I guess i’d like to start this post off by asking a simple, direct, question to “everyone;”  “Do you enjoy being treated like mindless idiots who will fall for the same trap over and over and over again?”

“What do I mean by that?” Well, let me back up just a little bit here. Firstly; My sincerest condolences to the families of both the unarmed man shot and killed by the police officer and also the Dallas officers shot and killed by an ignorant, racist, group of degenerates. Did you notice that I didn’t use any colors to describe the victims and shooters?

“Why?” Because any time a human life is violently taken, it doesn’t matter what the color of their skin is and also because there is already plenty of media coverage trying to push the race card down all our throats in an attempt to divide and conquer the people of the “United States.”  

“Violence Is Not The Solution To Violence”

Of course I think the shooting of an unarmed man is disgraceful just as much as I think the premeditated, deliberate shooting of those Dallas police officers is disgraceful, but you can’t blame or hold a group of innocent people responsible for the reprehensible actions of one person.

Social media is filled with comments like; “I hate all white people,” or “I hate all black people” and I have to wonder if the people writing these statements realize how stupid and ignorant they sound? Think about it for a minute, do you really think that all white people sit around the breakfast table discussing ways to torment and kill all black people? And I’m willing to bet that most black people don’t sit around the table thinking of ways to torture and kill white people.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a rats ass what color you are, you treat me with respect . . . you get respect back. It’s as easy as that. People of the “United States” need to wake up and wake up pretty damn quick because this race division is being created and executed on purpose.

Once everyone wakes up and realizes that the fire is being intentionally fueled for political gain and nothing else, hopefully the tides will turn and the real criminals, the real racists, will be brought to justice. Because in all honesty, the whole situation right now is nothing but race baiting. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer . . .Is that really how you want to live?

Before anyone goes out and says or does anything stupid, step back for a moment and look inwards for the answers. Is violence what you really want? Is that what you want for your children and grandchildren? I know I don’t! Don’t fall for the trap, stay as far away from it as possible. Don’t hand over your self-power so that the powers in Washington may gain from your anger and resentment. In the end, the “Powers That Be’ don’t care about you or how you feel or what happens to you. Don’t give them anymore ammunition, they already have to much.

I normally don’t post videos from Alex Jones, not because I dislike him, but I know how controversial he can be at times, but for the most part, he’s hitting the nail right on the head in this video.



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