“The Domestic God Says; It’s About Time!”

“It’s About Time We Woke Up”

How many times a day do you read a newspaper or watch the news and say to yourself; “That’s not right, something really needs to be done about that” and then you walk away forgetting all about it, leaving it up to someone else to try and fix? You know you’re guilty of it, I am too. That is until I woke up and saw the writing on the wall.

I realized that we have become so dependent on a handful of individuals to take care of the world when in fact they couldn’t give a rats ass about us or our world just as long as they’re getting wealthier by the day. It dumbfounds me as to why more people aren’t waking up to this truth and getting pissed off about it.

How many more doctors (specifically cancer researchers) are going to be murdered because they have either found a cure using natural substances or are on the brink of a major breakthrough? Wake Up! Do an online search yourself to see what the victim count is right now. Who do you think is ordering these hits? Could it possibly be “Big Pharmaceutical” companies? Who has the most money to lose from this?

Don’t you think it’s about time we got rid of Monsanto or do you sincerely enjoy poisoning your children? We need to go back to a time when farmers did exactly that . . . farm! We need to make sure that our governments financially assist our farmers to work together and feed the world. We need to keep it free from chemicals and not grown with genetically altered seeds. Don’t think it can be done? Why, because some “good ole boy/girl politician” told you so? And you believed them why? “If we take good care of the Earth . . . the Earth will take good care of us!”

Don’t you seriously think that our governments should finally release the alternative free energy source invented by “Nikola Tesla” After all, they destroyed the man and then stole all his inventions and discoveries. Again, do some research on your own. You’ll see I speak the truth. Maybe if you realize the truth you’ll get angry enough to do something about it! Oh wait, I forgot, we can’t have free energy in the world, then there would be no more wars over oil, as oil would be a useless commodity and the elite wouldn’t be able to control the world and steal all the money. And yet . . . we still do nothing about it because we think we can’t. Damn are we stupid!

It’s about time a change occurred at home and throughout the world. We totally owe this to our children and grandchildren. I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick and tired of day after day and night after night, learning about and being subjected to all the negative events and butchery going on within humanity and nature. We don’t have to live like this, it’s completely barbaric and unnecessary.

“It’s about time we all woke up!”

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Namaste, “The Original Domestic God”


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