And in another senseless act of cowardly violence, six “police officers” from “Baton Rouge Louisiana” were shot Sunday morning, killing three of them and severely injuring the other three. This tragedy is the latest in a string of horrific scenes that has sadly become all to familiar to the citizens of the “United States.” 

“Enough is enough” already! I don’t care what color you are, what your age is or even what your ethnic background is. I also don’t care whether you’re male, female, or undecided . . . “Stop this f***ing insanity right now!”  These deliberate, evil, acts of vengeance and hatred are reprehensible and uncivilized.

Look, I get it, I really do, when an unarmed person (man or woman) is shot by a police officer (of any race or color), for a minor offense, it becomes a travesty of justice that should have never happened. The next thing you know, riots are Breaking out and what were supposed to be “peaceful” protests turn violent and deadly.

Was anything gained from these deadly acts of revenge? Absolutely NOT! Remember; “not every police officer is a racist or bad person and shame on the ones who are and target persons of color, believing them to be criminals.” Those officers should be relieved of duty with a dishonorable discharge.

Sadly, we live in a society with many imperfections that continuously remind us that we are only human. But “killing” is not the answer to healing and fixing our transgressions, is it? Especially when these “race wars” are being fueled by our own elected political leaders and spoon fed to the public by the “Lame Stream Media!”

Now, if all of these acts of terrorism weren’t bad enough, I’m having great difficulty believing the “official police reports” that all the gunmen who committed these cowardly acts of terrorism acted alone and with no other accomplices. There are way to many discrepancies that just don’t make sense when you look at all the evidence and witness testimonies.

The Count Calls Bullshit!
The Count Calls Bullshit!

Let’s start with the shooting at the nightclub in Orlando Fl. The “official” police report states that the gunman acted alone. I’m really thinking this guy had to have been some mutant super soldier to accomplish all of these things before he, himself, was taken out:

  • Killed 53, injured 50 which equals 103 people attacked
  • He barricaded all the doors (how did he manage that all by himself, huh?)
  • He sent a tweet out on “Twitter”
  • He posted stuff on “Facebook”
  • He called the local television station
  • He called 911
  • He kept texting his wife
  • And he fought off the “SWAT” teams for 3 hours

And he accomplished this “all by himself?” Time to use some common sense here folks . . .

And now we’re off to Dallas Texas where 11 Police officers were shot, sadly, killing 5 of them. Again, when the smoke finally cleared, the official report stated that the “gunman” acted “alone!” As much as this senseless act of violence disgust’s me, I respectfully don’t buy the story of a “lone gunman.”

From all the information given by “Law Enforcement,” video footage and “witness testimony,” this “lone gunman” must have been capable of teleportation, whisking himself from one place to another in a nano-second. We must have another “super mutant soldier” with abilities that defy common knowledge. How could he;

  • gun down an officer on the street (with no other officers around to bring this dude down?)
  • Fire shots from 2 different places on the roof
  • Fire out a second floor window
  • And be spotted in a fourth floor window

The assassin was eventually killed when the police sent a robot in and detonated a bomb. Wouldn’t it have been easier to toss some tear gas or neuro-paralyzing agent in there, rendering him unable to move and then be cuffed and arrested? There are so many conflicting reports from the dialogue on the police scanner, to the video footage which shows an officer being gunned down on the street.

So, would I call this a false flag event? Well, the possibility definitely exist’s, but I am not going to sit here and say with one hundred percent accuracy that it was a “false flag event.” I do however want to know how the “Wall Street Journal” was able to not only cover, but report, on the event before it even happened? Yeah, that really did happen, something smells really, really, fishy . . . just like “Hillary”

And doesn’t it seem strange that whenever there’s a high profile crisis going on (like the Hillary Clinton fiasco) something horrible, deadly and devastating happens to draw the attention away from what is going on in our present reality? Do me a favor and please watch these various videos to expand your mind to see the “truth,” before making up your mind.

And now we depart for Baton Rouge Louisiana;

Three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and another three critically injured when a “lone gunman” opened fire on them. Why?  Originally the police report said there were multiple gunmen, but later changed that to just one “lone gunman.”

However, as of a little while ago, CNN was still reporting that there were multiple gunmen. So, what the hell is going on? Was this another “False Flag” event so President Obumuh can authorize the confiscation of all guns, even from responsible gun owners?

I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. I do know that our “constitutional” rights are in the process of being taken away from us so that we may have to pledge our allegiance to a “New World Order” That is one pledge I will never make. I will leave you with the parting words of “Judge Jeanine Pirro” listen and listen well.

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