The Degradation Of #Children And The Humiliation Of #Pizza

According to the “National Center For Missing And Exploited Children,” roughly 800,000 #children are reported missing each year in the “United States.” That’s about 2,000 children a day. How anyone could not find these statistics horribly, disturbing, is beyond my realm of thinking, especially since I am a father and grandfather. Of course, not all the reported children are actually missing as there are many different reasons that could pertain to their disappearances.

The “National Center For Missing And Exploited Children” (NCMEC) states:

  • 86% of children are endangered runaways
  • 10% are family abductions
  • 2% lost, injured, or otherwise missing children
  • 1% non-family abductions
  • 1% critically missing young adults, ages 18-20

Of the more than 11,800 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2015, one in five were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 74 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.

Recently, the hashtag #Pizzagate blew up #Twitter and #Reddit to the point where both social media sites had to ban the hashtag “Pizzagate.” Before I can explain “Pizzagate,” you must understand how far the gross, twisted, tentacles of “pedophilia” stretch around the globe. This heinous, disgusting, crime is committed by; the average citizen, family members, people in power such as in politics and religion, teachers, coaches, lawyers and law enforcement. Quite frankly, it knows no boundaries and does not discriminate.

To begin with, you should learn about the “Franklin Scandal,” before moving on with this article. That is, unless you already know the story behind this horrific crime.

The subject of “Pedophilia” is a very difficult subject for people to think about or discuss because it makes you sick to your stomach and angry beyond belief. But still, it exist’s, it’s real and trying not to think about it will not make it go away. It is up to humanity to expose these evil, sadistic, satanic, criminals in order to save the children. For when humanity stops caring, we as humans are finished.  

Below you will find a video of the former “Head of the FBI” giving a lecture on how this deplorable, inexcusable, crime has infiltrated not only our government, but governments around the world.


So, as you can see, the crimes against children are out of control and worse than anyone could ever imagine. And now on to #Pizzagate, #Cometpingpong, #Spiritcooking and other extremely damning accusations.

It all began when “Wikileaks” published the hacked emails of “Hillary Clinton’s” former Chairman “John Podesta” who was also “Bill Clinton’s” Chief of Staff.  As more and more people researched and read his emails, a very disturbing pattern of code words were detected by people with knowledge of “Cryptography” and “forensics” which when put together created a plethora of circumstantial evidence that added up to a possible, very questionable and almost unbelievable crime scene involving “pedophilia, child trafficking and satanic rituals.” Hence, #Pizzagate was born.

So, without further ado, an introduction to “Pizzagate:”

So now that you’ve seen the video’s and listened to several people explain and validate the incriminating, circumstantial, evidence, I’m sure your head is reeling by now. Although there is no hard, direct, evidence that specifically points to one person, business, or group as undeniably guilty, it is up to you to use your common sense and logic to sort out the information and come to your own conclusion.

The “Lame Stream Media” will have you believe that this is nothing but another“conspiracy” theory fabricated by the “fake news,” but since the Presidential election, we all know who and what the “fake news” is, don’t we?  CNN is probably the worst offenders of all with MSNBC  (MSLSD) following a very close second. Personally, I have lost all respect for the so called “Main Stream Media” and now search elsewhere for the truth.

If you think that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen and isn’t real, then you sincerely need to remove your blinders and face reality. Just a few days ago there were two, yes two, huge “pedophile rings” busted in Norway and Canada, implicating people from all over the world.

So . . . is #Pizzagate real?  I would hate to see someone’s life and reputation be severely damaged by false accusations, but on the other hand, sometimes a shitload of circumstantial evidence can add up to a whole lot of truth, can’t it?

Until someone has either the courage and decency to come forward as a witness or law enforcement has enough solid, evidence, to bust the appropriate criminals, I guess all we’ll have are our own theories and opinions. However, this should not deter any decent human being on this planet from helping to save the children from their torturous, hellish, nightmare’s  before it’s to late for them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and also watch the video’s that were created by dedicated researchers/journalist’s and“awake” human beings.

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