I think that just about covers it all, right? Did I miss something? I mean, there had to be a main philosophy or specific meaning behind this march, right? If so, I know, I missed it. I’m sure it had to be there somewhere amongst the garbage and filth that over-shadowed it, but sadly, I can’t support a cause that is only about chaos, lies, condemnation and gross lewdness. Why would anyone, especially a man, support such a negative, hate-filled, cause? Did the name of the march get switched to the “Men Haters March,” without telling anyone? Why didn’t they just call it; “The I’m Jealous I Don’t Have A Penis March?”

Although it may seem that I don’t care or give a damn about women’s issues, the truth is . . . I really do care, but I’m not sure exactly what this march was for and what I’m supposed to care about? I am a husband, father of three daughters and a grandfather to one granddaughter. I also have a sister and many, nieces and great nieces, so yes, I do care that they “all” are treated fairly and with “respect.” That word, that word “respect,” it’s such a rare commodity within all genders these days, isn’t it?

Anyway, my friends daughter explained to me that this march was planned months ago and had nothing to do with “who” was elected President because the march would have taken place no matter who it was. She further explained that it was a march of solidarity and bringing attention to the issues facing women. Sorry ladies, I don’t care how many of you were on hand for this march, but the message you were trying to convey was an epic fail. What am I going to remember about this march? It was a carnival with a bunch of walking vaginas, Trump haters and men haters! Oh, and Madonna, did you really want an old, has been, hooker, as your poster child for this movement? Did she say she wanted to blow up the “White House,” or blow everyone in the “White House?”

Whatever message you were trying to get across got lost in between the anti-Trump signs, the planned parenthood signs, the pink vajayjay’s, and the idiot speakers like Elisabeth Warren, Madonna, and others. I thought it was supposed to be a march about women’s issues, but there are a great many people who, when asked, will say; “It was a women’s march against Trump.” That’s not what I was told, and it sure did look like a march for “Planned Parenthood,” I can tell you that.

Look, I agree, no man should be able to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body, such as abortions, but I also don’t believe that they should be paid for by health insurance carriers either, unless it’s a case of rape, incest, or if it threaten’s the life of the mother. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that “if your mature enough to have sexual relations, then you should be mature enough to use some form of protection.” That’s a “no brainer,” but some people are just to stupid and ignorant to care and think that “abortion” is the go to answer for all those oops moments. One more thought, even though the woman has to carry the child to term, shouldn’t the “father” of that child have a say in the matter? If you think about it, couldn’t the father take the mother to court, charging her with voluntary murder of “their” child?

I do have one question and it’s the same question I asked my wife and daughters; “What rights do men have that women don’t?” None of them had an answer to that question other than; “there aren’t any.” Exactly, we are all protected equally under the “Constitution” regardless of gender, race, or religion. My wife, daughters and other “female” friends have all said that they make or made the same pay or sometimes even more than their “male” counterparts. None of them have ever been denied or made to pay more for health insurance or other employee benefits because they were women, so that argument is null and void.

So, I’m still trying to figure out what message these women were trying to relay to the world. And speaking of the world, I have to wonder how many of these women are sincerely, grateful, that they could actually participate in this march or protest or whatever you want to call it? I’d love to see them organize this march in “North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Quatar,” where women don’t have the right to vote, drive, or even get an education. It’s called “Sharia Law” and the women of the U.S. should be thankful this law doesn’t exist under our Constitution. So the very country they’re protesting against and “hating” on, is the country that allows them to do this without being thrown in jail or executed. These same women voted for HRC who accepted millions of dollars in campaign donations from some of these countries. But I guess that’s O K because “It’s different,” right? It’s different when it serves your purpose and nothing else.

Now, if there was a woman speaker who was a survivor of that type of oppression and fought back, despite adversity and harsh punishments and really made a difference in the world, then that would have been something inspiring to listen to and remember more than a bunch of walking vagina’s, a bobble head idiot named Elizabeth Warren and a skanky ho named Madonna. What has Madonna done to change the world? ya, I thought so . . . NOTHING! However, I do know that I am not the only person who didn’t get the message of this march which includes other women as well. Sometimes all you have to do is listen and you’ll hear other conversations going on around you. For example . . .

While waiting for a pizza the other night, this is the conversation I overheard from four women sitting at a table behind me as they watched the television on the wall with the “Women’s March” as the top news story. Remember, these are not my words, but the words of four women probably in their late 30’s. “Disgusting, absolutely disgusting, it’s a bunch of overweight, manly, lesbians, who are angry they weren’t born with penises!” The ladies then chuckle and another responds; “Look at that one, look at that one,” pointing to the television as the cameraman pans over the crowd and focuses on one particularly large woman holding up a sign that says I want free birth control. “Honey, the sight of you alone is a great form of birth control.” (laughter erupts again) Wow, women can get really nasty, huh? But why weren’t they supporting this march? Seems to me that they missed the point of it too. I wonder why? Maybe it was partly the “Main Stream Media’s” fault for only focusing on the vagina’s, anti-Trump signs and angry, hostile women and not those who were there for a good reason and a great cause?

I know factually that there were both women and men Trump supporters who marched, so obviously they weren’t there for some anti -Trump rally, right? The sad, very sad, truth of the matter is the “only” thing people are going to remember about this event a year from now will be exactly what the event really wasn’t about. Message received? Look, men don’t need women to survive and women don’t need men to survive, we are all totally capable of taking care of ourselves, but wouldn’t that be so lonely and isolated? Imagine not being able to love or be loved, based on your gender? If your a woman and a “man hater,” then maybe you should gather your kind and move to some isolated island, far away from that which you hate, because men aren’t going away anytime soon. The same applies to men who hate women. Just leave and take your “hate” with you. Oh, and please take Madonna with you too, thank you.


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