The Most Recent Protest Affirms That There Really Is No Cure For Stupid



Starting next week and continuing indefinitely, the following “protest marches” will take place across the U.S. in consecutive order;

  1. Mothers against mothers who are against mothers who don’t believe in purple unicorns.
  2. Penguins against the unfair treatment of anchovies.
  3. Brothers against sisters, against cousins, who don’t clip their toenails.
  4. Clowns with hairy butt cheeks deserve love too.
  5. Rodents against cats against dogs who poop in the park.
  6. Fathers against sons, against sister-in-laws, who don’t go to church.
  7. Cockroaches unite (oh wait, they just had that protest)
  8. Protestors against protestors, who protest against dumb-ass shit
  9. Anti-American, Communist, Libtards, who walk backwards with their heads up their asses.
  10. Narcisstic, has-been, Satanic, Hollywood, B actors, who think what they say actually matters.
  11. Brainwashed Sheeple who follow the “Lame Stream Media”who want to drink the koolaid.

Maybe somewhere amongst the dumb-ass protests, we can fit some of these worthwhile, “protest marches” in too;

  1. Parents and students against student debt and the high cost of “student loans” when Illegals and immigrants get their education for “free.” Ya, becauase that’s fair!  Parents who have one or more children in college, whose child will have so much student debt when they graduate that they’ll have to live home until they’re 40 becaus their loan payments are as high as a mortgage payment, when an illegal or immigrant, will be student debt free, should be really pissed off and organizing this one. Any parent of a child who is a “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN” should care more about their own childs financial future, than the life and future of a foreigner.
  2. People against “BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES” who not only hide cures for terminal diseases from the public, but who also charge disgustingly exhuberant, high, prices for medicines for both common and life saving illnesses. The “AMERICAN” people suffer both physically and financially so “Big Pharma” can make “trillions” of dollars a year.
  3. “AMERICAN CITIZENS” for the respectful treatment of the men and women who are “Veterans of our Armed Services.”  You know, the brave men and women who serve and protect our country in order for you to live in a free country. The “Veterans” who fight for us so that you may have the “right” to have your dumb-ass, ignorant, protests. When “Veterans” are homeless and living on the streets, or denied medical services, and you’re protesting because you didn’t get your own way or because your candidate lost, then you are just selfish, spoiled little brats.
  4. The “Let’s End Hunger In America” march. When the citizens of the U.S care more about people from other countries than the issue of “hunger” in America, then priorities have been definitely screwed up. When “American” born children go to bed hungry, but the feelings of immigrants matters more than that, then maybe these idiots need to re-prioritize their values.
  5. “Americans Against Domestic Terrorism”  That one’s pretty self explanatory, but because President Trump wants to make sure that citizens from other countries are completely vetted before entering into our great country to “protect” us from terrorism, Americans who “don’t” care about us or our children’s safety protest against this memorandum. (I have to wonder if these protestors understand that it is only a 90 day temporary ban and not a permanent or Muslim ban) Why any “American Citizen” would want to deny us a little protection is beyond my realm of thinking. I’d be willing to bet that if they had a child, close friend or family member killed or maimed by an illegal, they’s be singing a different tune. You do realize that the “Muslim Ban” is a complete and total lie fabricated by the “Lame Stream Media,” right? Maybe you should read this . . .

I’m pretty sure that none of the above mentioned protest’s or marches would ever occur or draw such crowds because ANTI-American protestors care more about people from other countries than they do about the safety and well-being of the “real and legal” citizens of the “United States of America.” Haven’t they ever heard that “Charity Begins At Home,” not in a foreign land? My recommendation is maybe the protestors should move to the countries from where these foriegners are coming from. I wonder if they’ll get a warm reception and have everything taken care of for them? Better still, I want to see them protest in these other countries to see how far they get. That is if they enjoy getting their heads, hands or arms, lobbed off.

Why is it wrong for “Trump” to put a “temporary” ban on 7 countries in 2017, but it was alright for Obama to bomb these 7 countries in 2016; Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan?  Answer anyone . . answer? Of course the answer from the Dem’s and Libby’s will be the same one it always is; “Because it’s different, that’s why.” Clearly, that is a sufficient answer . . . not! And may I remind the Anti-American citizens that former President Obama began this ban in December of 2015. Trump is only continuing what Obama started.

Let me give you an analogy of this present situation. “Little Biily (the USA) wants to have a birthday party. Billy’s mother (President Obama), says yes and sends out 2o invitations to the specific kids (legal immigrants) Billy wanted to invite. It’s the day of the party  and each invited guest (legal immigrants) arrives. While Billy’s mother is in the living room, one of the “invited guests” opens the kitchen door and lets in 3 kids (illegals) who were not invited to the party. The next thing you know, one of the “not invited” kids stabs one of Billies cousins ( A leagl U S Citizen) in the neck. Screaming erupts and Billy’s mother (President Obama) runs into the kitchen. Seeing what has happened and realizing that she is liable for the safety of Billy’s cousin (A leagl U S Citizen), she does nothing and Billy’s cousin dies on the floor.”

“Now, while Billy’s mother is in the kitchen, one of the other “invited guests” in the living room opens the door and lets in 5 more uninvited guests. Again, trouble erupts when one of the uninvited guests lights 3 more of Billy’s cousins ( legal U S Citizens) and an “invited guest” on fire. More screaming erupts and Billies mother (President Obama) who has blood on her hands leaves the dead body and goes running into the living room where she fails miserably trying to put the 4 kids, now engulfed in flames, out. The kids burn to death and again Billy’s mom realizes that she was liable for their safety and not wanting to get in trouble, does nothing. Billy’s mom is held responsible and it costs her dearly. Billy’s father freaks out and him and Billy’s mother agree to part ways. Billy’s father (The American People) remarries and Billy now has a new step mom (President trump).”

“A year goes by and little Billy wants to have another birthday party. Knowing what happened last year, Billy’s step mom says yes, but things are going to be different. 90 days before the party, Billy’s step mom puts a ban on Billy having any friends over the house for any reason. During this time, she hires Chuck Norris, Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee and Wonder Woman for security and background checks of all guests Billy wants to invite. The 90 days is up, Billy’s guests start to arrive and because of extra precautions, the party is a great success with no deaths.”

Am I against people immigrating to the U.S.? No, but we need to put a major cap on how many we allow to enter. Why should my tax dollars go towards paying for someone else from another country? They shouldn’t, but it seems that America has become the land of “Give me stuff for free.” Why should American citizens have to pay for people whose own countries can’t and won’t take care of them? Not our duty, we don’t care. They have absolutely nothing to offer us in return. My Great grandparents well, 3 of them were immigrants who came here legally, 2 had to learn to speak English, got jobs, became U.S. Citizens and even fought in our armed services. My other great grandparent was Native American so a true American.

So, if President Trump wants to secure our borders and know exactly who he’s letting into this country as a way of protecting “American Citizens,” then I say Amen, go for it! As a recent meme stated; “I don’t lock my doors at night because I hate the people outside my home, I lock them because I love the people inside my home.”

Americans first . . . and everyone else after that.