While You Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping

Distract . . . Destroy! Disrupt . . . Destroy! Control . . . Destroy! Brainwash . . . Destroy!

“America is under siege,” and you are its victims. But sadly, most of you have absolutely no idea what is being done to you or “how” it’s being done. Isn’t that right? Of course, there will always be those of you who vehemently deny this “fact” saying things like; “You’re just a conspiracy theorist, our government would never lie to us or treat us like that,” or “No one has control over me, I can do what ever I want as well as think and act for myself.” And then without hesitation, I laugh at you and say; “Sure they wouldn’t, sure you’re not, sure you can.”

Don’t feel badly, it’s not your fault. Lucky for you there are people out there (like myself) who are very much “awake” who can rescue and assist you in freeing yourself from this; maniacal, evil, controlled, slumber. First things first though, let’s take a look at our current state of affairs, shall we?

The curtain rises and the evil cast enters stage left. They are; “President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and James Comey.” They are soon joined on stage by; “The Big Pharmaceutical companies, the NSA, ISIS, the Pope, and the Globalist Elites of the New World Order.” It is certainly a motley crew with black hearts and rotten, putrid, souls. The play begins . . . .

Our Political Leaders
Our Political Leaders

The “United States of America” is the laughing stock of the world right now. Never in the history of our great nation has there ever been such deplorable, treasonous, un-american, blatant, unethical, disrespect and disregard for “We The People” of these “United States” as well as our constitutional laws that all of us (even our supposed leaders) must abide by. Sadly, we recently found out that certain people (The Clinton’s) are apparently above these “constitutional laws”  However, it did prove what so many people already knew . . . that almost all of our elected officials in Washington D.C. are corrupt and somehow involved with the “Clinton’s” evil cabal. By the way, what’s the “Clinton” body count up to now?

And if this whole act of the “play” wasn’t bad enough, we now have to deal with “race war’s” taking place after two unarmed black men were shot by white police officers in separate incidents and then a sniper, hell-bent on killing “white” people shot eleven police officers, killing five of them. Personally, I still don’t believe that this sick, racist, disgusting, man acted alone as certain witness testimonies in conjunction with video footage and the dialogue on the police scanner, just don’t match what the police are reporting. (more on that later)

The ensuing protests and riots were exactly what our political leaders and their “New World Order” friends were hoping for and it looks like their plan of action is working. You see, by dividing our nation through race-baiting, they cause strife, resentment, anger, and hatred.

Next, these ignorant, evil, murderous, elected officials will make an attempt to take away our second amendment rights, our right to own arms, our right to free speech, and much, much, more! Is that what you want? Do you want to be governed by a “Global Tribune” with the likes of “Obama the ISIS loving, Christian Hater, Hillary the Treasonous War Monger, and Bill Clinton, the Serial Rapist, Sex Predator, who likes to visit Pedophile Island?

There is also one extremely vital, super important, “TRUTH” you must be aware of right now. Make no bones about it, your first lesson starts here . . . this is part of your great awakening . . . learn how you are “Brainwashed” into believing everything the media tells you . . .

Lesson two; While you were being manipulated, lied to and distracted from the real “agenda” at hand, the future of you and your families was being decided behind closed doors where they all laughed at you for being so stupid and gullible. Is that what you want to be, stupid and gullible?

More importantly, there are many, many, troublesome, reasons, for them intentionally distracting you from what is really going on in the world (and outside of it) that they don’t want you to know about for fear of mass panic and chaos. If I were you, I’d listen up and pay real close attention, this isn’t the time to get all smug, defensive and ignorant, that will probably only get you and your family hurt . . . or worse.

So . . . “While You Were Sleeping”

This Happened . . .

Why do you think there are so many fireballs, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting? I know, but you’re not going to like my answers. It’s something I’ve been researching and studying for three years, but if you choose not to believe that’s fine, I don’t care, because at least I can say I tried . . .

Were you also aware that the “Jet Stream” has suddenly become unstable and is doing things that are unprecedented? Were you sleeping? What, the “Lame Stream Media” hasn’t reported on this? Gee, I wonder why?

Oh, and while you still were sleeping . . . The EU President Jean Claude Juncker gave a speech about Brexit and how he has “spoken to aliens and leaders from other planets” who are deeply concerned over the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Now, as strange as that may sound, a great deal of proof for the existence of “Extraterrestrials and UFO’s” has been brought to the table through “The Disclosure Project” and Dr. Steven Greer.

This includes testimonies and evidence from government officials as well as high ranking military personnel such as the “Canadian Secretary of Defense.”  But of course you don’t hear about this from the MSM, do you? Why? Because they’re not allowed to report on something that could change the views of the world away from the “New World Order!”

So many things take place when you are sleeping that you are totally unaware of. Take for instance “Whole Foods” CEO  Walter Robb joining forces with “Monsanto” to try and kill you! Do you shop at “Whole Foods?” Why? Do you really think you’re buying non-GMO foods from there? If so, you have been so duped! You have probably spent a shit-load of money for the same items you could have purchased at a local supermarket for half the price. Maybe you should fire off an email to Mr. Robb or comment to him on the “Whole Foods” FB page?

Oh, and while you might have been napping, Attorney General “Loretta Lynch” got her ass handed to her today when being questioned about “Hillary” not being indicted. Why isn’t Ms Lynch in handcuffs yet? She also lied under oath! Hmmm, different set of laws, right?

And just one more thing . . . while you were sleeping, “We The People” forgot that in order to fix or accomplish anything positive in the United States or around the world . . . “WE MUST BE UNITED! Wouldn’t it be great if we could flush all the dirty, corrupt, garbage, out of Washington D.C. down the proverbial shitter and start fresh with upstanding, honest, caring, elected officials? Just a thought, a pipe-dream, I know, blah, blah, blah . . . Maybe we need to listen to this song over and over again . . . So, here’s to you and the hope that you “Wake Up” and realize how much goes on when you’re sleeping . . .

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