“One Hell Of A Screwed Up Nation, Especially If You Support Or Vote For Hillary!”

Let’s face it, facts are facts . . . If Hillary Clinton is elected President, it will end up being the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the “United States!” “Hillary Clinton” and her husband “Bill Clinton” are maniacal, corrupt, pedophiles, who run a money laundering, pay to play, business filled with; deceit, bribery, blackmail and everything else that is evil in this world. It astounds me how the “Hillary-Bot’s” will defend her and her husband to the end of the earth, even when the evidence directly, unequivocally, demonstrates their guilt! And still the “brainwashed, sheeple” still vote for her for President. Seriously? What a bunch of stupid human beings with absolutely no self respect or upstanding morals.

Up until this year, I was an “Independent” who voted Democrat in every election since 1979. That ship has sailed this year and I am voting “Republican.” I am so disgusted with the entire “Democratic Party” that they physically make me sick to my stomach! Take a look around you folks, are you so compliant, ignorant, and just as evil as they are? Are you really comfortable choosing a candidate with two FBI criminal investigations against her and who has to cheat, steal, and allegedly kill to win the election? So apparently you “Hillary Bot’s” don’t mind the United States being the laughing stock of the world if she wins, right?

How many DNC staffers have either been fired or had to resign because of the “Wikileaks” emails? Let’s see;

  • receiving the questions that were going to be asked at the debate by Donna Brazile,
  • Project Veritas is a complete eye opener on how they rig the elections. What, you think they’re fake? Wake up, these are real people, on tape, spilling the beans on just how crooked Hillary and the DNC are. Maybe you should watch a few of their videos.
  • deleting 30,000 emails which the FBI had no problem finding and are presently going through.
  • “Bill Clinton” whose wife is under criminal investigation, bushwhacks the attorney General and head of the DOJ (that see you next Tuesday) “Loretta Lynch” on the tarmac and boards her plane. She says they discussed grandchildren and golf. OMG, that is the biggest crock of bullshit I have ever heard and if you believe that you’re a complete and total moron! Not to mention how against the law and unethical it was, but no one did or said anything because they didn’t want to end up dead.
  • flying to pedophile isle on the “Lolita Express” owned by Jeffery Epstein a “CONVICTED, LEVEL 3 REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER!”  Bill Clinton has flown down there 26 times and I’m sure it wasn’t to just lay in the sun and get a tan! Hillary has also been there by herself, with Bill and with both Bill and “Anthony Weiner.” (you do know who Anthony Weiner is right? He’s Huma Abedin’s husband)  Do you “Hillary Bot’s” really support a woman who hangs out with a “CONVICTED LEVEL 3 REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER?” and a guy (Weiner) who was caught sexting with underage girls?
  • Huma Abedin (Hillary’s right hand girl for the last 20 years) is married to the pervert and former Congressman “Anthony Weiner” who is under investigation for sexting underage girls and who also shared a laptop and home PC with his wife Huma which has now been shown to have over 600,00 emails on it. Some of those emails have been proven to lead right to Hillary’s private emails which contained 22 classified and or top secret emails.
  • The FBI has determined that Hillary’s emails were hacked by at least 5, probably more foreign countries exposing all our top secret intelligence material and putting the lives of field agents in grave danger. Some had to run for their lives!
  • Anthony Weiner just checked himself into a rehab facility because of his “sex addiction!” Seriously? My guess is that he was forced to do that by the FBI and his attorney as a way of putting him in “protective custody” so Hillary’s hit squad can’t get to him before he sings like a bird to the Feds. I wonder if Huma is in protective custody? Either way, they are both in a heap of big, big, trouble!

What the hell is wrong with you ignorant people? You’re delusional, living with blinders on and I swear three quarters of you are just voting for her because she has a vagina. All I can say is “THANK YOU  JAMES COMEY, JULIAN ASSANGE AND WIKILEAKS,” you have shown the American people and the world exactly how evil, corrupt and disgusting the Clinton’s and the entire Democratic Party have become. This is not the Democratic Party I remember and supported, not at all. There are not enough words to describe the evilness of this whole farce so I’m going to just show a few Youtube video’s as this will put it all into perspective.

The time has come for the “American People” to rise up against this horrible, nasty, woman, her husband, and the whole DNC. I mean seriously, just the involvement in pedophilia should disgust everyone enough to not vote for this wicked hag. If you have little children and are voting for Hillary Clinton, then you are the “Deplorable” ones, not us!

“Hillary Clinton” should step aside and drop out of this race. How are the “Hillary Bot’s” going to feel when (if elected) it comes out in the open about her involvement with pedophiles, terrorist’s and criminal activities?


“TRUMP 2016” 



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