“Wikileaks Proves Hillary And Staff Lying. Are You Listening James Comey? But, Maybe The World Should Focus On Something Even More Terrifying?”

With the recent release of thousands of Clinton emails by “Wikileaks,” it couldn’t be anymore clearer to the American people and the world that Hillary Clinton and her staff lied about everything and even lied under oath. Isn’t that a criminal offense? As a matter of fact, her entire staff is freaking out because they have run out of resources to hide all her lies. Are you listening James Comey?

They even went so far as to ask Obama to “hide” these emails and it became known that Hillary and Obama were tipped off about this whole fiasco months before it went public. See videos below for further evidence. Open your eyes all you “Hillary Bot’s,” she doesn’t care about you or this country. All she cares about is money and power!

I find all the ear piercing, whining, coming from the “Hillary Bot’s” annoying as hell as they repeatedly make totally dumb-ass excuses for her and attempt to make people believe that “Wikileaks” is faked documents created to slander Hillary and Bill. Or should I say “Billary” because that’s what it is folks, plain and simple.

However . . . stay tuned to this post because there is something that I find even more dire facing not only “America,” but the world.

So now that we know that Hillary and her staff are nothing but lying scumbags who should be behind bars and that Hillary has got the “lame stream media” by the proverbial kahuna’s, maybe there’s something else we should all be paying attention to.

What I am referring to is and will have an effect on America and the world. While here at home, everyone is bickering back and forth over the election and hyper-focusing on screwing over both candidates, something bad is occurring right above us. I’m referring to the Earth and our planetary system.

It might be time to panic a little and not pay so much attention to the three ring circus we call an election. I would love to be able to explain in great detail what is happening, but I am not knowledgeable enough to do so. That’s why I’m passing it over to a couple of other competent people who can. The first video is about something that “could” happen to us, but doesn’t pertain to our planetary system. The next videos should scare the tar out of you!

O K, so now you’ve seen and heard about the chaos we have above, between and below us. I would like to propose that we all start paying more attention to the life threatening dangers the Earth is facing than what evil remarks are being flung at each other between the “clown” (Trump) and the “criminal” (Hillary)

What good is having an election when there’s a chance they’ll have no one to rule over? The time has come when we “ALL” need to come together (in peace) and work on a solution to save both “America” and the “Earth!” Don’t you think our children and grandchildren deserve better than the BS we have created for them?

And don’t let NASA (Never A Straight Answer) fool you. You want to know what’s going on here on Earth? Do you want to know why we should be paying more, much more, attention to what’s going on above us, instead of Hillary’s lying under oath or Donald saying the word “pussy?”  Here’s why!

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