“A Letter To Hillary Rodham Clinton, My 11th Cousin, Once Removed.”

Blame The Russians!
Blame The Russians!

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Yes, it is true, you are my 11th cousin once removed, but I had to vote against you . . . nothing personal.

Now that the election is over, I’d like to take this time to personally and graciously thank you for the many, years of positive public service you gave of yourself and to your country before the evil veil of greed covered you in a dark cloud of want and the unhealthy desire for power ate away at your soul.

Yes, at one time in your political career, you did begin as a forward thinking, determined, elected public servant, working hard for the rights of children as well as the disabled and accomplished many great things. However, over time, something changed you, something transformed you into a person of compromised ethics, lustful for the almighty dollar and power hungry.

Maybe it was your husband and former President Bill Clinton, and the “Clinton Foundation,” or maybe it was because the corrupt, vile influence of “Wall Street” called out to you, offering you everything you could ever desire, but for a price. The problem with that is once they have their maniacal grip on you, it is almost impossible to claw your way out of the Big Banks pockets. Isn’t that true? And isn’t it true that all roads lead somewhere and yours led directly to the “Globalist Elites” where they indoctrinated you into their despicable puppet show and crimes against humanity?

I feel sorry for you, I really do. I’ve been an “Independent” my whole life who has voted “Democrat” in every Presidential election . . . except this one. And yes, I even believed in and voted for you before Mrs. Clinton! The “Democratic Party” has morphed into an imploding cesspool that I don’t even recognize anymore. There were no messages of hope, only messages of hatred, division and tyranny, despite your campaign claiming the opposite. Maybe you should take a step back and see that you “never” offered a solid, uniting, empowering, plan that benefited everyone in the U.S..

You promised the world to the people living below the poverty level through public assistance and other stagnant, misused, programs and at the same time promised the ridiculously, wealthy, upper-class, the  same thing through huge tax breaks and other shady, (most likely illegal) policies. However, you forgot about someone. You forgot about the driving force of the incredibly, enormous, already frustrated, group of people called . . . “The hard working men and women of the middle-class!” You know them, the people who keep our great country going.

You frightened them and bullied them into believing that if they didn’t vote for you, they were some how “Un-American.” And the “Middle-Class” became silent, but you nor anyone else running your campaign ever even recognized it, did you? The “middle” had to make an extremely difficult decision. If they voted for you and you won they got . . . absolutely nothing, no incentives, tax-breaks or relief. If they voted for “Donald J Trump,” and he won, well, they got . . . “a chance,”  which was something you never offered them. Sometimes in life you have to take chances and the silent, middle-class did just that. They took a chance and now the “President-Elect is Donald J Trump.” The American people have spoken.

What troubles me greatly is the “blame game” being played out right now by you, The DNC and your entire campaign staff. If you truly want to know who’s to blame for your loss and the mess you created, then you need look no further than the closest mirror. Apparently, your description of “middle-class America” being compliant and ignorant backfired horribly. And do you really think mentioning and blaming, Putin and Russia, 178 times during the very last debate gave any type of hope to all those compliant, ignorant, deplorable, people, who you so desperately wanted (and needed) their votes? I can assure you it didn’t because that excuse became; old, tired, laughable and simply just not believable. “Where and what was your plan, your message?” Maybe it was tied up in all those “corporate interests” huh?

And the “blame” act keeps getting more unbelievable and hysterical with each passing hour. Now, it’s also the “media’s” fault. Seriously, do you really want to go there? Firstly, you stole the “Democratic primary election” from “Bernie Sanders” using your insiders (like fired DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman) who were supposed to be biased at all times and secondly, you owned the damn “main stream media!”  What, having “Donna Brazile” (CNN) send you the debate questions prior to the debate was not called “cheating” and totally “unethical?” (And why wasn’t she removed as head of the DNC after that revelation?) Or what about Wolf Blitzer (CNN) and other journalist’s (from various well known newspapers) sending in their stories and articles about you to be edited by your staff to make you look like the Messiah?

The “Main Stream Media” also blatantly lied to the American people on your behalf about “polling results” ushering you in as the next ruler of the “United States.”  And you’re still going to blame them for your loss, really? Oh, and I can guarantee you that “Bernie Sanders” would have beaten “Donald J Trump” in the election. Why? Because Bernie had a plan for “America” that included “everyone” and I for one would have probably stayed within the “Democratic Party” and voted for him. However, watching the Democratic Party dissolve into a puddle of quagmire and listening to lie after lie causing disgraceful, unethical, behavior, I chose the “Republican” ticket.

From the very beginning you spent more time and negative energy in an effort to berate, degrade and lie about “Donald Trump” when your focus should have been on creating a “positive” game plan for all American citizens. Instead, you enlisted the help of famous stars and performers like “Beyonce,” “Lady Gaga” (more like Lady Gargoyle), “Cher,” (I hadn’t even noticed she was still alive) and many more to promote your campaign. Were you that naive to think that “American’s” were so stupid as to vote for you just because a famous person said so?

Sometimes you are judged by the friends you keep and just the fact that you are buddy, buddy, with billionaire “George Soros,” one of the most “evil” human beings on the face of the earth, clearly demonstrates who your allegiance is with. Your connections with him and the other “elites,” proves that you care nothing about the “United States of America” and were vigorously attempting to transform us into part of the satanic “New World Order.” Sorry . . . I pass . . . and so did millions of other true, “patriotic Americans!”

Your “open border” policy was yet, even more proof that you care nothing about the safety of America or the citizens who live here. You did zilcho, zero, nada, to put our minds at ease about being protected from radical terrorist groups on our own soil. Why is that? I’m glad you asked. Why would you protect us from terrorist groups that you financially support and who’s countries donate millions of dollars to the “Clinton Foundation?” Answer . . . you wouldn’t! Like myself and millions of other true American citizens, we care about the safety of our children and grandchildren and were not in the least bit fond of your idiotic, “New World Order,” “hemispheric” ideology.

On November 9, 2016 the “United States of America” held its election for the 45th President of the United States and “Donald J Trump” won fair and square! He beat you in a “democratic” election Mrs. Clinton, the American people have spoken . . . end of discussion! Of course the cry baby, whiny, “everyone gets a medal” generation is out protesting the results because things didn’t go their poor, little, ways. Awwww, isn’t that to bad . . . suck it up, put your big girl and big boy panties on and grow up! We live in a democracy and democracy has prevailed, just as it has for more than 200 years. As far as I’m concerned, the immature, pathetic, protesters, can always move to another country where democracy doesn’t exist and then see what happens to them when they attempt to protest. I heard “North Korea” is looking for a few good protesters!

If you even cared one iota about our country, your country, Mrs. Clinton, you and Mr. Obama, would go on national television explaining how no amount of protesting whether it be peaceful or violent, will change the outcome of this election. Maybe if these dumb-ass protesters put half as much energy into establishing a new, honorable and “positive” Democratic Party, as they do destroying property and setting the “American Flag” on fire, in 8 years the party might stand for something worth fighting for. I have to wonder how many of these protesters are even “legal citizens?” Maybe it just makes them feel all grown up and cool like big girls and boys, huh? However, shame, shame, shame, on you Mrs. Clinton for not objecting and denouncing the setting fire to our “American Flag,” it again shows how little you truly care for this great country.

In closing, thank you again for the positive and decent contributions you made to our great country so many years ago, but it saddens me to think of what, not who, you have now become. You went from “Patriot” to “Neocon” and from humble to self-absorbed. Had you kept those formidable virtues, I sincerely think you would have made an honorable President. Hopefully this will be a lesson to the struggling “Democratic party,” and help to reshape the proud party that I once knew.

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