In case you haven’t noticed lately, we are living in a time when being self-centered, egotistical, judgmental, and without compassion, seems to be the norm. We are living among the ever growing population of take a selfie, me-me-me, generation, who expect instant gratification in everything they want and do. I’m not sure how this happened, but my belief is that the blame can be equally shared between; “The Lame Stream Media,” the music and movie industry and the . . . “Parents.”

Now, I’m not saying that it’s all media outlets or every movie or song ever recorded that taught this generation to act like this and it would be wrong of me to accuse an entire population of parents for molding their children to behave this way, but let’s be honest, parents are, at times, even worse than their children. With that being said, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my children do not and never will, behave in that manner. Why? Because they were taught at a very early age what is acceptable behavior and what is not. They were taught that; “Please and thank you get you further in life than give me and I want.”

My daughters were also taught how performing “random acts of kindness” can generate an avalanche of random acts of kindness with infinite possibilities by changing a person’s vibrational frequency from negative to positive. In addition to that “life lesson” and many others, we also taught them to be grounded and non-judgmental. As my mother used to say to me when I was growing up; “Don’t go judging someone else’s house unless yours is spotless.” As I got older, I understood the point she was trying to make and did my best to act and live by that way of thinking.

Yesterday, the Universe apparently felt it was our turn to be on the receiving end of a “random act of kindness” and still today I feel blessed and inspired over this event. While at the grocery store yesterday, my wife and I stopped to talk with a very nice gentleman and single dad who would always take his daughter to the library where my wife was the assistant children’s room librarian for many years. My wife absolutely thought the world of this man’s daughter and watched her grow up into an intelligent, open minded, tell it like it is, young lady. She also enjoyed talking with her dad as well. She understood and appreciated his unique, sense of humor whereas, other people might feel put off or insulted by it. (His words) Personally, I think the man is a genius with a quick wit, sharp tongue, and honest opinion that some folks just can’t handle. The world needs more people like that!

Anyway, my wife is now retired and this man’s daughter is now in high school. It’s crazy how time goes by so quickly, isn’t it? So, as we finished putting all our groceries up on the belt and the cashier hit the total button, I heard a voice say from behind me; “Don’t take that man’s money, it’s no good, use this instead.” I turned in time to see the gentleman from the library slide his bank card through the machine and pay for all our groceries. My wife and I immediately protested telling him that he didn’t have to do that. “I know I don’t have too I want to” he stated happily. Looking at my wife, he said; “This is a thank you for everything you did for my daughter and I over all those years at the library. Your kindness was appreciated more than you could ever know.”

I shook his hand and thanked him profusely not knowing what more I could say to show my appreciation for his “random act of kindness.”  Jokingly, he told me not to tell anyone because they might get the idea that he’s a nice guy and he wouldn’t want to spoil their view of him. “I believe in paying it forward” he said. “I do too.” I said back to him “and tomorrow I’m going to post an article about this on my blog so the world may understand what a true “random act of kindness” is and how much joy and happiness it can bring to others.”

Maybe if more people looked for ways of performing “random acts of kindness,” or “paying it forward,” instead of trying to figure out a million ways to take a selfie or ask “what’s in it for me,” the world would be a more compassionate, kinder place to live in. I know that somehow I will be “paying it forward” when that time presents itself and I will be filled with joy and happiness doing it. Thank you again friend,  your “random act of kindness,” your gift, will never be forgotten.

Namaste, Peace, Light and Love To All, “The Original Domestic God”

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