“Rape, Socialism & Prejudice . . . And The New President Is?”


“Rape, Socialism & Prejudice,”  It sounds like a great new novel and political thriller, doesn’t it? Sadly, those three words represent the pool from which we will elect our new President. I’d liken it more to a “cesspool” than a transparent one, wouldn’t you agree? At this point, I think I’d rather vote for my dog “Chewie” for “President.”

Watching the Food Network with Chewie

If you want to write his name in as a “Write-In” vote, his legal name is; Chewseph (Chewie) A. Banks, Esq. yeah, that’s what happens when your kids get to name the family pet. Anyway, back to the “real candidates” (and I use the term very loosely) What a motley crew! Now that I’m middle-aged, or as I like to call it; “experienced” and a grandfather, I don’t give a rats ass about what other people think or say about me. I say and tell it like it is!

Politically correct? Yeah, right, but that also doesn’t mean I make racist remarks or that I’m condescending. In actuality, it’s really the complete opposite. I pretty much like everyone, if you’re nice to me and respect me . . . I’m nice to you and respect you. My wife once told my daughters that I could make friends with a tree.  So, now that that is out of the way, I have a question for the “Women” supporters of “Hitlary Clinton”

“What The Fuck Are You Thinking?

I’m sorry, but any woman who supports “Hitlary Clinton” is nothing but a complete and total dumb ass!  yeah, yeehaa, go “feminism,” we want a women President just because she’s a woman, not because she’d be any good at it. Personally,  I think the idea of a “woman President” is a great idea . . . just not “Hitlary!”

Let me give it to you straight . . .  Oh, but first, how many of you “Hitlary” supporters have daughters? Sons? If you have daughters, I want you to sit them down and tell them that; “being raped or sexually abused is totally fine and should it happen to you, just keep your mouth shut and move on.” Next, I want you to sit your sons down and tell them that; Raping a woman is your God given right, just don’t get caught because then you’ll have to  do that whole trial thing. You’re better off to pay her off to keep her mouth shut.”

What, do my statements horrify you? I don’t see how they could, after all, you do realize that voting for “Hitlary” is voting for a “serial rapist.” If she wins, Bill Clinton will be the nations first “serial rapist First Husband” and you voted him in. Hey moms, how’s that make you feel, huh? Dads? What about you? Shame on you if you vote for “Hitlary!” What, don’t believe me, or are you just blind or to stupid to realize the truth? Maybe you ought to do a little research on how many “rape/sexual assault victims” have pressed charges against Billy Boy. You know, the guy who might be the “First Husband.”

Have you ever heard of “Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Anita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey,”  or the other women who have accused the former President of allegedly raping or sexually assaulting them? Let’s face it, Bill Clinton has a long history of abuse towards women dating back to the 1970’s and you want him as the “First Husband?” Great message to be sending out to your daughters! I can see you have absolutely no morals at all.

I have a wife, three daughters, a granddaughter, a sister, and many nieces and I can’t imagine how I would feel or what I would do to get revenge on any person who sexually assaulted or raped any of them. Are all of you forgetting that Billy Boy’s victims are someones daughters, someone’s sister’s, someone’s granddaughters, or do you realize this, but don’t care because they’re not related to you?

Oh, now don’t go giving me that bleeding heart, liberal, bullshit, because it ain’t going to work. A serial rapist/sexual abuser will always be a rapist. Why is it that Bill Clinton is not registered as a sex offender, huh? Could it be because money talks . . . Lots and lots of evil, blood money to fill the pockets of high powered, minions, the Clinton’s have bought? Billy Boy settled out of court with Paula Jones for $850,000 . . .

“Hitlary” could have somewhat redeemed herself had she dumped Bill’s; sorry, womanizing, ass, and showed the world that she was a strong, independent, woman who could accomplish great things without him. But nooooooooooooo, instead, she allegedly sent out her goon squad to threaten the lives of all the women who have filed “sexual assault” charges against Billy boy.  So, in essence, she supports and defends the “serial rapist” and attempts to defame, slander, assault and even kill, the victims. Now that’s what I call a class act, wouldn’t you agree?

“Hitlary Clinton” is also a liar of biblical proportions who will say and do anything to get elected. Do I really need to bring up Benghazi or emails? I have been voting for almost 40 years and have voted with the “Democratic” Party in every Presidential election even though I am an independent. If “Hitlary” wins the nomination, it will be the first time in my personal voting past that I Will Not be voting as a Democrat! If Bernie wins the nomination, I’ll definitely consider giving him my vote, but who knows, maybe I’ll vote “Republican” this time and give my vote to Trump!

So, do you still want to be a dumb ass and a part of electing this lying, corrupt, rapist loving, murderous, bat-shit crazy, wench, to the White House where she’ll bring her womanizing, serial rapist, sicko, assassin partner, First Husband, to live with her?  Yeah, America’s sweetheart presidential couple . . . NOT! 

Don’t vote for “Hitlary”  just because you’re a woman and would like to see a woman in the “White House.” There are other woman in the political arena who would make much better Presidents. Send an appropriate message to your daughters and sons that “rape, sexual assault and harassment are wrong, evil, and against the law and will NOT be tolerated by anyone!”

“And Tomorrow . . . The World According To Bernie and Trump”


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