Does anyone really care what the self-absorbed, satanic, narcisstic, overpaid, Hollywood actors have to say about, well . . . anything? I know that I don’t. If you fall into that category of brainwashed, puppets, who feel the need to listen, believe and obey, the unrealistic, out of touch, demands of these ignorant assholes, then you really need to get a life and do something a bit more constructive with your time.

Let me ask this of the Hollywood “cult” followers; “Do you really think these moderately talented actors care about you or anything that happens in your life?” Do they pay your bills every month or pay for your groceries? When was the last time they called you and asked you if you wanted to go out for dinner? Never, right? Just as I thought.

Are you that much of a “simpleton” to believe that these big-mouthed, wealthy, pathetically whiny, Hollywood, Democrats who play “make believe” are more intelligent than you?You do realize that while 90% of Americans are eating “generic” cereal and other food products because that’s all they can afford, these Hollywood ignoramuse’s are dining on the best foods money can buy? When are yo going to realize that they are so, so, out of touch with the “real world,” that it’s almost amusing.

A quick message to “Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon, that psychotically, deranged, pork-butt, Rosie O’Donnell,” and all the other dumb-ass, Tinsle Town, looney toon’s; “You get paid to act . . . not think!” Apparently Jimmy Fallon has never studied civics, because he wants to change the “Electoral College,” but he doesn’t realize why we need it or how brilliant the men who created it a couple hundred years ago were. I’d bet you the moon that he wouldn’t be flapping his “pie hole” if “Hillary” won the election. She lost, get over it, shut up, and stop your childish, whining! Do you seriously think that you’re going to change the “Constitution” of the “United States of America” because the candidate you voted for lost? Grow the hell up you stupid turds!

Breaking News!
Breaking News!

Oh, and wasn’t “Rosie O’Donnell” supposed to move to Canada if “Trump” won the election, right? Well, aparently she did, but they sent her back real quick when they realized what a complete and total psycho she was . . .

Rosie O'Donnell Being Deported
Rosie O’Donnell Being Deported

Look, I don’t give a flying fig newton who you voted for, but for the love of God, stop all your blubbering, pissing and moaning about it. When “George Bush” was elected President, did you see Democrats crying like 10 year old school girls and protesting out in the streets? NO, you didn’t. When “Slick Willy” was elected President, did you see the Republicans holding cry-ins and rioting? NO, you didn’t! Somehow, over the last 8 years, Americans have been completely “pussified!” I am so sick of the whiny, everyone gets a medal,  libtards, who need a slap upside their heads and a dose of reality. Sometimes you win . . . Sometimes you lose! If you cannot accept this, then every one of you is an “Anti-American, communist, pinko!”

Whiny boys
Whiny boys

What a complete and total embarrassment the “Democratic Party” has become. They act like the bully, selfish, brat, kid, in the school yard, holding a ball, who has a hissy fit and threatens to take his ball home if the other kids don’t play the game he wants to play. Let’s face it . . . “Trump” won the election fair and square so stop acting like spoiled little brats who didn’t get their way. The Democratic Party should change their name to “The Temper Tantrum Party.” 

Oh, and all you Hollywood cry babies, go right ahead and go on strike, you’re not that important, you’re just a bunch of overpaid snobs, with huge egos, that need to be constantly fed with praise. You depend on “We the People” to pay money to see your stupid movies or you don’t get paid. Wouldn’t that be horrible if everyone decided to boycott your movies? Say B’bye to your cash flow.

I’m sure that there are many states in the U.S. who would grab at the chance to become the new home for the “New Hollywood” and become the “Movie Capital” of the world. And I’m damn sure that there are thousands of graduating, young, directors, film maker’s, writer’s, producer’s and set/costume designer’s, with brilliant, fresh, ideas, ready to take over for the striking “Hollywood” machine. And now let’s talk actors, shall we? There are probably two million actors in the United States, alone, with just as much, if not more, talent, than the loud mouthed, opinionated, butt-heads, presently occupying, Hollywood right now. I’m sure they would also work for half the money and still be happy performing their craft.

So, I have a great idea. I think all “Trump” supporters and anyone else who thinks the “Hollywood” snobs have overstepped their boundaries, start boycotting “all” their movies. Let’s hit’em where it hurts . . . in their wallets! It’s about time these self-centered, egotistical, Anti-American, Communist, Pinko’s, got what’scoming to them. I still want to know why the crazy lunatics haven’t moved to Canada like they said they were going to? Oh, that’s right, they were just temper tantrum, overconfident, empty threats. Well, there’s still time for them to head to the “Great White North” and make everyone happy.

“Donald Trump” is our new President whether you like it or not, get used to it and stop trying to change the Constitution of the United States.  I have a better idea . . . if you don’t like it . . . move to another country and try saying all the bull shit you’re saying now, I dare you. I heard “North Korea” is nice this time of year. Why don’t you move there and spew some garbage, let’s see what happens to you there, shall we? When you leave, please take all the women from the show “The View” with you. They do nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch, about “Trump” to the point where it’s totally obnoxious and old. Oh and take that lame, not funny comedien, Samantha B with you too please, she’s just as pathetic and obnoxious, as the women on“The View.”

Maybe we should all start working together, instead of causing more division within our great nation. Have you ever wondered about the role Satanism plays in Hollywood? Maybe that’s why they’re freaking out because they’re frightened of being exposed by “Trump?”

Still think you’re in the same league as the “Hollywood” elite? Hmmm?








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