Will everyone please remove your hats and stand for our National Anthem . . . Thank You . . .

As it was when I was a child and still is today, every time I hear our National Anthem being played, I get goosebumps and am filled with pride. Am I the only one who still feels this way, doesn’t anyone else care anymore? However, lately I am also filled with another emotion . . . disappointment!

I grew up in a veterans housing community where only veterans and their families were permitted to live. It was an incredible neighborhood filled with kids of all ages and some of the best times of my life took place there. It was a neighborhood where the mother’s would get together every morning for coffee, alternating whose house coffee would be served at and the kids all walked to school or took the bus together. Most importantly, all the neighbor’s understood (through experience) that freedom isn’t really free, there’s always a price to pay for this “privilege,” and they were “proud” to have served the red, white and blue.

Sure, go ahead, laugh at me, scoff at me, whatever, but I still remember what it is our flag and country are supposed to stand for. “We the People” have gone from proud, optimistic, dreamers, filled with hope and humility, to a generation of “We the People” who believe that everyone deserves a medal. “We the People” have seen a disgusting rise in overly-sensitive, what can you do for “me,”  instant gratification, whiny,  young adults, who feel the world owes them everything and who will accuse you of being a bigot, racist or worse if you say something that hurts their, itsy, bitsy, feelings.

Personally, I think they all need to “grow a vagina!” Yup, it’s not “grow a pair of balls,” it should be a vagina because they’re much stronger. Oh, my, did I hurt someones feelings or insult someones masculinity by saying that? Well, to fucking bad! Get over it and move on!

And now, if only the “Zombie Sheeple” people would wake up and accept the truth that they are purposely being deceived about everything by an elite group of evil people. The lies, corruption, and deception are happening on so many levels and all the “sheeple” do is blindly follow and obey! Everyone needs to peacefully fight for our “2nd Amendment rights” and the “freedoms” that are our God given birth rights. 

"Zombie Sheeple"
“Zombie Sheeple”


Something just doesn’t feel right! Don’t tell me you can’t feel it, I know you do, but your to scared to say anything about it, right? You’re afraid that you might be called a name that hurts your feelings or worse even, you might be “labeled” as a trouble maker, racist, conspiracy theorist or prejudice asshole, but you’re not, are you? All you want is for things to get better . . . safer . . . peaceful, and that’s fine, but nothing will change until you make a genuine effort to “peacefully” help bring these changes about.

It’s not a one person job you know, it requires full participation by everyone who wants to see a better future for our children and grandchildren . . .  And that time starts NOW! So where do we begin? Firstly, I want you to watch this video by DAHBO77 in respect to how things are just getting worse by the day and we’ll go from there . . .

Seriously, can this Presidential election be more convoluted, evil, corrupt and disrespectful to the “American People?” I think not! So let’s begin . . . “Hillary Clinton”  Ladies, ladies, ladies, I truly thought you had more self-respect for yourselves and were intelligent enough to see “what” you are voting for by supporting “Hillary,” the most corrupt, evil, disgusting, candidate to ever run for President!

Beyond any shadow of any doubt, “Hillary” is 100% guilty of “all” the crimes the FBI are investigating her for. She couldn’t care less about the American people, all she cares about is money, greed and manipulation. The “Clinton Foundation” is a testament to that.  Oh, and what about “Bill?” You know Bill, Hillary’s husband . . . the “serial rapist,” the “sexual predator,” possibly the next “First Husband?” Well that would be another first if she wins, wouldn’t it? “The First serial rapist- First Husband!”  Yeah, that’s super classy, huh? Now he’s a guy I’d want my kids to look up to as an example of someone with good moral judgement.

What makes me even more sick to my stomach is when I see a “Hillary” rally and all the women standing behind her are practically, if not, having orgasm’s over her. To make it worse, I’d say a quarter of them are only voting for her because she’s a woman, not because of her political views. Look, I get it, having the first woman President would be great . . . just not “Hillary!”

A vote for “Hillary” is a vote for a “serial rapist,” you do realize that right? Or is it that you have absolutely no respect for yourselves or other victims of brutal sex crimes? A vote for “Hillary” is a vote supporting rape and sending out the message to other women that it’s totally fine if your husband goes out and rapes as many women as he wants to. Don’t agree? Do some soul searching . . . how would you feel if your husband did that? How would you feel if that was your daughter being raped? Are you a hypocrite?

If “Hillary” wasn’t strong enough as a woman, as a person, to send her Billy Boy packing after all his infidelities, but instead chose to go after and threaten, all his victims, then she is not strong enough to run this country.

This would be a frigging great time to hear from Judge Jeanine Pirro, who by the way, would absolutely make a phenomenal first women President . . .

“Trump Represents Change” 

Why do you think “Donald Trump” received a record number of votes in the primaries? Was it his views on “Foreign Policy?” Was it his plan to help “AMERICAN STUDENTS” with college debt? And doesn’t it piss you off that “TRUE AMERICAN STUDENTS” have got to pay through their assholes for a college education when the “ILLEGALS” are getting their whole goddamn education paid for for “FREE!” Are you truly alright with this, do you really and sincerely think this is fair to all the students born in this country?

Back to TRUMP . . . Was it his ideas on how to get our “shitty economy” back on its feet again, or maybe it was his “brilliant idea” (I’m not being facetious here folks) about building walls as borders?  Or maybe, just maybe,  the “TRUE AMERICAN” people have finally had enough of  the epic failures of the “Obamuslim Administration”  and want to see some positive, kick-ass, serious, changes, happen to rebuild our once sturdy, but now, crumbling, nation.

And what about the “Lamestream Media?” Nothing derogatory is ever mentioned about Hillary and how she broke the law or how 20% of her campaign was financed by Saudi Arabia (where human rights are non-existent and women are treated as second class citizens) or even how corrupt the “Clinton Foundation” is . . . nooooooooooooooooooo . . . instead they make themselves look like imbeciles by blaming “Trump” for every act of violence, or for every crime committed in the world.  Oh my, the Queen farted . . . it’s Trumps fault . . . Eating ice cream makes you fat . . . it’s Trumps fault . . . the Pope has a bleeding hemorrhoid . . . it’s Trumps fault! Wake up and smell the coffee America . . . you’re being used in a sinister game.

How many times on the evening news do you hear about how “Hillary” was the one who organized and arranged rides for the violent protesters at all the “Trump” rallies? None right? Why? Could it be that she’s bought out every weak and greedy, dirt-bag, in the media arena? Hmmmm, did you know that “Hillary” made a deal to sell uranium rich land in the United States to Russia? She is a treasonous, un-American, criminal! “Americans” are done with this bullshit, “We The Real American People” want our country back and we no longer want to kowtow to some schmuck from another country just because we may hurt their feelings . . . fuck them!

If Hillary gets into office, it will be nothing more than a continuation of the failures of the Obama administration. Is that what you “True Americans” want? According to Hillary we should “keep our borders wide open” and let every radical extremist into this country without blinking an eye. You do realize that you, the “American Citizens” are now under attack by these psychopathic, radical, Jihadist’s and that Obama doesn’t want us or himself to say anything about them that may offend them. Are you fucking kidding me?

After the recent terror attack in Orlando, Obama gave a speech that was absolutely the worst speech any President in the history of America has ever given. Obama was smug, condescending, arrogant and a bully. He chastised the “American People” as if WE were the criminals. Nothing he said made any sense as he tried every trick up his sleeve to stray as far away from the subject of “radicalized Muslims” living in the United States as possible. At a time when we, the American people, were looking to our supposed leader to comfort and console us, to make us feel safe in our own back yards, to offer a plan of retaliation, he gave the “American people” the shittiest, most pathetic, Muslim loving, speech a President could ever toss out to the “American Sheeple”

He (Obama), is no leader or protector, he is a “sympathizer of the very enemy attacking innocent American citizens on our own soil.” Mr. Obama, this is what a President’s speech to his country should sound like . . . take notes please.

Let’s face it . . . “we need to temporarily build walls around this country until a valid, workable, solution, can be created which only allows non criminal, immigrants, into this country legally.” EVERY and ALL persons attempting to enter the U.S. (from any country) should be subject to an in-depth, background check before being granted permission to enter and then made to take an oath  to live only by; “THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” No, we WILL NOT change our laws (especially to any form of Sharia law) because you feel entitled to it or OUR LAWS  may offend you in some way, shape or form. You don’t like it . . . tough shit, get the fuck out right now!

WE are the “NATIONALIST’S OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” not the united states of Islam or anything else for that matter, despite what President Obama is trying to “make”  you believe. Don’t come here expecting us to change our “Constitutional” laws because you don’t like them. Again, if that’s how you feel . . .get the fuck out now!

Am I angry? Hell yeah and if you’re an American born citizen, you should be too! We need someone to bring our jobs back to “our country,” we need someone who will defend our “constitutional” rights, we need someone who will “end free education to illegals and non-American citizens,” we need someone who will “listen to the people,” we need a leader who isn’t afraid to say; “if you don’t like the laws here, fuck you, leave and never come back!”

And if you really think for one minute that Loretta Lynch head of the DOJ is going to indict “Hillary Clinton” for her obvious crimes, that the FBI has worked so long and tirelessly on, then you are sadly mistaken. Here’s how it goes, Hillary is an open, hot, sore on Obama’s ass that constantly reminds him that if she burns, so does he. Conversely, Loretta Lynch is a big zit on Hillary’s ass  that can be squeezed, popped, and relieved of duty anytime the Hillary monster chooses to do so.

Americans Want To Feel Safe Again

During President Oblahblah’s speech, he tried to shame the “American people” for thinking that his administration isn’t doing everything in their power to dismantle and destroy ISIS oh wait, the proper PC term is ISIL. Anyway, after assuring the American people that he was doing his best to “cut ISIS members paychecks” (because that sure would prevent them from beheading people, huh?), he stated that it’s a difficult task finding them. Really? He’s just shitting with us right?  I have a thought here, try to follow along with my line of believable thinking.

With the mega- advanced, super, technology, the U.S. possesses today both on the ground and in the air, they can literally track and watch anyone in any place on the face of the Earth, right? I mean, if they wanted to, they could watch you walk into your bathroom and take a piss. But they can’t find “ISIS?” While watching the nightly world news, they show a video of a parade of like 500 ISIS members, marching down the street, dressed in their pseudo, black, ninja, costumes, carrying weapon’s of their choice and the ISIS flags blowing in the wind as a convoy of SUV’s and Hummers, kick up dust and dirt behind them. But Obama says they can’t locate them, yeah, O K.

Correct me if I’m wrong here folks, but if we (the U.S.) are supposed to have the ultimate, top notch, intelligence, and the nightly news knows where ISIS is and can show a video of them, shouldn’t our trillion dollar, tracking and weapons systems, be able to do the same thing and then take them all out with one big bang or with one of those ass-kicking, laser, weapons? Gee, has anyone ever asked themselves “WHY” this never seems to happen? Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe, Obama does know where they are all located, but WON’T aggressively go after them because his administration is not only funding them, but supplying their weapons and training them? Take your time and think about it for a minute . . . well? Doesn’t make you feel any safer, does it? Well, neither will this . . .

 Mark my words . . . If “Hillary Clinton” is elected President, it will mean the certain “Destruction of America!” Martial Law will rule the land and then everyone will be boohooing and crying . . . and probably blaming “Trump,” because they’re to ashamed to admit that they voted for the monster who destroyed America and now they are longing for the good old days when living in the U.S.A. was something to be damned proud of.

I have to ask, does anyone, anyone at all, ever question, why we (as human beings) just sit back and accept the fact that we let the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the world call the shots? Are you comfortable with that? They create wars between us, they deliberately try to kill us with their genetically modified foods, they refuse to share new sources of energy with us that would power the world for free and withhold life saving cures for horrible diseases as a way of depopulating the Earth as if they were God. Wouldn’t it be great if the entire 99% finally came together and said “enough!” and then refused to cooperate with the elitist 1%? Let’s see 125.7 billion people against 20 Elitist, we could crush those mutha F’ers!  But, sad to say, the “sheeple” refuse to wake up and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Look, I get it, I really do! We sometimes forget that the “President” doesn’t hold as much power as we all think he/she does and that they are just mere puppets on a global stage, forced to serve the will of the elite, not the will of the people. That is why I believe the best chance we have of breaking free from that control lies in “Trump.” I seriously no longer consider this election a race between a “Democrat and a Republican,” but more like a choice between “Tyranny and Freedom,” Let’s all make the right choice!

While the “United States” crumbles around us and the economy tanks it big time, it seems that all people are worried about and talking about is which bathrooms transgender people should be using. Yeah, because that is such a pressing issue, isn’t it, what bathroom you should be taking a crap in? It takes precedence over unemployment, famine, healthcare, human rights and peace, right? The time has come to bring “America” back to the “Americans!”  We’ll never get there by voting for “Hillary Clinton,” I know that for sure. Will “Trump” be able to accomplish this feat? Again, I’m not sure, but he’s the best chance we’ve got right now. On those parting words, I will leave you with this final thought . . . Do You Still Believe That . . .


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