“The Original Domestic God And The Presidential Smorgasbord!”

I hate politics, especially the political three ring circus now performing under the Big Top in a state near you! Firstly, do you really and sincerely think that your vote actually matters? I hate to tell you this, but, it doesn’t. Don’t take my word for it, do some in-depth research yourself, you’ll be amazed and discouraged when you find out the truth. If the winner of the election was determined solely on the actual votes that a candidate receives, well, now that would be fair, wouldn’t it? I mean, isn’t that what we teach our children . . . in a democracy, the person with the most votes wins? So why are we lying to our children when that’s not the way the Presidential election is determined? O K, so enough of that, let’s move on to a happier, brighter, subject . . . “The Candidates!” 

I am an Independent, I do not associate myself with any particular party and sadly in this election, I just don’t connect with any of the candidates either. It’s like a “Political smorgasbord of rotten deli meats with a side of rancid mustard and moldy sourdough rolls!” I think I might just write my own name in this year, or better still, my five year old granddaughters name. She could probably run this country better than any candidate on the ballot. Then again, maybe the whole country, the whole world, would be better off if it were governed by children? They can be brutally honest, but are not born to be evil, arrogant, racist or self-serving, they learn that at home . . . So we just need to get them elected before they’re able to be corrupted at home. Moving on . . .

President Trump?
President Trump?

Donald . . . Love him, hate him . . . whatever!  He seems to have become a household name either in a positive way, negative way or comical way, but, anyway you look at it, he’s done his job . . . people are talking about him. Personally, I think the entire Republican Party is scared to death of him because of all the “dirt” he has on them that they don’t want him bringing up. (and I’m sure he has a truck full!)  I have read several articles in which his friends and family are adamant that he (Donald) is not a racist and has never been one, but do I seriously believe everything I read? Hahaha . . . .

I do however, believe that a classless, instigating and childish smear campaign has been launched against him unfairly because the Republican Party is terrified of him.  Now, that doesn’t mean I endorse him or I’m going to vote for him, but let’s be honest . . . Donald Trump says things that so, so, many other people ( not me) are thinking, but are way to afraid to say for fear of being called a racist, women hater, etc . . .  Some words of wisdom . . . “Don’t go trying to tell other people how to clean their houses unless yours is spotless and shines like the top of the Chrysler building!” 

Next on the list; “Hitlary,” I mean “Hillary Clinton.”


My attitude towards Hillary does not come from a voters perspective, not at all. It comes from being a husband, father of three daughters, grandfather of a little girl and uncle of many nieces and great nieces. Hillary, Hillary, your husband and former President “Bill Clinton” is an alleged serial rapist who is currently competing with “Bill Cosby” for most sexual assaults against women. Instead of dumping his sorry, hornball, ass and proving to the people that you could survive on your own as a strong, caring, formidable, candidate, you allegedly send out goons to threaten the women accusing your Billy boy of “allegedly” sexually assaulting them. Seriously? Bill admitted (G-U-I-L-T-Y) to having an improper sexual relationship with Monica, settled out of court (sexual harassment) for almost a million dollars with Paula Jones and has a laundry list of other alleged sexual assaults levied against him . . . and you want the people of the United States to accept him as “The First Husband, er, Man?”

Look, I get it, it would be great to have our first woman President, but how any woman could support another woman who defends her sexual predator husband is beyond my realm of comprehension. Hillary, you’re an incredibly intelligent woman who could have done great things if elected President, but as a dad with three daughters, you lost my vote. Don’t forget, those victims of Bills alleged assaults are also someones; mother’s, daughters, sister’s, aunts, grandmothers etc . . .

“And did someone say emails . . . ?”

A message to all the women who read this; “Don’t vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman, that would be the wrong reason.” Do you have daughters? What if  your daughter was one of those alleged sexual assault victims? Who would you believe? How would you feel knowing their alleged attacker was sitting pretty in the “White House?” There are many incredibly qualified women who could be just as good a President as Hillary without the baggage. How about Judge Jeanine Pirro or Senator Elizabeth Warren? I’m sure there are many others too!

And the list goes on . . .

Bernie, Rubio, Cruz etc . . .It’s a field of socialist’s, mega right wing Christians and a plethora of other unappetizing entree’s that can hardly satisfy the appetite or represent “ALL” the people of the United States of America. We need someone truly “Middle-Average- America” with compassion, common sense, self-integrity, understanding and balance. Someone who won’t let their religious beliefs dictate how they run this country, but yet, can also be accepting and respectful of the rights of “everyone” to believe whatever they want without judgement. You would think that somewhere within the United States living among the ten’s of millions of people, there would be such a person with those qualifications, wouldn’t you?

“Will the real President of the United States pleases stand up!”

How will this circus turn out? I don’t have a clue, but you’ve got to know it’s not going to go smoothly at all.

As always, Peace, Light and Love to All!  Namaste, “The Original Domestic God!”

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