“Trust,” such a small word, yet one with such great responsibility and honor. A word for which today has been absolved from its place in the dictionary as well as its context in the present, chaotic, deadly, reality, we live in right now.

Do you remember when you were a child and trust wasn’t something that you would dwell upon or question because it just seemed like a natural response to “believe” it existed? And then one day, that “trust” you so believed in was broken and suddenly “trusting” didn’t come so easily anymore. Yes? Well, that is exactly how I feel in regards to; the 2016 Presidential candidates, the U.S. Government, the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Trust me Hillary said . . .
Trust me Hillary said . . .
Blame The Russians!
Blame The Russians!









As far as trusting our government, that ship sailed a very, very, long, time ago. I believe I picked up that view from hearing; “You can’t trust our government, they’re all a bunch of crooks!” from the adults around me as well as from different forms of media. However, through the years, It has become increasingly noticeable, at least by the people who aren’t asleep or sheeple, that the problem of a severely corrupt, greedy, evil and lying, government have become so much worse that it is disgusting and intolerable.

Let’s face it, I’ve been around a while and lived through “Watergate,” The “Vietnam war,” “Bill Clinton’s impeachment,” (For inappropriate sexual misconduct and lying), many other political battles, scandals, and the downward spiral and deterioration of our elected officials. And it just keeps getting worse. I am not inclined to deliberately insult any individual, group, race, religion or organization, but “political correctness” makes me laugh. It’s all about “respect” my friends. If you give respect, you get respect. Well, that’s the way it should be, but I’m not blind to the fact that not all people choose to live this way, especially in politics.


Did you know that there are two “United States?” Yes, it’s true. Whether you choose to believe it or not, facts are facts. There is the “Unites States” the country and then there is the “United States” the corporation. Sadly, we, the citizens of “America” have become prisoners and slaves of the “corporation” and don’t even know it. If you have doubts about this, I suggest you hit the books and read about it for yourselves.

It’s very difficult for me to believe and absolutely mind boggling that out of the millions of people we have residing in the “Unites States,” the best and only two candidates we could muster up for the Presidential election are a clown with a big ego and a criminal!  Seriously, have we really had to stoop so low as to scrape the scum from the  bottom of the presidential candidate barrel? How disparaging and pathetic.

"Did Someone Say Pussy?"
“Did Someone Say Pussy?”


Hillary Clinton supports rape
Hillary Clinton supports rape










With that being said, I have made up my mind who I’m voting for in this “Presidential election.” It has become obvious (to me anyway) that the best candidate on the ballot is “Dr. Jill Stein,” yet I know she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this probably rigged (by Hillary) election. So, instead of just throwing my vote away, I am going to use it in an attempt at destroying any chance of Hillary Clinton becoming the “President of the United States (Corporation.)” 

It’s quite simple really. As you may have surmised, I despise, loathe and distrust “Hillary Clinton”  for many factual, disturbing and truthful, reasons. When I compare the evil, corrupt, maniacal, unethical, hypocritical, things that she (the criminal) has done to the albeit offensive, degrading and egotistical, things he (the clown) has said, the “clown with an ego” seems more like a circus monkey compared to Sasquatch the “criminal.”

Shall we list and view all the “criminal’s” lies, evil deeds, hypocritical statements, and more? Wake-up all you “Hillary Bots” How can you not see how corrupt, greedy and evil she is, not to mention her “acts of treason and destroying evidence after it has been subpoenaed?” Oh, let me guess . . . it’s because she’s a woman and you want to see the first woman President, right? Then you should have gone with Dr. Jill Stein! Something tells me that you won’t even watch anything that proves these points because you’re to afraid of the “truth!”


With the recent email leaks from “Wikileaks,” it becomes absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, crystal, clear, that “Hillary Clinton,” her husband Bill, and members of her staff are undeniably guilty of so many crimes that even a five year old could figure it out. One of the most comical comebacks from the “Hillary Bot’s” is; “But she did turn over thirty something thousand emails to the FBI.” That may be so, but she also destroyed more than thirty thousand emails after they were subpoenaed by the FBI, THAT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE! 

Can’t you “Hillary Bot’s” realize that Hillary Clinton put our national security in “grave danger” as well as receiving millions of dollars of campaign donations from other countries in return for weapons deals to fund “ISIS,” and many other assorted, “illegal” payoffs? Not to mention the fact that millions of dollars were given to her from countries where human right’s and women’s right’s DO NOT EXIST!  And women don’t find that absurd and offensive? Talk about being stabbed in the back huh?

Yet, “Trump” says the word “pussy” more than ten years ago and that’s all that women and the “controlled media” can go on and on and on and on about. Why is it that you never hear about all the illegal, criminal, hypocritical, diabolical and dangerous crimes that Hillary committed on the controlled media? Why? Because she owns their asses both directly and indirectly, that’s why! The evil “Clinton Machine” rears its ugly head again, and again, and again.

Do I believe what “Trump” said was; degrading, immoral, disgusting and wrong? Absolutely I do, but it was more than ten years ago and it didn’t in any way, shape or form, put the security of our once great nation in such incredible danger, not to mention all the people who were killed because of Hillary. “Trump” says the word “pussy,” and it’s all the “Hillary Bot’s” can talk about, but “Bill Clinton” (a serial rapist) gets a blow job in the white house while using his cigar as a sex toy and all the “Hillary Bot’s” say; “Oh, that’s different,” or “He’s not running for President so why should it matter?”  Seriously Bot’s, are you all that stupid?

And don’t get me going on how unethical and criminal it was when Billy boy forced his way on to “DOJ, Loretta Lynch’s plane and called it a coincidence and that all they spoke about was golf and grandchildren. If you believe that, you’re definitely way to stupid to vote. Any person with an ounce of intelligence, law student, lawyer or judge knows that what he did was illegal and completely unethical. What I believe really happened is that he bushwhacked her and threatened her and her family within an inch of their lives if she went ahead and indicted “Hillary.” And so the head of the FBI, “James Comey” announces that there will be no indictment of “Hillary Clinton.” Surprise, surprise . . Hillary must be squeezing him by his balls . . .

Like millions of other good, decent, American citizens, I have lost all faith in the “FBI”and the “Department of Justice.” They have made a mockery of our judicial system and have shown, no, proven to us that there are two sets of laws. Instead of laws that govern “all people equally,” the FBI and DOJ have made it perfectly clear that some people (Hillary Clinton and others) are above these laws and it all depends upon who you are and how much money, influence and dirt you have on the prosecutors that decides your fate.

In all honesty, I feel it’s about time we created a third party system in the U.S. instead of the present two party, old and tired, debacle we have now. It could be called the “People’s United Party,” and it’s platform could be “It’s Time To Bring Trust, Honesty, Greatness, Compassion, Respect and Love back To America!”

This is, by far, the most F’d up Presidential election that I have ever been a part of and deciding which candidate to vote for has been an extremely, painful, process. But in the end, “The clown” beat out the “criminal.” it is also the first time since I have had the right to vote that I am voting with the “Republican Party” and not the “Democratic Party.” Man, my departed family members are rolling over in their graves right now.

Look, you may not like “Trump,” but his inflated ego will be our greatest asset. Luckily, there’s “Mike Pence” to balance the duo out. I have become so sick and tired of hearing about Trump saying the word pussy more than ten years ago that I think it’s the only thing the Democrats can come up with against him. And ladies, ask your husbands, boyfriends, brother’s, father’s or any other guy about what they hear in the locker room and it will probably make your skin crawl (I’d be willing to bet the same banter occurs in the ladies locker room too, but somehow because it’s a man, it’s different.) However, also be aware that it isn’t every man in the locker room making these crude statements, it’s only a select ego driven few who blurt out these dumb-ass remarks to brag and make themselves feel like they’re better than all the rest. Ya, that sounds like “Trump.”

As “Whoopie Goldberg” says; “If you don’t go out and vote, you have no right to bitch about what happens.” I heard her say that on the morning show “The View” she co-hosts with three other women. Of course they are all “Trump” haters and worship Hillary like she’s their God queen and would drink the Kool-aid if she told them to. According to them Hillary has done nothing wrong and she is perfect. It makes me sick to my stomach listening to them praise Hillary and spend an insurmountable time trash talking Trump. Again, all I can say to anyone is; “Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Maybe four years from now, after we’ve all learned our lessons from this year’s three ring circus, we will be able to vote for an amazing candidate representing an upstanding third party. Just for the hell of it, Ill leave you with a couple video’s of Dr. Jill Stein getting her chance to speak out on the issues.





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