With the election only a few weeks away, “Wikileaks” is releasing more and more emails that are not only horribly, damning, for “Hillary Clinton,” but are also helping those of us who are awake to connect the dots of her corrupt, criminal, campaign and the people who work for her. Reading all the emails between “Hillary, Podesta, Mills, Abadin, and many others,” It becomes sickeningly clear how corrupt and unethical,they all are.

Why, why, why, haven’t the great citizens of the “United States” woken up yet and realized that “Hillary” doesn’t care about you or I?  All I can say is “Read the damn emails for God’s sake!”  She’s a cheat, a liar, and a criminal who really, really, does belong behind prison bars for the things she’s done. Ask yourself this; “Would you be treated the same way if you were under a criminal investigation?” Jesus Christ, wake the hell up, of course you wouldn’t!

I guess we could start with this. One of “John Podesta’s” emails giving “Hillary” the heads up on a question to be asked at the debate.

Of course the DNC, Democrat’s and President repeatedly argue that the “Wikileaks” emails are false and have been modified to make “Hillary and all her cronies” appear to be taking part in unethical and illegal practices. Sure (wink, wink), that’s what it is . . . Just like the videos by “James O’Keefe” and “Project Veritas Action,” about ” mass voter fraud” . . .it’s all fake, it’s a figment of everyone’s imagination. Nothing to see here, move along, move along . . . Wow the stench of bullshit is powerfully overwhelming, isn’t it?

Apparently “Scott Foval,” adviser to Democracy Partners doesn’t really exist either, huh? He existed enough to get fired for admitting (on tape) to rigging elections and voter fraud. Oh, and what about “Bob Creamer?” How, in the name of God, can you not watch these video’s and still believe that election rigging and voter fraud on a massive scale isn’t taking place? Oh ya, that’s right, MIT Professor Johnathan Gruber said that; “The American people/voters were to stupid to know the difference.”

Oh, and thank you “James O’Keefe” for “Project Veritas Action” and showing us the truth! As I said before, every person who can legally vote needs to go and read all the released emails from “Julian Assange” and “Wikileaks.”  It’s scarier than a virgin at a prison rodeo!

Even though I am not a fan of the “Clinton’s,” I must admit that I somewhat believe that their daughter (unlike them) “Chelsea” has a soul and a conscience, but is trapped in an evil arena filled with demons and criminals. She (Chelsea) attempted to do some cleaning up of the “Clinton Foundation,” but the “Old Clinton Cronies” who are so used to  getting everything they want and living comfortably weren’t so thrilled with the changes being made and decided to use their clout in an evil way to counter Chelsea’s changes.

And now he seeks Political Asylum?


And now we’ll fast forward to “Wikileaks 17” Wow, with each new email dump, the plot gets thicker and thicker and the unethical, illegal, incriminating and criminal acts get worse and worse. Wake up America, the future of both you and your family are at stake here!  Why do you think so many people are voting for “Trump” or “Jill Stein?” Because the “American People” want “CHANGE,” not four more years of what we have now. It’s stagnant, greedy, power hungry and war hungry! 

Please take the time to go and read the “Wikileaks” emails and then pass it on to whoever you can. You owe it to yourself and your family. I will, though, add a “however,” no matter how the election turns out, I have a strong feeling that “We the People” are going to have bigger fish to fry. The source of this is in an email somewhere among the thousands that were released, but that’s a story for another time.





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