The Most Evil Woman In The World
The Most Evil Woman In The World

The U.S Presidential election is only two days away and it is of the utmost importance that we send a clear and concise message out to all the “American” people . . . “DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!” 

“Hillary Clinton” is a clear and present danger to the “United States” and to all the wonderful people who call this great country home.The time has come for all of “America” to wake up and see who she really is and what she really stands for.

Directions; Turn speakers to full volume and play video below. Listen to it as you read the post below it.

WE THE PEOPLE” of these “United States” do hereby declare our freedom from the “Elite Globalist’s” of which “Hillary Rodham Clinton” is both a player and a puppet of.

It is our duty as “American Citizens” and true “Patriots” to defend and honor our “Constitution” and our inalienable rights we so closely hold true to our hearts. However, a dark, ominous and threatening storm has attempted to roll in and destroy everything we believe in and wash away our basic freedoms. That storm is called “Hillary Clinton.”

“Hillary Rodham Clinton” is the most evil woman and candidate to ever run for President of the “United States.” Never in the history of our country has a candidate with two, yes, two, active, criminal investigations against them ever run for the office of “President of the United States.” Is this who we want running our country, making horrible, dangerous, decisions that will effect our families, our friends, our freedom? No, it isn’t!

Thanks to “Julian Assange” and “Wikileaks,” the “American” people and the “world” have been shown horrific emails that were hacked from Hillary’s un-encrypted server that clearly  demonstrate; corruption, bribery, cheating, greed, illegal donations, slander, money laundering, child trafficking, child pornography, pay to play deals, quid-pro-quo and a whole lot more. There have even been accusations of satanism within her posse. Those emails don’t lie, wake up and face the truth you “Hillary Bot’s!”  Oh, and it wasn’t the Russians who hacked her unprotected emails, it was our very own NSA!

Because of this breach, it has been proven that at least five other countries were able to gain access to those emails too. Is this someone you trust guarding our most classified, top secret, material and keeping our country safe? Absolutely not! She accepts millions and millions of  donation money from foreign countries where women can’t vote, drive, or receive an education without a man’s approval. Then Hillary turns around and gives them a weapons deal worth tens of millions of dollars which they in turn give to ISIS. She directly supports the terrorist group ISIS! Why, why, can’t the Hillary supporters see this? If “Hillary Clinton” is elected President, it will turn into a “Constitutional” crisis the likes of which this country has ever seen.

People of “America,” the time has come for us to take back our wonderful, beautiful, great country from the likes of “Hillary Clinton” and the self-serving globalist’s. We do not want to be associated with a woman who is a pathological liar, a friend of pedophiles and also level 3 registered sex offenders.

It is our time, right here, right now, to do the right thing, to make sure we leave a legacy of compassion, respect, and greatness for our children and grandchildren. The right way, the only way, is to vote for “Donald J Trump” for President! “Donald Trump” will lead “America” into a future of prosperity and restore our presently, fractured, greedy and perverse, government, into one of honor and integrity.

Do The Right Thing, The Patriotic Thing, On Nov 8th . . . Vote “DONALD J TRUMP” For President!

Are you a patriot or a traitor? choose your side, but choose wisely.

“TRUMP 2016!”





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