“Big Brother Eats Pizza and Pasta While Creating Fake News”

“Big Brother Eats Pizza And Pasta While Creating Fake News”


(Sing to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

“John Podesta, gone afar, how I wonder where you are”

“Are you in a hiding place, stuffing pizza in your face”

“Maybe spirit cooking too, your hell bound so’s your brother too!”


Lies, lies, lies and more lies, that is all you’re going to hear from the “Lame Stream Media” such as MSLSD and CNN (Controlled News Network). Why do I say that? Because it’s the “TRUTH!”

Once upon a time, I too was a viewer of these septic, biased, fear-mongering, media outlets, but after catching them blatantly lying to the public on several occasions, I truly began to question their motives and integrity.

If they could scheme, produce and then broadcast false or misleading stories, without even the smallest amount of remorse, then what other dastardly and antagonizing lies might they be capable of at a much, more, dangerous level?

All one must do is step out of the proverbial trance they have you in, then sincerely begin analyzing the bull-crap they are spewing to the world. Maybe then you’ll realize that you are nothing but mindless sheep to them who will believe anything they tell you. Why? Good question.

Growing up, I would say that most of us were always told by our parents, teachers and other “trusted” sources that everything we heard on the news or read in the newspapers was absolutely “true.” What better way to control the masses than through the “Main Stream Media” who are, in turn, controlled by the “Globalist Elite’s.”

We believed them hook, line and sinker and were under the impression that the “Main Stream Media” would never lie to us because they can’t report on stories and events that aren’t true. Kind of like today when you hear some dumb ass say; “they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true!”

Now, we all know the internet is riddled with true stories, false stories and other stories that fall somewhere in between, but after the despicable behavior of the MSM and DNC both during and after this past “Presidential election,” I have looked elsewhere for my news. You know, the “real” news, the stories and events that the MSM are now calling “fake news.”

Apparently, the once hypnotized, “sheeple” (myself included) are emerging from their trances and becoming aware of the gross lies and negatively, staged, events, that we have been subjected to. This, of course, is causing the MSM to panic and pull out all the stops to slander, belittle and now even censor (can you say Orwellian?) anyone who has a different viewpoint or opinion from theirs. I believe it’s called “losing control.”


Thanks to “Wikileaks” and “Julian Assange,” the world has been invited in to see the inner workings of a corrupt, maniacal, organization filled with collusion, cheating, bribery and pay to play, schemes. And as you might have guessed, the MSM and DNC have attacked “Wikileaks” and attempted to convince “We the People” that it is nothing but . . . but . . . “fake news!” Great try, but an epic fail.

“Wikileaks” has been spot on for ten years, never printing anything that wasn’t vetted first. “Julian Assange and Wikileaks,” also introduced the world to the very questionable emails of “John Podesta,” Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager. It was because of these leaked emails that “Pizzagate” was born and a pizza joint called “Comet Pizza” was thrust into the spotlight. (For very good reason)

If you don’t know what “Pizzagate” is, you can research it for yourselves, but just know that “it is real, very real,” and not “fake news” as the MSM implores you to believe. You see, the average, normal, person like you and I find the subjects of “pedophilia, child trafficking, child torture and Satanic rituals” deplorable, repulsive and despicable beyond anything imaginable, however, just because we feel this way, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

It is my belief that a great many people look away from the truth of what’s going on because they feel that if they don’t think about it, it’s not real. Sorry to inform you of this dear friends, but it’s real . . . and it’s sick and twisted!

It distresses me to hear people say things like; “Oh people in government, high places or royalty, would never do anything like that!” And to that I ask; “why not?” If you sincerely believe that prominent, influential, people, both male and female are incapable of committing such offensive, horrific, crimes, then you are most certainly delusional and in dire need of a reality check.

If you think about it, what better way for them to hide these heinous crimes than behind their veil of power and control, right? Do I believe that “John Podesta” and his brother “Tony Podesta” are involved in sick, demented, crimes against children? Yes, I do, very much, but you cannot charge or convict someone based on circumstantial evidence. Lots and lots and lots of damning, circumstantial, evidence.

Soon after the story of “Pizzagate” and “Comet Pizza” erupted, I turned to my wife and said; “O K here it comes, now there’s going to be some sort of “false flag” event at the pizza place like a hired, actor, gunman or something storming in with vengeance on his mind so the MSM can report that this whole thing is just a really bad conspiracy theory.” Oh, who called that one, huh? The MSM was all over that story like a fly to shit.

Then I got to thinking. What if . . . what if this entire charade was some type of premeditated event to draw the public’s attention away from something else that’s even worse? One scenario could be that after the lone (hired actor) gunman did his shtick, the police swarm in, yellow tape the place off, go in and selectively remove any incriminating evidence from the pizza establishment, do an investigation and report that absolutely “nothing” disturbing was found and everything is just hunky-dory.

Next, the controlled MSM intensifies their fight to dismantle the truth by reinforcing the “fake news” story, therefore defending and protecting the pedophiles and their Satanic network in hopes that this whole “pizzagate” fiasco will just pass over into obscurity, never to be heard from again. Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to happen this time.

Look, I have absolutely no proof that any crime has been committed nor am I an expert in criminal law, but what I do know is that we owe it to “ALL” children to do whatever we can to rescue them from the grips of these horrific, inhuman, animals, even if all we can do is bring attention to these sicko’s and the plight of these poor, forgotten, children.

The most important thing to remember in this whole, twisted, sorted, ordeal is the fact that this is the shattered, tortured, lives, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of children live each day. And when we, as humans, stop caring, then all of humanity is lost forever.

While it’s true that I am just some obscure, small-time blogger, with a handful of followers trying to prove to you that violent crimes against children are going on right under your noses, maybe if you heard it from someone else, someone in a professional position who has more than three decades of experience in this field ranging from psychiatric treatment of pedo-criminals to working with the FBI at Quantico, then you’ll believe in the horror’s facing these children and finally wake up!

Lord, please protect the imprisoned children and help save them from the wickedness they are held hostage by.

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Namaste, Peace, Love and Light to all!

Please watch all 3 video’s by these researchers and journalist’s as they are extremely powerful and eye opening.







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