“A Day Of Rage . . . More Like A Day Of Dumb-Asses!”

“A Day Of Rage . . . More Like A Day Of Dumb-Asses!”


On Friday July 15, a “Day Of Rage” has been planned in many cities across the “United States.”  In my opinion, it should be called; “A Day Of Dumb-Asses!”


It’s times like these that I sincerely wish I had way more followers on my blog than I do now so that my “wake-up message” might be shared to; reach the common sense, for the most part good, souls who know the difference between what is right and what is wrong! 

Look, I get it, I honestly and sincerely get it, and both the black and white communities have legit reasons to be angry with the deadly actions of those two Police officers who shot and killed the two unarmed black men.

Conversely, I also get why our “Law Enforcement” officials and civilians of “all colors” are angry because of the cowardly, deadly, and racist, actions of a black man (supposedly connected to the BLM movement) who “deliberately” shot eleven Dallas Police Officers, killing five of them before being killed himself.

And now, because of all these incidents, “A Day Of Rage” has been planned in many cities across the United States. Anytime the word “rage” is used to describe a protest or event, it can only mean one thing . . . violence, destruction, murder, chaos and mayhem. 

I wish that people of “all colors” could see the truth and how this whole event is being staged and financially sponsored by an outside group of evil people hell bent on dividing our country in order to conquer the masses so that they may have “all” the control over “Everyone!” I’m not sure if this is true, but yesterday I read somewhere that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” with a hashtag in front of it is the corrupt, evil, racist group sponsored by “George Soros” and should not be confused with the genuine, peaceful, “Black Lives Matter” movement which was created for the right reasons.

If that is true, then maybe the “peaceful” group should spread the word around reminding everyone of the “true” intentions and goals and why the “movement” was originally created. Now would be the perfect time for them to call off this planned event to deliberately cause chaos and mayhem. Does anyone seriously think this event is going to make “anyone” feel badly for their cause? Absolutely not, as a matter of fact it will have the opposite effect.

Before committing yourself to this “Day Of Dumb-Asses”please watch these two videos by DAHBOO777 to better understand how the system is using you.

I’ve got an idea! Instead of a “Day Of Rage,” why not have a “Day Of Prayer and Meditation?” Which one do you think would gather more support from people across the “United States?” Everyone has “Free-Will” and can participate in whatever they want to, but anyone who deliberately chooses to participate in “A Day Of Rage” is clearly NOT doing it for the right reasons and is only using it as an excuse to feel all big, bad, cool and tough and cause trouble. Just a big bunch of “Dumb-Asses!”

No Ignorance
No Ignorance

My message is simple; “Please don’t participate in an event created to divide, conquer and destroy the little bit of integrity we have left and remember that all of you have free-will and can choose to make the right choices. Intentionally divided, we cannot accomplish anything, Standing strong together . . . We Can Move Mountains!”

Make Friday, July 15, 2016 “A Day Of Prayer And Meditation.” I humbly ask you with noble intentions to please pass this message of peace along to everyone you know so that they may do the same thing.

I would also be honored if you were to subscribe to my blog. www.jamesrsirois.com

Peace, Light and Love to All, Namaste, “The Original Domestic God”

I will leave you with this song . . . “Remember The Chorus!”


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