“Drenching People In A Pool Of Terrorism”

O K, so by now I’m sure that almost all of you have heard about the “terror attack in Brussels, right? What were your first three thoughts? I know what mine were, but before we get to that I want to reflect on a thought I had this morning which I guess is indirectly related to the “terror attack.”

This morning, just like almost every other morning, I drove my granddaughter to preschool. It is a private preschool located in a public elementary school.  The name and motto of the school in English translates to “Stepping Forward.” I cannot say enough great things about this program as it is an incredible school. Children from every ethnic and religious backgrounds attend here and it is sincerely a “melting pot” of nations.

With the news and pictures of the “terror attack” still fresh in my mind, I brought her into school. When several of her friends noticed her coming in, they, as well as she, ran to each other and gave each other a hug. I happen to know for a fact that one of the little girls is Muslim and the two other girls are Portuguese and Greek. Did they talk about or go on and on about the “terror attacks” in Brussels? Nope, not a word about it and rightfully so!

Arm in arm, I watched as the four of them walked down the hall laughing the whole way into their classroom to learn and play for the day. That’s when the thought struck; “We could learn so much from children if we could only look and see through their eyes.” They don’t care about what ethnicity or religion anyone is, they couldn’t care less! It’s the idiot adults who poison their minds as they listen to them insult, profile and degrade others who are different. Children are a product of their environment, aren’t they?

Then it occurred to me that the “Lame Stream Media,” meaning every television station, every newspaper, every online source, in the world, would be broadcasting this story, complete with pictures and videos, over and over again until it is burned into everyone’s mind and heart causing anger, fear and hatred. This is exactly what the “terrorist’s” want! This is how they cause fear in the world, they depend on the media to do it for them. The principle is actually quite simple.

Try flipping through the television stations right now and not find a station broadcasting some fear based report about the “terror attacks” in “Brussels.” I bet you can’t! Maybe if they (the media) stopped playing the whole scene over and over again and payed it no more than fifteen minutes of air time attention in total and stopped giving these “coward terrorist’s” the visibility and recognition they’re looking for, then it wouldn’t be worth the terrorist’s effort anymore.

Instead of making them front page news or the top story of the day, place the story in the obituaries, comics or have a thirty second televised editorial where the person laughs and laughs at the “terrorist’s” calling them “moronic idiots with syphilis infected brains,” then maybe they’ll get the point that no one is afraid of them anymore and will not be forced to live in a fear-based world!

Oh, my first three thoughts; 1. Those poor innocent people didn’t deserve that. 2. I wonder which “terrorist” group they’ll give credit and recognition to, for carrying the attacks out? 3. Shit, now we’re going to have to get drenched with this and have to listen and watch the news about this for the whole day . . . I think I’ll watch re-runs of the Big Bang Theory.  “I am not going to give them (the terrorist’s) the attention they are craving or wanting!”

I wish all of you a day of Peace, Light and Love! Go do something positive and stay away from the television (unless it’s a comedy)

Namaste, “The Original Domestic God!”

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