A message to my grandchildren; You know, as I sit here thinking about it, I would have to say that this is a message for all the children on planet Earth. After all, they are our future generation of world leaders, aren’t they?

Obviously, I cannot speak for everyone on Earth, but I’d like to believe that there are other people, from every nation, from every race, from every religion, from every region of the globe, who just might feel the same way I do.

The first thing I’d like to say is; “I’m sorry, I am so, so, very, sorry!” You don’t need to be a physicist to see and understand how badly we’ve screwed things up for your generation. While most people might think or say that everything we’ve done wrong, was done in the name of science and progress, I call bull shit. “It was done in the name of money, greed, power and control.”

The time has come for you and your generation to wake-up and remove the veil that has kept humanity asleep and under the robotic control of a handful of evil, sick, people from around the world and their minions from Hell. I’m sorry that we allowed our own power to be taken from us, in turn, giving more authority to the “powers that be” to dictate our every move without resistance.

“I’m sorry” that our “election” process has been turned into a “three ring circus.” Complete with more clowns than should be allowed. Voting is no longer a right, a liberty, to be proud of, but a joke to be disgusted by and angry with. “I’m sorry” that we have forgotten every word, every page, everything the “Constitution of these United States” stands for. Please don’t you do the same thing. Wake up and be proud of who we are, who you are and what the true meaning of “Democracy” is. Please help bring the “true America” back and assist and convince others of your generation from around the world to work together and bring “peace” to their own countries and governments.

“I’m sorry” we have screwed with and destroyed the biodiversity of all the oceans, sea’s and lakes, killing one third of all sea creatures who didn’t deserve to die, especially at the hands of mankind. It’s up to you now to find a way to somehow reverse the damage we have created. Please understand that when the entire population of the world is intentionally kept in an unconscious state of mind by an evil cabal who doesn’t care about anything but their money and power, we didn’t screw up on purpose. Think of it as “controlled sleepwalking” and we were (are) the victims. Stay strong, stay focused, stay awake and take care of business . . . the correct way, not our old way.

“I’m sorry” that under the direct influence of this evil cabal we assisted in raping “Mother Earth” of all her beautiful gifts as we pushed her to the brink of annihilation. You’ve got to understand that we are now only beginning to comprehend the severity of our complete and utter stupidity and how badly we were fooled and manipulated by the people we chose to represent us. It all happened right under our noses without any of us realizing what was taking place because the members of the “Dark Cabal” being the; cruel, ruthless, maniacal and corrupt group they are, found even more ways to dumb us down and keep us asleep and driving blind behind the wheel.

“I’m sorry” it took so long for us to start waking up and realize what was being done not only to us, but to everyone around the world. The good news (if you can call it that) is that more and more people are waking up every day to what is going on around us. Slowly, but with courage and determination, we are trying to get the message out to everyone else who is still sleeping in the blinding fog. This is not an easy task to undertake and convincing people into believing the truth that they have been used as puppets and made to look like fools is an extremely humbling experience. Don’t let this happen to your generation, make respect, honesty, compassion and love your strongest virtues, they will never lead you astray.

As parents, we only want what’s best for our children and grandchildren, but we are not perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination. We honestly never meant to create a world where hate, wars and the destruction of the Earth were the norm, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, not at all. We can, however, place a great deal of the blame on the “Main Stream Media” or as it is rightfully called; “The Lame Stream Media.” Which of course is controlled by . . . you guessed it . . . the evil Cabal!  They continuously filled our heads with lies about everything from politics race wars and the economic situation to the evil that was supposedly going on in other countries. It’s sad when you realize that the “evil” was right outside our own doorstep and we invited it in everyday through our televisions and newspapers.

Writing this message to you, to your generation, was more difficult than I thought it would be. Not because I couldn’t find the right words, but because of the grief I felt as I wrote them. I realize that no matter how many times I say “I’m sorry,” it will never be enough to make up for what my generation and the generations before me have done to your world, your future, but please believe me when I say “I really and sincerely am sorry that we let it get to this point” and I do hope that you can forgive all of us as you grow up and lead the world into a new, more enlightened, beginning, filled with abundance, self-respect, and more love than any of us could have ever generated in ten of our lifetimes.

Take this world and make it everyone’s world, not just a world for a select few. Go out and do what we couldn’t do.

Peace, Light and Love, To You






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