“The Domestic God And Our Faulty Skies . . . WTH?”

strange clouds
strange clouds
Red Clouds
Red Clouds
Apocalypse Sky
Apocalypse Sky











So, here’s the skinny . . . In no way do I proclaim to be an astronomer, meteorologist, geologist, volcanologist, or any other ologist, or for that matter any science professional, but I do have common sense and the ability to research and read about many subjects. My other virtue is that “I’m not asleep like the ten’s of millions of sheeple on the Earth.” You know the one’s, the people who walk around in a fog believing everything the media tells them is the truth. Those people my friends are the . . . “Sheeple!” If the “Lame stream media” instructed them to go to the nearest cliff and jump off because the “powers that be” said it’s good for them . . . they’d jump!

What is it going to take for the masses to finally awaken and look up, down, over, under and behind? In case you haven’t noticed because the “elite” are pulling your attention away by creating deadly events around the world, but something horribly, dreadful, is going on in the sky and under the ground we walk upon. It’s also causing drastic weather events which are destroying the land and killing people.

Are you seriously going to tell me that you haven’t noticed the strange and odd cloud formations or the bright red, purple and gold colored sunrises and sunsets? For god’s sake man, my five year old granddaughter is even noticing them. And what about the record number of “meteors” we had in February, huh? Do you think they just appeared out of thin air like some silly magic trick? Don’t you realize they have to be coming from somewhere or some thing!

And in case you haven’t noticed, but we have also had an incredible amount of earthquakes, volcano’s are erupting all over the place and, oh yeah . . . Why am I still seeing the constellation of “Orion” in the night sky in the northern hemisphere? What the hell is up with that, it’s supposed to be in the southern hemisphere right now. It’s not even setting in the sky the right way! Oh, and while we’re on the subject, have you noticed that the “Big Dipper” isn’t in the right place either? Go outside tonight and look for yourself. “Something Is Going On That Our Elected Officials Are Refusing To Tell Us!” I have also noticed that the government has hired more $18.00 an hour internet trolls to harass and release dis-information when anyone attempts to bring this matter to the public’s attention.

Sadly, no matter how many excuses or how foul the “internet trolls” get, there is absolutely no denying the fact that planet Earth and its people are in for a very “rude awakening” when the approaching star system begins to cause destruction and death. The “powers that be” aren’t going to be able to keep this a secret to much longer, but by the time they do tell the world, they will either be deep underground in their bunkers or on the way there leaving the rest of us to survive on our own. The three pictures above were taken by me from the North East (New England) notice the funky clouds and the red and eerie gold coloring of the sky. The sooner you accept this fact, the better chance you will have for survival. Denying it and not accepting it will not save you. How long are you going to wait? Until it’s too late?

Below I have included several videos which I feel are extremely important for you to watch. Do yourself (and your families) a favor and watch them. That’s if you actually want to live. I take absolutely no credit for any of these videos, but feel they are some of the best for evidence from multiple sources. I highly suggest you subscribe to these Youtube channels as they are our best source of factual information told from a human perspective.


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