“The Gorilla Of My Dreams”

So last night in my bizarre world of “dreamland,” I was treated to a twofer special. One of the dreams I have been consistently having for years and years, but the other dream came from a reality that even I can’t explain. hence, the word “twofer,” as in two completely different dreams occurring back to back. But before I describe these dreams, let me tell you about the visit I had the night before.

The reason I say “visit” is because it was of someone I loved very much who passed away in October of 2010. I have extremely vivid dreams and it has always been very difficult for me to just shut my mind and thoughts off when I try to go to sleep. I have actually had an “out of body” experience once that was as real as the oceans are wet. Anyway, in my dream (visit), my cell phone rang, I answered it “hello?” A voice on the other end said; “Hi honey, I’m calling to check in and see how you and everyone else is doing?” It was my “mother” and her voice was clear as day.

I wasn’t freaked out or frightened, but actually very happy. “Hi mom!” I said, “we’re all doing pretty well, how are you doing?” She said; “Oh, I’m doing great, but I have to go, I’ll talk to you later, I love you sweetie!” “I love you to mom, talk to you soon,” and then I woke up! I consider that a “visit” not a “dream.” However, moving on to last nights vividly, extreme, dreams (if that’s what you can call them?)

It was winter, I was dressed in a type of “winter camouflage” suit with a white hood and goggles. I was hiding behind a tree on the edge of a forest that was half way up some mountain range I have never been to before. Across from me there was a snow covered field about 300 feet wide which was also boarded by a forest of snow encrusted trees. To the right of me was either the bottom of or a continuation of a huge mountain with exposed gray granite rocks, pine trees and just snow the remaining mile or so to the top of the mountain.

Diagonally across from me to the left in between the large hill and the bottom of the mountain was two lines of what looked to be “military” personnel  about 30 feet apart from each other, They were also dressed in white camouflage uniforms and were holding very large guns as they stood at attention. The atmosphere was electric and tense and the “military” guards looked at the ready as if waiting for something to happen. I kept peeking out from around the tree hoping no one would notice me. Just then, the ground began to lightly tremble, but I could feel the vibrations under my feet.

Whatever it was, it was getting closer and closer. The next thing I remember is watching as (are you ready for this?) giant, enormous, white, “gorillas” standing about 20 to 25 feet tall came stomping in between the guards, following each other as they made their way around to the other side of the mountain. My heart was racing and my throat was so dry I could feel it stinging. I turned and started slowly creeping back through the woods to see if I could find out where these huge “white gorillas” were heading and then my dream morphed into the reoccurring dream I have had ever since I can remember . . .

It’s so strange because I know what’s coming, but yet I still repeat it as if I’m supposed to experience it. The sky is a reddish, brown, dark orange color and I am on top of a mountain or hill looking out over the ocean about ten miles away. I can see people running and more and more people are scrambling to the top of where I am standing. Everyone is screaming; “it’s coming, it’s coming, the tidal wave is coming!”  As I look out over the ocean, I see this wall of water sixty stories high come racing towards the shore. I watch as it completely destroys everything in its path and starts to rise up the mountain I am standing on. I can hear the water, I can hear people screaming, but the water never makes it up as far as I am.  And then, as always . . . I wake up! My heart is pounding, my palms are sweating and I take a few breaths to calm down. That my friends was my “twofer”

I can’t explain either of the dreams and have absolutely no idea what they could mean. Does anyone out there know anything about translating dreams? I’d really love to hear what your theories are.

As always; Peace, Light and Love to all! Namaste,  “The Original Domestic God”

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