“This Original Domestic God Was And Still Is Down For The Count”

Hi friends, sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while (Did anyone really notice? I doubt it), but anyway, I’m back. When I began this blog, I created it to write about the situations going on in my life, how I’m dealing with them, and just, well, write about how I’m feeling. So today, I’m honoring my own pledge. And guess what? I feel like shit!

If you’ve read my bio aka personal story, you’d know how badly hurt I was and the horrific, surgeries, pain and hell I had to go through. Well, on July 25 and 26 I had to undergo 16 hours of my last two surgeries to finish putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. I went in the operating room early Monday morning and woke up sometime Wednesday morning.

I was hooked to multiple machines and at one point had 7 I V’s on various parts of my body. So you see friends . . . blogging was not high on my priority list. I now have more titanium screws, bolts, and rods to call my own. I’m like the bionic man, only I have a one year recovery ahead of me. But rest assured my friends, I am back now, so keep an eye out for more delightful posts coming your way!

Peace, Love and Light to all, Namaste, “The Original Domestic God”


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