“DOJ Attorney General, Loretta Lynch Talks About Slick Willy’s Balls!”

Welcome to “Plane Gate,” one of the most disturbing, criminal, unethical and disgraceful, acts of arrogance to be committed by a top government official, a former president and the presumptive democratic presidential candidate. evuh!

Maybe it’s time for all the awake, true, “American” citizens to rise up and let the Democratic douche-bags in Washington know that “We the People” will not stand by and let you blatantly disregard the laws that govern these “United States” as though you (Hillary, Bill and Loretta) are above the laws that govern everyone else, no exceptions!

If for one stinking moment, “Attorney General, Loretta Lynch” sincerely thinks that “We the People” believe that the meeting between her and “Slick Willy” on her plane was purely coincidental and that all they talked about were grandchildren and golf games, then you Ms. lynch are nothing but a dumb-ass bitch who needs to be impeached immediately.

The only balls (and I don’t mean golf balls) you might have been discussing would have been the ones “Billy Boy” had bouncing off one of his victims chins or the one’s that “Hillary” threatened to cut off if “Billy” didn’t meet with you and either blackmail you or threaten your life if you went through with “Hillary’s” indictment. How dare you think that the “American People” are that stupid. What you did was disgraceful and unlawful . . . and you of all people should know that!

A Message To The American People

(Especially You Blind, Dumb-Ass, Hillary Supporters)

The actions of both former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, were completely illegal in every sense of the law.

And if that weren’t bad enough, we find out that “Hillary Clinton” Burned and Destroyed U.S. Government Records!

Because “Hillary Clinton” destroyed public records, she is legally disqualified from holding ANY public office. Read it and weep! https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2071 

Pass this along to the rest of America please . . .

Now, the FBI findings . . . DUH! Of course they’re not going to recommend an indictment against “Hillary” and as usual, the Clinton’s will get away with “MURDER!”  DOJ, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch . . . you disgust me just as much as the Clinton’s do, you are not an “American,” you are a treasonous, traitor, to your country and have made a mockery of our judicial system.


Let’s take America back!



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