answer is actually very, very, simple . . . NOTHING! There is absolutely nothing wrong, delusional, evil, or terrible, about keeping “all” the people within our magnificent country safe, secure, and peaceful. Yet, there are people protesting against affording the good people of the U.S. that same right. Any person protesting or pissing and moaning against making sure “all” people entering our country are not a threat to the safety and well being of its citizens are, without exception . . . #AntiAmerican! In other words, “They couldn’t care less about the American people or about protecting it at all cost’s.”

My grandparents and great grandparents were immigrants. They came here, immediately learned to speak english, found employment (my grandfather worked 2 jobs to support his family), and became proud “citizens of the United States of America.” Nothing was handed to them, nothing at all. They worked hard, raised families, and respected this country and the “laws of our Constitution.” My father was bilingual, but would only speak english outside of the house, He felt it was “disrespectful” to our country not to do so. He also taught me a very, valuable lesson, which he said I needed to remember. “Country and Family Should Always Be Your Top Priorities.” That’s a lesson that most immigrants today should follow because it seems to me that so many of them only come here for the “free stuff” and to try and change our laws to suit their needs.

First off, “#PresidentTrump did not issue a 90 day ban on #Muslims,” that is a false statement created by the “Lame Stream Media” like CNN, NBC and others. But, yet again, the #Sheeple will follow and believe everything that is shoved down their throats as real news. How sad for them, brainwashed, complacent, and ready to drink the Koolaid. Do you want the #TRUTH? Then read the article below. Or . . . are you afraid of the truth?


Lets look at it in a different light, shall we? In front of you is a bucket containing 300 frogs. Now, amongst those 300 frogs are 10 frogs, so poisonous and deadly, that they will “kill” you instantly just by barely touching one. Would you take that chance of being killed instantly by placing your hand in that bucket and picking one up,  not knowing which of the 10 frogs are poisonous? Ya, I didn’t think so. I mean, that is if you don’t have a death wish.

So let’s say there are 300 #refugees trying to get into the U.S. and they are waiting behind a fence to come in. Now, amongst those 300 #refugees are 10 #terrorist’s who can’t wait to get into our country to kill and maim as many innocent #AmericanCitizens as they most possibly can, but our #immigration officers or #NSA have no idea which 10 they are. Should they let all the refugees in before vetting them in an attempt to capture, detain and arrest them, before they have a chance to kill and maim hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent “American Citizens?” Choose your answer wisely, because if you even dare say that they should let all 300 #refugees in without #vetting them, knowing there are 10 #terrorist’s among them, then you are, most certainly, without a doubt . . . #ANTIAMERICAN and should be charged with treason to your country.

Do you think that if you tried to enter the countries these people are coming from, that they wouldn’t vet you before allowing you entry? And another thing, who is going to foot the bill or financially take care of these “people being allowed to come into the U.S. from foreign countries” You? I have an idea, why don’t you go meet them at the airport and take them to your house to live? No? Why not? Even better, why don’t you pay for their housing, clothes, food, health insurance, cable, phone, education and such? Hmmm? What’s that? Oh, oh, you can’t afford to do that. Well, guess what . . . neither can the #UnitedStates! If you recall, when former President Obama left office, our #Nationaldebt was in the “trillions of dollars!” Wake up people!

Didn’t your parents ever teach you that “you can’t go trying to clean someone elses house until yours is spotless?” When we have “American born, single mother’s and father’s, living in their cars with their children, starving, because they can’t afford a place to live or have no money for food,” then we should not be allowing other people to enter our country, putting more of a financial strain on our already broken system. When we have #Veterans, who fought for our freedom and risked their lives for us, living in the streets, starving, unable to receive proper medical services, then the very last thing you should be thinking about is letting more people into our country!

When #immigrants who are already living in our country are trying to change the “Laws of our Constitution” because it offends them and is against their religious beliefs when a woman, dressed in jeans, walking her dog and farting out the alphabet in the key of e-flat, walks down their side of the street. When these same #immigrants file a law suit in Federal Court because our education system doesn’t bend down and kiss their lilly-white asses or because they teach #Americanhistory, then we really need to stop allowing more people in, take a step back and remember . . . “Americans first . . . Everyone else after!”

“Charity Begins At Home!” Let’s secure our borders, start taking care of Natural Born #AmericanCitizens, take care of our #Veterans, restructure our education system, not caring about hurting someone’s feelings or offending them because they find it offensive to their belief system, and get our economy back on track. Then and only then, should we begin to allow vetted, good, desirable, appreciative, people from other countries back in.

So, do you stick your hand in the bucket of frog’s? Would you really deny the good citizens of the #UnitedStates protection from terrorist groups or radicalized individuals because you see things behind rose-tinted glasses where everything is unicorns, rainbows and a bunch of people sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya? Oh, and if you think #HillaryClinton  feels differently, then maybe you should listen to a few minutes of 2 speeches she gave in regards to #illegalimmigrants. You might want to also check into “who” opened the door for Trumps “refugee/travel ban,” before you start calling President Trump undeserving names.

The problem is. most of you won’t take the time to watch the “truth” because your all hypocrite’s and the only reason you’re behaving so irrationally is because it’s #DonaldTrump the person, not the policy. It’s a case of sore losers who didn’t get their own way, behaving like little children having temper tantrums. I bet if “Hillary Clinton” did the same thing, you’d be bowing down to her at the altar, praising her like she’s some goddess, right? So, are you an American who supports keeping our country and its citizens safe or are you an Anti-American who cares more about people from other countries than your own?

And ask yourselves this question; “What do these refugees/immigrants have to offer the U.S. in return?” The answer is verey simple . . . nothing, just more mouths to feed, house and take care of. Let us get our own country back on track economically and financially as well as secure and safe, before we allow anymore immigrants in. I am not being heartless or mean, just sensible. I am a #ProudAmerican who believes “America and Americans come first before anyone else from any other country.

Hey Starbucks, why don’t you offer 10,000 jobs to #AmericanCitizens like college kids who really, really, need the money, or maybe to the elderly who are on fixed incomes? Damn, the list of shit I’m boycotting keeps getting longer and longer. I will never go see another movie ever again or buy a #Starbucks coffee and you know what? it doesn’t bother me at all!

And let’s not forget the words of this great man . . .



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