Before I even begin to touch upon my opinion of why I believe “America” is on the brink of collapsing both politically and financially, I want it to be known that I am neither a supporter or hater of “Trump” for President, but I am definitely a “Hitlary Clinton” hater. As for “Bernie Sanders,” well, I was alright with him until he said that if Hitlary won the election, he’d support her . . . so sad Bernie, so sad!

What is even more sad is how fast asleep the majority of “Americans” are when it comes to knowing exactly what their evil, maniacal, narcissistic, choice of candidates is or has deliberately done to destroy the America we all once knew and loved. It’s actually frightening how many people, I mean “sheeple,”  are so stupid that even when presented with the truth, they still deny it as fact because they can’t handle the truth. It’s almost like they’re under some demonic spell.

Do you really think “Hitlary” and her not for profit (I can’t stop laughing) multi-million dollar  “Clinton Foundation” cares what happens to America or the American people? Hell no, she couldn’t have cared less about the five Americans or the Ambassador, killed at Benghazi, what makes you think she gives a rats ass what happens to you or your family . . . or this country! Maybe I should let some other people tell you why “Hitlary Clinton” will destroy and kill America, huh? Let’s see . . . how’s about I let a Judge go first?

And next . . . Look what Hitlary did to the Ambassador . . .


And next . . . The FBI . . .

Maybe you should hear it from former Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney . . .

And of course, if Hitlary wins the “Presidential” election, this will be your “First Husband.” . . . A serial rapist . . .

So there you have it. If you are still going to vote for Hitlary after being presented with such horrific, damning evidence against her by a panel of well-educated, intelligent, professional, people, then you are more asleep and demonically hypnotized than I first thought.

Wake up! You do all realize that you can also write someone else’s name on the ballot, don’t you? We are still Americans and free to choose. Maybe you should consider a write-in candidate, I know I am.

And now for Trumpty Dumpty” 

I guess I would liken “Trump” to Sheldon from the “Big Bang Theory.” What he means and how he verbalizes it sometimes comes out unintentionally wrong, but when the day is done, he sincerely is a “great” guy

Listen to what four intelligent, professional, knowledgeable, women, and one equally intelligent man, have to say about the “real” Donald Trump that most people don’t ever get to see.


 You do realize that “Hitlary” and her paid minions are responsible for creating all this propaganda against “Trump.” Why is it that the “Lame Stream Media” is so fast to report on false, negative, stories about “Trump,” but never reports anything derogatory or fictitious about “Hitlary?”  Why? That’s easy . . . Her and her evil “Clinton Foundation blood money” own the “Lame Stream Media’s asses!”

The way I see it and also the way I remember “Trump” saying it from the very beginning was that he was going to play the “Political game” just like everyone else does in order to get as many votes as he can. Do you sincerely think he’s a racist and hates women? Are you really that dumb? Sure,  he definitely shoots from the hip sometimes without choosing his words correctly, but I believe he really does care about all “Legal” Americans and wants the best for us and our country.

I blame “George Soros,” Hitlary’s number one hit man for creating all the Anti-Trump bullshit and inciting “planned” rioting protesters to disrupt every “Trump” event. It’s pretty obvious, if you vote for “Hitlary” you either have absolutely no idea or don’t want to know about the real, calculating, murderous, shrew, she really is. Are you aware that she has plans to “nuke” Iran and several more middle eastern nations? You just don’t get it, she’s pure, unadulterated, evilness! Don’t believe me? Do some research on your own.

Me, I’m waiting to see who “Trump” picks for a “Running Mate” before I make any voting decisions. However, you should all be aware of how badly America is deteriorating and the vicious, tyrannical. deadly, plan, that both “Obama” and “Hitlary” have planned for “ALL AMERICANS!”  But of course you “Hitlary” supporters are so brainwashed that if she told you to “drink the Kool aid” you would! I’ll bet the just got the right to vote young’ns have no idea what that means.



And as a parting gift, let’s hear it again from Judge Jeanine. Then I want all of you to scroll back up to that horrific picture of the American Ambassador. Do you still want Hitlary as President?


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