“Apocalyptic Die Off Of Animals That The #Fakenews Won’t Report On”


“Our world has become so out of balance and despicably evil” that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees with this statement. I sincerely feel bad for those who haven’t awakened yet to what is really going on around them and live each day with blinders on to prevent themselves from having to deal with our present, disturbing, reality.

I have always been a “glass half full” type of guy, focusing my energy and attention on anything “positive” I can find in any situation, but sometimes I feel as though I’m in this by myself and that everyone else has either given up or given in to whatever the “Main Stream Media” forces down their throats as the “truth,” when it’s not.

Over the last year or so, the “animal die-off” events have increased to frightening, apocalyptic levels and I have to wonder; “why the Main Stream Media” hasn’t even briefly touched upon this crisis? Are they to busy creating #fakenews stories and then accusing other alternative news channels that actually report the truth of the crimes they are so undeniably guilty of?

Look, I get it, I really do. Animal die-off’s are sometimes just “natural” occurrences that take place in nature as they have for millions of years, but this time it’s different, I know it, I can feel it. Both the rate and massive carnage associated with these events is to epic to ignore and to frequent to simply right off as “just a coincidence.” Something detrimental is changing planet “Earth” and we are not being told the “truth” about it! Mark my words!

Below you will find a video by Pastor Paul Begley about “world wide animal deaths.” You will be blown away as you listen to the extent of this horrible crisis. I do not know if it is related to anything biblical as I am not a scholar of the Bible and would never proclaim to be one so this will have to be your own judgement call. However, I highly recommend you view this and my other opinion forums with an open mind and open heart.


Stop for a moment and take a good look around you, above you, below you and within you.Seriously now, I mean take a serious, long, difficult, real, and I mean a real good look . . . what do you see? What don’t you see? How do you feel? How don’t you feel? Are you one of the non-awake individuals who finds it easier to just accept everything the “Main Stream Media”tells you is #truth just because? Why?

Don’t be . . . ever! The time has come for the “Great Awakening” and for people to learn and understand what is going on in our own backyard which is having such a devastating effect on Earth and all the life on it that our very own survival is questionable at best.

The “Powers That Be” have known about it for many, many, decades, but felt it was in “their” best interest not to inform the public about it for fear of mass chaos and anarchy.Well guess what, the “truth” can’t be hidden any longer and it’s just a matter of time now before the whole scenario blows up into “panic mode.” Again, I would appreciate you viewing this with an open mind and heart. It just might save your life.

For quite a few years now, any person, group, or thing that believed in the existence of a 9th planet/Planet X/Nibiru/The Destoyer or Nemesis, was labeled a crackpot, conspiracy theorist, lunatic.I’m sure they were labeled this way out of fear that the general public would find out the truth . . . “The Real Truth!” But, what happens when this celestial body and its moons begins getting closer and closer to us to the point of being able to be seen in the sky with  the naked eye? Then what?

Well, the wait is over, they’re heeeeere! Even two highly reputable, extremely intelligent, professors from Cal-Tech have written a paper demonstrating the existence of the 9th planet and how it is now playing in our heavenly ball field wreaking havoc and disturbing Earth, the sun and pretty much our whole solar system. It’s not going to be a fun ride folks, anything but!

My own personal journey with “Nibiru” began about four years ago and I have researched and rationalized it above and beyond it just being a “hobby.” I stayed in the shadows, hiding my fears and knowledge about it because I didn’t want the words “conspiracy theorist” being attached to me or anything I do. But now with all the major earthquakes, exploding meteors, animal die-off’s, floods, volcano eruptions and other weather calamities, we are having, I know the arrival of this ancient system is close at hand.

The “Earth,” our home, is experiencing a major shift, change, paradigm, or whatever else you want to call it due to this system and the time to prep for this event was yesterday! The proof is everywhere, just open your minds . . . wake up! I can’t force you to believe in its existence, that is a personal thing, but I can show you information from various people who will explain in great detail what we are presently dealing with.

The choice to believe or not believe is yours, do what you wish with this information. Do I know exactly what will happen to Earth? Absolutely not, but I do know factually that the “Elites” already have fully stocked bunkers well beneath the ground, protected from whatever comes our way. Do you? Do yourselves, family, even friends, a favor by educating yourself to what could be a possible, horrific, time, in our future. Afford yourself the time, you’re worth it.

And now a series of educational videos about Nibiru/Planet 9;

I would also suggest that you research this subject yourself and ignore the #fakenews propaganda parade meant to dissuade you from the truth. They’ll do anything to stop this information from becoming public, which I don’t understand because much sooner than later, they won’t be able to hide it from anyone . . . anymore.

For more information, go to; http://www.aworldinchaosandturmoil.com/planet-x-nibiru-the-destroyer.html

Please feel free to share or reblog this post and I would be ever so humbled if you subscribed to my blog. Thanks for the visit and may peace and love follow you wherever you may go.

Namaste, “The Original Domestic God”


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